Must Watch: Badass Trailer for Isaac Florentine's Ninja

May 10, 2009
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Ninja Trailer

While we're waiting for Warner Brothers to release the first trailer for James McTeigue's Ninja Assassin, our friends on the web have dug up one of the most badass trailers for another ninja movie that we didn't know even know existed. This one is simply called just Ninja and the trailer for it kicks some serious ass. This stars Scott Adkins, a stunt actor who physically played Weapon XI in the recent X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sure, it may not be as polished as a Hollywood movie, but it still looks pretty damn fun, to say the least, and I can't wait to see it. The trailer takes a little while to get going, but by the end it kicks ass!

Watch the early promo trailer for Ninja:

[flv: 540 205]

A westerner named Casey, studying Ninjutsu in Japan, is asked by the Sensei to return to New York to protect the legendary Yoroi Bitsu, an armored chest that contains the weapons of the last Koga Ninja.

Ninja is directed by Isaac Florentine, of numerous straight-to-video titles and other films like Desert Kickboxer and Bridge of Dragons. The story was written by Boaz Davidson, a producer and TV movie writer, and the screenplay was co-written by Boaz Davidson & Michael Hurst. The film is a Nu Image / Millennium Films production. Ninja doesn't have a distributor in the US yet, but I'm sure it will soon. Look good?

