Michael Moore's New Documentary on Economics This Fall

May 21, 2009

Michael Moore

Overture Films and Paramount Vantage have announced that the new documentary from Michael Moore will be released October 2nd this year. The as-yet-untitled film will explore the root causes of the global economic meltdown and take a comical look at the corporate and political shenanigans that culminated in what Moore has described as "the biggest robbery in the history of this country" - the massive transfer of US taxpayer money to private financial institutions. Moore's last documentary, Sicko about our poor health care, was released on June 22nd back in 2007. Are you ready for more controversy from Moore this fall?

"The wealthy, at some point, decided they didn't have enough wealth. They wanted more - a lot more. So they systematically set about to fleece the American people out of their hard-earned money. Now, why would they do this? That is what I seek to discover in this movie." That's Moore's intro to this documentary and considering we're still in an economic rut, it couldn't be a more perfect time to debut it. I've actually enjoyed all of his documentaries and will be looking forward to this one. And I've just got to sarcastically ask if it's ironic that Moore is asking people to spend money to see a movie that's about our lack of money.

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  • Al
    Michael Moore is trying to create a class war and that is inapproprite. America wasn't in the best of shape but it was Freddie Mac crashing that made us spiral out of control. And how come it crashed? Why the fact that people who couldn't afford loans received them. No greed there Mickey, people have to pay back what they owe, and yes, they were aware of the fact that they need to pay loans back, thats the way its always been. in short: Uninterested
  • Syphous
    I've heard he does some "creative editing" and takes things out of context during his interviews. Has anyone else heard anything about this? I'm curious as to whether or not this is factual information I have in my head. That aside, I think "Bowling for Columbine" is still one of my favorite documentaries of all time and I look forward to seeing this one. Which he might want to name "America's Brink", not only because of the obvious 'brink of collapse' but also if you look up The Brinks Job you'll get some of the humor... that's not really all that funny. LEAVE ME ALONE I'M TRYING!
  • Al
    2, he was the subject of a documentary "Manufacturing Dissent" about his apparent editing liberties, if you're interested.
  • d1rEct
    He's a good doco film maker but I am just uninterested.
  • While I hate what Moore did to Charlton Heston in Bowling for Columbine I respect his work. He is an IMPORTANT filmmaker. NO doubt about it. Sicko is a film every American should see. It is a very important subject (healthcare) and is very thought provoking. Ive seen it 4 times and it maintains its power with every viewing. Understand 10% of the people control 50% of the wealth in this country. This financial crisis is one of the most important events of are lifetime. Millions have been affected by it. While were all accountable for our actions real bad economys destroy people. Small business owners continue to go out of business everyday because of the ripple effect of this mess. I for one want ot see this film and whoever one believes is to blame we should encourage filmmakers to tell this story, as its history that were all affected by. I say go get em Michael Moore. chuck
  • Al
    yes chuck, we should encourage this story to be told. Just not with a slant. A conservative, or a liberal, should not be the ones giving their opinion.
  • Richard
    Why do you have a picture of an old lesbian instead of Michael Moore....... oh.
  • Ajax
    Although I know Moore can be pretty inflamatory at times (like Farenheit 9/11), "Sicko" and "Bowling for Columbine" are very powerful and interesting films. Even though I can already sense a bit of the "9/11" kicking in, I'm still interested.
  • Caleb made my day sir
  • xerxex
  • harrison
    more bs propoganda from moore? who couldve guessed
  • Al
    the Chris Rock joke from the 2005 oscars that sticks out most.... "the only documentary Michael Moore should concern himself with is Super Size Me"
  • JimD
    Oh Good Lord, how many times will you hear "Bush Administration" in this flick. He has some good points in his films but he's master of editing as well.
  • Adam
    I'm looking forward to this film immensely.
  • LSP
    I just have this to say, Moore realizes when he refers to wealthy people, it's not like he goes home to a cardboard box. Never the less, it's funny people believe this crap is entirely true. This guy splices up his films so much, I'm surprised he's allowed to use the word documentary.
  • Chris H.
    So he finally settled on a subject to give his spin on. I used to help run an anti-moore blog and decided people were getting wiser to his BS with each movie, so my effort simply was no longer needed. Anyways, Moore said he'd do a follow-up to Fahrenheit 9/11, but I guess he lost interest. Then he sent out a ton of information about a film on the issue of homosexuality and how society deals with it. A valid subject, since so many still use homosexual slurs as insults that really seem to hurt people a lot. However, he chose to take the usual slanted take by addressing ONLY the religious right. I expected as much from him. He takes a subject that should be explored and makes it a money-making spectacle with nothing intelligent to really say... which was my main argument about the film Sicko. It skims the surface so shallow that the "facts" presented can be considered false through simple logic arguments. Well the economy has finally provided Moore his next cash cow. Everyone is interested in the economy right now, and a full recovery will take a good deal of time (just enough time to keep his movie currently relevant). He'll, of course, give it the same doctored spin-job he did with his first film Roger & Me. The guy knows how to make an entertaining film that people want to watch and makes a lot of money. But a documentarian? Journalist? Whistle-blower? Not in the least.
