Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner Might Be the Next Mad Max?!

August 1, 2009
Source: Modesto Bee

Jeremy Renner

Now here's an interesting casting "rumor" worth discussing this weekend! In a recent interview with the Modesto Bee (via AICN), The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner revealed that he's "fighting to do the new Mad Max film with George Miller. That might be next summer. I'm screen-testing and meeting George Miller." Whoa! Not only does this confirm that the new Mad Max is actually happening, but it also means Renner is in the running for a very big role. And you know what, Renner is a fine choice. Anyone who has seen The Hurt Locker (go see it!) or The Assassination of Jesse James knows that he is a fantastic actor.

Before everyone flips out over this, let me remind you that the first Mad Max was one of Mel Gibson's first big acting roles back in 1979. As great as it would be to get him back, Gibson has moved on to other things. And so as a replacement, Renner seems like a great choice. Of course, it's way, way too early to take this as any sort of confirmed news, because any number of other actors could be in the running, too, but if we have to start thinking about another Mad Max with Renner, I'm all for it. There are few actors I would give a pass to for Mad Max, but Renner is one. So apparently the claim that "there will be a new Max" was accurate.

I'm afraid to know who else testing with George Miller as well, because if his uninspired casting choices for Justice League were any indication, their might be some odd actors on his list who really don't fit the role. But for now, staying on topic, what do you think of Jeremy Renner as the new Max? Good choice or not?

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  • Matt Suhu
    why should people flip out over this? jeremy renner is an excellent choice...he was great in The Hurt Locker.
    Can't wait to see HURT LOCKER......................F
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Interesting... People will flip 'cause it's a remake in general. Never the less, I wasn't a HUGE fan but enjoyed the Mad Max films. I hope its not entirely a remake and done right though but he is an awesome actor. Heck, I liked him in SWAT and The Unusuals is a great show!
  • cornholio_by_the_sea
    how can a NEW Mad Max movie be a remake??? no matter...this is one case where new blood would be welcome...Mel has pretty much gone over the edge never to return and is an instant turn off to any movie that has him featured...let Renner pick up the mantle and move forward with the story....
  • Xerxex
    yeah any Renner news is bascially good news, the guy has proved himself countless times. so bring on Jeremy Renner as Mad Max!
  • Renner is definitely intense and awesome. i would see it.
  • crumb
    Renner was amazing in THE HURT LOCKER. Would love to see him in this.
  • Corey
    He was also amazing in 28 Weeks Later!!
  • yoho
    It would suck if they decide to have mad max set in the US and not Australia for this mad max, as thats something that I could see the studio choosing to do
  • jman571
    Woah coincidence, I just saw the Hurt Locket tonight, and holy shit that movie rocked my socks. I felt shell-shocked myself after watching it. Although Renner was interesting in it, I never really got his character, one second he is acting insane, the next second he is trying to get revenge for the death of a kid he was friends with, the next he is trying to kill the terrorists who are planting these bombs, and then in his final form he's a war junkie. So for me at least I never really connected with Renner's character, although the movie got across exactly what it was supposed to: the futility, paranoia, and brutal nature of the war in Iraq. I also don't understand why he was so crazy, wouldn't most soldiers do anything to go home? was he legitimately insane?
  • Sounds good. But he's not Australian. And ditto #9.
  • The_Kid
    great choice, I hope the new Mad Max is just a continuation of the original series just with a new actor. Renner is a good choice, I could see him doing an Australian accent, if he had to.
  • Chris
    @3 "...and The Unusuals is a great show!" 'was', unfortunately, which kind of pissed me off.
  • Cody
    Yeah saw hurt locker the other night...amazing and Renner drove the whole thing. I really like the choice hope he gets it, plays a good lonely badass type. If you havent seen Hurt locker btw go see it....its intense as hell.
  • Jake
    "their might be some odd actors on his list who really don't fit the role." Umm..his quote doesn't specify what role he's up for.
  • DoomCanoe
    i first noticed this guy in Dahmer and had such hopes for his acting Career. I would be more then pleased if he got to be the next road warrior
  • Hari Seldon
    Gibson was great, but the Mad Max movies were so so at best , I think Renner will be even greater than Gibson if they punch up the story and look of Mad Max.
  • Joe
    Two things: First, he didn't say he was fighting to BE Mad Max, he said he was fighting to DO it, which means he may not necessarily be up for that role. And second, I think I'd actually prefer the movie to focus on a new character. Most people probably don't care, but I've never been pleased when series recast major characters in the middle of the series (*cough* Iron Man *cough*) He should play a new roamer (although I guess in such an anarchic future, who would know?) and it should definitely be set in Australia and AFTER the other three movies. A prequel or remake of the first Mad Max would be boring, Road Warrior was vastly superior.
  • Rebecca
    The best thing I've seen Renner do is "Lightbulb" (Balsmeyer 2009). It's a little (technically imperfect) film with a fascinating script and wonderful performances by a number of fine actors--and Renner is at the top of that list.
  • Simone
    Mad Max set in the U.S.??? 40 years after nuclear devestation??? How the hell would he get here??? No ships, no planes, no fuel. Renner may well be trying for a part in the film but not as Max. For a year now it has been posted that Aussie actor Steve Innes got himself cast as Max, though at 40 I thought he was a bit young, given Max is supposed to be 60 in this film. TMZ said Renner actually called Innes up in Perth, Australia (how'd he get his address and number?) to ask him to consider passing the role onto him - Seems there was a recording of the call made by Innes at the time which was also on the website burt I've never been able to locate it. Now, months later, I'm no wiser as to who is doing what, if anything.




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