Must Watch: Destructive Trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012

June 18, 2009
Source: Yahoo

2012 Trailer

Whoa! Roland Emmerich is giving Michael Bay a run for his money! The second full-length trailer for 2012, the apocalyptic end-of-the-world movie, has just hit and it is insanely awesome! I'm trying to contain my enthusiasm, but this is the point where I say screw all the negativity towards Emmerich, I love that guy, because no one else out there goes this big and this crazy with their movies. He really is showing us the end of the world with this one and I love it! You need to watch this, I hate to be so excitable, but this is one of those trailers that you need to drop everything and watch instantly! You won't know what's coming. Enjoy!

Watch the official trailer for 2012:

[flv: 596 335]

You can also watch the official trailer for 2012 in High Definition on Yahoo

An academic researcher leads a group of people in a fight to counteract the apocalyptic events that were predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar. Cast includes: John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

2012 is directed and co-written by epic German filmmaker Roland Emmerich, of films like Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow, and 10,000 B.C. previosuly. It was also co-written by Harald Kloser, of The Thirteenth Floor, The Day After Tomorrow, Alien vs Predator, and 10,000 B.C. as well. Sony Pictures is bringing 2012 to theaters everywhere on November 13th this year!

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  • Timothy
    Looks much better than expected, but I'm not sure it's still really anything to get excited about. It's the exact same kind of formula used with The Day After Tomorrow except with fire and what not instead of ice - it's more varied, but other than that it's the same. It can't be worse than 10,000 B.C. though, eh?
  • whomever
    I can dig it.
  • Nick Sears
    Sweet Jebus that looks crazy. Sure, I'm in. Popcorn movie extravaganza!
  • Tir na Nog
    That guy sure loves wrecking the White house,good trailer.
  • notalent
    Well, it does look epic (in an action sort of way). As long as it's better than the crapfest 10,000 B.C., I'm excited.
  • Richard
    I love Independence Day, the Day after tomorrow one was pretty horrible from what I remember and 10,000 BC was a complete joke. This actually looks pretty epic, I just don't know if I'm into the whole world begin destroyed thing again, because if that really happened everyone knows we would have no fighting chance in hell and all be extinct in a matter of months at the most.
  • bob
    sure it looks cool but it is likely that in that trailer we saw what are the coolest moments of the movie. the same thing happened with x men and terminator. besides, the day after tomarrow, 10,000 BC, and godzilla were terrible.
  • All I have to say is that everyone must die!! If there are any survivors I'm gonna be pissed... How the hell can you survive this!?
  • Fuelbot
    I was with you until John Cusack drove a car out the back of a plane. This looks lame.
  • Chris H.
    looks like a visual masterpiece We'll if the plot and the acting can keep up with how stunningly phenomenal those visuals looked.
  • xerxex
    Well after reading on 2012 this seems good but come on anybody with a brain can figure out that the Mayan calender ended not the whole world. Besides teh world has ended on so many occasions, nad they were days people expected. I for one will see this because it seems that Roland has really tried and passed because the effects were great and from what I saw the acting looked great. But what with the eerie voice saying "find out the truth, search 2012," well I did and there are so many other day the earth will die predicitions that this one is laughable. Sorry for my ass comment, on a cool movie but I don't care. BUT I WILL BE THERE OPENING NIGHT!!!!!!!
  • Chris H.
    ^^^ We'll see*
  • Joseph S.
    #8 Man i agree, definitely no survivors. :) I will laugh if this movie flops. LOL
  • Chris H.
    xerxex, if the mayan calendar is the only thing you found in your research of the 2012 prediction then you clearly haven't actually researched the topic at all. Mayan calendar is only part of it. The date they are referring to in the movie is taken from one of the oldest manuscripts in existence, written in ancient China that gave a specific date for the end that corresponds with the 2012 end of the world prediction. I'm not saying I believe it, but I'm really fascinated with old legends and mythology. Trust me there's more to it than the mayan calendar.
  • Sock Puppet
    I believe that CGI was done on an old Mac SE.
  • Trey
    everybody got to die...that was epic
  • urban kirk
    OH MY GOD!!!! that was pretty much the most intense trailer ever. And beats Transformers by a long shot.
  • tankmaster
    Y would u even want to attract attention to something that devastating?! haha...looks great tho!
  • Cosmic
    hahahahahahahahaha awww man..what? was i the only one laughing at this? mm..
  • Mike G.
    Why does Roland Emmerich hate planet Earth so much?
  • Phontsolo
    Ridiculous special effects! Well done trailer. Unfortunately that's probably all it's gonna be.
  • Phontsolo
    Ridiculous as in good. :)
  • suresh
    ALEX... this looks insanely awesome.. he really is bouncing back from 10000 BC ... this looks huge... But any idea bout the budget of the movie ? this looks huge...
  • xerxex
    #14 I with you on the not believing part but to me the end of the world will probably not be predicated it will just happen. But why in our life time! I wanna see forty dammit!
  • bart
    It's the feel good movie of the fall. This year's Little Miss Sunshine!