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    the acting looks terrible even if the action does look semi-decent, a la "Highlander" the tv series.
  • badass trailer?
    i fell asleep watching this. it's batman from asia.
  • nelson
    who the fuck watches ninja movies for acting that's like watching romantic comedies for action lol
  • Primo1
    I really dont know why people put so much emphasis on these straight fun action movies....This looks great and the last time I checked action movies did need Oscar winning performances...lighten up a bit
  • Epic
    is anyone else reminded of the power rangers movie?
  • bassbin
    great fun. like b grade remo unarmed and dangerous from the 80's.bring it...but only 0.578 % of people will see this. and that is being generous.
  • qweqwu
  • Victor
    # 3 has a point The movie still looks bad though
  • Fuelbot
    Since when do ninjas use semi-automatic weapons?
  • sumonesumtime
    @3 Ther is a differance between passable and terrible.
  • Fisherr
    "This stars Scott Adkins, a stunt actor who physically played Weapon XI in the recent X-Men Origins: Wolverine." I really wish that didn't happen and Ryan was the one that continued the job.
  • Derek
    This movie looks good not.
  • Brandon
    We don't need an 80's corny B ninja movie. Which is exactly what this is. See American Ninja for an example. How many movies starring martial art stunt doubles are good quality films? None.
  • allen sharpe
  • PJ H
    I know that this looks extremely bad. But hey, at least its a not a goddamn reboot or adaptation.
  • Not badass, more BAD trailer...if the movies isn't 4 to 5 hours long, we've already seen everything of it... Look like cool 80's ninja film though...
  • chris
    this looks great! The director also did U.S. Seals II which had a squad of navy seals attacking an island leaking volitile explosive gas, so they could only use hand to hand combat (and a paint ball gun that fired acid filled paint balls) to kill the endless hordes of bad guys. Literally EVERY movement the actors made was overdubbed with chop socky 'woosh' sound effects, i mean just turning their head in a dialogue scene had the exaggerated 'woosh!' you would normally get from a punch or something! The action choreography was brilliant, a good time was had by all, a perfect example of a silly B grade action movie.
  • chris
    oh, he also did 'Undisputed II' which was really, really good and had Michael Jai White vs Scott 'Joel from Eastenders' Adkins
  • Name (required)
    A white ninja romantically involved with a beautiful Japanese woman, every wapanese's fantasy.
  • Ben
    The ninja suits remind me of something from Mortal Kombat.
  • Roderick
    Hasn't Hollywood figured out yet that, we dont wanna see Caucasian actors playing roles for Asians...?
  • Krasimir
    Ok trailer bad.. but choreography good..
  • dude
    go back like 3 or 4 trailers on the list to Merantau and you'll see something worthy of a trip to the theater.
  • teyhtr
    Skip this.... Where's my damn trailer for Ninja Assasin?!?!
  • dave13
    *yawn* i too almost fell asleep during it. glad I'm not the only one. looks like a decent movie overall though. just a really awful trailer.
  • Epic
    #20: Mortal combat.........or fuckin power rangers lol. this is one of the most ridiculous concepts ive heard, its too easy to make a movie these days.
  • Tedious Ted
    This doesnt even have a 'so bad its good' cheap ass martial flicks vibe about it like back in the 80s! lol
  • xMort
    This looks more lame than badass..
  • LSP
    It's the Karate Kid grown up. Awww
  • SLee
    This just looks like abit of fun! I'M GAME
  • Johnny M
    It's got fighting, it's got chases, it's got a secret society of evildoers, it's got a pretty girl tied up, it's probably a movie I'll go see. Might have a couple of drinks first to make sure it seems better than it is though.
  • splinter
    there only one set of ninjas i a, waiting for , there green, and the will beat the hell out of every ninja in this movie
  • RC
    This looks incredibly stupid. It's like every C-grade karate movie from the 80s with a slightly higher budget. No thanks.
  • Kent
    First to Alex, The film doesn't have a polished look? Most asian cinema doesn't have a polished look at all. Most of them have terrible lighting and sound and even some of their bigger productions still suffer from too much film grain and poorly implimented CGI. So I see this film staying in the tradition of asian cinema. As for people saying it looks like Power Rangers Go look at Isaac Florentine's background and you'll find a mess of Power Ranger episodes that he directed going all the way back to 1996 when Might Morphin Power Rangers first hit the scene in America. It's obvious where his influences lie and that's what's going to either sell this film to you or make you hate it. Personally I'm sold. Oh and for everyone saying they're tired of seeing Caucasian actors in roles that should go to Asians... shut up. Scott Adkins is of Spanish descent.
  • NeoSlyfer
    That ain't no Ryu Hayabusa
  • spect8re
    Don't get me wrong, i think this film looks like it will be nothing if not lame with aspects such as acting, plot, dialogue and such but i would be willing to watch it as i think some of the action looks decent. Plus as a fellow Brit i feel like i am compelled to support Mr. Adkins all the way.
  • AllmightyKeim
    WTF?! Why is a white looking dude playing a Ninja? And when was this filmed? 1991? This looks like udder crap. I could shoot a better movie with my brothers kids. And they are all under the age of 14. This is shitty! WOW! I am now sad.
  • ek
    point 3 agree - storyline/acting is moot - u dont watch this for that. that should be clear upon watching the trailer.. going to watch it for the action and fight cherography alone - movies with solid martial arts action are few or have few fight scenes in them.
  • Last Son
    boring!! I think I played this game already.
  • In Soviet Russia, Comment Pwn You
    Wow people, calm down. Everyone gets so whiny on this site. Who really cares? It could suck, or it could be a fun watch. Some trailers make a movie look worse, and sometimes it makes it look better. Im not going to judge till I see it.
  • Is stereotype kind of movie, do watch any previous ninja or samurai or related with any Japanese culture there will be hero not a Japanese but the chick and bad guys will always the Japanese!
  • DoomCanoe
    were you high or something when you decided that this was a "Must Watch: Badass Trailer"? or are you taking bribes?
  • Matt Suhu
    For a crappy action movie, this doesn't look so bad. But the set design looks so...fake, one can tell they filmed all the nyc scenes on a set lot.
  • Spider
    This is cool! It's a Ninja flick with a B-movie grade that will probably go straight to DVD. It would be awesome if this flick DOES get a theatrical release. This will put director Isaac Florentine on the map and give Scott Adkins the attention he deserves! Florentine has worked with Van Damme before on last year's "The Shepherd: Border Patrol" which was one of Van Damme's better recent straight-to-DVD flicks!!
