Must Watch: Awesome Promo Trailer for The Warrior's Way

June 9, 2009
Source: 24FPS

The Warrior's Way Promo Trailer

I almost saved this for the weekend, but I thought it was way too awesome to keep until then. Our friends at 24FPS (via Quiet Earth) discovered another fantastic trailer for a movie I didn't know even existed. The Warrior's Way stars Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston, Geoffrey Rush, and Dong-Kun Jang as Yang. It mixes westerns, martial arts, and fantasy in a way you've probably never seen. That's the only introduction you need, because this 4-minute long promo trailer is exhilarating to watch. There are some scenes that, even in low res, look incredible, like that hallway scene where Yang is being shot at in the dark. Just watch this!

Watch the first promo trailer for The Warrior's Way:

Trailer removed at the request of Relativity Media. Sorry guys!

We hope to have a better quality version of this trailer soon, but for now that's all there is!

The Warrior's Way, aka Laundry Warrior, is both written and directed by Korean filmmaker Sngmoo Lee, who is making his directing debut after teaching for five years at the New York Film School. The film is produced by Oscar winning Lord of the Rings producer Barrie M. Osborne with a budget of around $47 million. This was shot in late 2007 in New Zealand and is currently in post-production with Weta Digital working on some visual effects. This doesn't have a distributor or a release date, so stay tuned for updates.