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    Emmerich is Hollywood's demolition man. He must have been the kid in the preschool who was always knocking down everyone's block towers. In addition to being the master of disaster, he's also got a habit of taking a good disaster concept and destroying it by making it into a poorly crafted film. With that said this looks pretty awesome for a disaster flick. Wonder why he didn't release it during the big money summer season. I think this film could have held it's own against the robot wars this summer. It would have fit nicely into an apocalyptic summer theme. Seems a bit out of place during the Christmas season.
  • Oblong
    #21 I know right. It really seems he is anti-earth. Perhaps he is the one that has set Venus on a collision course with earth.
  • qweqwu
    holly fuck
  • flybot
    vfx won't reach avatar movie but nice try roland. it's such a pity that you always forget to give your movies more depth than only destruction. watch out what cameron is doing. but hey!your movies are nothing wrong with watching a movie with the brain off.
  • Ryan
    The movie looks to overly religious. Maybe even preachy. Once I saw the Noahs Ark thing I was like "Really? Dumb." Cant really see myself seeing it.
  • Cat
    Looks pretty crazy.
  • mark
    sorry but this trailer sucks Roland Emmerich does the same old B.S. at least Michael Bay come with something different Roland Emmerich is a member of Scientology thats why he keep on destroying our lovely Earth
  • Moe
    It should be called Blowing Up National Monuments.
  • Andrew
    HOLY SHIT. This looks... ridiculous. I can't wait. IMAX?
  • Andrew
    Oh, and to 32: What are you talking about? Roland Emmerich isn't a scientologist.
  • Nthngmn
    Cracks are formed between man and god's hands......oOOooooooooh, symbology. shenanigans.
  • Shige
    #29. Because you have already seen Avatar yes ? Well share some of your wisdom here instead of going: this is crap and that is uber.
  • Kris
    #14 how does it feel to be a loser?
  • harrison
    shit happens... was that the twin towers the plane flew between?
  • mark
    35 how you know he aint a scientologist most people in the Hollywood industry are a member Roland Emmerich movies feel like an Scientology movie
  • ray
    #32 and all bay lovers, Stop bringing michael bay into everything, the guy is garbage, non of his movies are as good as independence day...
  • It's a Roland Emmerich film, so you can be guaranteed a few things: 1. Weakish plot with a massive Deus Ex Machina at the end? Pre-emptive check. 2. Main "everyman" antagonist with family problems? Check. 3. Corrupt or semi-corrupt government or authority figures? Check. 4. White House gets destroyed? Check. 5. MASSIVE epic-scale special effects? Super-check. I'm seeing this in theaters because I love a good special effects movie, but let's be clear - this will not be a "good" movie. Just a "fun" movie, or an "entertaining" movie. People probably won't take anything away from it except "hey, that was cool when [insert landmark] got destroyed!".
  • Peter
    Ok, what is it this time? Last time it was the weather gone wrong with the sea flooding manhatten and winter and ice storms. I can´t remember the quasi scientific babble, and why it all happened, only that it was a very crappy movie and the heroes were attacked by cgi wolves.
  • Icarus
    Wow um... that shot of the ceiling of the Sistine chapel splitting RIGHT between God and Man? Trying to tell us something Roland? Also, I LOVE the beginning of the trailer where he says, "Only... on Yahoo." for the win.
  • SmartGuy
    I wonder how it ends.
  • PJ H
    Will this movie be epic? Yes. Will it be amazingly good and a classic? No.
  • GREAT TRAILER! Whoa! I mean, Michael Bay is eating his shoes right now!
  • GTO
    Just from reading "From the director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow", I'm already turned off. Visuals are good, but it will be the same lame story and all 'Hollywood' moments like the one with the car jumping out of the back of the airplane at 1:50. Blagh!
  • Looks epic, a big screen must see. I am sure it could fall flat but should be a visual extravaganza. I am hoping for a good movie all the way around, always glad to watch Cusack.
  • teyhtr
    HAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHA oh man... I can dig this.
  • scar
    uhm guys....the music/score was AWESOME>>>>ANY names on that ....
  • bob
    number 38. james cameron is a much better director and the technology behind avatar has been in devolopment for over a decade.
  • Now THIS needs to be in IMAX. I love Roland's movies (sans 10000 B.C. which wasn't that bad, but not good either). I accept them as summer blockbusters and they deliever and this one looks like no exception.
  • Robbie
    Wow, this must be one of the most epic trailers I have ever seen =o
  • goosehorn
    YES!!!!! complete awesomness
  • Andrew
    Mark/41/33 (used to be 32, I dunno what's with the numbering these days): Are you serious? First off, this fairly comprehensive list doesn't include, for example, Roland Emmerich. Nowhere, anywhere, have I ever seen reference to Roland Emmerich being a Scientologist. Nor do his movies have Scientologist overtones. If he was a Scientologist, everyone would know it, 'cause Scientologists generally are, shall we say, less than secretive about being Scientologists. Do you know anything about Scientology? I do, and let me tell you, I have never seen Roland Emmerich or any of his films espouse any view that stems from Scientology. Do you think Scientology is all about 2012 or the world ending? 'Cause it's not. Second, you may have noticed that the above list includes what can most generously be described as several dozen people in the movie business. "Most people in the Hollywood industry" are not Scientologists. A few high-profile folks are -- Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, John Travolta, Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson), Paul Haggis -- but they are FAR from the majority. So... your random and idiotic statements are... random and idiotic.
  • dan
    just based on the trailer, this is a bluray purchase!!!!
