Must Watch: Badass Trailer for Michael Caine's Harry Brown!

September 18, 2009
Source: Official Website

Harry Brown Trailer

Whoa! You thought John Travolta looked like a badass in From Paris with Love? Just wait until you see Michael Caine kicking some thug ass in this trailer for Harry Brown! A few of you may remember seeing some photos from this way back in February. A trailer appeared on the official website recently and it pretty much confirms exactly what I thought - this looks awesome. Unfortunately I missed seeing it in Toronto, but hope to catch it sometime very soon. It looks like Michael Caine is bringing us his version of Death Wish at the age of 76. Like the quote in the trailer, this proves he can still kick plenty of ass, no matter how old he is!

Watch the first trailer for Daniel Barber's Harry Brown:

[flv: 560 300]

An elderly ex-Marine looks to avenge his best friend's murder by doling out his own form of justice.

Harry Brown is directed by Daniel Barber, of only the short film The Tonto Woman previously. The screenplay was written by Gary Young, of Shooters and The Last Drop previously. In addition to Michael Caine, this stars Emily Mortimer, Liam Cunningham, and a number of up-and-coming British actors. The film just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this month to fairly positive reviews all around. Harry Brown is being distributed by Lionsgate in the UK, but we're not sure when it will be coming to the US.

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  • SICK! Feels like Taken. Caine is all quick draw and badass.
  • Peter Parker
    They bred Taken and Gran Torino, and created something new. I like the trailer a lot, and will probably see this movie. Michael Caine is Badass. Props.
  • Looks like Caine is back to his GET CARTER origins!
  • Shane
    The trailer was alright. But the second half had a terrible song choice.
  • Sabes
    Looks real good, except for the song in the second half was bad.
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    This will be this years Taken. It's been awhile since there's been a taste for simple action flicks with a moral. Nice to see this trend returning. Wasn't a fan of the song in the trailer either, but it's a British is obviously tailored for a British audience. I can live with that. Us Americans can't be the center of the world all the time 😉
  • xerxex
  • el
    This is really going to set a fire in the UK if it gets a wide release, estates are going the way of those shown in the trailer and without exaggeration, I lived in Stockwell in south London for a year, there was a murder a month in the area, mostly knives but several shooting, largely random postcode killings (you're not from here, you're fair game). I saw a guy pissing blood from a stomach wound, lying in the street beside a bus stop and a random kid was chased to the stairs of my apartment building and shot in the head as he tried to hide behind a tree. The police are seen to be doing nothing and politicians are looked on as part of the problem not a potential solution. A film like this I expect to cause some ructions, a lot of people will be cheering on Harry Brown.
  • Nick S.
  • wish they used another song though, lol.
  • daniel
    The Dark Knight + Gran Torino + Taken + loldongs + The Finest British Accent= Micheal Caine in Harry Brown.
  • Kalladin
    anti-ageism! nice!
  • Kevin
    Looks awesome. I loves me some Michael Caine.
  • Matt S
    Alex, I like your site all well and good and you seem like a nice enough guy, but darn it if you haven't made me despise the word "badass". PLEASE, the next time some form of advertisement (whether trailer, tv spot, poster, etc.) shows up, PLEASE, use a different adjective!!! Even if it has guns, cool one liners, and 72 explosions, just try and fight the urge. It kinda makes the user sound like they have no idea why they like the trailer, but it goes kaboom, so naturally it's "badass". Just an idea.
  • SlashBeast
    As if Taken was a revolutionary original concept. But thia looks nothing short of awesome. Michael Caine never disappoints and I doubt he'll start to.
  • bubblesrus
    Doesn't look that great.
  • mace
    the music in the second half is not bad maybe im bias cause im from the UK. the young guy who killed Harry Brown friend is British Rapper Plan B (Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew) he also starred in Adulthood. its good to see Plan B doing more film roles. heres the song from the trailer "Chase & Status ft. Plan B - End Credits" #8 your so right people getting stab because of postcode. thats fucking sad that cause you have a different postcode you get killed for it. gun and knife crime in the UK has gonr out of control big time.
  • smacky63
    Travolta hasn't looked "badass" since Saturday Night Fever. Caine on the other hand is always badass. Even at 85.
  • ha1rball
    anything with the name Harry in it is automatically "Badass" :-)
