Holy Sh*t, Warner Brothers is Remaking Stephen King's It!

March 12, 2009

Stephen King's It

Inspired by the success of the Friday the 13th reboot, Warner Brothers has decided to remake Stephen King's It for the big screen. The 1990 version of It (that was actually made for TV) has often been referred to as one of the scariest movie of all-time. Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment are developing this new version as a fresh adaptation from Stephen King's original novel. Dave Kajganich, of The Invasion and Creek as well as the upcoming Pet Sematary remake, will write the script. These rights have been floating around Hollywood for a while, but it was Warner Brothers who decided to finally give it another chance.

First published in 1986, Stephen King's It follows a group of kids called the Losers Club that encounter a creature called It, which preys on children and whose favorite form is that of a sadistic clown called Pennywise (played by Tim Curry in the original). When the creature resurfaces, the kids are called upon to regroup again, this time as adults, even though they have no memory of the first battle. While the novel was set in 1958 and 1985, this remake will be set in the present day. Out of all the classic horror movies that I thought would be remade, It was not one of them. That creepy clown will be back to torment kids again!

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  • Toucmyinfection
    Why not... NEVER seen the original, so Im pretty much open to this one :]
  • Marcus
    Really, they have to keep on remaking? The first IT was scary as fuck. Everyone who saw it got scared, theres no denieing it. I just know that they would butcher it.
  • Christopher M
    when it comes to remaking horror films as long as it isn't The Exorcist I'm ok with it...the original was creepy as hell, most likely for me because I saw it when it originally aired and I was very long as they spend the extra money and use practical effects I'll be happy...
  • Itri
    Okay you might as well just fucking remake everything. Seriously, go ahead, I'm waiting for my Citizen Kane remake. It could star Russel Crowe and it would be amazing. Come on, do it. Do it. I could care less.
  • Pj
    RIP Originality ????-2009 you will be missed
  • What concerns me is the novel is over 1,000 words long. The made for t.v. series already left out a shit load of material and that went for three hours. And who's gonna match Tim Curry on the creepy factor?
  • Christopher M
    @5 originality is a gamble and costly these days...there is a big reason why remakes and fan based films are popular..because it doesn't cost as much to develop and it's less of a risk
  • Cool, but I think they will never be able to make a good movieversion of the book. Its impossible. And I dont mean the special effects. I mean the emotional side, the fear, the relationship between the kids and the adults, and stuff like the groupsex scene of the kids in the book... who is brave enough to film stuff like this? But I wish the moviemakers good luck and great success. The TV Version was boring, I didnt like it. If you know the book, then its impossible to like the TV version.
  • Hey das ist ja gru├čelig man oh man (added by Mobile using Mippin)
  • dan
    With remakes now, its all about making it as bloody and possible. I'm sure it wont be as scary just more gory
  • Cody
    I can see it being fucking scarier than the first, as hard as it maybe. But theyll fuck it up
  • Shaun
    Have Tim Curry do it again. Why not.
  • 790
    Another shamless remake. The original was creepy, and had a classic cast.
  • Joel
    I doubt anyone has has seen the original version of It recently would call it 'one of the scariest films of all time'. It's pretty lame actually and could benefit from being remade.
    • Cbboo09
      Well I loved da 1st. N I pretty sure it more ppl who have seen it an OS waiting on a they need to hurry it up....
  • Ryan
    This was one of my first horrors and I think this is most kids first horror also, well at least people that I know. Original was very creepy but this remake will probably be gore-iness more than creepiness.
  • LW
    Maybe it's a good thing WB is picking it up? I mean, if FOX picked it up, they wouldn't be allowed to kill little kids like they did in the first one. I say, kill those little bastards in the worst ways possible :) ! ... lol I don't really mean that ^^ ... or do I? >:D
  • 790
    Your showing your age Joel. I'm guessing 19?
  • Travis
    The original is pretty scary, but I've been advocating for a remake for years. The acting in the original is the scariest part imo.
  • Florian
    I can't imagine IT without tim curry
    • deb
      here here it would be a massive mistake to not have tim curry back
  • CDillon
    I agree; I saw this movie as a kid and it scared the crap outta me! For a made-for-tv movie, enough said. If they remake this on the silver screen but keep the same sorta can work. I just hope they don't throw away the script and have a CGI clown or some other stupid crap.. Ah well, I was born in 1982 so I'm seeing my whole childhood come back now..Transformers, GI Joe..what's next, Pound Puppies-the musical?