  • Dan
    Gargantuan!!!!! that's all I have to say! ...oh last thing, there must have been some better black Presidents out there! Danny GLOVER!!!???? come on.....they could have put Freeman back in the mix - we wouldn't care that he was in Deep Impact.....but DANNY GLOVER!!!!????? haha Dan
  • Sleepykid
    I heard somewhere that there's a big revelation at the end (a la Knowing). But there's only so much mass destruction you can sit through without getting bored with it all. And it reminds me an awful lot of Deep Impact too. A $5 discount store purchase perhaps.
  • Dan
    #57....I am with you bluray for sure - but 'em special effects should be seen on the big screen though - it gets my 12 bucks this November
  • subzeron
    Epic ! , maybe the second part deals with the arrival of the aliens, and in building the military who have hidden the SDF-1
  • Dan
    Chiwetel Ejiofor would have been better as the President
  • Trailer looks great. Very epic. One of the better eye candy movies we've seen in a long time. Also, please consider joining this noble cause on Facebook:
  • Dan
    ...just cant get over the whole Danny Glover as President thing! - Christ, somebody help me
  • Roland Emmerich
    Hello Forum, Thank you for the great receive. And yes, I am going to kick Bay's ASS...yeehaa!
  • scar
    uhm guys….who composed the music this trailer...any news...please let me know ...
  • Rain
    Folks, I have some news for you ... the mayan prophecy does NOOOOOT state that the world is going to end. That is only ONE interpretation that has been applied to the 2012 prophecy of not only the Mayan culture, but other ancient cultures concerned with the same topic as well. The reason that interpretation gained so much traction is that it aligns itself with the views of so many people, and when people are given a piece of biased/ill-informed information that helps support their theories, they will run with it until they have convinced everyone it's reality. When people of the ancient cultures spoke of the apocalypse, they were speaking of "a lifting of the veil, or revealing," and nothing more - others have TAKEN THAT TO MEAN the end of the world. Don't believe me? Take a look at the Zeitgeist documentaries or any of the live lectures of Jordan Maxwell or David Wilcock, among others, and understand that you have only heard a single take on the subject. Honestly, do some (real) research and find out all the information so that you know to take this stuff with the grain of salt .... This is why I have a serious problem with a movie like this - many people will be exposed to this topic for the first time when seeing this movie and then go out of it and start screaming, "OH MUUHHH GOD! WE"RE GUNNA DIEEEE!" The point is: not necessarily ....
  • bored….
    same old same old. Sorry, but if you are comparing Roland with Michael Bay, poor little Roland wouldn't stand a chance. Harald Kloser is also a failure. Usually, the trailers for their movies look ok, but when you watch them, you can't even stay awake they are so immature and poorly-thought out. For instance: The Day After Tomorrow and 10,000 B.C.! Those were EPIC failures. THEY WERE SO UNREALISTIC!!! It was like 10,000 B.C. was contrived by a 5 year old or someone who knows NOTHING about history. All this excitement about this movie makes me wanna go to the bottle. seriously.
  • S
    Dude, this guy should run for Gov. of California next...
  • scar
    no wonder you are boring ....Bored.
  • jvj the Agnostic
    >>>>/////..../////^^^^..../< That code will save you from all destruction. Its 2012 fool proof! thank me later!
  • Brandon
    Nice Special FX reel you got there Roland Emmerich. What a suck fest. The plot is: A family stays together to fight the end of times...yawn.
  • Shige
    #52 Technology being in development over the decade..... Really ? Give me a traielr an interview or anything that supports that and I will believe you. Untill you have seen the actual movie do not come with the BS you heard in fan based rumors and fabrications. James Cameron is miles ahead of the hack that Roland Emmerich is. That, I give you.
  • Zeezee
    I don't scare easily but I'm not sure if I can go there.
  • Fisherr
    Waiting for this from a long time.
  • cody
    Cant you people get a fucking imagination..seriously do you think when Emmerich was thinking this is up he was wondering how realistic people would think it is or all the other retarded ass optimistic shit you guys came up with...If you werent put in awe with that trailer then your just as jaded and douchebag as it gets. I understand some of stances of common sense but take it for what it is a Special FX extravaganza. Its not meant to win an oscar or tap into the deep philosophies of humanity just to entertain. I can see how you guys think this is just another day after tomorrow but that was just like part of the earth getting owned not the whole thing now we get to see everything get destroyed. Also 67 get the fuck over yourself dont think I saw one guy say the world was going to end and that we believed in the calendar so your self righteous rant is pretty much not needed. Also mark my words the world wont end on 2012 but a very big event is still gonna go down.
  • carfonexdo
    hmmm religious undertones anyone? Looks like a modern day Noah's Arch, dont tell me they sit in that thing until the sun comes up and its all better again...lame
  • eric estrada
    wow that looks like the scariest movie ever. can you imagine how bad that movie is going to scare the shit out off all the people who believe that the world is ending that year. But little do they know the world can't end that year cause thats when the Avengers comes out so as long as we get to watch the Avengers then who really cares cause we will all at least die happy knowing we saw that movie.
  • Fisherr
    This is the third time for me to watch this trailer now...I would love even to go to the premier.
  • Tyler
    It's just CGI.