  • William Fitch
    I just got done watching Death Wish 1-5, then I see this trailer. Can anyone say "Death Wish 6."
  • lego
    i think i teared up a little
  • scm1000
    What this really resembles isn't Taken or Gran Torino so much as Death Wish with Charles Bronson. Every other movie with guys (or girls--The Brave One) on a vendetta to take out bad guys in vigilante justice owes a debt to Death Wish. Looks good.
  • risk
    Why is Michael Caine such a badass. This just confirms why I loved him.
  • Looks amazing. It just got on my must-see movies.
  • beavis
    this is a MUST WATCH. caine is good in everything!
  • ray
    u failed to maintain ur weapon, lol nice
  • DiR3ct
    Never mess with pensioners!
  • Governor
    Michael Caine is the definition of cool.
  • Aldonn
    OMG, when Michael Caine started kicking ass, I couldn't stop laughing. That is so awesome, I have to see it.
  • Robbie
    Sort of Gran Torino + Outlaw. Nice.
  • teevee
    Jack O'Connell (chair)! Guusshh. And of course, the badassery that is Michael Caine. I'm piqued! Although this whole old man/gang violence (Gran Tourino?) fad -- eh.
  • TediusTed
  • Spider
    Michael Caine bringing a major can of whoop-ass to the screen! I'm there!
  • Syphous
    This looks pretty damn good. However the song choice was awful.
  • Clover
    One of the greatest actors of all time....Hey Cage....Rogen.....Fraiser....Stiller....look at a real actor you HACKS!
  • leiner
    Yesterday I was watching (again) The italian job with Michael Caine. The gent was soooo cool then, as he is now, after all these years. I hope we can still enjoy more of him in the years to come, he is in great shape!
  • Crystal
    I don't understand why this is being compared to taken so much? To me is looks nothing like it, this looks more about justice than revenge. He's not trying to get back something that's been stolen from him, he's doing what the authorities won't in a society that's become unstable. Either way.. looks awesome.
  • LW
    Nothing says, "get off ma lawn you whippersnappers!" like a glock. :)
  • Squiggly_P
    @35. I've not seen Rogen in much at all so I won't comment, but those other actors aren't 'bad'. Rather, I think that most directors of today are shit and don't know how to direct their actors properly. Even some of Stiller and Frasier's roles have been very well performed. Stiller was good in Permanent Midnight. Fraiser was great in Gods and Monsters. Cage has made a ton of good flicks. I really can't figure out why people hate him so much. Not every actor is going to be in consistently great films, and even a great actor can't save a poorly-written character. Caine's career really just proves that the guy knows his own strengths and weaknesses and knows how to select his roles. Caine and Cage played off each other well in The Weatherman, by the way. I'm getting tired of people talking about acting, actors and filmmaking straight from their assholes. You probably couldn't act, direct or write your way out of a paper bag, let alone give any of those three any sort of worthwhile critique. "Dur hur hur you're not as good as Micheal Caine! Har har har!" Truly an inspirational nugget of wisdom. It's fine to have an opinion, but saying that an actor is a hack because they're not as good as Micheal Caine... well, fuck. That's like saying Craig Mullins is a hack because he's not as good as Rembrandt or DaVinci. And compared to your acting, Ben Stiller probably looks like fucking Pacino or Nicholson... or Micheal Caine...
  • Growing up without a dad turns young men into animals. Broken home = Problem Child. Looks depressingly entertaining.
  • Dee
    The Brave One, but instead of a woman it stars an old British bloke. I guess I'll watch it
  • dave13
    I don't see what the big deal is... *shrug*
  • Kal
    It seems the Chief "Chav" villain is played by rapper Plan B! I'm sold.
  • MK-Ultra
    Old men with guns, or fingers that look like guns. Michael Caine Clint Eastwood Harry Torino... coming fall "you'd better not wake them up"
  • Glass
    If YOU are Michael Caine, YOU are cool.
  • Dweezil
    The taming of the CHAV.
  • Amonnel
  • Shemah
    This looks awesome! Movies like this remind me of my late father. He looooved movies like this and of course, it's Michael Caine!
  • rachel
    i don't get why people slating the song??? it's perfect. it suits the film, i.e. BRITISH and is relevant unlike the plastic soundtracks to most american films. this is what we actually listen to- dubstep & dnb, not what some 50year old crank thinks we listen to- sh*tty f*ckn 50cent. so actually song choice is spot on.
  • SLee
    #4 I definitely agree with you there, they added 'Chasing Status' music in there for some reason. I think it's completely out of place in this trailer, I know it's just a trailer but still.........




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