It Looks Like Linda Hamilton is Back for More Terminator!

February 19, 2009
Source: MTV

Linda Hamilton

In addition to all of the rumors regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger's appearance in Terminator Salvation, the other one we've been hearing plenty of buzz about recently is Linda Hamilton, the original Sarah Connor. Rumors first started circulating in January, when McG said that they were looking to do a voiceover with her to open the movie. It was all just a rumor at the time, but MTV finally caught up with Hamilton and got some confirmation. "We are talking," she said. "I haven’t read it yet. I don’t know what direction they will go in," but it sounds like she's in if McG convinces her, which is more than likely going to happen.

Would she appear, or just provide her voice, was the next question MTV asked. "My contribution would be voiceover. I would probably be very happy to loan my voice depending on what the material is. Wait and see. They’re already writing it. We’ve been negotiating it." She goes on to talk about why she didn't do Terminator 3, which was a very smart move on her part, but has us a bit worried. It seems Hamilton's allegiance lies with James Cameron, and although Cameron hasn't yet given his blessings to Terminator Salvation, we expect he will in the end. And we also expect them to have Hamilton's voice to kick things off.

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  • Good for her. It'll make the movie at least a little bit more authentic to have her even for something very minor like an opeing V.O.
  • R.
    I hope she's in it. T3 was terrible. I hope this new film dismisses the T3 time line entirely. That's why i like the Terminator show on Fox. It "wrote out" T3. And the themes about fate and future, the image of humanity in the machines, and those flashes of gripping human drama between Sarah and her son are explored in depth in the show. Features BATTLESTAR veteran Toni Graphia as a head writer. The show on Fox is only in its second season so you can catch up with free eps online at the Fox site.
  • I wish they could have wrote her into the movie, but i'll take a V.O. of Sarah Connor over no Sarah at all any day. Her T2 narration's are timeless
  • Trey
    I think her voice would be a welcome addition for fans of Terminator. I loved her voice-over in T2. Salvation is gonna rock!
  • Greedo the Rodian
    I recently saw T2 again after not seeing it for at least 10 years. It was quite good. Cameron is the man. Although T2 is just 5 different set pieces. The commentary track was really good though. I had forgotten you see what John Connor looks like at the beginning.
  • scared stupid
    Above, You didn't shoot first.
    Why do you expect Cameron do give his blessing in the end? Why do you thinkit's so certain Hamilton will be convinced by McG? Wheredo you come up with thesebaseless conclusions?
  • Justin
    Glad to know shes back. :] About the show...don't know why you liek it..its as bad as T3. I consider the whole thing terrible. Thats why hopefully this will be better than all of that.
  • Cody
    lol #2 ok fox executive ad guy
  • Gale
    #8, you're a moron. You've obviously never seen the show. It's one of the best sci-fi shows on TV, if not the best.
  • R.
    #8 Maybe you caught one of the "throw away" eps. Every show has those. Check out "The Demon Hand" from season one. That's my fave. It's a very hauntingly beautiful ep., and imho defines the soul of the show. #9 I'm not a FOX guy. However, i'm a rabid fan of T:SCC! #10 Hey, a fellow Chronicler!
  • I like T:SCC very much so I wonder if they will change the plot a bit to corrolate more with the movie. This just has me very excited now. seems like a MUCH better direction than T3 this is going in.
  • zubzwank
    Uh, no intention to hurt anyone's feelings, but if you're expecting maybe a slightly older version of the buff babe in T2, forget it. I saw LH in a 2006 movie called Broken. The years have not been kind to her. Maybe she's to be congratulated for keeping herself natural and not giving in to Hollywood de-aging techniques (a la Demi, Kim B, Daryl and so many others), but I had to look a couple of times to recognize her. She's a good actress, and her presence would lend continuity to the new film. I haven't seen the TV show. I never found a movie-based TV show, especially an effects-oriented one, that maintained any real quality. Great films don't really led themselves to weekly episodic structures. Usually the TV shows just use some elements of the film and run over and over the same ground. No doubt many of you want to comment on how wrong I am about this "great" show. I doubt it. I have standards. I am curious, though, what is it about T3 that some apparently feel needs to be written out? T3 was watchable, but it the lack of the James Cameron magic was very obvious.
  • Gale
    zubzwank, you claim you have standards and then, in the same message, say T3 was "watchable"? I think the fact that you can even say that attests to the quality of your standards.




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