  • big r
    AHAHAHAHA #78 is hilarious. Im with you all the way!! Ill give this movie a chance, if at any time while im watching the movie i feel ''The Day after Tomorrow'' in there, im walking out!
  • mark
    56 Andrew for you to bring out wikipedia means you are a loser this list wont show every hollywood star a member Roland Emmerich is a Scientologists and i aint changing my opinion if you dont like what i said go cry to Roland Emmerich
  • -Peter-
    I CAME.
  • Rain
    @76 - I can see that you are not capable of trying to make a point without using profanity, meaning you are probably 14 years old. Hence, I will likelyy need to spell things out for you. The "... that we believed in the calendar ..." aspect of your response shows a mindful reader that you do not understand. It has nothing to do with believing in a calendar ... it's about believing in someone's interpretation of it. And despite your OWN soapbox brainfart, you still fail to understand the fact that there are people out there who see things like this and allow it to influence their world views. Why is that important, you ask? Because we all live together on planet Earth, and we all have to deal with the people who JUST KNOW that the world is going to end soon and, resultantly, might negatively impact others while they grapple with such notions .... @77 - I couldn't agree more ...
  • Nick S.
    another cheeseball popcorn flick... yay?
  • Tyler
    Yes I'm totally amped to see what a group of guys spent months on computers doing I'm so amped I may even pay ten dollars to see what they used their computers to make it definitely can't be any different than Independence Day or the Day After Tomorrow right? IDK maybe the world has to be destroyed in every Roland Emmerich for him to make money :p
  • icke
    2012 fear mongering!!! Must see! Emerich is God!
  • NIce
    the idea of it is cool, but a lot of this stuff just seems so far fetched.... the day after tomorrow with earthquakes and meteors.
  • Tyler Durden
    Roland Emmerich...destroying the world since 1996.
  • Luis M
    #71 I tried your code, and all I got were 30 extra lives in Contra...
  • Hitler
    FUCK YEA!!!!! I've come to wreck everything, god sent me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    Wow, this is truly "EPIC" . But funny considering the director.......Cant get enough of disaster flicks, and this looks so much better than the crappy Day After Tomorrow
  • DCompose
    I wish they took this idea and combined it with National Treasure.
  • Andrew
    82 -- god, you are painfully stupid. How 'bout this one, then? The top result for Roland Emmerich being a Scientologist? Why, it's this page, where you call Roland Emmerich a Scientologist for no reason. NOBODY has so much as put Roland Emmerich and Scientology in the same sentence other than you. So, like I said. Painfully stupid.
  • Tyler
    @ 94 It's this page cause someone wrote in their comment and google found that, not because of the original source.
  • Tyler
    fuck woops, <3 sorry
  • D
    Looks pretty hard-core. but how will the story stack up to the FX?
  • Really Mr. Emmerich? Honestly?? could you have come up with a more Schlocky, more over-the-top, more unbelievable piece of crap? If I had a dollar for every time how many times I saw some piece of ham-handed symbolism in that trailer, I'd probably have enough to make a much superior movie. Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb DUUUUUUMB.
  • Jonathan Jacobson
    What the fuck was that? That was beyond horrible.
  • Utterly retarded premiss. Looks like a ton of fun.
  • DoomCanoe
    i do not enjoy John Cusack... he's a terrible actor. I don't expect this to be as good as Independence Day even though the trailer is trying to make it look as if it could be. I also bet this trailer showed us literally every catastrophic action scene in the movie. but I'm going to see this, just because of how hugely amazing every scene will look on the big screen. ill probably sneak in
  • mark
    @94 how sad are you going to search on the internet if his an Scientologist when i called him Scientologist was part of sarcasm you never heard of sarcasm maybe you have not cause you are sad person crying about someone said something about Roland Emmerich you dont like grow some balls you big baby
  • Vic
    OMG THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Michael Bay must have crapped his pants when he saw this...
  • TheCoon
    #26 Did you REALLY just compare this movie to Little Miss Sunshine?! As for the movie, I'm a little skeptical but we shall see...
  • Kevin
    Wow, it's like Twister, Independence Day, Godzilla, Armageddon, and Transformers all rolled into one...that's NOT a complement.
  • Kevin
    OK, hate to post twice in a row but I commented before I actually read everyone else's comments. Are you fucking people serious? That was the biggest piece of shit trailer I have ever seen and you idiot fuckers are eating it up? Christ, I worry about this country sometimes.
    2012 Dec 21st is going to be the SHIT............................... IF I COULD TYPE WOW 5 feet high then I would
  • Vic
    Did the USS John F. Kennedy annihilate the White House ? Haha, only Emmerich can think of something like that, it's so cheesy and awesome haha 😀
  • w00t!!!
    I love that they still use ID4 as a reference! My favorite movie, well, action wise. Man this looks like it'd be great in IMAX. Insanity! Good old fashion movie fun. Stuff being destroyed with a plot that...doesn't need to exist. I hope the ending is the same as Knowing. Not the very ending but ya know...
  • Darrin
    we all know we paying to see people die and for the explosions, but not for the acting and the storyline.
  • Mario
    That´s how you defeat a transformer, colossal wave vomiting The USS Kennedy. I wanna see Optimus Prime stoping that, dont think so, why? because he is a tiny pussy transformer that´s why.
  • Angry Chief
    Finally! A freaking bone. I like it. Pretty standard extinction flick. I'll still see it.
