Fox Officially Moving Forward on Deadpool Spin-Off

May 5, 2009


Your wish has been granted, Deadpool fans. Fox has officially announced (via Variety and THR) that they have begun development on Deadpool, a spin-off of X-Men Origins: Wolverine featuring the fan-favorite "merc with a mouth" in his own solo feature. Ryan Reynolds is expected to return and star as Wade Wilson. Any of you who stuck around and saw the secret endings at the end of Wolverine might've caught the one with Deadpool whispering "shhh" to the camera. Although this was awfully cheesy, it was a way of showing that he's still around and he's coming back, not as the Weapon XI mutant he was in that movie.

Although this is still a Fox production, Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel Studios will act as producers. It is understood that Reynolds will regain the ability to mouth off, with the movie going back to the roots of the character known for his slapstick tone and propensity to break the fourth wall. Former Fox exec Jeff Katz has mentioned that "it will be classic Deadpool." So for all of you who may be nervous about the character after seeing Wolverine, don't worry, we're going to see a Deadpool movie exactly as we should. No writer or director has been hired yet, so we'll keep you updated. Let's hope this turns out better than Wolverine!

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  • -Peter-
    well, I must say... I came. GREAT NEWS!!!! they better not FUCK IT UP
  • Bo
    I am excited for this, and I thought ryan reynolds was great as wade wilson, despite what the movie did to his character, but either weay this should rock. However, I know it wont happen, but I would love for my deadpool movie to be rated R.
  • Chadillac
    Wow, after being a die-hard Deapool fan I never would have thought that this movie would ever get made. This is a glorious day indeed Deadpool fans! Ryan Reynolds might be the most perfectly cast person for this role and I can't wait to see what he can do with an entire movie as this character.
  • xerxex
    Good! Now lets try a new thing, NOT FUCKING IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we do that!?
  • sumonesumtime
    Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer. Get a good writer.
  • Movies Rule
    Now Wade Wilson/Deadpool in the Wolverine movie was played by Ryan Reynolds and Weapon XI was played by Scott Adkins...that should have told a lot of people that it was a clone. I loved RR performance in the movie and thought he brought some interesting to the film. I am excited to see what will happen with his own movie.
  • Blue Silver
    This has the potential to be 'Dark Knight' BIG..........if it's done right. These guys at FOX will have to step up their game......WAY UP! And yes, do not f*ck it up!
  • Fuelbot
    "We're going to see a Deadpool movie exactly as we should." The way we saw a Wolverine movie exactly as we should? Fox is the devil.
  • Motu
    Life is good
  • DoomCanoe
    I agree with #7 here. they are going to fuck it up, they always have and they always do. I'm excited but not very hopeful
  • tankmaster
    HAHA no way!!! I love the DeadPool character!
  • PimpSlapStick
    No amount of reassurance from FOX and those involved will have me believe Deadpool is in good hands.
  • Cody
    Exactly like the other 2 much potential but im almost 95% there going to fuck this up. also 6 your fucking dreaming man.
  • Phaust
    oooo think of the toy line they can do.
  • Daniel
    Cautiously optimistic here. If they can get the right director & writer maybe it will be good. But on the other hand it's Fox, so they might screw it up. We'll see.
  • Hey Ya
    This is funny simple because they diss their own movie. Wow, how bad is that? I they just made movies right the first time they wouldn't have to beg and plead with fans how it'll be ok and not shitty like the movie we just made.
  • Berry
    "Former Fox exec Jeff Katz has mentioned that "it will be classic Deadpool." So for all of you who may be nervous about the character after seeing Wolverine, don't worry, we're going to see a Deadpool movie exactly as we should. " Right, let's all listen to a FOX exec and take his word. Call me when AVATAR comes out.
  • Alfredo
    Hahah, "exactly as we should" Is that a way of FOX accepting they fu&%ed with Wolverine? Maybe a little? Yeah, it's good to let it all out in the open, huh? Now take a couple scotches and go fu$% yourselves, FOX
  • Samantha
  • Fisherr
    I don't know why i should take Fox's word for granted but i do REALLY HOPE that Deadpool won't be a total screw as he was in Origins,Ryan Reynolds playing the character again would be a really wicked job he did an awesome work playing Wade in Origins. I am Praying Fox please don't F*@! up the movie!
  • RC
    The way the PR spoke, it sounds like they know what they're doing with the character now. Of course, after seeing the abomination that was the Wolverine Origins Deadpool, I can never be sure. I'm definitely hoping for the best, though. Deadpool is my favorite Marvel character.
  • Movieraider321
    It's going to be good, in my opinion, as long as he's hilarious and he breaks the 4th wall I'm happy!
  • movieboy
    @#6 Movies Rule the weapon XI was not a clone they are the same person yes Scott Adkins played weapon XI but his also Deadpool it been confirm on Scott Adkins website awhile back but anyway in the Wolverine movie the female doctor said the "bonding process aint complete" so this might be a clue that the powers that Weapon XI/Deadpool will lose some of his powers i.e. cyclops optic blast
