It's Official - Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan in Green Lantern!

July 10, 2009

Ryan Reynolds

Barely a few hours earlier, we reported that the list of actors in the running for the role of Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern movie had been narrowed down to three - Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake. Variety and THR have both confirmed that it's Ryan Reynolds who has ended up in the role, making him the only male actor to play both a Marvel (as Deadpool) and DC Comics superhero. This ends the "intense months-long search" that was conducted by Warner Brothers, director Martin Campbell, and producers Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti, as they couldn't come to an agreement until today.

Reynolds is first set to star in the indie one-man thriller Buried before moving on to shoot Green Lantern down in Australia. The studio is still working out the budget, which was rumored to be at least $150 million, but production is expected to begin in January. My first choice would've been Chris Pine, but that didn't turn out. And fanboy favorite Nathan Fillion didn't make the cut it either. But oh well, because Reynolds is a perfectly fine second choice. Although this means he probably won't ever play The Flash anymore, I have a feeling we'll all be saying that Campbell made a damn good choice come next year. Is he a good choice?

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  • RC
    I'm not sure how to feel about this.
  • PinkSushi
    deadpool and Hal Jordan.. bad choice for the die hard comic fans, but otherwise the general public could careless
  • Rock2112
    I think he'll be great. Don't judge him from Wolverine , which was a huge disappointment on all ends of the spectrum. He was good in Blade 3 and I think he has can pull of the Brash pilot routine, with Hal Jordan's touch of humanity.
  • Rob
    This is a character that doesn't seem to play to Ryan Reynolds strong points which are being quick-witted pretty much a smartass. Deadpool, Spider-man, the Flash. These are all up his alley. Hal Jordan. Not as written in the comics. So, I'll wait and see, but chances are they're going to change Hal Jordan's character to be more like the latter Green Lantern Kyle Raynor(sp). Instead of the character and audience being in awe of what he's going through (seeing new planets, new races) we'll probably be "treated" scene of Reynolds poking fun at all the "weirdo" looking aliens so the audience feels superior to them all. I just hope he can tone it down a bit. Less joking, more heroics. If he gains humility in the role and that is Jordan's arc, Reynolds could be perfect. If he's an ass throughout - I'll pass. I can just Imagine his wit making fun of everything in the whole concept so no one takes it serious. Pretty much how Blade had his balls chopped off by how he was written in Blade III. Please don't let that happen to Kilowog, Sinestro, etc.
  • zach s
    i think its a great choice!!!!! i just cant believe that marvel and dc will allow him to play both green lantern and deadpool. just seems ssoo unlikly. but i think its a great choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ray
    he would have been a better flash!
  • Joshua
    How does this impact the Deadpool movie? Does it kill it? God I hope not.
  • tterb
    Playing 2 iconic Super Heroes in the same era? It might be hard for audiences to firmly plant him in their minds for both characters, let alone one, like Bale's Batman or Maguire's Spider Man. One of the movies may get brushed under the rug by audiences.
  • Nick
    Dude its not great but its better then Justin Timberlake who was linked to the role!
  • Tom
    Bradley Cooper would have made a better Hal Jordan in my head. Ryan Reynolds lacks leadership, the carefree attitude and rebellious nature that is required to play Hal Jordan. Reynold is better suited to play an sarcastically awkward smart mouth like the character he played in Just Friends. Physically, Reynolds is fit to to play Hal Jordan but as personality goes, he needs work. He should be flash.
  • whoknows
    should of been bradley cooper... ryan reynolds playing two different super heroes doesnt really make sense and is confusing to the general public. it might also be a little difficult for him to distinguish the personalities of the two characters..
  • tankmaster
    I believed in Bradley...Ryan did play a good deadpool but that was only for like 10 mins in the movie so idk how he will do for a whole two hours.
  • CS
    The Flash would've been a much better fit for Ryan Reynolds's skill set, but I think he'll be able to carry himself with the proper bravado to be the Hal Jordan pilot character. As for Deadpool, I think they should just recast with Dane Cook. They're pretty much interchangeable when it comes to comedic timing. Plus Deadpool is a lower-level superhero more on Dane Cook's level, while GL is a higher-level superhero more suited for the increasingly-popular Reynolds. It's not the "perfect fit" casting of Reynolds as the Flash, but I think he'll do just fine.