  • cody
  • that one guy
    I find that as someone whose thoughts are rarely logical, his films are interesting to me. Not because I necessarily believe what he has to say, but more because the guy is good at what he does. He can take a big subject, make people get really angry and upset about it, and sit back and not care what people say about him. I also don't really see if it matters if he's right. It gets us stirred up, right?
  • bozoconnors
    aw crap - not this fucknut again.
  • russell
    I think anyone who wants to see his films, should watch "Manufacturing Dissent" also. I've seen his "docs" and Manufacturing Dissent really helped place them all in perspective. I view him more of a glory hound, then the champion of the people.
  • S
    I have enjoyed all of Moore's "documentaries" and have found some of them thought provoking but I have always gone into them understanding that he takes some liberties with the facts and that he approaches his films from a particular slant and agenda. With that said, as someone who has considerable experience working in Healthcare, I was thouroughly disappointed in Sicko. I felt like he had cheapened a very important and complicated subject that does very much need to be addressed and that his film will likely dumb down that conversation. I fear that this movie will do the same for the economic discussion as well.
  • Stiles
    Michael Moore is the worst kind of yellow 'journalist,' in that a large portion of the movie-going population apparently doesn't realize that he's displaying everything through a tremendous bias while operating under the guise of impartiality. He has a serious agenda with everything he does, which would be no problem at all if he would just be straightforward about it. He's a filmmaker, not a documentarian. He makes movies in order to stir up public interest in himself while picking at hot-button issues that would seriously benefit from rational, level-headed discussion instead of the same kind of biased, sensationalist treatment they already receive from the 'news' media.
  • I'm glad people spend so much effort to discredit Moore...that means he's doing something right if everyone wants to silence him. I look forward to this very much because only someone with some power and money will be able to get some real answers from the assholes who ruined our country.
  • Trip
    I thought Moore was blown up in "Team America"?
  • GOOD for you# 23 I'm glad you have the ability to think! Politics aside -If Micheal Moore is the only filmmaker tackling this subject would you rather not see him make this film and or would you side with Wall Street unconditionally. I worked on Wall Street as a broker-Believe me go with Moore if only this one time! chuck
  • I agree peloquin. Anyone that takes one news source/article/report/blog as scripture nowadays is completely misinformed. Nearly everyone has a slant. Michael Moore included. The thing that impresses me about Moore is his ability to combine reporting on important topcis with entertainment. His films are supposed to get you riled up. Those of us that feel strongly one way or another about the topics of his movies (or any topic) should research what he is saying. Too many of us don't do that. The more angles you get on a topic the better you will be able to understand it and form your own opinion. Props to Michael Moore for getting out there and having his stuff seen by so many people. Hopefully everyone is smart enough to do the legwork and form own opinion...
  • Chris H.
    #23, that has to be the most rediculous argument I've ever heard. "He must be doing something right if everyone wants to silence him" Let's look deeper into your sentence to find the meaning. "[...]if everyone wants to silence him" seems to show me that you see the argument against his movies as political in origin, as if it is the conservative crowds who are simply trying to get a thorn in their sides out of the picture. This isn't about political bias, I personally don't care one way or the other about what Moore's politics are. What I, and many others have a problem with is that he misrepresents darn near EVERYTHING in his films. I can sit through all of his films and can prove each "fact" he presents to the audience as false, and I'm not the only one with a brain out there. He's been called out many times for misrepresentation and flat out lies. #25, your statement is almost as rediculous. Is Michael Moore the only person who can reveal to the public what goes on behind closed doors during the economic recession? There are libraries of books and scholarly work in peer-reviewed journals that will tackle this issue a lot better than Moore's hackjob. I'm sure if you dug deep enough you'd find other documentaries focusing on the same subject. #26, the problem is that nearly ALL of Moore's "facts" are false or misrepresented. I agree that people should do their own research, and too many refuse to do that. But his movies are counter-productive, in that they are intentionally designed to mislead you by either spinning information or flat out lying to you. His movies HURT any real chance for the public to get the right information by presenting wrong information. Good documentaries present well-researched facts based upon evidence in the proper context. They also discuss their own limitations in the study being presented and what further research/discussion should be down on the subject. As #21 stated, he touches on subjects that deserve to be discussed in the spotlight, but does such an awful job handling the information that this country would be better off if he had never made his films in the first place. There are better documentaries, books, and scholarly journals out there that deserve to be looked at far more than this greedy oaf's movies.
  • ObiWop
