First Teaser Trailer for The Hughes Brother's The Book of Eli

July 23, 2009
Source: Apple

The Book of Eli Trailer

And I thought we'd seen everything today! Apple has just debuted the first teaser trailer for The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman. This actually looks a lot better than I was expecting. For some odd reason, I had my doubts about this, but this teaser trailer proves that I was wrong - this looks awesome. Definitely excited for the return of the grungy, gritty post-apocalyptic movie! I mean, they've got guys fighting with chainsaws, that is just badass. Anyway, I've said enough, I think a few of you might be very impressed by this as well. The Hughes Brothers have really stepped up their game over the last 9 years.

Watch the teaser trailer for The Book of Eli:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the teaser trailer for The Book of Eli in High Definition on Apple

The Book of Eli is directed by Detroit-born brothers Allen and Albert Hughes, who previously brought us Dead Presidents, American Pimp, and From Hell, but haven't made anything since 2001. The screenplay was written by newcomer Gary Whitta, who is also attached to write the Akira live-action remake and The Defenders coming up. Warner Brothers will be bringing The Book of Eli to theaters everywhere starting on January 15th early next year. We hope it's as good as the trailer looks! What is your first impression?

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  • nelson
    i am really impressed this looks very good this is on my radar now it wasn't before
  • Corey
  • CL
    looks awesome......
  • Janika
  • Rock
    Crazy! Looks like Fallout 3 a little bit.
  • nelson
    ^ wow that's a first this movie is dumb because denzel was whooping that ass?
  • Cyclonus
    Looks great can't wait to see it.
  • DannyBoy
    @7 You seem to be comparing the actor Denzel and NOT the character that he is playing. His character can obliterate 10 men - because, get this, THE SCRIPT says so!!!!! Get a life buddy - bring stuff to the table that we dont already know!
  • tazz
    @7 your a idiot
  • Black Guy
    A few of those shots looked incomplete (visually), like they didn't quite finish the post in a few of them and stuck what they had into a teaser for the Con. Nonetheless, it's a strikingly well put together teaser looking at it as a whole. The editing was very well conceptualized and the sound design was superb.
  • Cody
    #7 Yeah your a freaking dumbass....with enough martial arts training in melee one man could kick 20 mens asses without a problem. Watch IP man and youll know what I mean. Even though thats besides the fact of your retarded comment...your complaining about too much badassery? Stfu and watch the movie this looks fucking epicly amazing I love my apocalyptic flicks.
  • LW
    I get the feeling of Fallout 3 here. But, I may be just jaded from playing too much Fallout 3... who knows!
  • nate
    Honestly, who gives a rat's ass if one man could really take ten? Its a movie. If I want real stuff, I'll watch History Channel, or fuck, I'd have stayed in the Army. Movies aren't about being real. They're about enjoyment. #7 needs to freaking relax.
  • PimpSlackStick
    Holy shit I'm in Denzel going berserk with a machete in a post apocalyptic future, I'm sold
  • whyRUtellingME
    you know what really bothers me about these movies, how one man could defeat 10 men fighting. i like to think of myself as in good shape but if i took on say 10 14 year olds, i probably would end up getting beat down. not one of those guys has a gun?? you couldnt shoot denzel from a distance?? how about when hes fighting with someone, you take a fucking big ass knife and throw it and impale him in the back. yeah, this movie looks dumb. too bad. denzel prob made a cool $15M from shooting this shitty looking movie.
  • tankmaster
    Sick!!! Gonna be nice!!!
  • DoomCanoe
    looks sweet. #7, your logic is that since ten 14 year olds can kick your pansy ass... no one on earth can beat ten people? good sir that's dumb as hell
  • Mat
    Jan 15? Has anything good ever been released in January?
  • Shaun
    To #19 Taken.
  • Daniel Sharp
    @ Cody and Doom Canoe - You boys learnt that on the matrix? I would say anyone without training could easily be beaten by 10 14 year old boys, with limited combat training I'd say they wouldn't be too much of an issue but even then its not going to be a walk in the park, now 10 men wielding weapons that certainly don't look like they've spent there lives jerking off to lingerie brochures and watching kungfu like some of you boys sound like you have (although I doubt either of you are over 15, and if you are thats even more pathetic) - that would hardly be a walk in the park for even the most adapt practitioner of any martial art... imbeciles. Now with that off my chest. Who even cares?? It looks awesome, I don't want my movies too real, I want entertainment damn it. And this looks extremely good. I love the visual style too, looks so much like fallout 3 and thats a great thing. I can't wait!
  • Matt Suhu
    WOW...can't wait! Looks to be much better than I Am Legend.
  • Dan W
    I agree with what you said alex. I had low expectations, but now I'm excited for this.
  • dan
    i love the look of the blasted landscape. this could be really awesome.
  • wm
    I hope hope hope Scary Gary Oldman has a great deal in this movie, I'm unfamiliar with this film, but also Denzel looks like he's in a role that's just badass like in Man On Fire.
  • BOOK OF ELI will be great! Denzel looks very cool Hey Boys - SAW 6 TRAILER IS ONLINE!!!! you must post it:
  • jman571
    pretty sick. Definitely has the Fallout 3 vibe going. That clip with him taking on the gang that had a guy with the chainsaw reminded me a lot of the look of Raiders in Fallout 3.
  • James
    Now that's how you put together a teaser. Take note Ninja Assassin.
  • Corey
    @19. Cloverfield. :)
  • Sabes
    I was sold when I saw Denzel Washington kicking ass. I got the Fallout vibe too.
  • Xerxex