  • Dan W
    Poor decision
  • imarapyeyermom
    Fuck yeah! Great decision.
  • Farris
    I'm iffy right now although I love Reynolds, but I think when it's all said and done it will turn out great.
  • zach
    great actor he's got Deadpool series AND GREEN LANTERN!!@ what up nikka!!!@!Eughefihgf
  • hale
    @Alex Halle Berry played Marvels Storm and DCs Catwoman sooo Reynolds is'nt the first to play both sides. Sorry to corect ya.
  • Xerxex
    I'm iffy, I would have perffered Copper because I think the guy could wow us, and Reynolds is already Deadpool I really don't think people will accept him as both Deadpool and Green Lantern. Which brings me back to Cooper, I just really saw him as the hot shot Hal Jordon and then the man with the green ring, he had the face I always saw in Green Lantern if he ever ended up on the silver screen. But now they casted one man to play both Deadpool and Green Lantern I mean Reynolds is one of my favorites, I just say Cooper was perfect and Reynolds has been miscast in this role.
  • Ron
    Whenever I see Ryan Reynolds, I keep remembering his funny movies like Van Wilder or Just Friends and can't help but laugh a little. I don't think I can take him seriously as Hal Jordan. As #6 mentioned; He would have been a better Flash. Chris Pine or Nathan Fillion would have been a better choice but Ryan Reynolds is a good actor too so lets hope for the best.
  • johnny rico
    hale, i think alex was talking about actor, not actress... reynolds is the first male actor to play both roles, at least. and catwoman sucked ass, so screw her!
  • Terry the saint
    He just should've been the damn Flash lol who the hell is gonna be Flash now???
  • Shawnee
    Did I miss something? Isn't this the role that Seth Rogen wanted? One of the reasons that he lost a whole bunch of weight for, to get this role. Or was that another movie I was thinking of, or were those plans just scrapped, or was it just a rumor???
  • He tries so hard…
    AS it's been said, you can't have him as two different heroes/villians/big name comic characters within such a short time. It makes no sense. Reminds me of when I watch an actor in two different movies back to back. Messes with your head and this will throw even the general audience off because kids will be like, "isn't that Deadpool? WTF?" Hornet Shawnee. Google man! lol
  • Xerxex
    #23 you're thinking of The Green Hornet, Rogen lost a whole mess of weight for role.
  • Dreckent
    That was a close one. Timberlake as Green Lantern = Nicolas Cage as Superman
  • Caleb
    yeah, I was hoping he would play Flash...but this is pretty cool news anyways
  • somwerbtwnblungrn
    I'll wait on this one, but I do hope he doesn't become a Barry - memorable as Storm, forgettable as Catwoman.
  • Mr.Big
    I'm not sold on that idea yet, but i think he would do a better job than Bradley Cooper or Justin Timberlake. Let's see what happens...
  • Storm (X-Men) + Catwoman = Halle Berry. Green Lantern + Deadpool + Hannibal King (Blade) = Ryan Reynolds.
  • Robbie
    I was hoping it wouldn't be Reynolds... =(
  • Fuelbot
    Bradley Cooper would've been better. Hell, I would've taken Justin Timberlake over Ryan Reynolds.
  • Leon
    HAZZAH, now let the intense weight training BEGIN!!!!
  • Last Son
    #5, Reynolds didn't actually play the Deadpool that we all know, plus he only had a couple of scenes in that crapfest Wolverine. And Fox have been making really bad marvel films. I think this is a good choice. Hal Jordan is a bit of a daredevil. He is willing to try anything and I can see Reynolds in this part.
  • DoomCanoe
    would have gone with Bradley Cooper, agree he would have been a better flash. but hey im down
  • Blake
    I was a bit disappointed at first but I'm starting to warm to the idea now.
  • Lou
    thats awesome!
  • JT
    First of all I don't think any audience is gonna have trouble accepting Reynolds playing two different Superhero roles, the audience generally realise that an actors job is to play multiple roles, and since when was Deadpool a big name character. Besides comic book fans will the general public even know who Deadpool is? This news is fine and at least the project is moving forward.
