J.J. Abrams Will Return to Produce Mission: Impossible 4!

June 10, 2009
Source: SpoilerTV

Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams

We've heard rumblings of a Mission: Impossible 4, but nothing official yet. However, SpoilerTV has a scan from the latest issue of TV Guide where a little blurb on the "The Next 'Mission'" mentions that J.J. Abrams is back as a producer. "I am incredibly honored that Tom [Cruise] has invited me back as a producer on Mission Impossible 4," they quote Abrams as saying. Not much else was revealed, except that Tom and J.J. are looking for a screenwriter and that it's uncertain whether J.J. might be interested in directing this (although I doubt it). "Tom and I have come up with a really cool idea we are pursuing."

I would argue that Mission: Impossible III, which was J.J. Abrams' feature directing debut, was one of the best action movies of the last 10 years. It doesn't exactly match up to the original Mission: Impossible from 1996, but Abrams breathed new life into a franchise that I thought John Woo had completely killed some six years earlier. Just knowing that Abrams is involved with Mission: Impossible 4 in some capacity, even as a producer, is enough assurance that this new installment will be at that same level as M:i:III was. I just hope it doesn't take another six years to see this. Bourne 4 and M:i:IV - Which are you most excited for?

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  • Dan Walimaa
  • Cat
    Visually good it will be but what about the story. Let's make sure it's up to par with the first and third installment.
  • zach
    i'm interested in MIB III and Bad boys 3 lmao not those two 😛
  • Rich
    Get off of JJ Abrams' nuts. MI III was not good. "One of the best action movies in the last 10 years"?!?!?! PLEASE
  • Matt Suhu
    @4 Rich MI:3 was impressive on numerous levels...with it's opening action scene, to the bridge rescue and it's continuation of Hunt's escape, so the heart-wrenching finale. On another note, having JJ simply as a producer is pale in comparison to the news of whom will direct. until then...i'm not sold.
  • germs
    I know most people still have their hands tightly wrapped around his genitalia, but J.J. Abrams continues to be one of the most overrated producer/directors out there. With the exception of lost, which he has very little involvement, I haven't enjoyed a single thing he's done. And with Tom Cruise's sell-ability on life support - it is no surprise he's looking to get the franchise going again.
    Yeah MI 3 was good not great. It had some good moments but nothing original. Very tense though and I loved Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Love the original film, they should get a director of the same ilk as DePalma...maybe Tony Scott?
    Yeah MI 3 was good not great. It had some good moments but nothing original. Very tense though and I loved Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Love the original film, they should get a director of the same ilk as DePalma...maybe Tony Scott?
  • ek
    reading The Bourne Legacy at the mo - which is the 4th Bourne novel (I believe) but written by Eric Van Lustbader with rights from Ludlums estate.. interesting story so far (only about a 3rd way through), but would make for a sweet movie I think - assassins trying to kill assassins is always awesome.
  • Timothy
    You liked MI3? I'm glad to hear that. I thought it was a pretty top notch thriller. Not great, to be sure, but it deserves more accolades than it received, and Hoffman was a pretty cool baddie.
  • ha1rball
    I liked MI3 but wouldn't go so far as saying it was one of the best action movies in the last 10 years! It wasn't that great...
  • Ken Masters
    One of the best action movies of the last 10 years??? Sorry to say, but what kind of crack are you smoking Alex? You seem to give a lot of the big name movies too much credit. MI:III was passable at best but not a top action movie of what you are arguing. Same with the fanboys of Watchmen. Yes I read the story long before they even annouced a film was being made. And as much as I loved the story, I didnt like how Watchmen turned out. It was very true to the story, but it started flat too long before it picked up. Pacing was the worst part of the it and it was slow. Only fanboys would give it high ratings. I can agree with you on certain occasions but sometimes you just give too much credit. Studios arent going to pay you for trying to hype their movie. Dont be a sucker.
