Harold Ramis' Year One Gets a Full Super Bowl TV Spot

February 1, 2009

Year One Super Bowl TV Spot

Does this look funny to anyone? That extended clip we ran earlier never aired during the Super Bowl, but this short new TV spot for Year One did. And it's not funny in the least. I really want to like it and I've really got some high hopes for it, but all that we've seen so far isn't really funny at all. So please watch this and tell me if it's funny and I'm just not getting it? Jack Black and Michael Cera star as two lazy hunter-gatherers who are banished from their primitive village aand set off on an epic journey through the ancient world. Check out the full 30 second TV spot for Year One below. And let us know if you laughed at all?

Watch the full Year One Super Bowl TV spot:

[flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/yearone-fullsuperbowl-TVspot.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/yearone-fullsuperbowl-TVspot.jpg 480 270]

Year One is directed by comedy mastermind Harold Ramis, who played Egon in Ghostbusters and both wrote and directed films like Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Multiplicity, Analyze This, and The Ice Harvest. The screenplay was co-written by Ramis as well as "The Office" writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. Sony Pictures is bringing Year One to theaters everywhere on June 19th this summer.

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  • Josh M
    Mreh. That trailer wasn't really funny. I, too, have hopes that this will be a great film. I mean with two guys like Black and Cera, I don't see why it shouldn't be. Maybe they're just choosing the wrong scenes and bits to show us?
  • Matt
    I don't have high hopes for this other then it being mildly funny - which the spot was and the movie probably will be too.
  • birdinlay
    I know what you mean about maybe the wrong footage. Comedy like Ramis' needs to have full context, but I definitely see the potential. It will probably be the actors like Cera that will carry this one.
  • Jay
    Lol, I laughed. Michael Cera is hilarious.
  • bob hope
    I think it looks verrrrry funny!
  • I almost laughed when they had the rollercoaster fakeout. I actually didn't laugh with the original footage you aired either.
  • Timothy
    Not extremely funny, but it is funny.
  • Bill
    NOT funny at all. NOT at all. Remind me NOT to see that one.
  • michael sean
    I actually liked the Cain and Abel bit, but this was bad.
  • Kassandra
    13 sure looks HOT in that half a second we see her.
  • Actually I thought it was funnier then that extended clip. And it does have that Mighty Python feel to it.
  • Shane
    Hahaha, this actually looks really funny.
  • All those guys in the film are funny, I'll watch them until they stop being so, I'll give a few more film til they get 80's Bill Murray'd
  • Brian
    ive laughed at both posted clips, so when you ask does anyone actually think this is funny, count me in......
  • AD
    Yeah, definitely feels like it's trying too hard to be Life of Brian
  • feels pretty original to me.. looks hilarious.
  • Movieraider321
    I dont see how its being anything like Life of Brian, this is more just silly humor while Monty Python played on everything. Seriously learn your british comedy before making assumptions. You are comparing Jack Black to John Cleese.
  • Vole
    Looks like Carry On Cleo and/or Up Pompeii.
  • Vole
    "I dont see how its being anything like Life of Brian" The stoning scene.
  • ?????
    I completely agree with you...
  • Stevo
    The entire group of people at the super bowl party I was at (about 18 or so) thought this looked amazing... I think it is funny that you guys found the GI Joe trailer (garbage) so good yet are missing the bill on this one.
  • UGH
    This reminds me too much of Ringo Starr in Caveman. Frigging Jack Black even kind of looks like him. Caveman was good, but no way does it deserve kind of a redo.
  • LeeMan
    that was really funny. in fact i actually enjoyed this as much as the transformers trailer. but c'mon it's 30 seconds out of a 90 minute movie. ther's no way you could judge an entire movie on half a minute
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Yea, it looks like Mr. Ramis has lost it.
  • Fisherr
  • SacLA
    Looks okay. Looks a lot like Brooks' 'History of the World'.
  • miracle disease
    Cause it's JB... I'll give this a chance for now...
  • Fuelbot
    That clip that was released online was way funnier than anything in this trailer.
  • Eh, not that good. This is the one aired during the game.
  • adrian
    I don't like a project like this for Cera. I think he should stick to more urban, neurotic films. He's very Woody Allen. I hate Jack Black anyway so I didn't expect to like this.
  • darrin
    i thought it was funny
  • harrison
    jack black was never very funny, im hoping the rest of the cast can save it
  • Az
    I really like the look of it....
  • viral
    i actually dont get the movie ... at first i thought it would be like 10000 B.C. where they story is set in the actual stoneage (the hunter gather reference) but then looking at the trailer i see romans! WHAT!!! i dont get it...
  • bizz
  • kathy noe
    I am in several parts of this movie and I DO Believe that this will be a great movie. It was tons of fun working on this one.
  • Gizmo
    This movie really needs to get it's act together soon they don't even have a poster or a real trailer yet. Now I love the looks of this movie but unfortunatly it looks like another love guru. Is it just me o did that look just about the equal amount of comedy.
  • Manda
    Well, I looks okay, I know my boyfriend will sure like it. He finds all of these movies funny, well except nacho libre. But I will be willing to see it, I mean it doesnt look that bad. And I have for sure seen worse.
  • richard
    I saw a free screening of this movie and it is terrible. I mean love guru bad. This is easily going to be the worst summer movie in years. As a matter of fact, I can't believe it's being released in the summer. It should go straight to video.




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