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  • richard
  • huh?
    Completely blasphemous that they got Huston's last name wrong. It's one of the most legendary last names in cinematic history.
  • Act
  • KenDoll
    That looked pretty cool.
  • Sweet jehosphat!!! That is awesome sauce.
  • L
    I don't understand the need to reinstate the Baby Cart/Lone Wolf and Cub thing. Frankly, I don't understand what's going on in this movie haha.
  • steve
    looks more like a video game than a movie... not sure if I think thats a good thing.
  • Dean
    @6 I don't understand half of what's going on, but it looks really cool, some scenes feels a bit like 300.
  • Richard
    Um it was kinda interesting until everyone started to rain down on the houses and fly around, I hate that crap.
  • SS
    Seems like a nice movie, but trailer revealed a bit much.. don't you think? Would have rather had the "Stranger in a Strange Town" kind of trailer and we only get a hint about how his Past can figure into changing their Future. Love the line though about how he has sealed his sword, so that no one has to hear the cries of the many he has killed. That line, without any of the extra give-aways about ninjas and stuff would have been more effective in my book. Final scene showing many number of Japanese Assassins is a give away for the film's final confrontation. Again, a bit much.
  • brvtalbrodeo
    wow, this looks awful.
  • Awesome sandwich! The end part didn't look colour corrected though, but apart from that, Hell to the yizzzzeeeeeaaaH!
  • This is going to invite comparison to "Sukiyaki Western Django" and "The Matrix." A lot of the FX shots look unfinished to me, but i like the idea, and the Koreans have been on a serious mission to impress western audiences over the past few years, so I look forward to it regardless.
  • Looks amazing... what's with the weird accent Rush is doing in the voiceover???
  • John is a Basterd
    Geoffrey Rush as old Vash the Stampede haha. It looks way good.
  • Oh JEBUS
    @7 Totally agree, looks very much like a video game trailer. Think I'll check this out.
  • what did he teach if he never made a film.....
  • miracle disease
    lazy afternoon with a tired mind, this could be something...
  • kitano0
    I think this looks great. Not crazy about Bosworth, but I will definitely watch this. You're right, the scene in the darkened hallway was great!
  • Janika
    looks good.
  • Chris
    This looks like an over-done rip off of Shogun Assassin
  • trev
    did I see a machine gun in the hall scene? is this some retro future world or something? looks interesting. anything is better than year of the remake or Karate Kid reboot....interesting.
  • D
    Kinda looks like Ninja scroll meets the old west
  • Salvatore
    this trailer started with so much promises and lead to nothing but disappointment. It;s something that you really want to fall in love with but wont be able to because its just going to lack in so many things. I guarantee you this is going to be something a critic is going to say and you wont have a choice but to agree.
  • LW
    It's Samurai vs. Cowboys ... like a really epic episode of 'Deadliest Warriors' goin on. lol!
  • Pretty Cool Stuff. Thanks for posting it!
  • Collin
    Interesting, awful CG though, hopefully this isn't the final render here.
  • James
    Oh man... It's like Equilibrium meets Kenshin!
  • Jaf
    If those visuals were deliberate (both good and shoddy CG), count me in cuz this is gonna be instant vintage
  • K
    NICE! That was awesome! Very interesting concept.
  • Very Impressive, a rental, but looks great!
  • N
    47 million dollars!!! They gave 47 million dollars to an unproven student. Jeeze, I have used a camcorder can someone give me 20 million to make a crappy movie that only a few movie buffs are going to watch!! Anyone remember D-War? This looks like a western version of D-war with a touch of 300 with some really badly delivered lines. I know Jang Dong Kwan, he made some good films (Ching-gu, Lost Memories). But this!?!?!? will be "Typhoon" in English.
  • Robbie
    Looks cool, but I think I'll wait for a little more info =p
  • PinkSushi
    the trailer shoot have stopped right at 2.35 that would have been such a awesome trailer bt.... it gives away too much and there is deff editing before the final trailer. simply coz z i would cost so much more on tv for a 4 minutes trailer. cut it around 2.45 !!! the dark corridor scene was WOWWW
  • Tara
    Very interesting !!! So fantastic !!!!! I can not to wait to see this film in the big screen !!!!! Give us more information about it, Please !!!!!!!!!
  • WW
    According to Korean Websites, this is the leaked trailer with temp CGI made only for film market buyers.
  • Gabriël
    Looks cool, will keep an eye out for this one. I just noticed Danny Huston is in it! 😀
  • cool to see the combinations of Wushu choreography and the special effects on the big screen. Clearly a trend that will continue to rule and develop more...
  • Dusty
    I almost got really pissed whe I saw that seen with the baby and him cutting the bullet... like it gave away too much... but loving the Fantasy side of it.. nearly like a video game feel in the second half of the trailer. I am there
  • Dusty
    wow... what a shameless wushu plug.. hahaha.. and yes I clicked on it.. so you tricked me
  • lando
    looks like a stylized blend of old westerns and old martial art flicks retold in new anime/comic/videogame informed sensibility... Im excited to see this.
  • Heckle
    Remember hearing about this after 300 came out. It's all green screen.
  • James Dean
    Looks great, we can't wait.
  • Bernhard
    call me when they get this in HD. this is like watching david lynch on an iphone.
  • LeoJRob
    Holy-@#$%!!!! but I agree with # 10
  • DoomCanoe
    agree with 34 but even though it gave to much away i cant fucking wait!
  • tankmaster
    Looks amazing!!
  • Jarno
    Jeez how much of this cgi crap do we have to endure, this movie wil be an EPIC FAIL.
  • David
    It seems to me more of a graphic novel type movie, not so much like 300, more like sin city, where there is a complex (yet still basic) storyline with twists, turns, and lots of action! XD For people who say this looks like 300: thats only because of the slow motion fight scenes, which i think are done better in this movie, just from the trailer. And 300 was definately not the first do do slow motion fight scenes. Or it could be the rich colors. To people who say "this is bad cgi, its all cgi, it looks like a videogame, etc" well the cgi is UNFINISHED and this was a LEAKED LOW RES trailer. so of course it looks like bad cgi. And no its not all cgi, but it looks like it actually has a decent story behind it. And already much better cgi than in the matrix for instance. Some people say that the trailer gives away too much, but i dont think that is necissarily so. The trailer is quite long at about 4 minutes, but it seems like a long story. Yes it does show the ninjas coming down at the end, but as it said, that was just "the begining". It doesnt show the final fight, it doesnt say anything about what happens to the baby, it doesnt show the relationships between most of the characters, and one of the most important points is: it doesnt reveal the two "powerful secrets". Besides, when you knew he just ran from asia after killing lotsa people and sealed his sword so that his enemies couldnt hear him... did you really think it was just gona be left like that? I find this trailer encouraging and believe that this could end up being a seriously EPIC movie. I also believe it could end up a pile of cgi crap, but Im hoping for the first one. The only thing that makes me worried is that it doesnt have a distributor yet, but that could easily be because distributors are looking to see the finished project, because if a really good movie has bad cgi, it will be a pile of crap.
  • Hsa
    I have always like western movies even when I was little. Martial Arts mixed in with A-list actors could really enhance this movie.
  • Hsa
    I also seen that this movie was being pushed back to sometime in the spring of next year.




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