  • Ajax
    Well, at least it isn't JT. Reynolds isn't my first choice, but he is a good actor and could pull it off.
  • Spider
    I was hoping it'd be Cooper! Reynolds is a better fit for 'Deadpool'. At least Timberflake was not chosen!
  • quez
    oook i must agree wit #40 he waz a great deadpool and i no that he wont be a good green lantern but since i like the green lantern comics ima go c it but not cuz of ryan reynolds even thou i would like 2 c how he does but heres my early rating ......................7/10
  • I think the fact that he's already Deadpool, plus talks about having a spinoff, I'm not sure I like that they chose him. Bradley cooper def fits the mold, and I'm sure Reynolds will do a great job, but I feel kind of split since he's already done Deadpool. I don't like hero-leap-frogging.
  • You are wrong Alex. Halle Berry was the first actor to do so with X-Men and then Catwoman.
  • You are wrong Alex. Halle Berry (X-Men and Catwoman) and the James Marsden (X-Men and Superman Returns) were first. Funny how ALL THREE of these actors all came from the X-Men franchise (since Ryan did do Wolverine). Though Ryan could be the first to be in three superhero franchises since he was in Blade: Trinity which was a Marvel property.
    I hope this movie is serious while being fun, not cheesy and campy. As much as I like Reynolds he is very campy.
  • germs
    I'm fine with this as long as he doesn't turn it into a comedy or have them rewrite the script to play to his strengths.
  • Cat
    So what happens when green lantern meets deadpool? Which character will Reynolds choose? lol
    Damn I was shooting for timberlake oh well..............
  • Moviegimp
    I have no problem with Reynolds, the dude is awesome. What I care about is the story. If you've seen the trailer for the animated Green Lantern in the works now, that is what I don't want. They make Sinestro to be Hal's mentor gone bad. It looks like crap, just like the Wonder Women animated movie, that thing was big time crap.
  • Angry Chief
    Alex!!! I don't think that anyone has mentioned that this will actually be Ryan's third comic film. He was in Origin, he is going to be in the Green Lantern movie, but lets not forget that Blade is a Marvel character! So he would be the only actor not only to play both sides of the comic field, but also be the only person to play more than one Marvel character. I am not sure if his character is actually in the Blade comics, but still, he is in Blade the movie, making him a Marvel character right then and there.
  • Dean
    Reynolds might be able to tone down his comedy a little bit for this role...he did it in Adventureland...I think this will end up being good as I can see the whole cosmic scale of events being the true selling point, not Reynolds.
  • Angry Chief
    Also, I do not think that Hal Jordan is a comical character. If Reynolds busted out acting similar to his role in Smokin' Aces, then yes, this will work. Bradley Cooper might work as well, but he primarily plays the douchebag role. But, maybe he could clean up his act (no pun intended), and maybe win over fans as the Green Lantern. Justin Timberlake is a definite no. If he becomes a superhero, then the masses of people who would not see a normal superhero movie would go out and see the GL. Sales would go up and then a trend of poppy, teen-craze celebs will take over and ruin not only super hero movies, but possibly cinema all together for many people. Just a side note: Originally, when Deadpool was first announced for Origin, I tried to rally my friends into making an online petition to make Henry Rollins play Deadpool (which would have been awesome), but Reynolds has proven himself and I am now comfortable in his skills to portray the Merc with the Mouth.
  • Terry
    Alex get your information right Halle Berry is the first who star in both Marvel and DC films you forgot Storm in X-Men and Catwoman anyway i like Ryan Reynolds at least his better then JT but this is just a joke how can he be Green Lantern if he played a DC character his more The Flash then anything else. anyway this shows that DC/WB have not learned from their mistakes from hiring people from FOX X-Men movies to do a DC/WB films where it most likely fail i.e. - Halle Berry famous for starring in X-Men then she does Catwoman and that movie FAILED - Bryan Singer who directed X-Men and James Marsden who starred in X-Men as Cyclops both was involved in DC's Superman Returns and that movie FAILED the fans and the studio. and now you telling me DC/WB want Ryan Reynolds who played Deadpool in FOX Studio X-Men Origins: Wolverine going to star as DC/WB Green Lantern right now this feels like it will FAIL like all the others. people who star in FOX Studio/Marvel Comics goes to do a Warner Bros/DC Comics will FAIL
  • real talk
    2 guys a girl and a power ring GET IT?
