Has Pixar Finally Decided to Make Monsters Inc 2?!

February 27, 2009
Source: Blue Sky Disney

Monsters Inc.

Could it be true?! Early this morning my friend Thomas Huxley of Upcoming Pixar pointed me to an article published on a blog called Blue Sky Disney. They claim that Pixar has finally given the greenlight to director Pete Docter to start planning for his next movie after finishing Up, and it just so happens to be none other than Monsters Inc 2 - the most requested Pixar sequel (next to maybe The Incredibles). They don't give any other new details besides that it will be slated for 2013 and that Docter has been working on this sequel for a while, which all actually makes a lot of sense, but we're still not sure if it's completely true or not.

We've heard rumors like this before (see here), but for some odd reason I'm a bit more convinced this time around. In fact, this is the perfect time for more news like this to hit, because Pete Docter is appearing at the Up presentation at WonderCon this weekend, which means we can try and get an answer out of him once and for all. Thomas seems pretty confident that the news is legit and that we can trust that blog, but obviously we're still going to say it's a rumor until someone at Disney or Pixar tells us otherwise. If this is indeed Pixar's movie for 2013, than I'll be quite be ecstatic, because I've been waiting for this day!

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  • xerxerxex
    Won't this be the only sequel for a Pixar picture besides Toy Story 2? Monster's Inc. was great, and all but is there really a need for a sequel? To me I don't think there should be a sequel but that's just me.
  • I don't really see the need for a sequel either, I'd rather see more original stories. With that said, if Pete has a great story, I'm all for it =)
  • SuicidalOptimist
    "P.S. i think sully is a little to fruity and sends a bad message to kids" Wtf, Tom W?!? o.O Anyhow, after watching Monster's Inc. back when it came out I reeeeally wished for a sequel. I just loved the story, and the ending was so heartbreakingly cute...I wanted to see more of Sully, Mike and Boo. Now after all this time I would assume Boo is almost grown up, but seeing how it's an animated "monster" movie, I guess time doesn't really matter. They can just pick up where they left off. I don't see a big problem here. And I would watch it for sure.
  • Tom
    sell outs, nothing more, nothing less. guess the ivory tower of pixar is not immune to making decisions purely based on the almighty dollar.
  • Luke
    The most requested Pixar sequel? I'd rather see a Toy Story 3 before a Monster's Inc. 2.
  • wassssssuuuuuupppppppp
    ^You're definitely right. I love Pixar, I really do but I hated this movie. I thought it was rather stupid but good for kids. A sequel is an obviously just to bring in some definite money.
  • #5 - That's already being made, that's why it's no longer in that category. #6 - I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are out of you're fucking mind. Monsters Inc is one of THE most beloved Pixar movies and everyone LOVES it. The only reason they haven't made a sequel since it came out in 2001 is because they've been waiting to come up with a good story. It's not about money in the SLIGHTEST. You are completely delirious if you REALLY think that's the case...
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    I wish Pixar would have done Monsters Inc. 2 before the wanting.......... wall-e.
  • Voice of Reason
    Cut the crap and gimme Incredibles 2, not that im not excited for MI-2, but the Incredibles is where its at.
  • Alex, I think you're drinking the Kool-Aid after your visit to Emeryville this week. Monsters, Inc. is the most beloved movie in Pixar's cannon? First, don't you think that's kind of subjective? Second, not among the people I talk to. Look, it's a great movie and everything. But I have a hard time believing people are beating down their door for a sequel. The original's ending was very sweet and I was completely satisfied with the story after leaving the theater. I don't have a need to revisit those characters again. The Incredibles, on the other hand, is set up *perfectly* as a sequel AND makes sense since they only had one adventure together as a super hero family. If Pixar is truly going forward with a Monsters, Inc. sequel, then I trust them to put story first. I don't interpret the rumor as a naked money grab. But at the same time, I like to think that Pixar is *better* than to sequelize their properties. Walt Disney didn't make a name for himself by making a sequel to Snow White 8 years after the original was released. Every other studio in Hollywood is making remake after remake after remake on what they think are proven formulas. Pixar has been bucking that trend year after year by telling completely original and captivating stories AND finding huge financial success with it! Why threaten their reputation as innovators by recycling old characters? I'm sorry - But I consider this rumor suspect.