  • MonkeyMowse
    OMG, been waiting for a remaking. I really really hope they make it close to the book. Also that it will be a very long movie.
  • Janet
    this movie messed me up so much as a kid that if we start getting news about it then I might have to start avoiding this joke.
  • jfc3po
    The original was great...until the ending. The ending completely ruined it for me. I was scared throughout the whole thing but as soon as the giant spider popped up I laughed. I'm looking forward to the remake, though.
  • kl
    as long as it's more like the book.
  • Ray
  • wm
    if the book is unfilmable, get Mr. Watchmen to do it since he "filmed the unfilmable"
  • teyhtr
    I'm just curious about the new look for IT. Will they give him the joker treatment with the smile extended far beyond the lips?
  • Caleb
    off to ruin another classic.
  • They all float down here Georgie. Hey kids, you know what else floats? SHIT! Like 80's remakes! #25's right on the money. A little angry, but right on the money. You know, in 20 years, I'll still be around. Does this mean I have to watch reboots and remakes of the stuff that was new now? I don't think I'm looking particularly forward to Mall Cop 2029. How you doin folks, this is gonna SUCK!
  • Jaf
    I wonder who could play the perfect modern version of Pennywise. . .
  • John
    It! scared the crap out of me as a child, but when I watched it again recently, I was surprised at how much less frightening the film was than I remembered it to be. It really hasn't aged all that well; a remake might not necessarily be a bad thing if it's properly done. I just hope they don't turn it into some brainless gore fest with idiotic teenagers.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    the first one was god awful, bit Tim Curry saved that movie. if they stick slightly more true to the book and keep some of the really scary scenes then it can actually be a really good movie. unlike the TV Version which mashed together separate scenes and turned into some boring amalgam.
  • Originality is in "B" movies!
  • Smiffy1
    Let's face it it's a remake of the movie not an adaptation of the book.
  • dan
    original was great. but, i don't think they'll be able to put together such a great adult cast. so, this movie probably won't be as good.
  • m4st4
    ''Inspired by the success of the Friday the 13th reboot'' How did that happen??!?? : ( Still, IT is great book...
  • Daniel
    I am 51% against the remake. 49% still gets scared by that movie. Lets hope that they don't make this movie like all the other remakes. More Nudity less scares and story.
  • Tyler
    Stick Tim Curry in it again and I'll be dandy. "RIP Originality ????-2009" Really?
  • STOP THE REBOOTS~! ITS CHEAPER TO JUST RENT THE FUCKING MOVIE! I gotta agree, Tyler, Originality is coming second best these days. And even if a new movie comes along and does phenomenal, any movie that comes after it wants to be just like it, ie, "This movie is going to be dark, like The Dark Knight - So come see my movie b/c its like somebody elses" People are trying to make money off of nostalgic movies that did well in the past, thinking, well, people like these movies, so lets SQUEEEEEZE some more money out of that franchise. These movies are great b/c of the fanbase built in the past decades. If this movie originally came out now, I bet no one would have faith in it b/c it would be something new that they never heard of, not depending on statistics/fanbase already made on a film. You know what - I'm gonna remake Harry and the Hendersons, then what the hell, I'm gonna remake The Princess Bride. Thennnn, I donno, Teen Wolf! Has it really been that long where we need to reintroduce these stories to the public? At this point it just feels like Reboots/Remakes are much of a fad as Low-Carb diets and 'being green'. I understand I may sound a bit jaded, although I feel that not all of these reboots are bad ones, but has it gotten out of hand? Does anyone else feel that this is all they ever hear - reboot this, and revive that? I know times are tough, but can't production companies have faith in something refreshing? Has the economy been demolished to the point where we only feel safe in putting our money into past accomplishments?? It just seems like its an easy answer.
  • Enough with the remakes, already! Hollywood needs to come up with original material. Now that that's out of the way... Everyone I know (myself included) who thought the original was scary thought so because they saw it so young. Looking back, it's an orgy of the kind of slow-moving and unnecessary heavy-handed 'character development' typical of Stephen King's work that really just serves to take up screen time without adding anything to the story or further endearing the audience to the characters. The original could really and truly have been cut down substantially without losing much of anything. I'm not saying character development is bad, by any means; just that when you devote that much time to it, it should amount to something. Further, Stephen King has always been outstanding at building suspense, but terrible at the third act payoff. As he says repeatedly through his protagonist in Secret Window, the ending's the most important part. Too bad that with a few very notable exceptions (The Shining, Shawshank Redemption, The Mist), his endings are anti-climactic and usually cheesy enough to thoroughly undo any frightening atmosphere he's worked so hard to build. Just my opinion.