  • NeoSlyfer
    Wel in Deadpool Reynolds face wil be disfigured and he wil be wearing a MASK throughout the majority of the film so ahmm i have no qualms about this, and Reynolds fit the mark for being the hot headed type of Character!
  • dan_the_man
    @NeoSlyfer Ryan Reynolds starring as Deadpool and Green Lantern is no way a good thing cause Ryan Reynolds always acting like himself in all his movies. Ryan Reynolds is more perfect to play The Flash instead of Green Lantern.
  • JACK
  • KG
    Ok I do agree that it's wierd that he is playing both deadpool and green lantern, but you morons need to stop saying that he doesnt fit right because of his "wittiness" and sillyness. That is NOT how he acts in real life you dumbasses. Those are CHARACTERS that he plays, they are not scripted based on his life. He was serious in Amityville Horror, and a little bit more serious in the Proposal(not that it makes it a good movie, so dont get me wrong) but he CAN be serious and yall just need to let up off his balls about it. SHEESH!
  • Fisherr
    He is a good choice for a lot of super heroes, but i think Deadpool was enough it will be difficult for a lot of fans to remember him because either they will remember him as Deadpool or Green Lantern.People won't have a clear image of him playing only one character.Good for him although i am not that excited about this project as i am excited about Deadpool to be honest.
  • Jem84
    It depends on your definition of a superhero( after all batman isn't a superhero technically) but samuel l. Jackson plays Nick fury ( a marvel character) and the octopus (a dc character).
  • bltzie
    AMEN rob#4!
  • dan_the_man
    halle berry is the first person to star in both a Marvel and DC film not Ryan Reynolds
  • karl
    who cares who looks the most like the comic character. the most important thing is that they make a good movie. hate to burst any bubbles but Green Lantern is about as well known to the general public as Deadpool. it would be interesting to see who is more popular between the 2. the cult of Deadpool might be bigger. Marvel might want to think about recasting. Halle Berry was unmemorable as Storm, Angela Basset would have been better(even if she is older).
  • @50 A super threesome? i wish it had been bradley cooper.
  • movieboy
    Deadpool aka Barakapool is Dead well im shocked that Ryan Reynolds is starring as Green Lantern i would of thought he be a better Flash but anyway Green Lantern is cool. to bad for Bradley Cooper i think his schedule for the up and coming A-Team movie had an effect for him to star as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. plus i think its better that Ryan Reynolds is doing a Green Lantern for WB/DC films look at Ryan Reynolds luck with Marvel movies first Blade 3 sucks and Wolverine sucks it better for him to work with a director who has a good track record in directing films.
  • Mark.E
    alex isnt really that wrong ...halle berry played Patience Phillips/ catwomen...Patience Phillips isnt a dc comic book character...unlike the real catwomen selina kyle that michelle pfeiffer played in batman returns halle berrys catwomen story had nothing to do with batman and gothem city universe ....The movie alludes to other women in the past who have been granted such cat-like abilities, like in a scene in which Patience Phillips(halle berry) finds herself amongst a series of images of prior Catwomen, including Michelle Pfeiffer's Batman Returns version of Selina Kyle so really ryan reynolds is kinda the first to play a marvel/dc comic book character hal jordan/green lantern and wade wilson/deadpool i love ryan reynolds and everything but i think id rather him just be deadpool...but im fine with him being hal jordan...would'a thought he would of been the flash ....he said a while back that he could only see him self playin 2 comic book characters ...the flash or deadpool in the deadpool movie maybe we will hardly see his face cause he'll have his hair head shaved and face be scarred and fucked up and wearing the mask
  • chad
    Great.. way to mess up another franchise. his role as deadpool and little part in blade 3 was so simular and annoying. it was like lets just bring the same character over. i bet his green latern will be exactly the same
  • dan_the_man
    @ Mark.E doesnt matter how halle berry catwoman is different its still a dc comic character so halle berry is the first person who star in both Marvel and DC films not ryan reynolds also i doubt ryan reynolds is going to do a deadpool movie not point for people to get ready for a deadpool cause FOX Stuido will most like will F**K it up anyway
  • Last Son
    Well said #54.