  • Jeep Fu
  • L
    #7 Deadpool is one of my top 10 marvel charaters, but there is no way in hell it could be as big as The Dark Knight
  • Ajax
    I actually think that this could be a great, off-beat superhero flick, something even Taratino-esque. Just PLEASE DON'T SCREW THIS UP!!!!
  • Matt
    So you chopped off Deadpools head at the end of Wolverine and now we are supposed to believe that he can just put it back on and be fine and dandy. Before you say, "c'mon its just a movie - suspend your disbelief" think about what makes a good hero movie. You have to believe that the hero is actually in danger. If nothing can harm him you can't be as invested in his story. That's the main problem with Superman. I don't think Fox will ever understand this. They are just interested in making a buck today with no thought for what a decision in one movie might mean for the viability of a future franchise. In the hands of Fox a Deadpool movie will turn into a glorified Punisher Warzone where the protagonist has a better sense of humor. Marvel cares about telling a good story. Fox just wants big explosions and big fights - writing and characters development be damned. Let the rights lapse back to Marvel so we can get the Deadpool movie we deserve - not the movie that will satisfy the masturbatory fantasies of some douchebag at Fox.
  • Marius
  • Matt
    #28 - If you use Wolverine to introduce Ryan Reynolds as the character that becomes Deadpool, you can't just say to fans "remember that character we introduced in that other movie - we'll this is the same guy, but forget that origen story we told there - here's a new one." That just doesn't make any sense.
  • Motu
    Then can do it and it can make sense. People deal with reboots all the time.
  • Marius
    Correct, it happens all of the time. Do either of the Hulk movies continue from each other? No. Are people fans of the new one more than the second? Yes. So just let Marvel take full lead of the Deadpool film and give the fans what they really want.
  • Trey
    hmmmm Fox?...not impressed..I will see it, but my hopes arent high
  • Matt
    Problem is that Fox is still in control. I just don't understand why Fox had to kill off Deadpool if they even thought there was a remote chance that there would be a Deadpool spinoff. Yes, reboots happen, but I remember hearing that some casual fans were confused by the Hulk and though it was a modest success, without this confusion it could have done better. It would have been in Foxes best interest to not kill Deadpool in Wolverine b/c it makes any spin-off less confusing. I just don't know why Fox wants to make that challenge for themselves. Then again, they are Fox, and they are idiots.
  • NeoSlyfer
    I am happy and SAD, why I LOVE DEADPOOL, but if FOX is making it I fear more than the worst!!!
  • "Classic Deadpool", huh? You mean like X-Men Origins: Wolverine was "Classic Wolverine"? F**k off, FOX.
  • David
    I really can't believe that people think that this movie can be such a huge success if done right. While he may be cool, Deadpool is such a niche character in the Marvel Universe that there is no way he would appeal to the masses a la X-Men, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, etc. Now, Iron Man was also a 'B' character and we all know how well that movie did. What that goes to show is that if there is care in the making of the film on all fronts(acting, writing, directing, etc.), a film can be a success. The difference is this, while Iron Man was considered a 'B' character, he is still a recognizable face and name to the masses, via cartoons or otherwise, while Deadpool is not. He may be cool, but the bottom line is that there just may not be enough interest to make this a blockbuster flick. Great action comic movie? Maybe...
  • zetsu
    fox don't fuck this up,marvel you tell them what you want on screen his your fucking charactor(just think how much wolverine would have taken if deadpool was protrayed as the source material he was based on.)also a couple of other things make sure his got a mask on & deadpool vs cable nuff said.
  • jerms
    Sounds like fox is force feeding us their bullshit again.
  • Darunia
    Awesome, really awesome. Best moments of Wolverine, had Ryan Reynolds in them.
  • Alex
    so sick of people comparing every fucking movie with DARK KNIGHT
  • Dan W
  • Garrett
  • RC
    #27: In the comics, Deadpool is often seen reattaching limbs, etc. and he has been brought back to life 3 times. His regenerative capabilities are equal to or greater than that of Wolverine, and Professor X has said that the only way to truly kill Wolverine is to separate his head from his body and keep them far apart for an extended period of time. You wouldn't believe the kind of punishment both he and Deadpool have endured over their comic runs.
  • alan
    i completely agree with # 36 100 percent
  • Mat
    Fuck. Renolds was the worst part of the movie. Shitty actor.
    Who will be the good guy in this movie? May as well make it Gambit. Aww yeah. Gambit Vs Deadpool: The Movie.
  • Yorick Brown
