Leonardo DiCaprio Starring in Mel Gibson's New Viking Epic

December 13, 2009

Leonardo DiCaprio / Mel Gibson

Remember that mysterious Mel Gibson movie that will be shooting at a prison in Veracruz, Mexico? Well, according to Variety, Leonardo DiCaprio will star in Gibson's new untitled period drama about Viking culture. The script is being written by Oscar winner William Monahan (The Departed, Body of Lies, Edge of Darkness). The people in charge confirmed the project but would not divulge many details. DiCaprio, who has long been fascinated by Viking culture, will play one in a storyline that will be as "unsparing" as Gibson's other period directing efforts: Braveheart, Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto. This sounds pretty cool.

"This will be an awe-inspiring story, created with some of the industry's finest cinematic talent, and I am just over the moon to be making this film with Mel, Leo and Bill,” producer Graham King said in a statement after the principals confirmed the project to Variety. Shooting is expected to begin in fall 2010, meaning that if everything falls into place, it would be the next directing effort from Gibson. Apparently all my guesses about what this movie would be about were completely wrong. Though now I'm a bit worried, as the last few viking movies (Pathfinder, Outlander) haven't been that great. DiCaprio better put on a lot of muscle, too!

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  • John
    Yes, please compare Pathfinder and Outlander to a movie directed by Mel Gibson and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean really. Wow. That is just a horrible connection. It would be like saying that because Terminator Salvation was a steaming pile, that any movie about a dystopian future will also be bad.
  • Xerxex
    I have strong faith in William Monahan, and Gibson is a pretty good director, and DiCaprio as the lead is a excellent move, so I'm there.
  • adfgadfg
    "Though now I'm a bit worried, as the last few viking movies (Pathfinder, Outlander) haven't been that great." What an idiotic reason for being worried.
  • El Guapo
    But I think the question everyone here is really asking in their mind, will Techno Viking make an appearance?
  • Buzz
    "Say what you want about Mel Gibson, but the son of a bitch knows story structure!"
  • d1rEct
    #1 - WELL SAID...I would have said the exact same thing. Well good news to anyone who is afraid of subtitles because I don't think that Di Caprio will be speaking the language of the Vikings.
  • Eli
    <3 vikings. Also gotta respect DiCaprio's talent.
  • beavis
    i have high hopes for this movie, but LD as a viking? i can see him as the villager they abuse - but not as a viking.
  • hmmm lets see > some 10+ kilos of muscle > full beard and long hair > intense heavy sword and battle axe/hammer fighting lessons one can imagine LD as a Viking... he has the height, the looks (ok a bit childish even as he is 30+ years), the realtive color theme of norse men...and player wise he has really grown in to a better player. there is no doubt about Mel Gibson's directive eye. he has vision i just hope he can do a film more like Braveheart and Apocalypto rather than a Patriot and We were soldiers. all of them were great films but the first two had definetely a massive strength to their story telling and visuals... lets wait and see 😀 its too early to even talk let alone judge 😀
  • samuel j
    monahan gibson dicaprio count me in this will be great
  • Dreckent
    Would give it a chance if i wasnt sure that Gibson will include one of his "special messages" in the story...
  • Scott McHenry
    YEA its not a remake or reboot!
  • branden
    I don't understand why pop culture and shows like Family Guy make fun of Mel Gibson. Ok, well I know his private life is crazy and FG makes fun of everything, but Mel Gibson knows movies; there is really no way else to say that. He knows what's exciting, funny, sad, and when to combine all those into a great movie whether it's acting or directing.
  • Janny
    pathfinder wasn't that good but outlande was OK... its had so much more potential though but I didn't think it was that bad what i do find odd is that they are shooting a viking movie in mexico...
  • Hattori Hanzo
    I doubt very much that a Viking movie will be shot in Mexico when there is an authentic full scale working replica of the only North America's only Viking settlement; the UNESCO World Heritage site of L'Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland. I had the pleasure of visiting Newfoundland three years ago and made the trip to the Viking settlement and I am still in awe of the incredible scenery and authenticity of the site. If they are going to film it in any of the America's, my bet is that Gibson will want to do so amongst the 1,000 year old Viking ghosts of L’Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland.
  • Vold
    One of the best things about Mel is that he does his research and respects his subject matter. This could be amazing if he plays his cards right.
  • Cineprog
    If this project happens it sounds Good, i shall await for forthcoming anouncements on The Vikings project by Mel Gibson, with Leonardo Di Caprio, its not Thor at all is it 😀
  • Brandon
    Can't wait! I love Mels historic films. Apocalypto took my breath away. Mel Gibson knows how to tell a story and always has the most interesting characters.
  • Tomi
