Guillermo del Toro Wants to Remake Count of Monte Cristo

February 25, 2009
Source: MTV

Guillermo del Toro

One of my personal all-time favorite movies is Kevin Reynolds' The Count of Monte Cristo, the one from 2002, not the old black and white versions. Anyone who has seen it or read Alexandre Dumas' book knows why it's such an incredible story. I couldn't ever imagine anyone adapting it again, but if there's one person I might allow to do just that, it would be Guillermo del Toro. He already has enough projects on his plate to last him a lifetime, but in a recent chat with MTV, del Toro talked about one of his dreams, which was adapting The Count of Monte Cristo again as a "gothic-western" titled The Left Hand of Darkness.

"It's a gothic-western retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, and I co-wrote it with [Kitt Carson] and Matthew Robbins around 1993 to 1998. I wrote a lot of that during the kidnapping of my father, so it’s of a lot of rage." If you didn't know, del Toro's father was kidnapped in 1997 and held for 72 days before they paid the ransom and he was returned. "I adore that screenplay," del Toro says, but as for whether it will ever see the light of day, we're not sure. Although del Toro won't let it end up in the hands of another director. "If I can fight, sue, or hit someone to keep the project with me, I will keep them. And I'll get them made."

While this falls under the category of "highly unlikely", or at least not for more than a century, it is another one of those del Toro ideas that I'd love to see. He's got so many those that he might as well start a studio and hire writers to make all of them, because that could be quite lucrative, and then we'd actually get to see a lot of them instead of just hear him talk about them. Being both a big fan of The Count of Monte Cristo and Guillermo del Toro, it would be a dream of my own to see the two come together. Especially knowing that he put a lot of rage into the script, because that's what drives a lot of the story. Maybe one day?

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  • Janika
    The Count of Monte Cristo is such a classic, and del Toro adding his own rage into the script sounds brilliant!! I hope he does make it sometime in the near future!!!
  • gohikeone
    The latest Count of Monte Cristo is need for a remake. King's to you...
  • Bry from Chi
    I loved the Jim Caveziel version of Count of Monte was excellent. It would be very interesting to see it in a western style.
  • Cody
    Starting to hate anything with his name on it to be honest
  • Del torro is on a role right now and I personally think he is a great director. I would see his remake and other movies he has coming out in the future.
  • Fuelbot
    I'd like to see Del Toro actually finish some of the 10,000 projects he's working on before he announces another.
  • ethermay
    STUPID. The last one was FANTASTIC. it literally sits in my top 5 movies of all time. i cannot stand this trend in movies now, and it upsets me that del toro thinks its a good idea. I lost a lot of respect just for this idea.......
  • I agree with Fuelbot. Plus, he should be focusing on the Hobbit and nothing else!
  • Nick
    That's weird that he's titling it The Left Hand of Darkness, which is the title of a well known, classic, science fiction novel by Ursula K. Le Guin. I'd also see that story as being something del Toro would be interested in for a film.
  • Jaf
    In my mind the Count was always a calm and calculating person, not a bloodthirsty character. . .
  • Scott McHenry
    This guy needs to take a chill pill and just focus on making one good movie at a time
  • gohikeone
    #8 - I couldn't agree more. If he's taking on The Hobbit (and any sequel), that's where he needs to be focussing. He's got a LOT to live up to...
  • Nut-Meg
    YOur a fucking idiot Cody!!!!! Christ sakes!
  • Fisherr
    Guillermo should remake the movie, the first one wasn't bad this one will be Epic.
  • bassbin
    not a good movie maker, rots anything he touches
  • midhighs
    #15. YOUR an Idiot!
  • Sounds good. Such an amazing book, adding a new element to an old story sounds like a terrific idea. Del Toro better stop talking and move his ass though to get all of these projects done. He is like Woody Allen.
  • SmartGuy
    The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) was a brilliant film. I would not watch a remake if they tried. Although this Guillermo story sounds more like its taking the general plot and putting it in another setting.
  • Riki
    Wow, can you please take 5 mins out of your busy schedule to, you know, ruin a freakin classic? Would you do that for me, please?
  • @8 He said he finished writing it in `98. Long before the hobbit came his way.
  • Brianne93
    i like to see another remake of it, especially by del toro. for this day and age the new generation should learn of one of Duma's works.




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