G4's Gears of War Movie Interviews: Cliffy B and Len Wiseman

July 27, 2009
Source: G4tv.com

G4's Gears of War

While the rest of us at Comic-Con were in Hall H all day long, G4 spent their time talking with celebrities left and right. One of their latest features is an interview set with both Gears of War video game designer Cliff Bleszinski and the director of the upcoming movie, Len Wiseman. We've heard lots about this proposed Gears of War movie, but not that it was actually happening anytime soon. However, from the sounds of it (and this video), it seems like it's creeping along inches at a time, and finally getting close to moving into production. With that said, take a look at what Cliffy B and Wiseman had to say about the project. Read on!

Obviously neither of these guys reveal too much about the movie, like casting or shooting details, since I'm sure nothing is solid yet. If you're curious to read up more about the story or more details, hit up either of these posts: Locusts in the Movie or Chris Morgan's May Update. I have a feeling that New Line / Warner Brothers still wants this as a 2010 release. I'm with Cliffy B, too, I hope this is one of the first true kick ass video game adaptations. And if it follows up the Prince of Persia movie next summer, that might just be the case. Hopefully we'll hear some new details (and casting) on this soon, because I'm getting a bit impatient.

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  • link1983
    Wow, those guys from x-play are prejudice losers! 'I won't watch the WOW movie'? WTF I don't play the game but I swear I'll see it. I trust Raimi. I still think after watching Road Hogs John Travolta with a soul patch and bandana will fit marcus fenix's shoes perfectly!
  • jake
    im with you on the impatient part but at the same time i would rather them take their time because i believe this franchise has a lot of potential. yes len wiseman hasn't directed anything that was phenomenal but if you look at the underworlds then you can see hes not afraid to get his hands dirty. enough of the PG-13 bull shit. i get it, the producers want to make more money and PG-13 movies have a bigger fan base but i think if they give the fans what they want which is make a raw bad ass action movie thats epic and emotional to the bone. then these producers/ production companies wont be sifting through their pockets for change. Win/Win. Hope Runs Deep! im pulling for this movie big time.
  • Fisherr
    Well actually you should be impatient Alex the first game was badass and the second one was truly epic. And i really hope Cliff is right about doing the first kick ass well actually the second, hope Prince Of Persia could be the first.
  • Paul
    Why didn't you rip the video and post it in your own player with an FS watermark?
  • xerxex
    Yeah I'm glad Wiseman is steering clear of Wrestlers mainly because I'm gonna go gamer real quick, Marcus is fit but not some bulging He-Man so casting a realtive unknown is the way I think Wiseman needs to go. And apparently Wiseman and Bleszinski, along with Morgan are actually including each other in the process. and I gotta agree with #3 Prince of Persia is a step in the right direction to creating good video game movies, hopefully future directors will start trying harder!?
  • GozerPoser
    **Comment unrelated to post** Hey Alex, I posted on that bullshit article Collider is running under "WhyMatt?". The Bob Stencil routine is funny as ever and makes the sting of not attending Comic-Con less painful. My thoughts are in the comment for the most part. Keep up the great work!
  • SwampDonkey
    Hope we get more info soon
  • SwampDonkey
    Let's see who is cast for fenix then ill comment
  • Shaun
    The G4 crew are a buncha tools.
  • Oblong
    G4's actually still in business? I thought it was all AOTS? well there something I didn't know.
  • nelson
    prince of Persia has more potential than this imo and has a better director
  • Janny
    one thing... if this is rated PG-13 (and don't think thats too rediculous to consider) then there is no hope for mankind PS: prince of persia, the character of the 'prince' is a man from 'far away lands' and if you play the original prince of perisa its a white dude, dressed in white
  • 1001
  • Alkatron
    Marcus Phoenix should be Bruce Willis and Cole train should be Samuel L Jackson or the black dude from mission impossible
  • Alkatron
    Eitherway I can't wait to see a Gears of War movie but it has to get an R rating to really do it justice
  • luke
    @12 Janny prince of perisa is not a white guy plus cause he dress as white does not mean his white lol his perisan end of story. plus if you bring up his voice actor been voice by a white guy then i have to tell you voice actors dont mean nothing Kratos of God of War who is greek is voice by a black guy, Cleveland from Family Guy who is black is voice by a white guy, Bart Simpson is voiced by a woman, etc
  • tazz
    i have a feeling that it will be a PG-13 i cant trust WB right now cause they did change the rating for Terminator Salvation from R to a PG-13 but then again this movie is at WB/New Line and we know New Line got a good track history on doing R-Rated movies
  • Aldonn
    But the story is boring in the games. I only beat the Gears 2 campaign once, and was bored the whole time. If I was bored in the game, how's a movie gonna be better?
  • Neos
    @ #18 Just because you were bored doesn't mean everyone else in the world was dipshit
  • Dano
    Wiseman mentions having to find a game for Kevin Smith's character to be playing in Die Hard 4. Gears was used in the movie, but it was at the beginning when they were showing all the hackers' homes. Anyway, on a more related note - Morgan Webb saying she won't see a Warcraft movie without knowing anything about it is dumb.
  • Gears
    The only casting I will accept for Cole Train is the man that voiced him: Terry Tate
  • xbigntastyx
    terry tate would be perfect. hes a huge black guy and i think hes got a football background. But theres no way that travolta could play fenix. a large part of the plot in gears revolves around marcus's dad. so could you imagine a guy older than travolta? Maybe travolta could play the dad!
  • Lewis
    Why has no mentioned Holt McCallany as Marcus Fenix?!




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