  • Black Dynomite
    WOW!!!!!!!!!! I AM THERE!
  • M
    This looks interesting, hopefully there is some good acting.
  • Pffft
  • miracle disease
    Hi! I'm Roland Emmerich, Director of 2012 blah blah blah watch this EXCLUSIVE trailer ONLY on Yahoo! HAHAHA Now! that's exclusive...
  • Andrew
    Man, 102, you make me laugh. You just don't even know English, do you? I do feel a bit silly, now that you mention it, for arguing with a mentally retarded foreigner.
  • 2525
    damn!!! we're gonna die !!!! (sarcasm)
  • K
  • Stop the fight its a movie.
  • Eric
    i got a chill watching that. I'm definitely in.
  • adi
    to tell you the truth, like the first gives you a strange feeling... I hope it doesn't end cheesy...or the plot ain't cheesy. Effects looks awesome, overall it's awesome from what i've seen in the trailer. God i hope this won;t suck, i need a good movie so when i leave the cinema i would be like after seeing matrix or gladiator saying "Whoah..i got to see this again".
  • Roland Emmerich
    Come on people....I am trying to take away you away from today's problems......we'll all be dead by the time this movie comes out Nibiru approaches
  • 12916studios
    Yeah, but I have read the script, and it was absolute shit. That thing had plot holes so big you could drive a mountain through them.
  • Mark
    ID4 is still fun to watch, Day After Tomorrow sucked and 10,000 B.C. didn't interest me so I never watched. But Cusak + massive destruction works for me. I'll be there looking for a fun ride.
  • even though no one will survive this shit looks Crazy!!!
  • bob
    i love how they show cusak and his family about to get hit by the tidal wave. and as if a wave wasnt enough to destroy the white house, they had to ad a cruiser. all CGI nothing else. did anyone notice how there was about five lines of dialogue in that whole trailer.
  • Shelby
    It's too intense, It's too intense!!!!
  • I will go see this for Cusack but R.E. lost me after BC. I think the CGI is in the state it is because uhhh lets see it has 5 MONTHS before release!! Dont be so quick to judge peeps.
  • viral
    blow everything up along with cusak - the guy is a nic cage in the making, no idalogues just beautiful imagery of real destruction... go the baraka way no dialogues just epic music and epic destruction give it to us in 3d and IMAX and make a shit load of money... this looks visually spectacular....
  • Keith
    #3 said it best. "Popcorn movie extravaganza!"
  • Alison
    I was more excited about the teaser trailer. It looks like a remake of all his other movies.
  • D6
    Oh well, Roland Emmerich sure knows how to break stuff... :)
  • HellBoy
    thtz crazy sh*t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mars
    pleease tell me someone was smart enough to release this in IMAX 3D!!!!! IMAX 3D!!!!!IMAX 3D!!!!!IMAX 3D!!!!!IMAX 3D!!!!!IMAX 3D!!!!!IMAX 3D!!!!! Do it.
  • Ken Masters
    The geography of the Las Vegas strip is off. The hot air balloon is on the wrong side of the Eiffel Tower. So is the Venetian hotel. There is no Bellagio, and no sign of City Center, the new residence within Las Vegas. And if there is all that mess in Vegas I doubt the pyramid of Luxor would still have its light beaming when all the power lines are down. This will be up on the marks when then count the blunders in attention to detail of a movie. Anyway, looks like a fun movie so far. Only a full screening will be the final verdict.
  • . cant wait .
  • JoeG
    I lost words to comment.......SUPER!!!
  • WingcommanderIV
    I dunno, looked like way too much bad CG.
  • LV 428
    i just pooped a hamster!!
  • What do we reckon; film ends with a ship of survivors drifting off into space? An underground city à la City of Ember? John Cusack is revealed to be of Mayan ancestry, becomes The Chosen One and saves the earth? 😛
  • rafee
  • N
    Pah! Check out "Haeundae" from Korea. Now that shows ya how to do disaster.
  • mark
    #118 if im a foreigner or not is that an issue you f-ing racist idiot
  • Andrew
    Hahahaha racist? Do you even know how to read? I comment on your obvious lack of familiarity with the English language, to which your response is that I'm a racist. You're a funny retard.
  • Fercho
    The mayans does not predicted the end of the world, it's our interpretation feeded by our afinity to the world end, aliens, conspiracies, eternal twinkies etc. The fact is that the Mayan calendar ends on this date...maybe they just ran out of stones to continue or the writer was to tired to continue...or simply vanished before to finish...:) About the movie, this is just a popcorn stuff fueled by the buzz around the World's End WE DON'T NEED MAYAN PREDICTIONS TO DESTROY THE WORLD, WE ARE ALREADY DOING IT...
  • mark
    #145 wow calling someone retard make you smart or something you really got a sad life
  • Eric
    The Dresden Codex shows the earth being consumed by water. And others besides the Maya (Summerians, Hopi, Tibetans, Egyptians) belived in a 26,000 year cycle, which ends on December 12, 2012.
  • pipo
    The premiere should be in December the 12th in 2012! Haha! Nice destruction...the only problem is, what is Emmerich going to make films about after this? This is the end of his career. He is closing the courtains with a huge show!
  • DJ Calzar
  • bob
    the cgi isnt that good. it is harder to blend live action cahracters with cgi. that is why the matrix and the curious case of benjamin button were so incredible.
