Hans Zimmer Will Be Scoring Christopher Nolan's Inception

July 30, 2009
Source: Upcoming Film Scores

Hans Zimmer

We haven't talked about Christopher Nolan's new project Inception in quite a while and, well, that's just not right, so here's something to chew on! This isn't all that surprising, considering Hans Zimmer scored both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but it is still exciting to hear. The Upcoming Film Scores blog has confirmed that Zimmer is scoring Inception via a press release recently released by Warner Brothers (which I can't seem to find online anywhere else). Nolan previously used David Julyan as the composer for his other non-Batman movies, including Memento and The Prestige, however Zimmer is also a fine choice!

Inception started shooting a few weeks ago with a cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, and Tom Berenger. If you're trying to uncover where it might be shooting, good luck, because I heard he's in Japan right now and will be jumping back and forth between Canada and England as well. If you do want some details on Inception, though, here is what I know! Apparently it involves dreams and the idea that DiCaprio can go into them and make business deals there (or something like that). Don't forget this is in action movie, too!

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  • m4st4
    This will be all kinds of way 😉
  • Dr. Manhatten
    It's been shooting in England for the most part, at the same location The Dark Knight's Gotham City is still built in its full glory.
  • SlashBeast
    I think Zimmer is a better choice than Julyan. Inception is going to be a large-scale film which Zimmer has more experience with for music scores. Inception just keeps looking better and better!
  • pjs
    Old but good news, the press release is over a week old.
  • mace
    the fanboys will go crazy not saying this is batman 3 casting lol
  • ALEX?! Where did you receive your information that it, "Apparently it involves dreams and the idea that DiCaprio can go into them and make business deals there (or something like that)"??? That sounds a lot more specific about the "architecture of the mind" description we've heard thus far. Where did you hear this from? SOUNDS SICK!!! :)
  • Rolland
    Uh too bad it was James Newton Howard AND Hans Zimmer. Jesus christ dude, do you ever pay attention to the business you're writing about? Watch as you go and edit it and delete this comment.
  • ^ Of course I KNOW it was both Howard and Zimmer who scored Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, are you kidding? All I needed to do was add "co-scored" instead of just "scored" but that sounded way too weird for this... Plus this entire article is about Zimmer, not about the both of them together. I've written about that soundtrack so much that maybe you would think I know that and move on to discuss the actual subject at hand!
  • SlashBeast
    @ #6 Details leaked onto the web through commenters on Awards Daily and Nolan Fans.
  • mace
    Alex how can you miss Tom Hardy from the actors whos in the movie
    I don't know why he uses Hans Zimmer, he just makes Zimmer sound like Julyan.
  • SlashBeast
    @ #11 Nolan doesn't MAKE Zimmer or Julyan sound like anything, he gives the composers a high level of artistic freedom. Besides, their styles couldn't be any more different. Julyan's scores are more lile "tonal washes" suited for smaller-scale films. Zimmer's scores have a lot more "space" to them which works better for larger-scale films.
  • Eric
    You didn't mention that he did the music for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
  • Brian
    "...however Zimmer is also a fine choice!" - "also a fine choice"?!? I say he is the ONLY choice, seeing is how Hans Zimmer is the best composer in film today, and for the last decade or more.
  • jono
    number 7 your a asshole i feel sorry for u sometimes alex you have the best film site on the net and then u read shit off dickheads like that kept it up from IRELAND
  • SS
    At #14: John Williams will always be the king of Film Music, though Hans Zimmer is also very good.
  • Corran Horn
    I'm surprised that no one's commenting on this press release's other major news item: the casting of Tom Berenger! The cast keeps getting better and better.
  • Cody
    This is a really good choice, I can't wait for this movie! At #14 and #16, Hans Zimmer CAN be VERY good, however, many of his scores are very similar and many he does not write them by himself, for instance, the Pirates franchise had about 6 writers...yeah. But, very strong Zimmer scores include The Lion King, Frost/Nixon, Kung Fu Panda, The Holiday, Pirates 3, and Backdraft. In my opinion, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins are two of his weaker scores. My favorite composers (in order) are John Williams, Alan Silvestri, Patrick Doyle, Hans Zimmer, and Steve Jablonsky.
  • Luke
    Wow, he looks a lot like Jon Lovitz.
  • SlashBeast
    # 18 You assert that his Batman themes are some of his weakest yet you tout Steve Jablonsky? Credibility shot.
  • d1rEct
    Now that is a cast




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