    meh...actually I'll give this a shot.
  • nelson
    #27 they did because there's is bad ass as well
    I guess Hollywood HASN'T killed the macho action star... YET.
  • JimD
    Hmm this might be pretty good. Denzel Washington action star and Gary Oldman? How can you go wrong.
  • Yeah, Fallout all over it. I was definitely intrigued by the stills taken during production, but this trailer totally makes me want to see it the day it comes out.
  • fu
  • silver
    that saw 6 clip is sick. it looks like they've seriously upped the ante for the first tim since since the first
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Alex learned what badass means! lol This is definitely it. Wow...Looks like what Fallout would or should be if they made one. Of course Fallout being a game, Hollywood would ruin it and be nothing close to this or looking anywhere near the game.
  • lol@ #7... Maybe because its a movie dumbass?
  • virgil
    looks an awful lot like an aciton-version of 'the road' if you ask me....
  • Cindarr
    #7 LOL.... is a movie!! again is a movie. I bet you are one of those ppl buy the movie go home rewind and fast forward just too see any mistakes they made.
  • Looks like a good scifi film, I'm well up for this. Denzel Washington is always good, the fighting looked a bit clunky but I don't really care. Plus it has Mila Kunis in it. Bonus
  • whyRUtellingME
    lol wow, what a bunch of great responses. give me denzel in man on fire or training day anyday of the week. this movie will easily end up as one of his worsts. mila kunis...really?? denzel fighting a bunch of bikers? really?? been walking the earth for 30 years? really?? he contains a book that could redeem society? really?? i saw a trailer and it already looks highly unrealistic. the movie is a january release, im sure itll gross $20M first weekend when there wont be shit to watch. some of you all need to get out of your parents basement and get a life already.
  • dom
    Wow looks fantastic!
  • graymer
    it reminds me of The Postman, but without the horse (or was it a mule?)
  • darren
    @7 i actually found your comments to be hilarious!!
  • Trey
    yeah reminds of the postman..just not shitty
  • Robbie
    This looks awesome!
  • Alex C.
    Mad Max/ Postman/ I am Legend déjà vu anyone? And Denzel is a great actor but he's not a kickass kind of guy like Will Smith or Mel Gibson (20 years ago). Pass.
  • phlewf
    Could be an instant classic!!!
  • quez
    hahahahaha i got a boner just seeing mila kunis's name im really excited 2 c how she does .................... oo rite and denzel i guess
  • Jake Sully
    Looks cool, very dark
  • Tony
    @42 I'm curious to know how is it that you figured Denzel is fighting a bunch of "bikers"? I didn't see one motorcycle in the whole trailer. Why is it that people assume that dirty, gruff people must be bikers? LOL
  • Dan
    "Put that hand on me again, you won't get it back". That's why you don't fuck with Denzel. This movie's gonna be the tits regardless of the naysayers.
  • TheSaint
    Yeah I'm seeing Fallout 3 as well but thats not bad. I heard that the book that He's carrying is the bible. anyone know if there is any truth to that?
  • TheSaint
    Plus Mila Kunis is hot as hell so I'll wathc anything that she's in.
  • von keith edwards
    #7-Its just a movie. Get over it. Then, get over yourself.
  • darren
    whatever, this movie has got nothing on New Moon!!! whatever the his name is could kick Denzel's ass and he's only a 15 year old hairball i'm kidding by the way.. just so none of the 40 year old guys still living at home with your mom pop an aneurism.
  • Scott44
    This looks like Waterworld on land. One day, a director since 'Memento' may have a good idea instead of re-hasing old plots, scripts and ideas. On top of that, I think they used some of the same extras from there some sort of crackhead backpack somewhere that these people spew from when an end of the world movie comes out? Denzel will never be a very good action star, he has too many political agendas from his lofty $4.5 million house. Best movie he ever made, he played a quadrapalegic laying in a bed. 'nuff said
  • lando
    the end is near! that aside, this looks great!
  • Jay
    Yeah the verdict is in....WE ARE ALL DOWN FOR THIS ONE!!!! It just looks "B.A." from top to bottom...the cast, the look of the film, the story, the action... BOOK IT!!
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    FALLOUT3 never looked when you get out of Vault 101 head to Megaton...wait!!! Is this XBOX live?
  • tpfeffer
    looks like WB may turned down #42 and picked this up. just doesn't seem that anyone can really be that bitter in real life. it's gonna be sweet.
  • mangelo
    i wish he fought like wesley snipes
  • Syphous
    lolz to number 62. What should we be expecting for a rating? R or PG-13?
  • d
    Looks like the bible + Fallout 3 + Resident Evil: Extinction.
  • Fisherr
  • andrew hills
    im intrested to find out more about this movie.
  • SkaOreo
    Gotta say that looks awesome. Pretty much any movie with Denzel Washington batteling it out with a fucking chainsaw has to be worth seeing.
  • link1983
    Yes it's fallout 3! There is no other explanation! Bring on Denzel Lol (great guy, just not really a hard mans name)
  • case
    I can't help it. If it's post-apoc, I've gotta see it, but I can say in earnest that I'm really looking forward to this movie. They got so much spot-on!
  • ltjgedwards
    I agree with #14: the setting and backgrounds looks a lot like Fallout3; could this be a possible teaser movie prior to a big screen version of Fallout 3?
  • Michael Hahn
    I love action movies, but what would be cool is if you made one that true. Hollywood has made pictures about every heroic figure except one ( Hannabil ), maybe the most brilliant military mind of our time. He marched an army within 50 miles of Rome at it's hight of power. No one has every made a movie about him. WHY. West Point honors him with a statue on their campus.




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