  • Lauren I love Stargate, I love Independance Day, Godzilla. I like Godzilla. Never saw 10,000BC. I am seeing this. 😮 I love the cast too! lol, 141 @ that last possibility.
  • cine_phil
    Only 12 years after the disastrous 'year 2000 computer problem' apocalypse already another one for earth, with probably the same impact... Well the action sequences do look nice, but let's not forget that there are still 90 - 110 minutes to be filled with other content, and we know this is an Emmerich film... Let's just hope that the movie will have some substance here besides the destruction sequences. (Btw., if the earth gets nearly destroyed in the movie, then Emmerich could easily make a sequel here - 2013, Mad Max style...)
  • brian barajas
    much much better than the first trailer, i still love independence day, ill see this for sure.
  • zwandaba
    I think I just shit myself
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Shit yeah! I am all about SFX extravaganzas. I don't need deep conversations and a historically accurate plot to enjoy myself at the movies. Fantastic visuals paired with popcorn work fine for me every once in a while. And THIS definitely falls into that category. Just leave your brains at the door, guys. 😉 I kinda wish Emmerich would have worked on GI Joe, then we would get more than a shitty looking Eifel Tower getting destroyed by even shittier looking green acid shananigans.
  • Seductive Flamingo
    This whole "end of the world business" just reminds me of Y2K. Anywho. Movie wise, eh why not.
  • The term "heavy handed" comes to mind.
  • Last Son
    Shouldn't this movie should be titled "The Day After Tomorrow After Tomorrow". I guess because Emmerich forgot to actually end the world in that first film that he will now actually end it in this film. By the way, what happened to Dennis Quaid? Emmerich is a hack. talk about repeating yourself!!
  • Bummer
    LOL @ #21. They should have called this Epic Movie. Oh wait, that's taken. No, seriously though, this guy likes to simulate such large scale destruction. In the words of Michael Caine as Alfred in The Dark Knight, "Some men- just want to watch the world burn."
  • twispious
    like his previous movies,it'll be one huge visual extravaganza but as many have pointed out before-in terms of having an original plot or fleshed out,relatable characters or even any good quality action beyond some mulit-million SE facade-epic fail. it'll be good,brainless fun don't expect much i guess
  • scm1000
    I like Independence Day and The Patriot but everything else he's done has been bad. That said, I'll probably see this, just cause this was the most absurdly over-the-top trailer I have ever seen. But what's this crap about the Maya being the world's oldest civilization??!?!?!?!
  • Does anybody know what music is used in the trailer?
  • Squiggly
    hehe, watching all of you guys fight over who's "better" - Micheal Bay or Roland Emmerich - is like listening to people argue about what parts of the Titanic are wetter. @scm1000: Yeah, everyone knows that those dudes in 10,000BC were the oldest known civilization. Honestly, tho, I'm not a huge fan of Emmerich. I do think he's better than Bay, in that his scripts and direction tends to at least attempt to give his characters a little depth and history. He tends to include many scenes that are just logically absurd, and it's hard for me to ignore things that are so blatantly, obviously goofy or wrong. Like the alien Macs in ID4, the totally absurd 'weather' in Day After Tomorrow, the way Godzilla just pissed in the face of anyone who was a fan of the original film(s) (the first one is a masterpiece and is much more than just a monster movie (The japanese original, not the goofy US version that cut it all to bits))...
  • tucamote
    what does it say at the end of the trailer...on the 2 of the 2012?????
  • Ajax
    SFX look sick, but the story is so chliched and boring that it makes my brain hurts
  • Rain
    @148 - Sorry, sir, but you are incorrect about the Dresden Codex. It shows predictions of flooding used in conjunction with agriculture (farming), among other worldly concepts of that time. Nothing more. And all of the civilizations did not believe in the idea of a 26,000 year cycle; they tracked a 26,000 year cycle, called the Precession of the Equinoxes, that does indeed exist. You got it right when you make the claim that this Precession, known as The Great Year or Plato's Great Year, ends on Dec. 21, 2012, along a couple of other related cycles that last much shorter periods of time. As response #150 pointed out, there are about 15 different theories about how the "world is going to end" in conjunction with that date (not necessarily ON that date). However, there are a number of other proposed ideas regarding what might be coming at that time that does not involve the destruction of the planet in any way whatsoever ... who is right, who is wrong? Time will tell ... (listen up, Cody, you may learn something here ...) 😀 @Tyler Durden - you're right on spot.
  • Pete
    Wow, that looks aweful. Not impressed with the ridiculous visuals like a lot of you seem to be. Will definitely miss this one in theaters.
  • jose
    It looks great especially with everything that is happening ass it said in the web bot program it might even be a real event but this movie looks good.
  • AprilCoolsDay
    Why does all most all disaster movies end with a survivor among the main cast (like a final girl in a horror flick) (The Perfect Storm being one exception)? This film looks like a good candidate to try "no final survivor! surprise!" ending again. The visuals already win the audience, so don't be afraid and try it, Emmerich.
  • coyo
    @43 so the main guy is the antagonist you sure. Don't use words you don't know to argue how lame a movie is. Yes it will likely be lame except for sfx.
  • NeoSlyfer
    I hope this isn't another Knowing
  • Looks super silly. Will defo watch just for a laugh.
