Gina Carano's Knockout Will Be Like Old School James Bond

September 30, 2009
Source: Empire

Gina Carano

Although I know not everyone is as big of a fan of Steven Soderbergh as I, he's still a great director that makes solid films. Now that The Informant is out, he's starting prep on a spy thriller called Knockout that will star real life MMA fighter, and hottie, Gina Carano. Empire just talked with Soderbergh and learned that it may be pretty badass, like an old school James Bond flick. He describes Knockout as "a combination of a Bond movie and Point Blank," though, "more on the scale of From Russia With Love than, you know, Quantum Of Solace… Something where the characters and the story are as prominent as the action stuff."

When this was originally announced, it was described as a "flat out action movie" that follows a tough girl from the wrong side of the tracks who takes the opportunity to use a special set of skills in a more focused, constructive environment. Soderbergh, as he also said in our interview, explained that he chose Carano because there's no one else like her. "I'd been wanting to make a spy action film for a while, but hadn't really determined what I was going to bring to it that would distinguish it from the traditional approach. Then I thought, 'Why don't I just build it around her? She can actually break people in half.' I was interested in doing something ultra-realistic."

"My desire is for it to be a very realistic portrayal of somebody who gets hired, as these people do, by the government, to go and perform certain duties that it would be inappropriate to give to the military," says Soderbergh. "That could be anything from a hostage-grab to surveillance to an actual killing." So he's going for realism, but mixing it with Point Blank and James Bond? I'm in for that, especially with a beautiful and powerful actress/fighter like Carano (as seen above). Shooting is supposed to start early next year, so we can expect to see Knockout by this time in 2010 or maybe early 2011, depending on Soderbergh's schedule.

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  • jesse
    She looks like a female Bison from Street Fighter in that pic.
  • Josh
    She's very hot. I like watching here fight. Too bad she got her ass handed to her in her last fight. But then she was fighting a man of a women.
  • SlashBeast
    Great, another Bond-clone.
  • Xerxex
    Josh she stuck in there for a long whie, Cyborg just had more steamm Carano is a much better figher than Cyborg. As for this I hope it does well, most will talk shit, but fans of Carano will I think be pleased. The premise of the story sounds somewhat dramatic I hope Gina can convey emotion, as good as she can deliever a massive strike.
  • J Taylor
    Like James Bond only without the acting part.
  • Archaic
    Gina is going to be great. She has major crossover appeal. Soderbergh is smart, he's a visionary. Can't wait to see the trailer for this and to find out the rest of the cast.
  • beavis
    is this the woman who got the crap kicked out of her a couple of weeks ago? on topic: this whole "knockout" idea is laughable. i can't believe a director with ANY credibility would touch this project.
  • Fethalion
    Interesting that it's not mentioned that she played Natasha Volkova in the game Red Alert 3 (a game-series known for its live motion cutscenes) and atleast in my oppinon, she played her quite well. Common, the idea of Bond has been replicated over and over again, none has made it good (heck, not even the Bond movies are like they used to anymore)... #7 - I'd like to see you meet her in the ring... She's a pro but even pro's get beaten.
  • Xerxex
    Beavis ever feel liek you are an asshole? OR Are you just trying to be a dick on Carano lost her fight, Cyborg had more stamina, but all of Cyborgs moves were sloppy, her take-downs, were awful to watch, ans her ability to fight on the ground wasn't all that great, Carano was winded and it all came down to who had more steam in the end, and I think if a rematch ever happens Carano would win. "this whole "knockout" idea is laughable. i can't believe a director with ANY credibility would touch this project." Everybody screams for originality nowadays and when something that seems to be at best original people bash and hate on it. The only thing I have a problem with is the title of the film.
  • Steve
    i would have been better if it was a wwe diva yum yum plus more skill
  • beavis
    no, i don't feel like that xerxex. but i sure know an asshole when i hear one speak..........and you are a CLASSIC example of an asshole. i've read too many of your posts to think otherwise. i still laugh at your badgering of other people who don't see avatar through your fanboy eyes. and if you think this carano will be a "female james bond"? well, that's your opinion. i wholeheartedly disagree. originality is a GREAT thing. much better than the constant remakes and rehashes of old, tired series. but this idea doesn't sound good to me at all. grow up, and quit with the childish namecalling.
  • zetsu
    she could fuck you more ways than one.
  • Steve
    o rite i wasnt namecalling anyone but sure thanks 4 busting my ball ( and i say ball cause i only have 1 NOT JOKING )
  • xerxex
    Beavis what Avatar post, I haven't really said anything about loving Avatar? I've only seen the trailer and said It looks okay. If anything you should have gone for my pro Green Hornet posts, but no you've made a gross assumption, way to go.
  • truew
    sounds like another crap movie in the making...
  • Linspr
    I for one love Gina and will be waiting for the movie to come out.




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