Kurt Wimmer Hired to Write the Total Recall Remake

June 3, 2009

Total Recall

When we announced back in February that Total Recall was being rebooted, no writer or directed was attached yet. However, Columbia has now hired Kurt Wimmer to write the remake. Wimmer previously wrote Sphere, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Recruit, and Street Kings, and both wrote and directed Equilibrium and Ultraviolet. Producer Neal Moritz is developing this remake as a contemporary adaptation of the movie based on the Philip K. Dick story "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale." Columbia secured remake rights from Miramax, which has the option to co-finance the project when it's ready to shoot.

There's nothing really in Wimmer's filmography that makes me feel confident that it's him who is writing this. Sure, Equilibrium is a fun movie, but the writing wasn't that great. The original Total Recall was directed by Paul Verhoeven, who is responsible for a lot of the crazy visuals in it. I'm doubt any of that will be brought over in this version as I'm already expecting a bland PG-13 action movie, which is unfortunate considering the first one was R-rated and had violence galore. As long as Wimmer goes back to Philip K. Dick's original story, than maybe this won't be a complete disaster. Now they just need a great director.

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  • DoomCanoe
    thank for the name Alex, now i must go kill this... Kurt Wimmer... as to stop this travesty from ever being finished. by the way... I thought this was the worst news i could read... until i read about the Warriors. what a sad day this is... especially for Kurt Wimmer for he is a dead man!!! (in all seriousness though this is so fucking awful i cant even believe it)
  • cregso
    another reboot, eh??? wonder are they goin to include the scene with the bird with the 3 knockers!!! a great memory of my youth
  • frenchbob
    why would they do that the old movie is just perfect ....
  • Chuck Norris
    Will the star of the remake be able to make that face? Didn't think so.
    will they stop fucking rebooting these movies. Jesus christ are there no more creative people with original ideas?
  • Allen Reeve
    Reboot after Reboot why? Dont they come up with some new idears for films. some of these wrighter hought to use there own storys and idears instead of Reboot what proeviousley been done.
  • Howser
    Quaid. QUAID! Start the reactor...and suck these morons out of Hollywood.
  • xtheory
    for fuck's sake. total recall, short circuit, and the warriors. as of this moment, the 3 latest stories on this site is about a remake or a "reimagining" or whatever. incredible the lack of originality in hollywood nowadays.
  • #6 Ha haha spot on! I for one would be happy to see their eyeballs popping out.
  • Nick Sears
    5 and 7 - priceless! I hope the casting calls consist of belting out - MELINA!! It's not going to be the same. I'd say they can this and do a Red Faction movie. What does everybody think of that? GET YOUR ASS TO MARS!
  • ClerksFan
    Why are they even remaking this movie? It was made less than twenty years ago...come on!! And really it wasn't even that shit hot anyway...
  • Luke
    The old one still looks good today, and usually they make these remakes to make a better looking version. There's no reason to remake it (unless Paul Verhoven directs again. I wouldn't mind then).
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    Total Remake? Total Reboot? ---> Total bullshit.
  • #5 - You are a genius.
  • Otacon
    as long as the girl with the 3 boobs is still in this remake, i'm in.
  • Dir3ct
    it's called a remake and this one is particularly bullshitty
  • DoomCanoe
    i agree with that #10!
  • Eric
    i only clicked on the story because the picture mad me laugh so damn hard.
  • Major Kusanagi
    reboot... upgrade to 6 boobs~
  • Tampa82
    I wish I had three're doing just fine with two!
  • moldybread
    come on people....step back and take a collective lok at what Follywood is doing...NOTHING...they cant come up with ANYTHING original...just more remakes of other people's work...makes me sick....I think I might just go to strictly watching Netflix at home...pathetic....
  • avoidz
  • Northdude
    What the hell is wrong with the original? It's perfect the way it is.
  • ndoet
    No no no no no.. NO REBOOT, REMAKE, REMADE or whatever !!!
  • David
    "Equilibrium" was a fine movie, "Ultraviolet" a bad one. I enjoyed "Thomas Crown Affair," have a vague memory of disliking "Sphere." The director seems uneven, but I hold no brief against remaking any movie that was worth making to begin with. It's not unoriginal per se to "remake" a story; it all depends on the execution. Shakespeare's plays were generally "remakes," adding new flesh to old plot bones. Are we going to start bitching about the ancient Greeks and Romans because they were constantly giving new spins to old myths? The complaint about unoriginality is valid only when the remake or reboot is just retread. The proof of poverty of imagination is in the pudding.




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