  • d1rEct
    I wont see this movie, the third was absolute trash.
  • I completely agree with you about MI3 being one of the best action movies of the last ten years. Hell, one of the best action movies of all time. Watch it again if you doubt. The plot is streamlined and simple. The action sequences are energetic and original. And the pacing of the movie is off the charts. It's a phrase that's often overused, but totally true for MI3 - once it gets going, it never lets up.
  • One of the best action movies of the last ten years my ass.
  • Narf
    Oh please, Tom Cruise is ruining the Mission Impossible Franchise, Part 1 was very good but 2 and 3 are Tom Cruise Shows not Mission Impossible Movies. MI is about Teamwork. And Tom Cruise Scientology connections are making him an asshole too. I can't watch a movie with him and think "What an idiot".
  • dqniel
    I liked MI3 a lot. It got the praise it deserved from most critics but seemed to get no word of mouth praise, which was disappointing. It was just way too cool to be on the "I hate everything Tom Cruise does" train at the time. It definitely wasn't the best action movie of the last ten years though... I mean, honestly, each of the Bourne movies destroys it. Superior storyline, acting, fight choreography (especially), and writing. The only advantage MI3 had was in the technical department. Better gadgets and effects.
  • Sleepykid
    Who cares? Compared to M:I, II and III were basically generic action pics, forsaking the stealth, tension and subterfuge of DePalma's top drawer original. Woo introduced tiresome gunplay and slack plotting, whilst Abrams seemed keen on destroying the hokey mystique that made the IM scenario so alluring (showing us how the masks are made was a big mistake, for example). And neither had anything as remotely memorable as the CIA disk theft, did they? It'll be MEH:III.
  • Sumit
    M:I 3 is an excellent and hugely underrated film and yes one of the best action movies of the past 10 years. People might dispute it but what other great "pure" action movies (i.e. not comic book, sci fi & fantasy) have come out in the last decade? I would say The Bourne Ultimatum & Casino Royale rank high but can't think of many else - maybe Crank? Back to Abrams I thought he brought a breathe of fresh to the franchise and brought back the fun caper vibe missing form the others and also finally actually emulated the TV show in having a proper IMF team and not just Cruise saving the world by himself! The Vatican, Berlin and Bridge scenes are all stand outs for me coupled with a strong cast and witty plot (love how they intentionally never explain the Rabbits Foot). So who will direct M:I 4? Another Bad Robot alumni like Matt Reeves or perhaps Jack Bender?
  • Robbie
    Only saw M:i:III, so I guess I'll watch the other two as soon as I can. But M:i:III was incredible! If J.J. will be involved in the fourth movie, I'm sure it'll be a great hit. Bourne 4? Only saw the last part, so I guess I'll watch the other two as soon as I can XD
  • DoomCanoe
    ill say MI3 was decent. much better then 2 Nothing to 1. but i agree with everyone who says J.J. is a hack. Hell i was saying that about Star Trek and people gave me shit. I'm Sorry the man has so much hype behind him saying he's a good director. when he is so so sub par. and honestly do we really need another Mission Impossible? NO...... SHIT NO! and P.S. everyone knows THE BEST action movie to come out in the last 10 years was "The Matrix". And if you disagree you're an idiot. (it's so sad that after this year i won't be able to say that)
  • Get a life
    #6 really? I suggest you go and see Star trek, which is by far the Best Movie this yr so far, and guess what J.J's hands are all over it and its awesome!!!
  • What a bout all that talk about Brad Pitt taking over the reins of this series after Sumner Redstone kicked Tom Cruise out?! OK, I heard that Redstone and Tom patched things up, but why not stick Brad into the series in some capacity? He'd be a great idea for the bad guy, or Tom's heir apparent. They worked together in "Interview With A Vampire" and did well. Bring Ving Rhames back for continuity!
  • LSP
    OH wow...Alex has done it again with his incredibly horrible taste in movies. MI III was way better than MI II but by now means an AMAZING action film and certainly not the best in 10 years. Was anyone really wanting this? Oh, Hollywood cause it's a sequel!!!
