More Explosive First Looks Photo from The Expendables

April 13, 2009
Source: Official Blog

More Explosive First Looks Photo from The Expendables

"Today I was attacked by Jason Statham firing a machine gun from a dive-bombing fighter plane, nearly burned alive by napalm and had to leap into the freezing Bay of Mangaratiba to save my ass. And how was your day???" Last week we featured the first batch of real photos from the set of Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables. Today we have a few more official photos from the film's unofficial-looking blog located at Seen below in the first photo are Eric Roberts and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin jumping away from a giant explosion. Below that is our first look at Sly and Jason Statham not in action.

The Expendables Photos

The Expendables Photos

Ka-boom! The Expendables is about a team of mercenaries who head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator. It stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Terry Crews, and Charisma Carpenter. Stallone both wrote and is directing the film. I'm sure this is all just the beginning, as the only started shooting in South America in the last few weeks, so there will be plenty more explosive action and first look photos to come. So far this looks pretty frickin' awesome, like Sly is throwing everything he can to make it big and crazy. Why isn't everyone excited for this yet?

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  • Jackal
    Yeah! This flm is gonna rock!
  • Scott McHenry
    I'm excited for it, I would be more if Van Damme was in it, but I'm still excited
  • Mathieu
    What are you talking about Alex? Everyone IS excited about this! A proper, old-school action flick full of macho men being macho, and blowing stuff up. What more could anyone want from a movie? 😉
  • That top picture looks like terrible green screen work (even though it's probably a practical stunt). I'm not that impressed with this project so far, but I have faith in Sly
  • Toucmyinfection
    wtf?? Steve Austins in this movie!? OOOHH HELL YEAA!!! xD
  • James
    pg-13 yaaaa!!! kids action movie! I love violent films without the violence!
  • Buyah!! It looks... explosive!!! This will definitely remind me of those awesome movies of "back in the day"... Only missing Van Damme, Schwarz and Bruce Willis...
  • Spider
    Yep, I sure wish Van Damme was also in this flick! However, I have hopes that this flick will be huge and maybe we'll see a sequel with Van Damme in it along with those who turned down Sly the 1st time!
  • Nate
    Why would anyone be excited about this? The last Rambo film didn't elevate the franchise, it just bogged it down in more of the same nonsense, rather than go back to its down to earth First Blood roots. A generic action film with Sly and Statham is still a generic action film.
  • chris
    looks like Sly is screaming 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" in the first photo. "A generic action film with Sly and Statham is still a generic action film." Yep, but it should also be the greatest generic action film since Commando!
  • Hey Ya
    Cool! Statham is using a Canon.
  • dom
    This needs Bruce Willis, Arnie and Van Damme in it though :(
  • jman571
    Damn, that's one bad-ass cast to have in a movie like this. I'll always go for movies like this :)
  • Alex G
    @ 10 Commando kicked asss what are u talking about?
  • Caleb
    I'm pumped!
  • ashton21
    The guy with Steve Austin looks like Vince McMahon. LOL!!
  • Hey Ya
    I think it'll be fun to watch. It's like that this clip I saw on Jay a long time ago. "Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Stallone...are not in this movie. BIG EXPLOSIONS AND GUN FIRE" Or something like that. Made me laugh but so true. Definitely a guys' night out movie and then we can go blow out something ourselves. lol
  • Mathieu
    I have a feeling that if all goes well with this, we could see the likes of Van Damme, Russell or Willis in Expendables 2! In any case, it would be great if this turns into a new franchise.
  • Cody
    Wait this pg13? if it is its ruined and my hopes are too.
  • mrmr
    is that vince mcmahon?
  • Fisherr
    This is gonna be one hell of a ride! And i am not making fun of the movie it will look amazingly off the hook.
  • malink
    Can't wait, is there even a script for this...there are so many action starts how are they going to fit everything in there. Who is fighting mind is going to explode watching this. PG13 sux though, but its going to be one of those stupid action movies that we all secretly love.
  • Hey Ya
    PG13? What...I've suddenly come down with a case of disappointment. Boo!
  • Shaun
    Why do some people on here think this is going to be PG-13? It just started filming and am sure it's nowhere close to being rated (just look at wolverine "this film is not yet rated" on every trailer and spot). Besides if Stallone told me anything when he wrote and directed the new Rambo, and that's that he is not afraid to throw in loads of gore and buckets of blood. I expect this to be the most explosive, action packed, bloody mess of bad ass guys slaying poor ol' bad guys... probably brown skin foreigners with bad accents and worse mustaches... just saying... this is gonna kick major ass.
  • Jenna
    I am SO excited about seeing Charisma Carpenter on the big screen, it isn't even funny. This is going to be AWESOME.
  • Trey
  • cine_phil
    Well pictures are not too bad, hope it'll be a good action flick. @ 10 Hey I wanted to subtitle that picture with "Aaaadriaaaann!!" first... 😉 But could also be of course "Hey do you twitter on the filmset?", too...
  • flamer
    HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical Sylvester, explosions! GET DOWN! I'm not there!
  • @ #12 If that's what you think great. But if you are so willingly going to add someone like Van Damme & Bruce Willis why not bring in all the macho men in. Vin Diesel, Brock Lesner, The Rock, Rick Yune, Lou Ferrigino. If you think about it in the end all these extra people that everyone is mentioning really isn't needed. Ask yourself, why should they be in the movie? B/c there's a lot of explosions? B/c the men can & will kick some serious ass? IMO, every actor out there has his or her own talent. You can't just mush everyone together in 1 category. Its like putting all food into 1 category.
  • @ #29 I can agree with you there sir. The Expendables is already full with a big enough cast any other actor may actually complicate the story or plot of the movie, or the overall affect. Besides, they're obviously going to show different sides to each character, you can't make them all invincible. In many movies nearly all today each character is given her or own set of tools or characteristics. But when you have so many 'Kick Ass' actors how can you assign so many different roles? Especially considering they're all really big men in their own right.
  • Scott
    We need a trailer dude!! This is incredibly exciting, as a kid I used to tell my buddies that all the major action stars should make an epic movie together for charity or something (a large portion of profits goes to a worthy cause or something). Props to Stallone for getting in badass shape again, I hope he sticks to action now, and makes another Rambo or Cliffhanger type film after this.
  • Jack
    My favourite wrestler from WWE is in it Hell Yeah! The Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin is an absolute legend. It would be cool if in the Expandables he did lots of Stone Cold Stunners on the bad guys.




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