Gore Verbinski Bringing Us Another Clue Movie?!

February 24, 2009

Clue: The Movie

What else can Hasbro adapt if they've already got Monopoly, Ouija, Candy Land, and Stretch Armstrong movies in the works? Why not Clue? It worked once before, so let's do it again! Universal has attached Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski to another new adaptation of the Parker Brothers board game Clue. I'm sure everyone knows how to play, or at least knows that the game involves solving a murder by figuring out who did it and what object they used. Back in 1985, Paramount put out Clue: The Movie, which didn't do well at the box office (less than $15 million), but was remembered for its multiple endings.

A total of three different endings were shot and randomly shown at movie theaters. You wouldn't know which ending you were about to see, which made things a bit more exciting, because you could ideally see the movie up to three times and see a different ending each time. With this newest version, and Verbinski at the helm, I don't think Universal wants us to think of it as another remake, instead, they're going all the way back to the board game to start fresh. No screenwriter is attached, but with Verbinski on board, it means we should expect something pretty big. I wonder if Universal will try the alternate endings idea again?

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  • We don't need a remake - The first one was the best.
  • gohikeone
    Clue is a CLASSIC! Like many of today's "family fun" movies, it had veiled humor for adults (some not so veiled). It never fails to make me laugh, even after repeated viewings, and some of it's lines are oft quoted by my friends and family. Don't know if there's a need for a about a hi-def clean up of the original with lots of extras instead?
  • jp
    what happened to bioshock? :(... Heard about it once and now all I keep reading is new projects Gore is taken on.. what gives?
  • Yeah hes not doing a beautiful Art Deco underwater dystopia-gone-to-hell masterpiece. He's doing Clue. Clue. Clue...
  • Fuelbot
    Uhhhhh Bioshock. Stay away from Clue.
  • Stevo
    Clue is one of those classic movies of my youth that you used to be able to catch on Late Saturday Afternoons. It is brilliant and funny and a red herring. I think Hitler said it best "When will Hollywood learn to stop fucking with beloved masterpieces?"
  • Greedo the Rodian
    one plus one plus two plus one
  • Greedo the Rodian
    I don't get this in your opening paragraph. You say: "Why not Clue? It worked once before, so let's do it again!" And then: "which didn't do well at the box office" Which is it?
  • Dan Walimaa
    This is one movie I don't think they should redo, because they can never top the original. The original Clue is a perfect movie.
  • Fuelbot
    #8 - I think he was being sarcastic.
  • The first Clue movie was fun and at least unlike the other game adaptations coming out at least Clue has some substance to it to be made into. However, is it me or are they getting some pretty awesome directors instead of the usual hacks like they get for video games??? Hopefully this is a sign that the cast will be first-rate (or at least as best as you can get for a board game based movie).
  • darrin
    wow, hollywood has ran out of ideas. what next the remake of child's play.
  • Squeak
    Tim Curry or I won't see it.
  • 11 Are you implying Clue has more substance than Bioshock?
  • dan
    the original was funny and had a great cast. if they attempt another........don't dumb it down. don't go for slapstick crap with sandler or carrey. don't make it "teen dreck" and add the "vanessa hudgens" of the world. get some good actors who can be "grown-up funny". this could be a great idea if it's done right with good actors.
  • DarkRaven18599
    I still get a kick anytime I think of that singing telegram girl at the door. Heh heh heh. As to a remake, is it really necessary?
  • bourneidentity
    Clue was the shit when I was growing up, nothing will ever top that. What are they gonna try to re make next National Lampoon's Vacation?
  • As long as the bring back Tim Curry as Wadsworth, I'm good. Otherwise who cares?
  • Jim
    Yeah, I just don't see a new film being worth a damn. The original was shot as a period piece so it still stands up to this day. I tell ya, Hollywood has gotten so lame that they should just re-release the original films in the theaters instead of bothering with these crappy reboots, reloads, retreads or whatever they wanna call them.
  • Wait they made a Monopoly movie? Man I have to start paying better attention. And of course they'll have some alternate endings... on the disc =/
  • This is outrageous! Nothing can top the original. Join my Facebook group "'No' to a Clue Remake!" to show your objection!
  • Steve
    Monkeys brains, although popular in Cantonese cuisine, are not often to be found in WASHINGTON D.C.!!!!!!




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