Jackie Chan Playing Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid Remake!

January 13, 2009

Jackie Chan / Mr. Miyagi

Remember that news last year that Sony was remaking The Karate Kid? And that Will Smith's son Jaden was going to star as the new "kid"? Well here's another bit of casting news that could either make or break the project. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Jackie Chan will play Mr. Miyagi in the Chinese remake. And get this, they also confirm that one Harold Zwart, of the most recent Pink Panther 2, is directing. We all knew this was a bad idea to begin with, but now they've really gone overboard. I hope there is no one who is excited for this, even if you're a fan of Jackie Chan. I feel bad for Pat Morita!

In case you're wondering, Pat Morita is the old Japanese guy who played the original Mr. Miyagi. Screw Ralph Macchio, he was the one that made all those movies awesome. As much as I'd love to be optimistic about this, it was Harold Zwart that turned me against this entirely. I still somewhat like Jackie Chan and believe that maybe Jaden can still act (even after he did terrible in The Day the Earth Stood Still), but the guy directing Pink Panther 2? Come on! I'm sorry Sony, but this was the worst idea in a long time. I can handle some remakes, but Karate Kid is one of those classics that shouldn't even be touched.

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  • miagedo
    ummmmm Awesome?!
  • Matt Suhu
    sigh...Alex, Pat Morita was Japanese (both in real life and in the Karate Kid films), not Chinese. Lemme give you a lesson. If an Asian person has a one-syllable last name, most likely that person is either Chinese or Korean. If an Asian person has more than one syllable in their last name, then most likely they're not Chinese or Korean and could possibly be Japanese (as in this case) or Vietnamese, or Phillipinno (or spelled Filipino), or Thai. With my last name, Suhu, my family's name is an exception to that rule because I'm Chinese.
  • Rob
    I can already see it. Lots of mugging and double takes. *shudder*
  • Oh god hahah. Its like hollywood WANTS to kill itself.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    should it still be called Karate Kid? isn't Jackie Chan more Kung Fu?
  • jackburton
    The Karate SkidMark
  • This project will be a joke! Pat Morita was a really good actor Chan is NOT! Jaden Smith in for Ralph Macchio- stunningly ridiculous. chuck
  • nelson
    if ever there was 1 movie to never be remade its this and they do it anyways lol
  • smile
    wax on, wax off. jackie chan style.
  • Marcus
    After wanting to shoot Jaden Smith repeatedly while watching 'TDTESS', I think I may give this one a miss!
  • A true disaster in the making. Leave the 80s alone, Hollywood. Try focusing on the future and not remaking the blessed 80s. That decade and it's hit films are fine. Really.
  • teyhtr
    change the title to kung fu kid... maybe then I wouldn't complain.
  • Lincoln Smith
    You do know Pat Morita is dead, right? He won't care either way.
  • Jorge
    "I hope there is no one who is excited for this" This is why I don't like blogs. Bloggers always expressing their opinions. I come here for the news, not to be told how to feel about a movie. Many people who haven't made up their mind lose interest in a movie with comments like that.
  • Ian
    Jackie Chan is the man. Stop crying everybody.
  • Ian
    and I agree with your last sentence Jorge.
  • Susana
    @ #2 Matt Suhu: Well, Alex did say: "Pat Morita is the old Japanese guy who played the original Mr. Miyagi." 😛 I don't know if you didn't, but next time read the whole article! XD But I don't understand how it is a "Chinese remake?" Is it because of Jackie Chan or something? Yeah, they should have chosen a director with more solid and just more stuff under his/her belt. but I saw Pursuit of Happiness and Jaden seemed to do well in that movie!
    Ridiculous. Just another franchise rape. Hollywood won't give up till they've ruined everything. It's amazing how they're desperate for a few bucks.
  • Shige
    Wasnt going to care about this at all but now that Jackie is in it I will watch. Have seen everything he has done and aint going to stop now.
  • Narkness