  • Tom
    "It's not about money in the SLIGHTEST". lol, sure it isn't. "completely delirious"...ummmm, i don't think so. perhaps i just live in the real world.
  • Well I don't know if it's needed but I would like to see one. It was such an original story that I've argued (and won) every argument about which movie was Pixar's best. I would definitely see it no matter what.
  • Chris
    The conclusion of The Incredibles created the most logical storyline for a sequel and yet they still have not pursued that avenue. I absolutely loved that movie and have been hoping for a sequel ever since. I, for one, did not thing Monsters Inc. really lent itself well for a sequel. I'm sure Pixar will prove me wrong and put out another fantastic film.
  • Danimal 808 does Chicken
    #9, Voice of Reason.... Amen brother!! I cannot believe they havent done that yet?!?! That was a cool flick, I want to see the battle against the UNDERMINER!! Brilliant character!
  • #10 - Tom, you make some appropriate points about the story in Monsters Inc being wrapped up perfectly, so I won't argue with THAT, however, I will argue with you about the love Monsters Inc gets. It may not have AS much love as Incredibles, but it's damn near close to it, if not second in line... That's kind of hard to argue, especially when you start asking outside of just your friends... Look at #14! And yes, I do drink Pixar Kool-Aid, a lot. I am the quintessential Pixar fanboy. In fact, I had a delicious tortellini alfredo and Vitamin Water for lunch there just yesterday... it was delicious!
  • Fuelbot
    The Incredibles is the most requested sequel in Pixar's pantheon. NO Pixar film has ever been about a money or cashing in. It's why their films are so much better than all the other animation studios out there (and most live action movies, come to think of it.) Besides, who gives a shit? Pixar deserves every dime.
  • Fuelbot
    #16 - Monsters Inc. may not have set itself up for a sequel, but I think it's more that people LOVE those characters from more than any other Pixar film. That people want to see Mike, Sully, Roz, and Boo again. Also, who doesn't want to see that vault of doors again. That's one of those amazing chase scenes ever made, real or otherwise.
  • troy
    if its on, its for real, its not speculation. these people know what they're talking about. this is pixar people, everything they've done has been awesome, why would you not be excited for any new project of theirs?
  • Joseph Kastner
    I have been saying this on other sites and I am going to repeat it here: I will not believe it until these words "Yes, we are making a Monsters, Inc. sequel" or some variation on those exact words, comes straight out of Pete Docter's mouth. All the 'evidence' (and I use the term very loosely) is all circumstantial at best.
  • -Peter-
    I agree with Alex on this. Monsters Inc. was one of Pixar's greats. They're making a Cars 2!! What could be more ridiculous than that? Monsters deserves a sequel. Hopefully they'll be working on something for The Incredibles as well.
  • R3last
    Ahh the side effects of the Disney merge rear their ugly heads, unnecessary sequels. What I originally loved about Pixar was their films were based on quality not pumping out sequels because we can't come up with anything original. Monsters inc doesn't even lend itself story wise to a sequel.
  • Fisherr
    I would love to see The Monsters back again.
  • S
    Toy Story 3 and Monster's Inc 2.....has the idea pool at Pixar run dry....?
  • ?????
    Alex, I'm right there with you being a Pixar Fanboy and I'm uuber excited to see Monsters Inc 2. Still waiting on that Incredibles sequel though.