    This is dumb, he should of been Flash....Bradley Cooper should of been GL.....maybe now WB/DC will hire Cooper to play the Flash eventually.....Dumb move Reynolds you could of been the Scarlett Speedster and dating Scarlett Johannson ~~~
  • Blue & Orange NY
    hmmmmmmmm, i like the guy, but damn I saw him more if anything as Flash.... he's gonna have to pull a hail mary to turn all of us fans......he better read up and step up to the plate and smack it out of the park!!!!!..... it's done, SO REYNOLDS......THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT.....DO YOUR RESEARCH AND MAKE US WRONG
  • Blue & Orange NY
    oh one more thing I guess Deadpool isn't close to realty then, that's a relief lol hopefully by then MARVEL grows a pair and takes back their characters for full control
  • harrison
    better choice than cooper or timberlake thats for sure...
  • mrmr
    this shit is gonna suck. shoulda just got the fresh prince(will smith) to do it. hes sellling movie tickets like hot cakes
  • Oblong
    Shout out to #70 I agree. p.s. her and reynolds are married.
  • Oblong
    Has far as the character of Hal Jordan, Reynolds has some work to do. I agree with those saying Bradly Cooper should have gotten the role, he seems the perfect canidate for Jordan. It just seems The producers and the Director have made a safe choice. This could be a sign that they are looking just to put asses in the seats and make millions and not focus on the actual story, jordan being chosen by a dying lantern then meeting other races scene like those need to be handled very carefully, I just hope Reynolds dosen't let us down.
  • nate
    Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb here, and guess that most the morons posting here haven't seen "The Nines", where Reynolds truly shows his acting chops. The guy doesn't just do witty, smartasses. He can act, when given the chance/role. Problem is, he's been steroetyped as the smartass. I think Hal Jordan will be great for him. And his part as Deadpool in the upcoming solo flick will be good as well. So, nuts to all you nay-sayers. Nuts to you.
  • Dean
    Alex said Reynolds would be the first ACTOR to play a Marvel super hero and a DC super hero. Unless Halle Berry is a man, you guys can stop complaining.
  • Jazz
    Bradley Cooper would of been a better choice have you seen him in The Midnight Meat Train he kick ass in that movie
  • memphistyler
    #4 This is a character that doesn't seem to play to Ryan Reynolds strong points which are being quick-witted pretty much a smartass." that is what hal jordan is.
  • Jonah
    catwoman wasnt based on the DC character w/ halle Berry look where it takes place that wasnt a movie! Reynolds plays good as a smartass, just imagine if yalls boy timberlake was playing it. Be happy it wasnt him!
  • dan_the_man
    @Jonah catwoman was still a WB/DC film doesnt matter where it take place
  • Black Dynomite
    Horrible decision!!!
    No way , I think my enthusiasm for deadpool will greatly diminsh. I love green lantern , i hope he doesnt screw it up. well see if he is a great actor. ..... so much to go through in ones head
  • David Banner
    Is this true? I thouight Marvel had it in their contracts that once you star as a superhero, you cannot play another one, after that Halle thing. I'm sure this will confuse the americans, seeing RR in both GL and DP roles. He might aswell play Superman aswell now, and maybe Scott Summers while we're at it. Pick one Ryan!
  • Xerxex
    # 85 What do you mean confuse the Americans? Americans are not stupid. And you sound so sure that it will, like they won't be able to differentiate Green and Black spandex and Red and Black spandex! One has a power ring the other a smart mouth and cannot die bascially. So for Americans I think they will be able to tell the difference between Green Lantern and Deadpool.
  • JussHaten
    What happend to Michael C Hall (Dexter)? I thought he would have been a better Green Lantern. Is Hollywood running out of talent? I like Reynolds, but I think that Dexter would be a better G.Lantern. Reynolds=Deadpool/Flash/SpiderMan/Iceman/Human Torch etc....
