Impressive Official Poster for Ryan Reynolds' Thriller Buried

December 4, 2009
Source: Quiet Earth


It was just announced yesterday that Rodrigo Cortés' new thriller Buried starring Ryan Reynolds and only Ryan Reynolds would be premiering at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival coming up in January. To go along with that wonderful news is this poster, thanks to our friends at Quiet Earth. They somehow dug up (pun intended) the first official poster for the film along with two other posters that were created as mock-ups but were never used in the end. This is that film that's set entirely in a coffin and it's already one of the films I'm planning to catch at Sundance. I've got a good feeling it'll be a highlight of my fest. Check out these posters!

Buried Poster

Buried Buried

This looks much more like a sales flyer than an official poster (consider it's horizontal, not a vertical poster) but I still dig it either way. The other two posters beneath that one are also pretty awesome, but they just don't feel as intense and claustrophobic as the one with Reynolds' actual photo on it. Buried is directed by Spanish filmmaker Rodrigo Cortés and was written by Chris Sparling. In the film, all he has is a cell phone (as you see) and a lighter and not only does he try and figure out how to get out (starting with figuring out where he is), but he also tries to reach his wife, because he's afraid he might not live. Can't wait to see this!

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  • Cineprog
    ? Alex what is the story about Ryan Reynolds stuck in a coffin trying to get out, sounds abit weird to me.
  • David Banner
    Think this can be a cool movie. Now...some science.... As shown on a Mythbusters, even a steelcoffin would cave in at normal 6 feet under. Infact, ALL movies where someone is burried and has to get out of the coffin are somewhat, shall we say "Hollywood" ? Fake, it cant happen, the coffin caves in and the soil "implodes" around the one inside. I asked a (grumpy) uncle of a friend of mine once about this, since he was one of those who dug up and relocated coffins from graves/graveyards-they are all busted when he exhumes the graves. And this looks like a "classicla western coffin" just boards. Also...hmm...can't remember if this little fact is true, but I think there is more air otside a coffin, in the soil, then in the coffin? Doesnt matter. There is not 90mins of air in a coffin, but it makes a good story. That said....we don't know how deep Ryan is burried, or if he even is in the ground. He could be in someones house, and its a vile prank on him. Still, I think this can be a cool movie :)
    • Hwithersster
      Actually, if you've seen the movie, he's only a few feet under.
  • David Banner
    (Gahddamn it! Need to toss this cordless keyboard/learn Touch. Might be an idea in the future Firstshowing, to add a "preview" function? So ppl like me who havnt had their coffee yet can check spelling)
  • shadow
    Really, really like the one on the bottom left. If I saw that on display it would stop me in my tracks.
  • Interesting ... I like the posters and the idea ..even it is not new ...but again it is like those ideas that never be old ... The last man on earth stuff ... How much I know it is the best way to get an Oscar for such roles ... giving the actor the only role in the movie ... being alone and beginning to speak with himself .. Gollum style ... !!! 😉 ..... And for the way of coming out from the coffin ... !! .. Batman can get out !!! 😉 ... any Batman comics fans there ... ? 😉
  • K
  • twispious
    a whole movie based on being trapped in a coffin? c'mon,kill bill 2 had that as a single chapter and unless there's a certain twist as suggested by #2,this'll just be meh.
  • I like the Saul Bass looking poster!
  • giraffic
    Any film with Reynolds and I'm sold. Besides that, I'm going to guess that he makes it out of the coffin.
  • That third poster is ripped straight from Precious.
  • Bob
    SPOILER ALERT ** SPOILER ALERRT ** SPOILER ALERT ** SPOILER ALERT Having read the script online, this is one movie I probably won't be seeing. I just don't like sitting through a movie and then not having a decent payoff at the end. I know all movies can't have have happy endings, but this is just depressing. (Unless of course, they change the ending from the previously released script) I doubt it.
  • Kyle
    What is the actual story? i can't imagine it's anything other than him talking to himself?
  • Cody
    No #9 he actually dies the coffin opens and there was a truck there with concrete pouring out just waiting for him to get out the whole time...true story.
  • Six Three
    Interesting concept but ultimately impossible in the real world.
  • Knawx
    Read the script. It was a fantastic read, loved it. However, I don't know how well it will transfer to the screen.
  • If you guys want to check out the script review (and download the script).
  • Voice of Reason
    Hopefully the phone is loaded with cool apps to entertain Ryan before he dies
  • Xerxex
    Guys if you are doubting this movie...Don't, the script was fantastic, if Reynolds and the director can pull this off this will definitely be an oscar worthy movie. I just hope the score will be good as well. As for the posters...I like the the third one. cody thats mean dude...but wrong ending man, wrong ending. #14 I think it can it all comes down to Reynolds and I think he can do it.
  • Cody
    OK ok, If a guy trapped in a coffin for 2 hours can be a good movie then that battleship with aliens idea is pure genious.
  • xerxex
    Cody read the script, its around 80 pages and its a good damn story.
  • Aimee
    You guys have noooo clue how freaking excited I am to see Ryan for one whole hour. 😀
  • Kelton
    EXCITED AS HECK! This is going to be epic.
  • Spoiler ... be careful ! Do you know why I hate Colin Farrell !!!??? ... Because he couldn't get any award for his role in Phone Booth !!!! You may ask what has that movie to do with this one ???!!! ... much better than Phone Booth ! You will get the answer when you will read the script !!!! ... OK it is not exactly the same ...But I believe it is a role that can get Oscar if it been played well ... !!! Great story ...and I am really waiting to see this movie ... ! 😉
  • Sabes
    I read the script, and at points during it I was getting emotional. (not like crying or anything, it was just pretty intense). It really kind of sucked me in. The ending...I saw it coming, but then again I watch a lot of movies so I can do that with almost any story I see. I really hope the director can pull this off. It's good.
  • jillinthebox
    And P.S. it's not quite a coffin (as you would imagine), it's more of a large box so he can actually move around a bit more and isn't stuck completely unmoving for the whole movie. I've seen a long promo reel and if the movie is as good and tense as the promo, it will be kick-ass awesome!
  • Fisherr
    Ryan will pull it off, i trust the guy he is talented.
  • Brody11
    Read the script. Unbelievable. Calling it now -- Oscar for Best Screenplay. And if Reynolds puts in a strong enough performance, he could very well win Best Actor.




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