    This makes me feel so old and violated. How can you possibly remake an epic, classic movie like this, (ignoring the sequals) with Jackie Chan and Will Smith's spawn! Just the word 'remake' spells trouble. And why on earth does it need to be remade in the first place? Whilst it is 'dated' (twenty years is a long time now, apparently), I wouldn't think they even have a plausible excuse to remake it. Jackie Chan is a great 'kung fu' actor and all, but Hollywood should not have even considered this as a movie remake. Jaden Smith, I can definitely invision him as a kid getting beat up. And isn't he like twelve? I concur with 'THE FOOL ON THE HILL', this is a franchise rape. Someone call the pigs.
  • NadaNuff
    How is Jackie Chan gonna teach karate is he's a kung fu expert? Or am I wrong, and he really does know karate? And am I the only one who thinks Chan looks (not is) too young to play that role? Jaden Smith is the worst casting ever, and I like the kid.
  • Carl
    Jackie has NOT CONFIRMED to star in this re-make if he had it would be on his official site by now. This rumour has been going around for months and Jackie has said a few times he will not star in this film.
  • Fisherr
    "but the guy directing Pink Panther 2? Come on! I'm sorry Sony, but this was the worst idea in a long time. I can handle some remakes, but Karate Kid is one of those classics that shouldn't even be touched." Agrees
    Welp, as if I wasn't depressed enough about hearing Samuel L might not be playing Nick Fury, now I read this bullshit. That's it. I gonna go fill up the bathtub, plug in the toaster, and then there will finally be no more disappointments. GOODBYE, CRUEL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Is it me or is SONY becoming more and more like FOX? MALL COP, PINK PANTHER 2?
  • dave13
    shoot me. now. please. my childhood. is dead. :'(
  • smacky
    Horrible and embarrassing.
  • #17 - It's Chinese because Sony decided to make this in China. They're shooting it there and setting it there instead. That was announced in the first article for this.
  • kitano0
    There are too many likable kids out there to cast Jaden Smith in anything...I like mom and dad a lot, but the kid...not so much. Maybe if I had never seen him interviewed, where he comes off as uh, well, is "smakable" a word?
  • Kona-Ki
    Bye Jesus!
  • Oi Vey
    If it's a Chinese based movie, then why is it The Karate Kid? Karate is a Japanese martial arts and it's a Japanese word to boot, along with the name "Miyagi". I mean, if Jackie has no problem with this so-called authenticity, then he's not helping out other Asian actors out there, is he? I have no problem if a Korean plays a Japanese character (like John Cho playing Sulu) but I do have a problem when they present something as fact to the audience. It's a dangerous and ignorant way of thinking, I would say.
  • Cobra Kyi
    Hope Mr. Miyagi "slaps" little Jaden into trying to act.
  • Allen Sharpe
    pink panther 2? man.
  • Mike
    As a huge Jackie Chan fan all I can say is. What in the hell are they smoking! Karate Kid is not a Jackie style film. If they want Jackie Chan for a kids movie they should make that cartoon he did into a movie. Adventures with Jackie Chan. That would be good, but Karate Kid big mistake.
  • When I heard about Jaden and how he didn't want to do the crane kick, because he's a spoiled rotten kid. Well lets just say that Jackie, although not the best option for this film is a step up from where my previous opinion of this movie was. But I still think its going to suck.
  • Chitosie
    Rant all you want, as I was doubtful at first too, as I grew up with that set of movies, and loved them from beginning to finish. (Yes, even the one with Hilary Swank) However, after having watched it, I have to say they did an amazing job. They stayed true to the original without it seeming like they just lifted the lines and tried to mold the actors to them. They stayed with the story, while giving it a new face lift. (Not to say that it made it better, more that it simply set it apart from being just another bad remake) The setting changed, and truely it was Kung Fu and not Karate, however they didn't try to carbon copy the movie (For which I'm grateful) and I think both Jaden and Jackie worked very hard and very intensively to make this movie a quality and thought out remake. Overall, I have sentimental attachments to the original Karate Kid, and I was terrified when I first heard about it. However, after having watched it, They captured the character development, a certain indescribably beauty in the movements (especially when watching the training on the mountain) and hard life lessons in this movie.




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