    HOLY ****!!! Add this to my most anticapated movies for the next few years next to the Hobbit!! A viking movie from the guy who brought us Braveheart, I think I just jizzed my pants. And I wouldnt be too worried about LD as a northerman warrior. Its a actually a stereotype that vikings were all 15 feet tall and could kill a bear with just their pinky. If you look at scandinavians, most of them are not hulking monsters, and the same goes for vikings. It was their battle spirit that made them all seem like monsters. And knowing Gibsons quest for real truthful depiction of history, LD makes perfect sense.
  • Sam
    #15 ... Your logic might explain Mel Gibson's visit to Newfoundland last year.
  • Sam
    15 ... Your logic might explain the Mel Gibson sightings in Newfoundland last year.
  • Lazarus from Sparta…DETHKLOK RULES!!!!!
    " I am Thorsen Dicaprio...son of Ericson..." LoL Now I know for a fact this movie will be spoken in Scandinavian for 2hrs, which will be epic. Mel Gibson understands's art! Plain and simple! That makes him a true film maker in my humble eyes!
  • billy
    mel gibson is an old bastard that looks like a big fucking bird
  • sanka
    #23 - Judging by your childish and dumb comments, you sound like an 18 year old redneck who has become 'waaaayyyy' too personal with the the shitty arse sheep that lives in your bedroom.
  • PainBrush
    Well , say what you want about Gibson , but the racist sonovabitch sure can drink !!
  • my name is mine
    @4 Rumor has it that the techno Viking will indeed be making an appearance in the movie.
  • Aimee
    I hate Mel Gibson. dispose of him please.
  • Chuck Norris
    Is Brett Favre making a cameo?
  • You know the Vikings made it to America 500 years before Columbus? Not anywhere near Mexico though. It's right up Mels street though, drinking, violence and plundering, though they once sent a catholic missionary's head home in a box for suggesting not believing in Thor and Co so Mels might need to watch.
  • billy
    #24 Believe me im not a redneck, no where near but im just stating the facts. #25 I cant stop laughing at your comment lol
  • adam
    mel makes the best historical epics of all time i 4 one cannot wait....wish he'd do one on the first crusade ie the one the christians won...cop that sugar tits lol
  • can wait to see, the next Mel Gibson movie
  • Andreas
    Well, actually the vikings (Scandinavian Norwegians, Swedish and Danish ) were, and still are the tallest/biggest people in the world. Just recently passed by the Dutch the last couple of years. But they are basically southern scandinavians anyway. The point is that everyone was smaller back in the days, but the difference in size were the same. As a Norwegian I can definately say that Leo looks like a modern Scandinavian. But he definately needs to bulk up and grow a beard. Lets hope Gibson makes a good and realistic movie like Braveheart, Apocalypto etc. Would have been cool if Ridley Scott also made a Viking movie like Gladiator.
  • Drungnir
    We (Norwegian, Swedish and Danish) Im from Iceland and my forefathers have been here for 1300+ years i was born in Ásatrú and i speak the true North Germanic language of my forefathers. A viking is nothing but a word, but to have the real pure blood of my forefathers running in your veins is another matter, something i will not waste my time trying to explain to a christian Norwegian trader. I hate when directors let alone some jewish fuckers from hollywood try to use my culture and heritage to gain some bucks with crappy bullshit, but I have to say that if i trust someone to do it, then Mel is the one, and i think if he closes his eyes he can see the burning rage that he needs to have to make a good viking film. if you are from Norway you should know that Iceland was build by the toughest klan of Vikings escaping from your country so they could keep our religion and faith in our gods alive. And by the way, the average height of a viking was around 171cm.
  • Mexmoviebuff
    The movie will not be about vikings, you're all being tricked! Gibson's production folks held a casting call in the Tijuana for mexican actors and extras, in particular children. It was announced a few weeks back in a newspaper with circulation in the south San Diego area, an area that is predominantly latino. Unless the movie with Leo D. is about Vikings landing in the Mexican coast prior to Columbus........
  • Jon Funder
    34... Technically Icelandich isn’t like North Germanic, but only sounds the most like it, in comparison to the other Scandinavian countries. There isn’t more viking blood in your veins, than there are in the people from any other Scandinavian countries buy the way… And Iceland is a christen country, and I’m sure I know twice as much about Nordic mythology as you do!! Denmark rules!!! We where your masters: Iceland, Norway, Greenland, England, North Ireland and south Sweden!!! 19... Scandinavian people aren’t exactly small! I’m 15 years old, and I am 6 foot 4 tall and I weigh 190 pounds...
  • Man, that sucks about DiCaprio leaving the movie. He has that Viking look to him. Too bad Gibson has to be so crazy.
  • Patrick
    Gibson is a genius when it comes to filmmaking I believe this passion project will be better without Leo, albeit leo is great, but not perfect for this role... as fate has it.
  • Gregg
    Half of you talk a crock of s**t!..if ya going to do a Viking movie, have a damn good script 'locked down' first, then go shoot it in Iceland and or Norway...Outlander was crap, Pathfinder was okay, mind you some of those vikings in Pathfinder were menacing looking.
  • drungnir
    hey danish kid, why dont you do what you danish people do best help jews and pollute scandinavia with more muslims, stop eating kebab and start studying your history litlle kid.
  • Confused
    Ur against people helping jews... But u call muslims polluting? wtf?? hahah major racist. So racist, you cant even pick a side...




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