  • Mungus
    suresh The budget of the movie is huge...200 000 000$.
  • Terrible destructioin on an epic scale - that's what cinema is all about. :)
  • Alex, Alex, Alex. This is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!! GREAT special fx, for sure. But I can tell without a doubt that any second something is not on the screen blowing up, crumbling under, or being tidal waved into oblivion, is going to be a painful moment in anyone's life for whoever gets tricked into seeing this trash with a wafer-thin story. Hey, he fooled me once with ID4, fooled me again with Goddamnzilla, fooled me with The Patriot, fooled me with The Day After Tomorrow, and he (the writer, Kloser) even fooled me with Aliens Vs. Predator. But fool me again with 2012 and get a single dollar out of me, and it's shame on my dumb ass. Not even my dude Chiwetel Ejiofor and dudette Thandie Newton (saw her name in the credits) can convince me to give this a try. 2012, the year not the movie, cannot get here soon enough for me. I, for one, will be grateful when Armageddon (see what I did there?) does come and wipe Emmerich, Bay, and Uwe Boll (who quite frankly isn't too much worse than those other two rich idiots) off the ass of this universe. If me and a few billion other people have to die to get rid of them, so be it. Fuck this movie, and fuck you Roland Emmerich.
  • Andrew
    So what you're saying, kevjohn, is that directors who make SFX extravaganzas such as this one without very good plots (even though you don't know if this will have a bad plot) should all die, because the only movies we should ever watch are The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Godfather Part III, and Cool Runnings? (See what I did there?) Why "fuck you Roland Emmerich"? We enjoy comedies with relatively weak plots that are simply excuses to make jokes; why can't we enjoy movies with relatively weak plots that are simply excuses for really, ridiculously cool special effects? Movies that are visual feasts tend to be really fun unless everything else is really, horrifically bad (see: Speed Racer). You remind me of the people who insist that abstract art isn't real art -- "Oh, my 4-year-old could have painted that Jackson Pollock blindfolded with one hand glued to his dick!" Oh really? Could he? Then why hasn't he? This movie has an excellent cast with several well-respected actors -- including Ejiofor, who has never made a bad movie in my estimation. The trailer looks great. The story might even be interesting. But it's the same guy who made The Day After Tomorrow and Godzilla, so screw him, right? Movies like this are meant for enjoyment, not deep thought. Not all movies are meant to make you contemplate the meaning of life, the universe and everything, nor to be shining examples of how you draw up a story arc. Sometimes they're just supposed to be fun. Oh, and Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich are both far better directors than Uwe Boll, who makes completely unwatchable films without fail.
  • Steve
    Well, kind of glad this is not really going to happen. World war in the short term, though......different proposition entirely, and consequences just as bad.
  • “Mankind’s earliest civilization . . .” Roland Emmerich you get a frowny face and a big “F” on your project and we shall see you for summer school to refresh 7000 years of pre Mayan history. Sadly such an epic failure (just 5 seconds of trailer – nice) takes much away from the anticipation of enjoying some popcorn while watching Hollywood’s latest cinematic rendition of the apocalypse. How hard is it to start a film with “blah blah blah (all true) . . .” . I mean it is not like the Mayan civilization needed any fabrication to give it credence.
  • im horny
  • neonblue120
    was more excited from the first trailer strange still hope it good though
  • Spike
    When World's Collide - George Pal
  • Lane
    Spike, When Worlds Collide is set to be remade too! And Forbidden Planet!! And the the Vanilla Ice motion picure "Cool As Ice".....! I just know you can't wait. I just know it....
  • Ha haahahaha!!! It's filled with "ironic" destruction, like the sistine Chapel splitting apart at Adam's and God's hands, and my favorite, the JFK aircraft carrier smashing into the whitehouse!!! hahhaha!! Oh roland, what will you do next?
  • Mikulus1
    We need to look at all the 2009 disaster movies as a collective whole. Forget about the individual movie plots but look at the main messages. Knowing: forget the plot, main idea is that a limited number of humanity will survive an earth cataclysm with a fewer number of those survivors experiencing first contact. Transformers II: forget the plot, main idea is that humanity had alien contact during the beginning of social evolution. Orion seems to be the key for something. 2012: forget the plot, main idea is the earth will undergo a cataclysm caused by a passing rogue planet. Here are some very graphic images to watch and enjoy. Star Trek: forget the plot, main idea is that something we take for granted can be fundamentally changed. Blowing up Vulcan was a radical move in Star Trek lore. Earth's normalcy was threatened next. The Road: forget the plot, main idea is that human to human interaction after a cataclysm will be brutal with people filtering towards different mindsets. Those who seek to help each other and survive as a community verse those that only help themselves and prey upon the weaker, sometimes literally. So, what are these writers trying to tell us? I don't know but I have my popcorn ready.
  • babygurl
    did anyone notice the words at 2:46 as the number 2 is flipping over? It says"....into a place...of apocalypse" or sumthing like dat...wonders what that mean?!?
  • Jedihale
    Attention! I have studied ancient Mayan for many years and it clearly states in the scriptures that you should go to the cinema and watch this film and stop moaning… No need to thank me
  • Wow, the effects look pretty amazing and pretty scary. I think I am too much of a wimp to watch. I will end up having nightmares. Mind you I don't think anything is actually going to happen in 2012, apart from the usual disasters the Earth has every year. Or do I?