    Haha, how can this be anything like TDK? Batman probably has one of the longest running histories in comics. He battles the seedy underbelly of Gotham city to avenge the deaths of parents. Deadpool on the other hand is pretty much a one trick pony, he barely has a sense of right and wrong, and well do anything for money. Deadpool is probably the least serious character in all comic-dom. They should find a director and writer well-versed in comedy. Hell it'd probably be cool to see someone like Judd Apatow take the reins of something like this or better yet (highly unlikely) Kevin Smith, tons of experience in off the wall comedy and well versed in comic-lore. This is one movie where'd I'd like to see little action, and tons of humor (and lots of mention of Bea Arthur). The first scene in the movie should go something like: Movie opens with "Deadpool's" body walking around aimlessly looking for his head, reattaches head, though it doesn't quite heal properly and his head almost hinges on his spine. (Deadpool looking himself over) "Damn those stupid sword dealies broke off. O well now I can bend my arm properly" Winks to the audience.
  • Yorick Brown
    Oh and less sword play and more shooting people in the face. I don't think I've ever read a comic where he used sword like in Wolverine, only to torture and dismember people.
  • Sho' Nuff
    #35, those were exactly my thoughts!!!!
  • can they move on without ryan reynolds?
  • eric
    everyone knows this is going to be complete crap Fox is gonna F up everything GIVE IT TO MARVEL
  • Mia
    Why are people so excited about this? If this gets greenlit you KNOW they're going to RUIN THE MOVIE. I'd prefer to keep my memories of him from the comic rather than them being plowed over from some god awful movie. X3 and Wolverine has proven that they don't give a damn about making us good Marvel movies anymore.
  • Cindarr
    Not one bit excited bout this movie probably tired and bored of movies from comics book. I am i am wrong, but at the moment my gut telling this movie is gonna turn out bad.
  • matthew
    best news ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ryan reynolds is perfect for deadpool. they just better stay true to the comic thats all i have to say. im just tired of of all this comic movies coming out and fucking up the stories.
  • Chris
    what was the ending with deadpool saying shhhh to the camera? i saw the one where he was grabbing at his severed head...
  • Moviegimp
    Kevin Smith and Ryan Reynolds, that would be the perfect pair. Probably far to much to ask for. I found something interesting today. I'm not a huge Deadpool fan myself. I bought the first few comics he was in and the first couple of ones from his solo runs but haven't read him for years. I did a Wikipedia, I know don't believe all you read especially there, search to learn more about him and there was a couple of interesting things that relate to the Wolverine movie. It said that in one story Deadpool's head was cut completely off and although it didn't reattach itself it did regenerate. Then in another comic, Wolverine Origins, someone shoots Wolverine's son with a carbonadium (adamantium) bullet. So maybe the movie makers knew what they were doing after all and we were yelling about things we shouldn't have been.
  • S
    The more I think about this movie the more I'm afraid it just won't work. Deadpool is just such a hard character to convert into movie format. He's not a hero and he's not a villain, per say. I just don't see how you can make a serious action type movie while also making it manic and comical without totally fucking it up. I see this as a funny version of Hitman or something like that. I could maybe see Robert Rodrigez directing and doing this movie in a similar style to his El Mariachi triligy but darker.
  • S
    #56 ... carbonadium is like a radioactive adamantium and it slows/stops the healing powers of mutants like Wolverine and his son, Daken.
  • Geass
    I can't wait to read on what deadpool thinks of this.
  • big r
    Fox is going to ruin the movie, period.
  • Eric
    I am hopeful for this movie. I am a DeadHead. Love Deadpool, been reading his comics for years. To those who bash Ryan as, you're dumb. He was excellent as Wade and God willing he will make the Deadpool move great. I think that Fox should give the rights to Marvel or Universal. All fox is looking for is to slap their name on it and make some money. I say let them do that as long as they let Marvel handel the the actual movie. I think it should open with Deadpool finding and reattaching his head(yes he can and has before, but needs to do it quick or he dies). After reattaching his head the rest of the weapon x scientists find him, headed by Dr. Killjoy(Francis to all the long time Deadpool fans). Then it should show them subdueing Wade and taking him to a new area(I don't remember the actual name I know it was called The Shed) and it should show them removing the Adamantium from him and the other powers but leaving Wolvies healing so that Killjoy could experiment on him then show him breaking out of the complex. I think that they should stay away from T-Ray tho. didn't like that story line. Any thoughts from other deadpool comic fans?
  • mrmr
    please replace reynolds. hes funny in his asshole way. but i cant take that guy serious. and im lacking on hope for this. because wolverine.... shit in a shiny bag.
  • Silver
    can you guys picture the trailers already?? the first starting with him breaking the 4th wall with something like "Hi I'm Deadpool" or some shit like that??
  • Scott
    I know im late on commenting...But Im so hyped for this!!! Ryan Reynolds will be soo freaking amazing!!! haha




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