  • tom
    Nobody's interested.
  • Fisherr
  • Dan the Fan
    I found MI:3 energetic and it brought some fresh shock value to the genre (Keri Russell's death came unexpectedly to me, and the death of Cruise's 'wife' at the beginning was a gripping intro). The film was visually stunning and brought in a wave of vivid lens flares for J.J. to use for years to come... That being said, I don't find any of the secondary characters very enticing or that Cruise really grew in any aspect. Even with 3, Cruise's whole 'family' environment felt plastic to me. I never got a sense of his struggle/any struggle, maybe because it's always Cruise vs the world. They never really develop a lush atmosphere around him. His limitless face time makes the scripts suffer. Although Hoffman did prove to be an intense villain to fear, I think they could have utilized his character even more, pushed their conflict even further. I was entertained by the 3rd installment, but it definitely didn't grow a desire to see more. And from what I can see in the comments, many agree with my belief that the 3rd flick "was one of the best action movies of the last 10 years" is a STRETCH... TO MARS. But whatever, you have your opinion and I have mine. I know they're sequels... but I always want more. Take it or leave it, MI:4 is just another movie, till proven otherwise. Bourne 4 though, good comparison.
  • somwerbtwnblungrn
    Alex took another flak. But honestly we could admit it is in one of the "DECENT" action films in the past 10 years, not the "BEST" - as someone mention its a stretch. Being a J.J. Abrams fan who was riveted by his Alias & Lost series, unfortunately I could not stop seeing parallels with MI:3 & Alias story wise & its sub-plots (season 1 I believe is almost equivalent to the whole MI:3 storyline). MI:3 is good, but I think it should be the closing chapter for Cruise' Ethan Hunt. I have heard good things about Star Trek (I'll watch it this weekend), which I think is Abrams great area - sci-fi & mysteries & not action flicks. As for Tom Cruise, can't he just fade away from this franchise, he is a good actor, hell you could say one of the best, but I believe good actors whose characters are immortalized in a movie franchise would want to move on right? - Hopkin's Hannibal, Weaving's Mr. Smith, Reeves' Superman et al Ohh I forgot this is Tom Cruise, I rest my case for MI:4
  • I agree w/Alex! I LOVED M:I III and was genuinely impressed by it's pacing, action, emotion and unexpected moments of shock. Was it as great as M:I I? Meh, I think they're both great in their own ways -different but equally entertaining. I do hope more "intelligent/intellectual" aspects will be integral to the next film (oh and yeah, didn't Cruise get "fired" from Paramount for his crazy/immature shenanigans on Opera? Not to mention for all his Scientology crap? -Seriously that "religion" was fabricated by a sci-fi author! HA! What a lune!) But yeah, M-I:III IS ONE of the best Action films of the last decade, but not THE best... it is one of my top favorite films thought, along w/the other best action films of the last decade: The Matrix, Casino Royale, The Island (a waaaaay underrated/semi-unknown film that ROCKS!! Michael Bay's seminal film thus far!) The Bourne Trilogy, & The Dark Knight. Anyway, J.J. on the other hand IS a good director, [M-I:III, Cloverfield] but I honestly wasn't impressed at all by Star Trek. Not that it I'm saying it was horrid, it just wasn't very climactic, nor did I feel much for any of the characters. Just, really didn't like it all that much... as a kid I watched S.T. The Next Generation all the time but none of the other franchise spin-offs after it, as they're all crap. Haha! I HATED Alias! Thought it was the stupidest, "most teeny-bopper spy show" I'd ever seen, and no, Jeniffer Garner is not especially attractive, too Masculine/Amazonian-Woman to be so -definitely an overrated show and actress. Anyway! There are my 2 cents! -G
  • I agree that I thought the last film in this Mission series was one that breathed new life into the franchise. I hope that the fourth installment will be even better.
  • Domain Forum
    I hope that for MI4 they go back to the camera angles and shooting style of the original MI. The first one was my favorite, and the more they make the worse they get in my opinion.




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