  • mr sol
    I like Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately, I would have preferred him to stick to one character. It'll be hard to associate him as Deadpool in one hand and GL in the other. Unless of course he'll have his mask on 99% of the time as deadpool (think Hugo weaving in V for Vendetta) then i guess i could live with it.
  • Captain276
    hmm Interesting choice here. He might have been a better Kyle Rainer
  • Bradley Cooper is Green Lantern. Reynolds is the Flash. Fucking WB. This makes me as made as watching Marvel not get Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood's Eric Northman) to play freaking Thor or how they continue to not see that Matthew McConaughey is Captain America. Freaking A!!!!
  • Mad not made*
  • corey
    @6 I agree with you!
  • Bsilver
    This is just a choice for WB to make money. As all fanboys (including myself; if you're not reading the GL series now...then you are truly missing out) know, Hal Jordan starts off as a complete cocky/jock/frat boy which Bradley Cooper pretty much has down perfectly but progressively gets more and more heroic (See Cooper in Midnight Meat Train). Sure Jordan is witty in the comic book but he is not SIT-COM witty like Reynolds is... As mentioned by all of the previous posters, 2-headlining comic book roles? This is just dumb not to mention they are slated for the same year to be Reynolds have the acting skills to pull this off? History of his roles point to....F*CK NO. In conclusion, i will probably block this news out until i see the exclusive first looks...shame on you WB....SHAME ON YOU.
  • Trey
    cant go wrong with RR
  • Darrin
    did you see the other options, JT and Bradly Cooper, i think they made the right choice
  • Oblong
    Why all the hate for Cooper? The guy is a very good actor. As for Timberlake he can actually act, if people would ever give him a chance.
  • Arnshow
    Not a bad choice....I would have picked Chris Pine and let Ryan Reynolds play The Flash....but what do I know....
  • Anonymous
    For anyone not convinced that Ryan Reynolds can pull off two different super heroes, just see his roles in The Nines. You just don't get much more diverse than what he did in that movie. Hopefully, the writer(s) and director, etc. will appreciate what he can bring to the table, which is great comedic timing, the physical capabilities, and his ability to convey what needs to be conveyed with the utmost subtlety.
  • Mario
    I think Bradley will make a good Hall Jordan, he has the hero look...i actually beleived that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was gonna be a great candidate for this role...As for Cooper, i think he couldve made a better hero than Justin and Ryan...
  • Anonymoua
    i think it is a fine choice !!!! for ryan to be GL. Bradley does not look like GL, and nothing to say about Justin T.
  • RV
    He would have been better cast as Kyle Rayner then Hal Jordan.
  • Scott
    Ryan Reynolds will be amazing. Im more hyped to see his Deadpool movie..but Im still happy for this one.
  • Blue & Orange NY
    for people who keep referring their preference of seeing the Deadpool flick.....My money on having a better chance of getting a better flick would be GL....the way things are with FOX and being in control I do not see Deadpool being that much better then Wolverine, sorry
  • Eric Winter as Hal Jordan from "The Ugly Truth,"...what a missed opportunity. Green Lantern origin by Geoff Johns, what a missed opportunity. That's the last word from me on this movie until it's released.
  • fun4robots
    Boo-urns! My favorite DC character played by my least favorite actor. What's next? Dane Cook as Hawkman?
  • Cliff
    Ryan Reynolds is perfect #105 If anything your just jealous of RR. I can't wait for this movie because of Ryan Reynolds. #102 is right yall. Im extremely excited to see his Deadpool movie. And Buried.
  • Trisha
    #105!! how can you say that? Ryan is sooo hot. I melt the moment I see him. I want to see him in action again. I LOVE RYAN REYNOLDS ?
  • Drake
    I think your right about Ryan Reynolds better suited to play as the Flash but needless to say he is a good actor who keeps the audience interest with his joke and his smart ass remarks. I am interested to see what he will do with a character like Hal Jordan but i have faith in him.
  • Mr j Money
    With #108 ALL the way. Soooooooo Hanibal, Deadpool and hal jordan huh? Hmmmm. Asode frma few f-bombs, I probably won't be able to tell them apart.
  • Scott
    Im still freaking excited about this pick. Can't Wait.
