Guy Ritchie Signs On to Direct DC Comics' Lobo Movie

September 2, 2009


It looks like no more gangster films for Guy Ritchie. The British filmmaker has signed on to direct an adaptation of the DC Comics' property Lobo, his first superhero movie. Joel Silver is producing the film, with Don Payne (My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Rise of the Silver Surfer, "The Simpsons") writing the script. Lobo is an blue-skinned cigar-chomping alien who is an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter. The character is one of DC’s more recent creations (he was introduced in 1980s by creators Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen) and for a brief run in the 1990s was one of the most popular characters. Could be badass?

Lobo is an anti-hero who was meant to serve as a parody of other violent heroes such as Wolverine and the Punisher, with his stories featuring a nihilistic streak tinged with dark comedy and excessive violence. Perfect for Guy Ritchie, considering that before Sherlock Holmes, all of his films were R-rated and usually pretty violent, at least in a British way. Doug Liman was previously attached to direct the project, though Silver, whose been developing the project for the last 10 years, was looking to work with Ritchie again after Holmes and roped him into it (I'm sure with a very sweet payday). But is Ritchie a commercial director?

I actually still love Guy Ritchie and I'm both excited and curious to see how he does directing a mainstream Hollywood movie for once (watch the trailer). In addition to Sherlock Holmes, I'm excited to see him take on this kind of off-the-wall character, and I hope Joel Silver lets him go all out with an R rating. Because from what I can tell, this needs to be excessively violent or it'll just be tame compared to the comics. Excited?

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  • teyhtr
    hahhahaha oh man~ no way
  • sean
    Remember the whole DC vs. Marvel war? Well, DC won. (In terms of movie adaptations at least.)
  • mace
    aint Lobo white-skinned not blue-skinned i think you talking about Dirty Wolf were Lobo himself parodied Dirty Wolf. anyway i wish the movie was R-Rated not PG-13 i guess Watchmen really fucked up R-Rated comic book movies at WB. i remember Latino Review talked about the script idea for the movie heres the link below. Latino Review: Lobo First Look
  • tazz
    who remembers The Lobo ParaMilitary Christmas Special
  • kreig70
    Sounds like it has potential. Despite Guy Ritchie's recent and less criticallly succesful movies, he is still a favorite of mine. I actually enjoyed rock n rolla a bit. Hope he can pull through on this one, and Sherlock Holmes
  • zetsu
    fucking great lobo is awesome,now i'm just waiting for THE GREEN LANTERN,THE FLASH,CAPTAIN MARVEL,WONDER WOMAN,AQUAMAN,NIGHTWING,JUSTICE LEAGUE,ANOTHER BATMAN & ANOTHER SUPERMAN & then my d.c movie adaptions will be complete.warner brothers & d.c hurry the fuck up.
  • tankmaster
    Amazing, i love Guy Ritchie!!
  • Lobo is one of the DC universes greatest characters. It should be a great movie
  • L1A
    just as long as he's not just another hellboy-like character in the movie. they'll have to make this movie for about 40-50mil if they want their money back
  • Nice christmas special...taken from the comix
  • Sabes
    I'm quite intrigued.
  • tim
    two words..... Jason Statham
  • #3 nice review...I subscribed!
  • moldybread
    A good intergalactic bounty hunter story could be made about the guys in "Critters"....or is this one of the offspring here??? not familiar with the comic...
  • SlashBeast
    # 9 - Lobo was created far before Hellboy. Even though I think Guy Ritchie hasn't made anything notable since Snatch, I think Lobo is actually PERFECT for his style. His mastery of dark and violent comedy fits to a tee with him. I think they should go Rated R. People didn't go to watch Watchmen because it wasn't the action movie that trailers made it out to be. Lobo should deliver on the violent action and comedy.
  • zombiejesus
    #5 I loved rock n rolla. I don't understand why no one seemed to care about that flick. Great characters, as always. When the hell is he going to make the follow-up to it? Revolver was strange, but good. Anyway, I think this is a great choice. He's one of my favorite directors, and Lobo is just insane. A good pairing.
  • Al
    i always wanted to direct a Lobo film
  • Tomi
    EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER IS SIGNED ONTO DOING A DAMN COMIC BOOK MOVIE!!!!! Fucking A make it stop please, getting just a littlebit annoyed with this. Comic book movies will run to a bloody end with this overkill.
  • Cody
    What #18 said...I just dont give a fuck anymore if it has the words comic or graphic novel in it. WHERE ARE THE ORIGINAL IDEAS!!!!!
  • lego
    revolver was strangely underrated i found. but ya, what the last 2 said. hope its good regardless tho.
  • SlashBeast
    @ #18 and 19 The amount of original films coming out of Hollywood still far exceeds the amount of adaptions, remakes/reboots, sequels and prequels. Nobody likes to say that though, do they? Because it's "cool" to hate on Hollywood. Films have been adapted from novels since the beginning of cinema, no one complains. What makes comic books any less of a valid source of ideas? If you don't like comic book movies, don't watch them.
  • Mike
    That's awesome!! I'm sure they will get Brad Pitt to play him, just like they want him to be Conan, Thor, He-Man, Lion-O, and every other comic book hero now!! They fucked up with Colossus and Thor by having some skinny twerp play him. I'm just waiting for them to do it right and be true to the comic and get an actual guy with muscles to fit the part. But it's Hollywood, so it'll suck!!
  • movie mike
    Wow, all 2 fans will be there on opening day
  • Al
    normally i'd agree with those who hate seeing films just using other work as their basis, but i'd trade in all existing comic book films for a Lobo Flick. I hate remakes, reboots, and adaptations, but i'll settle for being a hypocrite for the frag-man (lobo)
  • Never read the comic but did enjoy the appearance in the Justice League series. I'd go check it out. I welcome seeing more DC characters on film as long as its done well.
    The Rock...put some makeup on him and this will work !!!
  • Just when you thought Guy was returning to form, he takes a chance on a risky pic like this. Rocknrolla was a great start at a comeback, and Sherlock Holes looks to be pretty good...and now Lobo huh? Well Hellboy was a bit of a long shot so why can't this work? I'll admit I don't know a whole lot about him but hey, stranger films have succeeded in the past...
  • Speaking of Hellboy Perlman would be great for this role as well...
  • seanathan
    fingers crossed here. it's hard to find anyone that isn't a fan of snatch of lock, stock (though, we're on the internet, i'm sure someone here hates them both.), but i'm sure we can all agree guy has gone the route of, well, lesser movies since. even if we all pretend Swept Away never happened, Revolver was still mediocre, and RocknRolla felt like an homage film to himself. But, man, does Sherlock Holmes look to be badass! Here's to hoping he can give us a great stylized movie with someone else at the writing reins. If Holmes turns out as good as it looks, then consider my ticket bought for Lobo
  • Vharter1976
    i think they should get vinny jones for lobo he fits the antisocial charter of lobo better than the rest and he also does his own stunts alot and already rides a motorcycle




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