  • dragonmum
    Tim Curry was the ONLY good thing about the movie if you've read the book. The movie was completely mis-cast, badly written, badly directed, half-ass acted. I see a lot of people saying "it was the scariest thing I saw when I was a kid"... the key phrase here being "when I was a kid". C'mon people... Time Bandits scared me as a kid. Brazil creeped me the hell out. But you go back and watch them as adults, and you see throuh the bullshit. As John said, IT just doesn't stand up to time the way Time Bandits & Brazil do. In this case a remake might not be such a bad thing... IF they go back to the book and do it right this time. It's somewhat possible - look at The Shining. Maybe not so great, but much closer than Kubrick's version - which, don't get me wrong, I loved, but if you've read the book you know he left out a good-sized chunk of the original story. And as for Tim Curry... no one can top his Pennywise, but they'll never get him to do it again. My vote is for Michael Ironside.
  • eddie
    is notin sacred anymore? for fucksake hollywood!!! stop 'rebooting' films and tv shows and do something original, and yes i agree, they are goin to screw this up like nearly every other remake
  • TIm
    If they get anyone besides Tim Curry. It will flop. I love the IT movies.
  • Luke
    Scariest movie of all time? I just never thought "It" was that scary.
  • Jmoney
    Scared the Shit out of me as a kid
  • Parker
    Kiss me, fat boy.
  • Deefke
    beep beep richie.......... please let Tim Curry rise again as the magnificent Pennywise !!!
  • B-Han
    Is anybody else sick to death of reboots and remakes?
  • Angelo
    @dragonmum You keep making the comparison to the book, but considering its budget and actual aim its fair to even judge the film by not going the way the book went. - I can imagine hating a film because of it, but its actually not that valid of an argument against the movie. Sure the film has some flaws (some major even). Mis-cast? No, if anything, the film's main accomplishment is creating a great feeling of companionship between the kids. I can imagine it being a fucking hard job to get 7 of these young kids to work so well together. When they are adults the feeling is still there, although to a lesser extent. Which is normal since they haven't seen each other in 30 years. Badly Written/director? Matter of perspective, I think. I agree on both a little in that it isn't anything spectacular, and thus in some way should automatically be called "bad", since mediocrity is basically the worse possible thing you could have in films. Most of the dialogue was well written, though, and almost every cynicistic joke Pennywise makes always crack me up. No film adaptation will ever accomplish what Stephen King did with the book, but for what it is, I thought they did a fine job.
  • If you're all so sick of remakes than get off your asses and write something original! I'm so sick of all the complaining and referring to "Hollywood" as if it's one person out to screw over the general population. The studios are producing these remakes because they make money and people would rather complain about remakes than take the time to write something original themselves.
  • RandyG
    I'm perfectly fine with remakes and reboots. The TV movie was so so lame that the novel definitely deserves better. BUT, and it's a big but, like #23 said, this is a scary story until we meet the spider and then essentially everything is undone. A spider? Really? Imagine LOTR building through three books and we end with the whole thing being about that friggin' spider. Talk about a wimper of an ending.
  • Alex, can you make a post about the whole Reboot/Remake fiasco going on, and see what the overall consensus is from us all??
  • zach
    # 2 basically the reason they keep remaking is because these movies are so old not even the ppl who saw them in theaters watch it plus have you seen how bad the defination is for this movie my vote is go for it make this movie even more fucked up
  • zach
    you know what really needs a remake??? children of the corn
  • dragonmum
    @Angelo: I have the disadvantage of having read the book well before I saw the movie. The book creeped the hell outta me so that's what I expected from the movie, so the movie was a letdown in a lot of ways. It's the reason I refuse to read Watchmen until after I see it - I'm tired of being disappointed by book-to-movie movies. My issue with the casting was the adults, not the kids. Mind you they were all fine actors, just wrong for those roles. I can't imagine who I would've cast instead, and thinking about it for a remake makes my brain ache, but it just didn't work for me. "No film adaptation will ever accomplish what Stephen King did with the book" Well I'll agree with you there. Movies from his book-length stories never come out right - with the exception of Running Man, which was only very loosely based on the book - but his short stories always do well. The Stand was ok but not great, and again had to be a TV movie because of the length. Maybe that's the problem... the stories are just too complex and layered to translate well. Actually, the more I think about it, the worse a big-screen movie sounds, unless it manages to be a 3-hour movie. Eh, if they can get a really really good Pennywise, I'll give it a chance. @jfc3po & RandyG: believe it or not, that's actually correct with the book, although it was nowhere near as unearthly or creepy as described in the book. Guess that's the best they could manage, given the tech available at the time. That's right kiddies, a psychic, psychotic, massive alien spider. How's that for a nightmare? ­čśë
  • Jesse Gouldsbury
    they're remaking pet cemetery? I kind of had the same reaction. I feel the same way i do about this that i feel about the Nightmare remake. I'll see it, but probably won't like it that much. I'm more interested in seeing how the effects come out and how the make him look.
