Must Watch: Awesome Trailer for Viking Sci-Fi Film Outlander

January 17, 2009
Source: IGN

Outlander Trailer

Although we've seen a few trailers for Outlander previously, none of them have looked this good until now. IGN has debuted the latest trailer for Outlander to promote its last-minute January 23rd release. I haven't exactly heard great things about it, but watching this trailer makes me question why it doesn't have more buzz. This looks pretty awesome, even being set in the time of the Vikings. James Caviezel looks like a badass, as always, and both Ron Perlman and John Hurt also look pretty intense. If its playing near you (meaning probably only in New York or Los Angeles) in a few weeks, I'd suggest trying to catch it.

Watch the newest trailer for Outlander:

[flv: 598 336]

During the reign of the Vikings, Kainan (James Caviezel), a man from a far-off world, crash lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator known as the Moorwen. Though both man and monster are seeking revenge for violence committed against them, Kainan leads the alliance to kill the Moorwen by fusing his advanced technology with the Viking's Iron Age weaponry.

Outlander is directed and co-written by Howard McCain, of only The Unspeakable previously. Dirk Blackman also helped write the script with McCain. The film first premiered at the Cannes Film Market back in 2008, where it was picked up by The Weinstein Company, who has a track record of burying good indie gems like this. Outlander will finally hit very limited theaters on January 23rd this year.

