Must Watch: Creepy Sci-Fi Pandorum Teaser Trailer!

March 4, 2009

Pandorum Teaser Trailer

Overture Films has debuted the first teaser trailer for Pandorum, the sci-fi thriller we've been following since late last year. A few weeks back, I posted some photos and complained about the synopsis that was released because it talked about "tribal warriors." Well, I take back everything bad I said, because this looks incredible! I really wasn't expecting to like this trailer, but wow, just wow, I love everything about it, especially the darkness of it all and the alarm noise and intimacy and everything. Even the way it ends isn't what you might expect - there's no jump scare, it's that claustrophobic fear that they capitalizing on.

Thanks to our friends at ComingSoon for being the first to let us know that this teaser hit. The panel for Pandorum held at WonderCon over the weekend was quite boring, and I missed seeing this trailer there, but I'm glad it has now arrived and looks as good as I was always secretly hoping it would. Check this out!

Watch the teaser trailer for Pandorum:

[flv: 512 288]

Two crewmen awaken from hyper-sleep aboard a spacecraft. None of their equipment is working, and their memories are incomplete. What was their mission? How much time has passed? Where are they? As they try to piece things together, they discover they are not alone, and the ship's new inhabitants - tribal warriors carrying crudely made weapons - are moving among them, intent on killing all aboard. As the space travelers unravel the frightening and deadly secrets the ship harbors, they realize the survival of mankind hinges on their actions. They must regain control of the ship before Pandorum takes over.

Pandorum is directed by German filmmaker Christian Alvart, of only the horror films Curiosity & the Cat and Antibodies previously. The screenplay was written by Travis Milloy, of Street Gun and Just Like Mona previously. Overture Films is bringing Pandorum to theaters everywhere on September 4th.

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  • Jericho
    Not bad... Looks kinda cool
  • looks like "dante 01"
  • Christopher M
    Dante 01 was awful...this looks more like Event Horizon if anything
  • It's nothing like Dante 01, which was indeed awful, I agree.
  • Looks kinda many times can you remake Alien?
  • wassssssuuuuuupppppppp
    Agreed #3. I was going to say the same thing. Alien/Event Horizon.
  • xerxerxex
    Good cast good thing they got Foster for this.
  • terry
    this is so lame it looks like Event Horizon well i aint surprise cause its been produce by Paul W. S. Anderson.
  • krupz2613
    Is it just me or does it seem to have a dead space kind of look to it for anyone who's played the game also im pretty sure i saw the same helmet thats in the game near the beggining of the trailer but the trailer was good i'm lookin forward to seeing more.
  • Im interested. But you know the crazy people are just other shipmates who went crazy I mean thats easy to call but the question is Why? dun dun dunnnnnnn...
  • ?????
    that looks pretty damn good
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Looks a lot like Event Horizon, imo. But Ben Foster is in it so I will definitely watch it. He's still way under appreciated, and I love seeing him doing more movies.
  • Seems B-rate to me.
  • woody
    looks kinda of dumb
  • Morbius
    Sweet. Not nearly enough of these kinds of films out there, so it better be good.
  • It feels a lot like the portion of 'Sunshine' when their aboard the first mission's shuttle. I'm interested, though I'm a bit too much of a pansy to be super psyched for this.
  • Matt Suhu
    once i saw the words "From the Producers of Resident Evil", my heart sank. this movie will suck.
  • Flowerbridge
    @#17 Matt Suhu - It can't be that bad.. at least it wasn't the producers of Resident Evil: Extinction..
  • dan
    looks "ok", but it's not something i'm needing to watch.
  • NeoSlyfer
    Reminds me of Dead Space, speaking of which note to self Buy Dead Space :)
  • Kevin
    It lost me at "From the producers of the Resident Evil films".
  • The Kid
    it looks decent, I love these type of space movies though, so I'll probably check it out just because of that.
  • Darrin
    This reminds me of Dead Space,lol. Any way it looks good.
  • max
    Looks pretty good, even if i HATE Dennis Quaid. Hope Ben Foster gonna get bigger and better roles, I like hes acting. Hes such a creepy and scary guy to watch in my opinion! Should be pretty entertaining-.-
  • pipo
    Looks really nice! I´ll keep an eye on it!
  • Richard
    Event Horizon + The Descent?
  • Fisherr
    Looks cool with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster together,I'll check this out.
  • Fisherr
    Event horizon+Aliens+Descent (Claustrophobic style)=Pandorum
  • normf
    Wouldn't they want to hide the fact that it was produced by the Resident Evil crew? Looks like meh to me.
  • zetsu
    it looks like a cross between event horizon,silent hill,resident evil,bit matrix,have to see full trailer to make up mind.
  • Lauren
    Dennis Quaid?? Huh... I like how they did the text in the beginning. *nod nod*
  • ????
    dead space movie kinda?
  • cheater
    hopefully not another PG-13 horrer movie want to see some real gore
  • Setebos
    The plot sounds an awful lot like the story behind Jim Dunnigan's 1980 SF board game "The Wreck Of The Pandora".
  • Shootah!
    I thought of Deadspace when I saw this trailer at first, but that game involves aliens that come from human bodies. That game is freaking awesome and I hope they make a live action movie out of that
  • az
    Feels so DEAD SPACE.. a rip off?
  • to #18,all the resident evil movies sucked.
  • SapphireD
    I'm surprised no one has made a connection to Cube. The death trap/maze part of it gave me that feel. There were other parts that did make me think of Event Horizon. I'd have to see more. If it's a bit more psychological and not too much gore, I may consider seeing it in the theaters.
  • Erin
    I just wonder how if you lost your memory you could realize everything you knew was gone?
  • sansan
    Ben Foster is an awesome actor, he's perfect for this thriller movie




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