  • Angelo
    Yeah, at least they could create Pennywise with as little as some fine make-up and good casting, that spider was just too much to ask for. - Not only do special effects like that out date in a minute, the directing in that specific scene wasn't that great either, resulting in disappointment, yet arachnophobia should have work fine in a film like this.
  • Fisherr
    I have nothing to say, What if they screwed up the remake ? I just hate the idea of remaking the old movie was good. What's going on Hollywood...Out of ideas?!
  • Greedo the Rodian
    Curry was cool, but "It" was crap. It had a bunch of TV actors in it, like Harry Anderson and John Ritter, Annette O'Toole. It might have been scary if I was a kid, but I first saw it when I was like 25, and it was, for the most part, underwhelming.
  • Sweet!! I saw this again not too long ago and the movie hasn't aged well. All I hope is that they do the clown justice. It has to be the scariest thing on Earth!
  • watcher
    Hope they change the ending .Anyone who's around 30 years old, still have nightmares about this movie.
  • As long as there's a 20 minute montage of a retarded kid saying "down here, everybody floats."
  • charles
    The only way this could be a faithful adaptation is by doing 2 or 3 movies a la Kill Bill.
  • Sairuz
    I think this is good news as long as they make a good job explaining who is Pennywise
  • Tim Kneeland
    I read the book first then watched the movie. I felt little connection or care for the characters in the movie like I did reading the book. The book was raw and borderline uncomfortable on how it dealt with sexuality, racism, anti-semitism, and child abuse. It's (Pennywise) and the Macrouniverse's existence was profound. The Movie was dull, miscast, kid friendly, and anticlimatic. Imagine eating freshly butchered tender loin then going back to a Big Mac. Maybe I am spoiled by careful treatment given to the big budget LOTR. I liked Tim Curry, but that hair and suit was not Pennywise. John Boy is no Big Bill either! I do not think a two to three hour feature movie could do it justice. They should send it to HBO or Showtime and make it a lengthy R rated series. Many of the supportive background stories (ie. Fire at the Black Spot) could used as full episodes.
    • JOe…
      thats exactly what i was thinking. make it a mini series on HBO an that way everybody should get what theyre looking for. an contrary to most i feel they did a very good job with what they had to work with in the original.
  • Eric
    This is the greatest news I have heard in a long time as far as movies go! I mean, come on people, we need a revamp of this classic. I just have to address the whole crappy spider ending to the tv series. See, the spider is the closest thing to what "IT" is that humans can contemplate. The spider is evil incarnate. While the turtle is good incarnate. Then there is something much bigger that created the bad spider and the good turtle at the creation of the universe. See how much was left out of the original??? They need to explain all that, to me its one of the most interesting parts. Also, develop the minor characters better. I mean, really put us in Derry, you know. Thats one messed up town. As a side note, there are a lot of remakes these days, but who cares its supply and demand. If people didn't want them they would just flop.