  • Goudhamer
    Yeah like always the trailer is looking good, very good in fact. But you know Roland... Good moments in his films are made by CGI artists, and probably created by them. Roland : Destroy Vatican ! CGI artist : Ok. Oh I have an idea about Michaelangelo's painting fissured between God and men... Roland : Ya Ya... Destroy Vatican ! I cross my fingers, but the Mercedes/plane reminds me a Godzilla scene and the lack of imagination of M. Emmerich, which best film "Stargate" seems so far, and worst film ever (never saw worst than that) "10000 BC" so close.
  • 1977
    have you noticed , there is a black president on the movie and guess what . on 2012 we will have.......! exactly ! freaky coincidence don't you think.
  • Daniel
    I'm sorry, but this movie looks absolutely ridiculous (in the bad way). The part with John Cusack saying "What are the odds?" followed by a crap load of meteors bombarding him immediately afterward made me and my friends laugh our asses off in the movie theater (unintentionally, I'm assuming). Seriously, instead of calling this movie "2012", it should have just been titled "The Day After Tomorrow 2"....
  • Malcolm
    They're not really going to re-make Cool As Ice are they? That would really be a disaster movie! An people wonder why the terrorists hate us....
  • charlotte
    this movie looooks epic!! how old do u have to be to watch i?
  • Karl
    Hi !!! Awesome trailer! .. can't wait to watch it!.. STOP at the minute 2:59 .. says something like INTO A PLACE.... APOCALYPSE.. exactly in the number 2 of the title .. before the trailer ends .. anyway .. cool trailer !
  • Lair
    I don't really know why Mr. Emmerich gets so much hate from people. Maybe because he likes to destroy the USA and americans don't like their country being butchered, so they hate his films. I don't really know, but I have always loved his films. He always makes the best disaster movies. Independence Day, Godzilla (not really a disaster movie) and Day After Tomorrow were all epic, for a lack of a better word. And 2012 seems to take the epicness to a whole new level. Emmerich has stated himself that he aims to provide enjoyable "popcorn" entertainment to movie-going audiences. And that's all we need. Something easy on the brain after watching intense brain-flicks. Something that can be watched with kids around, without needing to explain everything to them. Im definitely going to the theater to watch this. Ultimate destruction on the big screen, how I've missed that.
  • Kris
    #191: Just go play your world of warcraft and stfu, you sound like an idiot. Seriously why would you laugh? I've neve rmet anyone that would lauh cause you thought a movie would suck...You and your friends are pretty unintelligent. I'm guessing your IQ is around 50?
  • The whole movie is BS. It's just Emmerich trying to get people to actually show up to see one of his tragically epic fails. " Lets try and end the world AGAIN. This time we can lie about Mayan astrology." This guy is pathetic. Maybe lack of originality is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Check out The site comments on the movie and links to a good site to disprove all the nonsense emmerich spews. The site is pretty funny too
  • Overit
    I like it. It says, I am unabashed, loud, violent, cheesy but hey - I know it. You think the White House destruction in Independence Day was shocking? Watch me destroy the whole world and every cultural, religious, national icon you have. Movie knows what it is, man. In the immortal words of NPH - it rocks out with its cock out. No false advertising here.
  • Chelsea
    For people interested in the MUSIC from this trailer it is Master of Shadows by Two Steps from Hell.
  • Yuki
    Since this is based on predictions from an early civilization, yeah, there will most definitly be some religious undertones to this movie... But at the same time this looks like a movie that will be worth seeing.
  • Yuki
    Since this is based on predictions from an early civilization, yeah, there will most definitly be some religious undertones to this movie... But at the same time this looks like a movie that will be worth seeing.
  • Kermonk
    Hey #11 are you stupid? Its not a damn documentary! Its just some excuse for smashing the world!
  • carlos garcia
    woooooooof can't wait for 2012 to arrive to puerto rico is going to be a fucking owesome movie....
  • Lokiluvcocky
    Wow. So exciting and entertaining watching 2 hours of bullshit special effects destroying the Earth and killing all life. Great fun for the whole family to escape the reality of life. I'm sure there's some corny, cute message to be made; especially when Cusack has the lead.
  • max s.
    Hey guys look JFK went back to the white house. hahahahaha but this looks like a pretty good destroy the earth movie
  • TexasGuy09
    Hope there's plenty of action to go with this.
  • TexasGuy09
    Better than any of Michael Bay's attempts at trying to annoy everyone.
  • Vlad
    Ooooh Andrew, you big ol' Scientologist you, you sound like an angry loser!......oh sorry ..... angry Scientologist i mean......
  • Vlad
    Ooooh Andrew(56), you big ol' Scientologist you, you sound like an angry loser!......oh sorry ..... angry Scientologist i mean......
  • Ron
    @209 Vlad... Or maybe the loser here is the one who responds idiotically to blog comments 5 months after they're posted?
  • Great Trailer. Great Movie. Roland Emmerich really knows what he is doing.
    HEY! What kind of fkking idiots are able to like this kind of Roland Emmerich crap. Oh my fucking god you people are a discrace to humanity and evolution. This Roland is a disgrace to his birth country, making the worst kind of brain-melt crap ever. Roland Emmerich die.




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