  • RRuu4meereyr
    RYAN REYNOLDS he'll be great. Every movie I have seen with him in it, has be amazing. I actually try to watch movies with him in it, because I know they wont fail.
  • sam
    reynolds is the flash damn why cant they ever get these comic book movies right he was born for that part he shouldnt do green lantern a guy who make stupid things out of light the green lantern suks
  • RSH
    I wished they would have used and unknown to play Hal. Umm I know he has a nice head of hair, in the comic books. :-) The aliens will have to be done right. I like Green Lantern and I wish it success. I agree they shouldn't switch the characters around. Shoot the Flash shouldn't be Green Lantern!
  • Madnezz344
    Reynolds' acting is the same for every movie, it gets old quick. My prognosis for Green Lantern : not good :(.
  • Jenneh
    #114 are you kidding me?? He is different for every role! I love him! Ryan Reynolds never gets old! I have seen all his movies, so I have a right to say he is good. You have probably only seen three or four at the most. So don't you diss. :)
  • j
    yeah everybody sayin hes a good fit for the part but its gonna be different cause the green lantern character was african american in the comics i might not go see it it may flop out. no offense to reynolds who is a superb actor but directors...............uhm........
  • j
    this is all wrong i read mostly all these posts and nobody sees that green lantern was african american well . . . . . . . . . . . i hope you dont screw it up reynolds. this is gonna b different from what i read i still think its gonna flop
  • Fubar
    to #117 you are a dumass, or either 12 years old and dont know the damn difference between the comic book characters. Hal Jordan, which this movie is based on, and Kyle Rayner where the white Green Lanterns of the Corps, John Stewart is the black lantern from the Justice League cartoon from the early 2000's, people like you need to research shit for you open your mouth, unless your quote was just a horrible attempt at sarcasm.
  • aww Wow
    easy #118... Its one thing to make a point and let facts speak for themselves. It's another to be a dick and nullify your own point with diarrhea of the keyboard. The human green lanterns since the 1920's have been and are: Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Jade. batman even dawned the green ring.
  • Scott
    Reynolds won't mess it up #116 and since when was he african american? maybe he wasn't.. and that's probably why nobody has mentioned it. Ryan Reynolds is a superb actor and I cant wait for him to get started on this!! or Deadpool!
  • Bruthanextdoor
    How about Rosanne as Wonderwoman.
  • Monica
    Okay ryan is very good but I thought that the Green Lantern was black? I mean in the Justice League he's black and so is he in the comics. Now we're getting stuck with a white guy!?! Damn Hollywood is trying to make everything damn colored character into a white character. So racist
  • Mark.E
    #122 hal jordan is white... john stewart is black .. theres more than 1 green lantern
  • Aimee
    #123 is right.. They aren't racists. Remember these comics did start in the early 60s and thats when most of everything was white or what not. They can't just change a white Hal Jordan into a black one. Thats where John Stewart comes in. Ryan Reynolds will rock this roll!
  • Jordan
    GOOD. I like Ryan Reynolds. he will make this show the best.
  • Daredevil
    Chris Evans would of pulled it off as Hal Jordan Easily....
  • hewhoisaustin
    much better flash then green lantern. i guess this will do
  • matt
    what some people dont relize is that if Raynalds is allowed to play both Deadpool & GL, the deadpool character has scars on his face and wears a mask wich means that not many people will even notice its Reynalds and also people forget that Reynalds IS an actor who is experienced in acting, also the the directer of the GL must have saw something in Reynalds that made him pick him. So if you ask me I do not think it a bad idea for Reynalds to play deadpool & GL and i dont think that Reynalds will make GL a joker.