  • i hear alot about how the first movie was 3 hours long and still left alot out. if they went into more detail. they could just divide it up into multiple movies. hell if they can get 6 hours of movie. make into yet another trilogy. it could make the whole story better, in more detail, and they could squeeze more money out of us lol. Im really excited for this remake, and i LOVE the first movie. im going to watch it today actually
  • Let's face it... the tv movie was absolute crap! Having just now re-read the book 20-years after I first picked it up and now going through the horrible made-for-tv-movie again only confirms many things: bad casting, bad acting, bad editing, bad story telling... how in the world this 80's movie be listed as one of the creepiest flicks is beyond me. Yes, I know you're all rolling in your graves, bemoaning the fact I dare heap negative feedback on a sacred cow, but come on! This was a cow! And yes, Tim Curry did a respectable job as Pennywise but insofar as getting us to fear the clown?! How many close ups of his grisly teeth and bloodshot eyes w/ skewed camera angles is supposed to frighten us? And yes, I know it's often hard to translate from the book-to-movie option but after re-reading the book I was afraid of revisiting the tv show, which only reconfirmed my notion some odd 20 years ago that the movie was crap but, Jebus! John Boy as Big Bill? What happened to the red hair? Where was all the stutterting? Bleech! Although I still think Annette O'Toole is a hottie. I do agree w/ some previous commenters that the kids casting was okay - at best. The only two characters I really thought did any justice were Haystack and Mike. Who the hell could be afraid of Henry? He just came across as a dork. You want scary then howabout Nightmare on Elm Street? You want scary, howabout Friday the 13th? To this day I remember both my Dad and I watching Friday and at the end when Jason jumps out of the lake to grab the girl in the rowboat - shit! I never saw my Dad leap outta of the couch so fast! You want creepy then howabout 1408? You want crap, then just re-visit some golden oldies like: Maximum Overdrive, Cujo, Pet Semetary, Christine, and so on. If this new remake is given the ounce of delicacy that was handed to such stories as The Green Mile, or Shawshank Redemption, or the original The Shining, then I have reason to hope. Hear me now, believe me later, w/ an R-rating I am encouraged. Now, with that said what I'm really hoping for in a good movie option would be is for Duma Key to reach our screens.
  • Erikire
  • chichidark
    I see a big problem with all the people crying about originality: at this point, nothing is original. Songs and certain ideas have been about the same things for nearly hundreds of years and it'd be pretty hard to come up with something completely original. The point is to come up with a new way of presenting it....a fancier package if you will.
  • realistic critic
    People come on here to rant and rave about everything. "just stop doing it", "don't remake it", "my shit doesn't stink". Is it any less original to remake a movie (that's been filmed only once so far) than it is to repeat the same rant everyone else has on places like this site. If people didn't watch remakes, they wouldn't remake them... they make movies that make money. If people didn't go, they wouldn't make them- so stop being babies and if you're sooo offended- just don't watch it.
  • Andrew Chambers
    I don't mind the fact that they're remaking IT. The original was ok, a big favourite amongst my friends when it first came out - but it was nothing compared to the book. Tim Curry was awesome, the kid actors did a good job playing bill, ben etc, and there were some scary moments. But they can't put it all into one feature film. It's too big. There's so many important things that happen. The death of Patrick Hockstetter, the house on Neibolt street, the moment when they see how IT first came to life long before Man ever walked the Earth and how the 'Turtle' created the universe. If you're going to do it, do it right.
  • Andrew Chambers
    P.S - The spider at the end of the film is a big part of the book. IT senses that it is close to dying, because the Losers Club almost killed it once (as kids) and they've come back to finish the job. So, when it takes on solid form to feed, as it does every 30 years, it choses the form of a spider so that it can give birth to lots of spider eggs and unleash hundreds of ITs on the world. In the book, all seven of the Losers have a 'role' in the final battle and Ben's is to destroy the eggs.
  • Sara Rasul
    Yassss a remake ! The original was a amazing movie it is my all time fav movie i love it ! and Jonathan brandis who played young stuttering bill played a amazing preformance as bill but the remake won't be the same with out tim curry and jonathan brandis (R.IP) i miss you <! xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Vinny G
    @ Andrew ...regardless, the spider scene just does not translate to film well. That would be even worse nowadays cuz I'm guessing CGI will be used. When I was a kid, I loved everything about the movie UNTIL it got to that retarded scene. Not only was it not scary but, it quickly became a "WTF SO NOW THIS ISN"T A HORROR MOVIE ANYMORE? ITS A BAD SCI-FI MOVIE ALL OF A SUDDEN??". I went to a special midnight theater screening of this a few years ago, and people who had not seen it, started booing loud and walked out of the theater when it got to that scene. It was brutal...and it sucked more than when I saw it the first time. None of Stephen King's movies are scary. They somehow always turn into soem kind of surreal fantasy and fall short. By the way, I'm a fan...I just think he has problems executing really good ideas. At least in the film versions of his stories.
  • E K
    I hope its in 3-D!!!