  • Alex, I agree that Monsters, Inc. is popular. Probably just as popular as The Incredibles You just put yourself in a difficult position when you swing into hyperbole like that! And I'm with you on the Kool-Aid. I'm a fanboy, too. I love the Kool-Aid! I just feel like they're better than sequels, y'know. They snatched Toy Story 2 out of the jaws of defeat. Why tempt fate when their original stories are still putting butts in seats and earning them Oscars?
  • I think I am the only person in the world who did NOT like MONSTERS, INC. I love every single Pixar film except that one. Maybe I need to rewatch it again.
  • Jamie
    I'll be honest. Monster's Inc. is not my fav Pixar flick, but seeing it a few years later after it's release the film has grown on me. Yes I wish they would do "The Incredibles 2" and hopefully they will. But there are a lot of people out there that will really want this sequal to happen. And I for one will watch it because Pixar make the best animated films around. So if you don't care to see Monster's Inc. 2 well then don't watch it.
  • DoomCanoe
    although i want another Incredibles... Incredibly bad. I'm so stoked for this
  • HectorN
    "Cars 2" and "Monster's Inc 2" are all about the money, I don't think they're making them for the artistic merit, otherwise they should be making original movies instead
  • ????
    Hopefully we don't die 2012 but really people when has Pixar ever let us down
  • matthew
    Monsters Inc 2 is going to be cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Conrad
    HAHAHA Alex, you're hilarious! But I must agree with #10, Monsters, Inc was wrapped up perfectly and I think that making a sequel to arrive in 2013 - which is 12 years after the first one is simply a cash grab. Not that I don't think it will be a good movie, oh I'm sure it will be. But I think it would be silly to break that out this far down the line. Monsters, Inc is my absolutely favorite Pixar movie. Above the Toy Story's and everything. I think they should let this one be a stand alone classic and not revere and sequels and make it into a franchise.
  • im not sure
    to be honest, i wouldn't watch monsters inc 2 Monsters inc. was a great film (best disney film i have ever seen) and monsters inc. had a great plot so what would monsters inc. 2 be about?!?! (im suggesting its gonna be about mike's car)
  • BELA
  • melissa
    I can't wait for Monster Inc. 2 My 4 year old son watches the dvd 5 times a week.
  • I found the plot for thew movie. It takes place 20 years later when Boo is an adult. She runs a stuffed toy factory, and makes a sulley doll.
  • Sorry guys my computer messed up here's the full plot for Monsters, inc. 2. My uncle who is a sound producer at pixar let me off on the plot of the movie. The story picks up 20 years later. Boo is all grown up and has a family of her own. she runs a toy company that makes stuffed animals. One night, one of the monster who works at the Monsters, inc. company comes into Boo's daughers' room to do their normal comedy routine to power up Monstropolis. The monster sees a stuffed toy of Sullivan the owner of Monsters, inc. (Which Boo made from her childhood dreams). He reports back to Sully about what he found, and Sully goes through the door to see for himself. When he enters the room grown up Boo is asleep on her daughter's bed, and groggily awakes just in time to see Sully. Sully jumps back into the closet, and runs off the laughing floor, leaving the door open. Boo follows him in only to see the plant. She looks around thinking, "This place looks familiar"! I'm sorry that is all my uncle told me. Anyone else got anything on this?
  • That is a great plot for the sequel to one of Pixars greatest films!!!!!!!
  • Pixar has done it again!!!! I will definetely see it!!!!! Make sure to ask your uncle if he has any more info.
  • Daniel Valentine
    Personally, I agree with xerxerxex Pixar has gone quite well without sequals, plus the story that would follwer Monsters Inc 2 would be utter trash. The ending of the original was perfect, nothing could possibly go wrong, and we don't need some 2-bit anime themed idea ruining something so perfect.
  • the1andONLY
    anybody who says that they do not want a sequal are so stupid, seriously. Monsters Inc was one of the greatest animated movies of all time, everything from beggining to end was brilliant. If they really are making a sequal which millions of us would like, that would be great. It would mean a brilliant movie for the whole family to watch while Disney Pixar make a HUGE profit.




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