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  • Josh
    i loved this when i saw the first trailer now i love it even more. there's just somethin about spaceships and vikings that i cannot shake haha
  • Dusty
    absolutely amazingly craptastic.... looks like Highlander mixed with Reign of Fire
  • Drama
    For being norwegan vikings, those dudes sure could speak english.
  • Vole
    "For being norwegan vikings, those dudes sure could speak english." You realise it's not meant to be a documentary, don't you? I think this looks like great fun, can't wait to see it.
    • Jessicaluvy
      Doesn't matter if its not a documentary or not. The potrayal of all Europeans as "British" in cinema is nothing short of supremecist BS. Espeacialy when it comes to Germanic groups (Which the British are barely even, they came from Basque Spain).
  • Roy
    Looks like something out of Heavy Metal magazine. I would see it on DVD, though.
  • Matt Suhu
    ok, this looks much better than the first trailer.
  • D-9
    I am down with this.
  • twice
    this movie is old , it came out last october , and it wasn't that good .
  • AD
    #8 It came out in October... in lithuania. About this trailer... It's exactly the same as the first one, except IGN has it in 720p... (ok, not exactly the same. There's a third rail logo at the start.)
  • Frightened Childe
    Funny how he still looks like Jesus Christ no matter what he does. I'd be more into it if it was called: "JESUS & the VIKINGS Vs. DRAGONS FROM SPACE ! ! !" Or simply "The JESUS FROM OUTER SPACE"
  • I would definitely be more into this if it were a Sci-Fi channel original movie or something. It seems like what the Sci-Fi network should be dumping their money into, instead of KILLER SNAKE 5 and RADIATION ROACHES 3 and GIANT ANTS KILL PEOPLE PART 6.
  • Saw it last summer at the Fantasy Filmfest. Okayish no-brainer, definetly better than genre-alikes Reign of Fire or Beowolf.
  • Florian
    Looks awful but awesome, plus John Hurt is one of my favorite actors
  • "Red" - "Button" - "s"
    The previous jesus comment made me remember jesus christ vampire hunter. Which was a horrendous movie. But one i still enjoyed. :)
  • Jaf
    13th warrior much? I like the creature design
  • smacky
    it looks pretty awesome
  • dan
    looks like a good action movie.
  • Cody
    yeah seriously looks like just a really good actioner.
  • Sci Fi could use a sweet new franchise. Yes, please.
  • Believe me, I've seen this movie about a year ago and it ain't good. Ignore it, really...
  • Nicolas
    looks like a pretty high budget indie film 😉
  • max
    Looks like crap. Sci-fi viking movies are just stupid. Must Watch? erhm ok.
  • Bry from Chi
    I dig Jim Cavziel!! I'm definitely there!!!
  • max
    Amazing stuff! Can not wait! Check out my blog for review of Defiance!
  • I have dreadlocks
    I love how Alex loves such trash films. Every day he promotes crap like this, I enjoy this site less and less.
  • kathy
    The "Dragon" reminds me of the monster in the film, THE RELIC.
  • cyn
    Ugh I swore Pathfinder was my last viking movie ever... but I love Jim Caviezel & scifi!~ what to do?..Ah well. it's a new year...
  • Scott McHenry
    @25 yes this site does promote some trash, but this is NOT trash
  • Dimagic
    12, Matze, says: "Saw it last summer at the Fantasy Filmfest. Okayish no-brainer, definetly better than genre-alikes Reign of Fire or Beowolf." Besides the grammar mistakes (no biggie, who cares anyway?): there were number of movies about Beowulf, which one do you mean? Because if it's the animated one by Robert Zemeckis, you are dead wrong. It was a frickin masterpiece of tragedy about human complexity, reminded me the best of Greek tragedies and Shakespeare works. You clearly didn't get it right. No offense, but I just needed to defend it, in case this is the movie that you so easily branded as part of "no brainer genre".
  • scm1000
    #29 I like Beowulf, too, though I don't think I'd describe it as a masterpiece. But it was a quite touching tragedy that deserved better press. Most people just seemed to be looking for a fun action movie or were too upset about the changes from the original epic to appreciate it. Good Film.
  • Padme
    everything looks awsome cept for the cgi monster that looks horrid
  • eman
    Aliens vs. Vikings. Cool. What's next? Romans? Neanderthals? Soccer Moms? Looks like fun. Just leave your brain at home and go enjoy the flick.
  • shige
    "middle of the viking war" yeah right. Looks like 13th Warrior but with CGI. In other words crap for a hangover movie day.
  • Joanie
    I think that the so=called powers that be, that give the critiques on movies should go back to school and learn how to critique properly. If they don't like a venue, then they need to change professions. 'It's not what you like, it's what you feel will appeal to the public.' This was a great trailer and aside from the fact that it's CGI, which I love, it's art people, art of today!, the movie looks awesome and Caviezel is great as he mostly is. I am looking forward to this movie alot and I am 65years old!!!!! And a woman!!! HAH!
  • tyler w
    looks great, got to love cavisel or however you spell his name.
  • Dead Disco
    You know why it doesn't have more buzz? Because not everyone takes trailers as serious representations of what a film could or couldn't be. Rather, they see them as small clips with no context put together with a cool soundtrack to create the illusion of greatness. The trailer for Transformers was better than the movie, and I assume this will be too. READ BETWEEN THE LINES, THAT'S WHERE THE TRUTH LIES!!!! FANBOYS STOP RUINING MOVIES!!!
  • LW
    A tribe of lvl 12 Barbarians and a lvl 14 Outsider can't beat a lvl 18 Red Dragon *nerd glasses* ... unless the Outsider keeps his +2 Blaster Rifle
  • vic
  • TX9000
    STRAIGHT 2 DVD!!!!!
  • Squiggly
    I can no longer watch the trailers on this site, which means that there is pretty much no more reason for me to come here. Some advice: lose at least a couple of the flash apps / ads on this site. I can't stand setting the quality for every damn flash app on every page manually. Some of us aren't running quad core systems, you know. I can watch 1080p video on yahoo and via apple without a hiccup, but i get 5 fps here.
  • darrin
    this actually looks good, but it seems it belongs to the sci-fi channel
  • Dorochey
    Wow you guys suck! This looks pretty damn good! Pretty advanced for an indie film too!
  • KyB
    i like the whole time of the vikings, but there is some modern technology due to an alien but he is kinda a human... it looks interesting...
  • richard
    For the idiots that posted #15 and 33... How the hell does this look like The 13th Warrior? Just because there are northman viking like people? Thats like saying Amistad and Boyz in the Hood were the same, because there were black people trying to be free in both.
  • sumonesumtime
    Why do they have british accents?
  • LW
    And.. and... all those vikings have +2 Longswords... *nod*
  • dustyman
    It's seems like the extreme Sci-Fi is the one genre that has been left out in the cold in this age of CGI. Maybe it has something to do with cost and having so so many special effects. But even movie that can afford reasonable stars have trouble making the effects as good has the more commercially successful sci-fi's like matrix or Michael Bay flicks.
  • AD
    #44 - This is like Thirteenth Warrior because both it and Outlander are inspired/based on Beowulf. #45 - The have british/european accents to differentiate them from the Outlander.... Jim Caviezel's character actually speaks an alien language at the start of the movie but uses his computer to teach him Norse. So he speaks norse (english) with an american accent while the Vikings have european accents. #43 - He is Human. In the movie's backstory, earth was a seed colony of Kainan's people but was abandoned eons before... So Earth Humans are decended from the same race as Kainan's people.
  • #29: "Besides the grammar mistakes (no biggie, who cares anyway?): there were number of movies about Beowulf, which one do you mean? Because if it's the animated one by Robert Zemeckis, you are dead wrong. It was a frickin masterpiece of tragedy about human complexity, reminded me the best of Greek tragedies and Shakespeare works. You clearly didn't get it right." English isn't my first language 😉 And I was referring to the Zemeckis movie. I probably went to see it with the wrong attitude...
  • DVD material but none the less it will look good in Blu-Ray
  • Nick
    "This looks pretty awesome, even being set in the time of the Vikings." Alex does this sentence imply that movies set during the time of vikings are, by the basis of their time period, not awesome? Is there something wrong with movies set in this time period? Please elaborate. It's lazy writing.
  • Conrad
    This is such a boring concept! How many times have genre splicing like these come and gone over the years! Some have good stories, some don't. This one does not! I can guarantee this is going to bomb. Caviezel? - who cares, he doesn't have any substance on screen whatsoever. Very forgettable. I don't even care if he did land the part of J.C.
  • Nerbomber
    This looks dumb as shit. But 'Death Race' looked dumb as shit, too, and it was wildly entertaining. So who knows, aliens and vikings? yeah ok, it's not going to raise your IQ any. But for just stupid fun entertainment? I'm sold.
  • geraldine
    i like to do massive poos and rub them on my nans tits




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