  • SS
    The material isn't strong.. but the director has his heart in the right place. You can tell he had a lot of fun making this movie. The trailer looks like fun. But I must admit I really loved the old Ninja films so perhaps some sentiment plays into it. I'm sure the only thing director Isaac Florentine wants out of this is to give the audience a fun time.
  • CK
    Everything looks straight of the 90s, from the set, costumes and premise (traditional ninja vs tech ninja). Probably something I'd watch on tv if I were 12 again.
  • jman571
    Alex, I usually agree with your opinions on most movies. But I think you got a little too excited after watching this trailer. Perhaps you should watch it a few more times, to get a better idea of what you really think about it. Although it does look somewhat interesting (the concept on a modern ninja wearing bullet-proof armor is kinda cool), the trailer itself was pretty terrible, I mean "it was true then and there..." who the hell thought to say that? that sounds terrible? I realize it set up the "here and now" a few seconds later, but the first part of it just sounds really weird. It's a poor trailer for probably a poor trailer. Definitely NOT BAD-ASS in my opinion.
  • Wow guys, goodness gracious... My intro to this trailer is not the end-all of my opinions, it was just simply a quick write-up for this trailer to get it out there (remember, I'm in France right now). Additionally, I tried to mention that it was not polished because I think way too many of you are criticizing this because you want it to be the next huge Hollywood production. It's some throwaway B-movie about ninjas - how is that not awesome? If you think about it like that, then sure, it could be fun, something you watch with you friends on a Saturday night and enjoy, nothing more than that.
  • Martin
    I think it looked awesome! Sure it looks like it was made in the 90's but its NINJAS!! They are supposed to be cheesy and having a white guy playing the lead makes it more cheesy but cool in a weird way 😀
  • Tom
    haha, so not watching this
  • Smiffy1
    Wow, that was awful. God really really awful. Looks almost as bad as Metal Man
  • Lazarus
    can you say: Ninja Gaiden black XBOX360
  • dee
    Wow this NINJA movie makes the THE PUNISHER look like IRON MAN. Can we get the trailer for NINJA ASSASSINS quick before this movie ruins it! ALex you should be ashamed of yourself!
  • Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook me!)
    I'm down...
  • Alex I think that you show way too much interest when you really shouldn't. The movie doesn't look bad but it's not the "Badass trailer" that you described. I think it's funny that you show so much excitement for shit movies. A simple description of how you found the trailer would have been good. Didn't have to get me excited to see it and be disappointed.
  • Jim
    Looks like crap, and you use the term "Bad Ass" for movies that are actally bad ass and also for movies like this that look like crap. For a movie like this you should say something like "B-Movie Spectacular".
  • F.C.
    It looks like a movie that should have been named "Ninja Up 2 The Streets". But damn, those are some kicks ass ninja moves!
  • Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large
    Rather than wasting 90 minutes of your life watching mediocre crap, how 'bout reading a book? And Alex, You are a film critic. You make your money off of other peoples work. You have no one to answer to when you go off or on a film. Junkets, cash, caps, t-shirts... I think you have put yourself in a position to be challenged by your readers. You have a right to put an opinion out. But, you should be held accountable.
  • Jeremy
    Alex, I agree with you. I think this movie looks pretty good.
  • rolf
    meeeeeeh mk smoke! fatality
  • mochonko
    i hate honkeys that do karate.. i cant get segal outta my head when i saw this.. it looks sik though
  • th3thirdman
    this looks like a epic pile of shit
  • wm
    God, please tell me the 80's ninja films are coming back.
  • kitano0
    This did remind me of a higher-polished Van Damme thingy...but even they could be enjoyable. What really killed this trailer, though, was the MUSIC! It was just terrible...with a better soundtrack, this would be twice as good. Everything can't be an A movie, people...sometimes a good B flick is damn fun!
  • Trevor
    This movie looks pretty lame no big name actors or anything the fighting doesn't look that great either.
  • Johnny M
    Why's everyone insulting it by saying it looks like the '90's? The '90's were a hell of a lot better than the"Aughts" in just about every way I can think of. Are people mad that he's not fighting some computer generated monster or something. Fight in the subway car looks good to me.
  • lando
    You're all a bunch of dumbasses, This man Alex is right, its a "throwaway B-movie about ninjas " it looks total 80's with some modern choreography (most of you f@cks complaining about the choreography probably couldnt do 10 push ups in a half hour so what the hell would you know?) and some modifications to old classics..looks like fun for funs sake.
  • Ariel
    Guns and swords and explosions. What more do you need? #67, you nailed it. The complainers sit at home connected with their headsets and collectively jack off while watching Hentai. This movie is fine. I'll get some Hot 'n Ready's with my friends and watch this while we all get smashed. It'll be fun.
  • Bryan
    I could whip everyone in this movie because I have a bear suit and practice Karate and chop people frequently!! Might see this on a Matinee
  • Flame
    Film Location Bulgaria ! This movie will be shit for sure !
    Looks Like Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap... can't wait!
  • Praying Mantis Master
    Come on critic wanna be's, it looks like what it is intended to be, a Fun to watch film that will make your brain forget about your miserable life's problems for an hour and a half while you either eat some popcorn or drink your self silly. All this other BS about choreography and acting !!!! you want to see acting go see the slumlords oscar winning movie of boredom and get your acting fix and leave this fun B movie to the rest of us. #67 and #68, could not agree with you more.
  • Case
    what the hell. i'm watching it anyway.
  • thiago
    they were training like samuri
  • vegasdanny
    This looks like Bloodsport 3 crossed with American ninja 4! And thats NOT a good thing! lol haha did somebody say Power Rangers?? TRUE!!!
  • CaNGuRu
    Yeah, it looks that Scott has a movie made for show his acrobatic skills and his kicks. It looks like a good action movie. People who say that it's gonna be hilarious could shut up and watch it =D And after, they could watch Undisputed II and all the other Scott movies, I think that they change they minds
  • Trouble!
    fuck the hataz this movie looks sick!




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