  • OniKuma
    Rock 2112 what are you talking about Wolverine was pretty good, at the very least better then the xmen movies. Altho it have been alittle more serious but oh well... Any ways in Blade Trinity as Hanibal King his style of acting ruined it for me i mean HK isnt the funny comedian type. He was good as Wade Wilson and he would have been good as the Flash(Wally West) But Hal Jordan?? I dont think so. But we'll see, i just hope he gets serious and doesnt play him as a "joke macking guy". Pls forgive my spelling 😛
  • Tony
    I think nathan fillion would have been the perfect choice ryan reynolds sux fuck him
  • dirtydoogz
    for the people saying hal jordan is a better character than deadpool? GTFO. Hal Jordan is a cardboard cut out superhero with no unique personility traits. Seriously, someone name me one Hal Jordan personality trait that another hero doesn't have. He's boring, and i imagine the reason Reynolds was cast is because he can inject some much need charisma into the character. Hal Jordan is one of the most overrated comic book characters in history. Deadpool on the other hand? Yea sure he isn't from the silver age or anything, he hasn't got a 50 year old history, he doesn't have fancy sci fi powers. But he is unique, there is no other character in the whole of comics like him. And he actually has a personality. Whether you like his personality or not is your opinion, but at least he HAS ONE, unlike Hal Boredom. And another thing, Reynolds is an actual fan of Deadpool. He has wanted to play him for nearly a decade. And no it isn't him just saying that to impress comic book fans, because he has been vocal about his love for Deadpool since before Deadpool even became big.
  • GLisnotaJoke!
    Okay, I have to say, Green Lantern is my favorite superhero of all franchises... I'm far behind on hearing about the casting. But I am frightened by the thought that even considered JT, and chose Ryan Reynolds. Am I the only one who fears R R won't portray the leadership, charisma, the poise of Hal Jordan, my very first pick was Greg Kinnear (remember Mystery Men) but I think head make a better Alan Scott then Hal(due the age change since Mystery Men). My vote for GL would have been Gary Sinise, or Brad Pitt. But my choices go as follows (cause there is more then 1 GL for sector 2814)Alan Scott- Greg Kinnear or Viggo Mortenson Hal Jordan- Gary Sinise or Brad Pitt Kyle Raynor- Ben Foster or Hayden Christianson or James Franco John Stewart- Jamie Fox or Will Smith Guy Gardner- Colin Ferrel or Matt Damon Hell Ryan Reynolds would make a great Guy Gardner. But Hal Jordan is to complex and mature for Reynolds.. I am very displeased with this choice. I fear my hero of heroes will be downplayed to that of what Routh did to Superman. I doubt it'll matter but I hope that they pay attention to public opinion. Cause we get the final decision on whether it was good, or just "good enough"... And let's not forget the transformations of Hal, into Paralax, and yes Hal Jordan took over the spirit of vengeance, the Spectre. Yes this far from the now, but can reynolds even handle either roles? I think not! Campbell, lose the dead weight. I beg of you. If you agree join my (soon to come) fan page on facebook, Ryan Reynolds should not be Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil's might beware my power... Green Lantern's light!
  • Lezirath
    Look, don't misunderstand this. I don't have a problem with Ryan Reynolds. But every time he has been acting its the same old schtick. He never does any other brands of humor or serious roles. This makes him perfect for deadpool, as long as they don't screw him up like they did in Wolverine : origins. Comics are meant to be preserved not insulted. The spiderman movies suck because they interfered and ruined their version of venom. Don't mess with comic fans, we are great in number and sick of our comics being trampled upon. The new batman is popular because it idolizes the original stories. I digress though, I'm getting away from the topic. Ryan is no Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan was creative, a pilot, and one of the best Green Lanterns in the series. If Reynolds just cracks jokes sarcastically and can't take his role seriously, it will be a travesty. The best choice and the person with the most experience by way of acting as comic characters (he has done much voice acting in the DC universe) is NATHAN FILLION. He was excellent in Firefly, Justice League Unlimited, Wonder Woman, and Dr. Horrible's sing along blog. Fantastic Four screwed up Dr. Doom, Spiderman screwed up with Peter Parker and Venom, and X-men screwed everything up immensely. Comic book movies that have done well lately : Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, RED and that's about it lately. Don't mess with the original comics, if you want to do an homage to them fine, but don't change them so much that they are unrecognizable. On another note, for those of you Reynold's fans, pick up any of the comics with Hal Jordan, or also the Blackest Night series. Reynolds can't match the character archetype of Hal. Ryan won't take things seriously when it comes down to it, and that's why he makes a great Deadpool, but terrible Hal Jordan.
  • Physically, Reynolds is fit to to play Hal Jordan but as personality goes, he needs work.




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