    • bigmanoncampus
      NO NO NO fuck 3D for this movie unless they put a good amount of time in the 3D like james cameron did with avatar
  • dave
    The original movie is kind of lame... It's just a classic movie that scared me shittless as a kid, but now its just not great. I see great potential for a remake though. They could go more into It's true form, and how he's from some dark space beyond our universe... I dont know i see potential and i'm psyched but cautious.
  • mballard
    I believe that it would work well if Tim Curry played Pennywise again, maybe Tims aging would give the clown a more horrific look. Also, possibly the young "losers club" from the TV series could come back as the grownups in this supposed remake.
  • Dan
    This movie has caused me psychological problems and everytime i'm in the bathroom i fear the sink will explode with blood and laughing. Please make it good
  • Immanuel
    All of you just need to shut up and get a life... So what if they want to remake a film? Do any of you come up with new material? You all need to get a damn life and stop hating. For one It was a tv film so it doesnt count for Hollywood. Second since it was a TV film it was held back considerably. IT is new to Hollywood plain and simple. It could be screwed up or glorified, its a risk Im willing to take... GET OFF THE INTERNET AND GO FOR A JOG OR SOMETHING
  • Kristie
    This movie scared the crap out of me!! I was scared of sewers for months!! I just don't see another clown being as scary as Tim 04 I was jogging on a park path and saw a red balloon floating in a stream over the bridge i had to jog over, i was 22 then and it still scared me!!
  • Octobergirl6
    I loved the book and the mini-series, so I have to say I'm excited about the remake just because I want more. What worries me is 2hrs? really? Time period doesn't seem like a good idea and what about Tim Curry? I still have moments when I'll look across my books and snatch a look at IT and hear his voice "They all float." creeps me the hell out.
  • John8544
    The TV movie is okay and i am reading the book now since I've never read hopefully when this new one comes out it will scare everyone like the movie was intended to do. If Rob Zombie gets a hold of the script and becomes director, look out! I mean that as a good thing.
  • Lauren
    this is just insane with all the remakes, I believe that some movies are meant to stay to their original form. That's what made films like IT terrifying back in the day. And for all of you who might be wondering who will helm the clown make-up, its none other than tyler Mane who has been Michael Myers for Rob Zombie's Halloween and H2. I'm not sure if I'm going to see this movie cause it might be a flop. Anyone agree?
  • jackie
    IT is the first scary movie I saw when I was little and it got me completely obsessed with horror films.I personally don't think they will find a good replacement for tim curry,but other than that I am all for this first I was a little upset but the original is still going to be there if it flops :)
  • Kat
    After having read the book more times than I can count I can say in all honesty....the first IT movie sucked major a**. Seriously John Boy as the lead? What were they thinking. I am glad they are having a "Do Over" Maybe they'll get it right this time.
  • sue
    agreed Kat but sadly the changes that have already been announced do not bode well - it is now not set in the 50's but the 80's. a COMPLETELY different era = a completely diferent story. shame warner bros!
  • Krazylilndnboy
    o hell no warner brother do not remake this movie u dumb f*cks its already been done and its a great movie as it stands
  • Anonymous
    this is gonna be jst like Halloween, the original was awesome, but the remake was literal shit
  • JOe..
    hope that IF this does happen that it will happen the right way.. an that is to do a mini-series on HBO or oneof the other big names.. so that they can make it rated-R an still keep it long... or they could make it a little longer. who knows... alls i know is that im excited about seeing this remake, because im a die-hard fan on the original as well as the book..(although i didnt care for King's vulgar weirdness that just seemed to be thrown into scenes that didnt call for or needed it) anyways with my post i hope to start the discussions up again...
  • Hazmann
    Saw the TV movie originally back in 1990. It sucked so bad that I couldnt finish watching IT. The 1990 cast was like watching a class on really really bad acting and directing. Kings works usually dont translate well to any screen but ITs not an excuse for the poor talent/popular adult actors from the C list jumping on the King train to make this thing. Not to mention the screenwriters who hacked this script together, they should have known better than to take 1080 pages and curve it up for TV. But now I hear they are moving the 50s era of the book into the 80s on the remake. Bad bad deal, really, dont do it. Keep the screenplay exactly like the book. I wont have any faith in this reproduction of IT. Not even for a rental on DVD. Book was killer. Probably his best in my opinion.
  • Ec Sicko
    it was not a clown as any ppl think it was actually a monster in a spider form in the end i hope they keep the same concept  




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