Judd Apatow's Pineapple Express Oscars Comedy Short

February 22, 2009

Judd Apatow's Pineapple Express Oscars Comedy Short

Another one of my favorite parts of the Oscars ceremony last night was the Pineapple Express comedy segment featuring James Franco and Seth Rogen. In case you didn't know, it was written and directed by Judd Apatow and also featured the real Oscar winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski. I've been anxious to see it again, because I laughed so much when I first watched it, and the two pulled off a perfectly hilarious segment again. Truly one of the highlights of the entire Oscar ceremony! Sorry for the low quality video below, but we'll try and update it once we get a better high resolution version, but until then, enjoy!

Watch the 2008 Comedies presentation from the Oscars:

[flv: 400 300]

We will update the video with a high res version once one is available.

I've never forgotten the Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and John C. Reilly team-up from the Oscars two years ago (watch that video), and I'm not sure this topped that, but it definitely came close! I've got to say, I love that they went back to their Pineapple Express characters for this, because there's nothing better than watching two stoners laugh at a bunch of big Hollywood movies. Especially when they make fun of The Reader and Doubt and laughed at the intense scenes in those movies, because that's not too uncommon! Could this have been the funniest Oscar segment ever? Any other favorite Oscar moments this year?

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  • Fuelbot
    This wasn't funny. At all. Sorry Alex.
  • kindbuddy
    that segment was pretty funny watched it earlier
  • Fuelbot
    Hugh Jackman's opening number ending with him bellowing "I'M WOLVERINE!!" should've been on this site. Pure genius.
  • kneekill
    Most Hilarious one was Ben Stiller imitating Joaquim Phoenix link to video: Ben Stiller imitates Joaquin Phoenix at Oscars 2009
  • kindbuddy
    smh fuelbot doesn't know what funny is... and if you laughed when hugh jackman said "im wolverine" basically proves my point... although his opening number was pretty good that part wasn't funny at all
  • kindbuddy
    and kneekill thanks because i only saw the last part of that earlier
  • RoarSaysAlex
    they made it as funny as they could for taking two rated R characters and placing them on TV... not only TV but the super family friendly Oscars. god it was to hilarious when Saul was watching Milk! his reaction was to good and I disagree with #5, Personally i thought Hugh Jackman finishing the opening number with "AND I AM WOLVERINE!" was pretty funny.
  • Fuelbot
    I don't know what funny is? Judd Apatow movies are funny. The Office on BBC is funny. Old Farrelly Brothers movies are funny. George Lucas as a great writer is funny. Indiana Jones still being relevant is funny. I laughed at the Pineapple Express SCRIPT before I even saw the movie. I love those characters. This was lame. Perhaps I like a bit of intelligence with my humour. I'm sorry if that slips past you.
  • DoomCanoe
    #7 Judd had to take Saul and Dale's comedy and make it TV appropriate. Hell he needed to make them Oscar appropriate, if you like intelligence in your comedy then you think you would have pick up on that and realized he used the most intelligent type of comedy you could place on such a highly watched program. Making fun of all the Nominees, laughing at the super serious flicks, Having James Franco make fun of him self by watching himself make out with Sean Penn and saying they want to turn the Oscar into a pipe. that's pretty much all you can do with those characters on an Oscars special and if that slips past you then I'm sorry.
  • kindbuddy
    well, i underestimated you lol it seem either way i don't see how you couldn't find at least something in that funny... i thought when they were laughing at that scene in the reader was pretty funny
  • Enola
    Funny, nahhh, not really... Had some bits, but not enough...
  • yeah, fuelbot apparently has no sense of humor, or a stick up his ass. I don't think it was meant to have you crying to tears, but I think it kept a constant flow of laughter. Come on - Stapling a dollar bill to his face - then "Why is a camera crew in my living room?" hahaha kneekill - Ben Stiller was awesome!
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    It was simply the low light of the evening, with the exception of Stiller....which was class-less.
  • nic
    Thanks for posting this! I laughed so hard watching this I was in tears and had to find it again this morning. james franco's Saul character is hysterical -the look on his face as he watches himself making out with sean penn is priceless.
  • Darunia
    Orlando's bloom father in Pirates of the carabian, awesome!
  • Luis M
    Hurr hurr drugs are funny hurr hurr
  • Joe Momma
    Hurr hurr youre a douchebag hurr hurr
  • Luis M
    Hurr hurr sticks and stoners hurr hurr (get it? get it? ahfuggedit)
  • Echelon
    Yeah, it wasn't that funny. But then again, anything at the Oscars rarely are.
  • Fuelbot
    #7, #11 - Wow, a couple of stoners laughing at overly serious dramas. That's intelligent humor! Please. "You look like you work in a Hasidic meth lab." That one line was funnier than this entire sketch. Give it up for Natalie Portman.
  • zach
    thanks for putting this up!!!
  • That clip from Milk and their reaction, especially Franco's face is, hilarious.
  • D-9
    It was such a sad, sad display of humor. The stoners make fun of the films nominated for their fine work and being TRUE to the craft. Ben Stiller was such a putred addition. Ruined the best night in film for those who are serious. What would have been better is the Academy present collection of lines from "In Bruges"
  • Maria
    This was hilarious! I was in a room with all my gays watching this (I'm a total fag hag) and we laughed so hard when James Franco's kiss came on the screen and then the camera cut to James' face!! We were all pulling so hard for Milk and it won 2 Oscars! Yay! I dunno, I found it hilarious. Especially when Seth said "these are all the movies not nominated for Oscars" and james said "I hate comedies!" lol Nice. Oscars ignore comedies almost completely. P.S.- Seth Rogen was looking HAWT!
  • curiouscaseofredbuttons
    Pure shit, what waste of time. Have to agree it was for the little kids who enjoy his brand of shit. Strengthen the Neilson ratings. But how many 12 year old boys stayed up to watch it?
  • Movieraider321
    I'm sorry for all the humorless dicks here, but honestly it was funny, because they laughed at the most innapropriate things. If you had seen any of the movies on there, you would know like "the love guru being a good movie" is hilarious, and them laughing during that incredibly dramatic scene with Kate Winslet in The Reader=pure gold. I dunno what the hell is wrong with you people.
  • Luis M
    #26 I know! Let's make a funny movie about the Holocaust then! Tons of laughs, there! ... although, come to think of it, I bet Monty Python could actually pull that off.
  • Movieraider321
    #27 I agree, Monty Python pulled of making a movie that mocked the existence of Jesus Christ(if he did exist) and that was absolutley hilarious
  • Shervin Nakhjavani
    This was HILARIOUS!!!!!
  • feohatestheworld
    I agree. Totall classless shit.
  • ?????
    that was pretty good...
  • It was funny by viral vid standards
  • Anne Siebenhoven
    That Oscar show was sucking wind until RogenFranco showed up and continued to suck the moment they left. So happy to see both of them and Pineapple Express get their Hollywood props in such a funny and unique way.




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