Hugh Jackman Not Returning to Host the Oscars - Who Should?

October 30, 2009

Hugh Jackman Oscars

Aw shucks! Variety is reporting that Hugh Jackman "quietly turned down the job within the past few weeks." There was much speculation that the Academy might bring back Jackman to host the Oscars once again next March, but that's no longer the case. Last year's presentation was like nothing we've ever seen the Academy do before, with musical numbers and cardboard sets and duets with Anne Hathaway. I enjoyed it, I liked Jackman as the host, now they just need to live up to that or perhaps even improve more this time. So if Jackman is out, who should they pick to host the Oscars? And it can't be another comedian! Or can it?

If they're going to stick with a similar structure this time, they'll need someone who can sing and dance, which rules out just about every comedian who's hosted the Oscars before (except maybe Billy Crystal?). Jeff Wells on Hollywood Elsewhere thinks they need to go younger - Ben Stiller or Owen Wilson or maybe even Sarah Silverman or Vince Vaughn. Nice suggestions all around. My mind immediately jumps to Neil Patrick Harris, who has as much of a big screen presence as he does on stage, so having him host the Oscars (as well as the Tonys and the Emmys) doesn't seem like overload. Who would be a good host?

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  • Tim
    nph? he's done everything else
  • Sean
    Megan Fox!!! j/k
  • lego
    ricky gervais but hes taken, unless no1 cares i think he'd be good. or steve carrell
  • Thor
    Bring back Jon Stewart, he was the best and funniest host for the Academy Awards.
  • branden
    NPH would do it and he's very likeable. Uhhh Ben Stiller is "going younger?" Is that you or the Academy saying that cause he's not much younger than Jon Stewart and Ellen. They need to get out of the Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg phase; those were stupid. Sarah Silverman, VV and Gervais are too hit and miss. They need someone that can appeal to everyone.
  • :P
    Damn it! These are bad news! I was hoping Hugh would return as the host...
  • Rob
    Will Smith... he'd never do it though
  • DC from DC
    My personal pick would be Seth Macfarlane, the creator and star of Family Guy. The man is freaking hilarious and actually has a great singing voice. Other than that I had a few ideas: Though I personally dont find him funny, Jeff Dunham is building a huge fan base and it would be an interesting choice. How awesome would it be if Dave Chappelle made a comeback by hosting the Oscars? Travolta can sing and dance so he could do it. Jim Carrey?
  • ryderup
    David Letterman
  • My vote is for Neil Patrick Dr. Horrible.
  • one
    Steve Carell would be the only comedic choice, most comedians tend to not be funny at the Oscars and ruin it. If its not Carell, it needs to be someone classy. Jackman was the perfect host- some show, some humor and tons of class....
  • sam
    martin scorcese
  • TediusTed
    kanye west
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
  • Scagginsvolley
    bill o'reilly
  • Michael Bay should direct it, some wrestlers could host it, infact they should just get robotots to deliver the one-liners then Mikie Bwoy could blow them the feck up.
  • xerxex
    well you ever does it will have to fill some very big shoes, Hugh Jackman really did an excellent job hosting.
  • CSGabriel
    I think Mr. Downing Jr. would be a good host for the oscars.
  • branden
    Steve Carell would be a terrible host. He has admitted that he would not be a very good stand up comic and that's basically what the hosts are.
  • Cesking
    they should get the man...the myth...the legend....the balls Ron Burgandy!
  • Ridwanul Hoque
  • ryderup
    Eddie Vedder?
  • yojoe
    neil patrick harris or michael sheen because they are both fuckin great!!!
  • Ricky Gervais or Jim Carrey
  • Rick Astley !
  • LuckyLoser
    Yay! Good heavens! Yeah #8, Will Smith would be great!
  • rowdy
    #16 that would be the best show ever especily if they got sean penn on the same stage bring on the death match
  • David Banner
    Seth Macfarlane, Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman or Will Ferrell all get my vote. But, do I get a vote?
  • JP
    NPH or Edward Norton, loved him in "Everybody Says I Love You"
  • standatiptoe
    None of those suggested would even come close to Hugh Jackman. I see no point in watching.
  • PJ H
    Flight of the conchords.
  • Caitie
    Will Ferrell
  • Seductive Flamingo
    John C Riley!
  • will
    WILL FERRELL!!!!!!
  • nef deppard
    Will Ferrell? Yeah, give the pulpit to some more of those second rate comedians who can't help but make crude political jokes about evil Rethuglicans and in the next breath they can push the current Liberal thought of the day. All the while getting rabid applause from the audience and yet pissing off half the viewers around the planet at the same time. #10 David Letterman I agree. He is so darn funny and he is already in tune with the current Hollywood mindset. He just has to stand there and it makes you barf - err I mean larf. We could have more on screen jokes about how he was a serial philanderer. Could be a riot. Jackman was a gentleman, and will be hard to replace.
  • Martin Short! He's been hidden in Hollywood for too long!
  • Golgo 13
    #2 Megan Fox ^ +1 LOL!
  • Faust
    I would love to see Johny Depp do it... i thought he was a great singer in Sweeney Todd... it would be really interesting!!!
  • Hattori Hanzo
    Thank God; Jackman is out! Howie Mandel could make it fun again.
  • kidgamer
    NPH is the obvious choice. My longshot choice is comedian Kathy Griffin
  • Kevin
    I vote NPH or Joel McHale.
  • Jeremy
    Neil Patrick Harris is a little-known entity. He's not going to bring in audiences. He did a decent job with the Emmy Awards, but the only reason he received so much praise was because the previous hosts were terrible. A more established (and talented) host is needed.
  • riva
    Conan O' Brien!!!
  • BinYe
    Joey Lawrence. "WHOA!" .
  • jose williams
    my vote would have to be for Dale Earnhart, number 3 will live forever in heaven with jesus. amen
  • THEman
    Christopher Walkin!!!!!!!




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