    #1, I have to say if you blame this on Freddie Mac, then you really have no grasp on what's going on. This started many years ago and there are a great many people and corporations, and administrations to blame. For you to say that Michael Moore is trying to start a class war is by far one of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard. When I hear people say things like, "it's Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae", I get the feeling that some folks just repeat what they hear from others. Now I like Michael Moores movies but I take them with a grain of salt. They have truth in them but they are not the gospel. For anyone that hasn't seen one of his movies, I say this. Don't be so quick to dog him and discount him. Have an open mind and try to see someone elses point of view. If you're only getting your info from one place then your view of what's going on in the world is sadly skewed.
  • #27 It must be nice to be superrich sitting back watching the Fox newschannel all day long. I don't have that privelege. Of course Moore slants things his way. Its his voice. You don't have to agree with everything he says but if its a choice between Moore and Wall Street I'll go with Moore. You can honestly watch SICKO and say that film has NO merit. Really NO merit at all. Give me a break! I'm sure you hate Bill Maher also. Moore might not be the only person who can document these events but he the only person I know that has a film about it coming out in a wide release in SEPT. If you find anonther one let us know! #28- your right on. Sadly many people can't think for themselves they just repeat what they hear from others. Wallstreet doesn't care about 90% of the population. Moore at least will address that. chuck
  • Al
    23, Thats absurd, people hate and wish to stop fox news because they think it is false and untrue. Same with Moore, if someone is crying wolf, and there is no wolf, people wanna silence them, for creating a false sense with the general public by screaming false statements to the ignorant, to the dumb, Chuck from Entertainment Today and Beyond. Unfortunately these people eat it up, they like the taste of bullshit. 28, but it was....I never repeated what I heard from others, cause I never even heard this addressed. I know it started a long time ago, and we weren't going too strong, but because unemployment and stocks plummeted those weeks in September/October after Fannie and Freddie crashed, one must assume thats what really got the ball rolling at a faster pace. And when little Mikey Moore says something like "The wealthy, at some point, decided they didn't have enough wealth. They wanted more - a lot more. So they systematically set about to fleece the American people out of their hard-earned money. Now, why would they do this? That is what I seek to discover in this movie," it makes me think he is.
  • Blue Silver
    Hell yeah! Michael Moore always probes deep into the subject! Like "Sicko", this will surely piss some peeps off! The 'right' peeps! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    Moore is a fine documentary film maker, in the tradition of great films like "This is Spinal Tap."
  • mxr5150
    Great, another "documentary", which in Moore's case is anything but. Liberals, with friends like Moore, who needs enemies?
  • mxr5150
    Let me evaluate before I get flamed... It's perfectly fine that Moore has his beliefs. It's also perfectly fine that Moore wants to make films about his claims. However, the biggest problem with more is his execution of such film making. He passes his films off as factual documentaries when they are actually botched representations of halftruths and misconeptions. His movies can be debunked in about less time than it takes to watch ones of his movies. Sorry, Moore fans, but this is true. If you like him, like him as a regular op-ed film maker and not a maker of documentaries. He is not, I assure you.
  • russell
    Well said, mxr5150.
  • Liberals are the new fascists
  • Megan
    "And I've just got to sarcastically ask if it's ironic that Moore is asking people to spend money to see a movie that's about our lack of money." Michael Moore actually puts his documentaries on his website to be seen for free. If you go to his website when this new movie comes out, he will have a place to click and watch for free. He did that with Sicko, he's going to do it again. And to all of you that keep blaming one party or another for the economic problem well you had better do some more research. Democrats and republicans in Washington D.C., they aren't any different, they are all friends. Most of them have friends in very high places. The kind of friends that pretty much run the show in America and around the world. If you want to watch a documentary that will tell you in-depth the REAL problem with our financial system either download Zeitgeist: Annendum or go to This movie will blow your mind if you don't already know about it.
  • To Megan
    Megan, I just went to that link. Then I went to the Venus Project Q&A and read they were looking to make a film. Wow... just wow. I don't think it matters as to whether or not you're a little right or left, some of the claims those sites are making. That crap is just nutty.
  • c good
    Al you have no idea what you are talking about. if you knew anything about how these banks and speculators operated you would know the greed and underhanded tactics they commit everyday. the american people are being robbed blind because they think they know but they dont and remain in the dark because they do no you!!
  • c good
    you people are ABSOLUTELY retarded!!! the blind leading the blind! the bush administration and the neo con cronies almost destroyed this country!! republican swine just watched it burn and you dont give a shit.
  • c good
    what is FALSE in any of moores movies? its great how everyone makes these idiot claims but what has he lied about!?
  • dethspud
    It's funny how an entire Micheal Moore denial industry has sprouted up much like the global warming deniers, the holocaust deniers, and anti-Health Care reform fools. America is one of the most propagandised, dumbed down and radically dis-informed people on th eearth. Moore despite his obvious bias aka POV does a better job of informing Americans of things they Need To Know than their status quo protecting MSM en toto. K? Be Well.
  • I think that his documentaries are a great source for information for his viewers.




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