Must Watch: Explosive Trailer for Gerard Butler's Gamer!

May 10, 2009

Gamer Trailer

Over the weekend, Lionsgate debuted the trailer for Gamer, the next movie from Crank creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Even though this was actually shot before Crank: High Voltage, it's coming out later. The trailer was originally launched on Xbox Live, which is why this version isn't the highest quality, but it's the best we could get (for now). Even though I already saw this movie and I don't think it's as great as it looks, this trailer is a must watch because everything about it is pretty much perfect. I love the music, I love all the action, they really figured out how to market this well, and it even makes me excited again.

Watch the official trailer for Gamer:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the first trailer for Gamer in High Definition on Apple

Set in a future-world where humans can control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online gaming environments, a star player named Kable (Gerard Butler) from a game called "Slayers" looks to regain his freedom and escape the prison while taking down the game's twisted mastermind (Michael C. Hall).

Gamer is both written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the two crazy filmmakers behind Crank and the upcoming Crank: High Voltage. This was produced by Lakeshore Entertainment and is being distributed by Lionsgate. Game is tentatively set for release via Lionsgate on September 4th this year.

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    UNGA DO HA !!!
    dont know about this movie
  • d1rEct
    Might be ok
  • Cody
    If this is R I need a red band trailer before I decide its just 50/50 doesnt look really good but not that bad either.
  • looks good to me. Gerard Butler can pull it off nice.
  • This movie seams to lack some creativity, I will wait for it to be out on DVD and I will pay $1 to see what it is all about.
  • Tom
    looks kinda B
  • Kaiser
    This film is just another running man isn't it? I did not rate that trailer it looks like a cross between running man and death race, a combination which (in my opinion) does not do it for me.
  • mos
    halo 3+death race+running man= this movie
  • scotty
    is there a musical number in this film ? 2:22 (after the Michael C Hall graphic) looks alike a boy band music video. JAZZ HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • scotty
    sorry its at 2:02
  • Merc
    Heh, Dexter is the villain. Looks ok.
  • Marcus
    Haha, when it said Michael C Hall, I thought it meant Anthony Michael Hall (Breakfast Club / Edward Scissorhands). Total mistake.
  • ocp
    Running Man meet Death Race
  • Phizik
    as #9 said death race+running man
  • David
    iT looks kinda like a C Movie
  • Movie Fan
    Not a believable concept at all. Sorry. And before you say it, I will rent this, just for the "action" and I guess I will have to allow myself to have some suspension of belief in this silly mess.
  • ishteaque
    this one looks similar to Death Sentens and the Death Race, nothig more than that. TARMINATER SALVATION IS THE MOVIE OF THIS SUMMER DUDES.
  • Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook me!)
    #9 got it...but i'll check it out
  • The Condemned + Death Race + Running Man Couldnt they have thought of something better then "Inmates fighting for their freedom will be set free if they can survive a deadly game"? That idea is played already. The action looks intense but are they fighting each other and that's what the game they aer in is based on? If so, that's a retarded concept. Throw them in with our troops... that'll make for a good storyline.
  • BahHumbug
    First Game then Citizen Game and now Gamer? Are they going to settle on a title?
  • K
    Fuckin' Eh!!! That's looks bad ass! Looks like Running Man on roids! Love the Butler!
  • john
  • xerxex
    Looks amazing! And now its time for the only person who will defend this film! Alright first off quit comparing, yes it looks like running man, and thats not a bad thing Running Man wasn't all that bad, and come on it has a great concept people controlling people in a video game isn't really that far fetched, it can't happen in America today due to all the human rights issues at hand but isn't that the point of movies, to take the viewer to a whole new world? If not then people are crazy! But to me I doubt critics will like it, they basically only like few movies, critics are too political nowadays. As for me it looks awesome and I'll be seeing this opening night!
  • David Banner
    ah, cool Dexter is in it =)
  • xerxex
    Hopefully Michael C. Hall will have a dance number just to show his insanity!
  • jdslater1
    I liked the bit when the biker exploded in midair, nice shout-out to Hard Boiled. I'm there!
  • klturi421
    kind of reminds me of Running Man...
  • Diana
    wow looks great D: i love Michael C Hall
  • Fisherr
    Running Man+Death Sentence+Death Race+The Condemned+Advanced 3d Person Shooter=Gamer
  • jman571
    Looks pretty solid to me. I look forward to how they explore the relationship between Simon, the kid controlling Kable, and Kable himself. I think that Simon will eventually see what is so wrong with the game, and allow Kable to control his own actions once again.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I'm gonna watch it just because of Dexter being in it. And THAT show is fucking amazing.
  • Nick
    The first trailer looks better than this one. >.> This one makes it look like bland action movie.
  • Trevor
    This looks pretty tight but yeah I would like to see the red band trailer too before making a real decision on this movie
  • Adam
    I think that the cast should speak to the quality of the movie. Gerard Butler and Michael C Hall typically put themselves into good projects. But there are always exceptions to the rule. But it looks really solid from that one trailer.
    MADDNESS...................................... #9 hit the hammer on the nail.....Running Man meet Death Race
  • Bummer
    The lead character has my name (Kable). It freaked me out when they said it at the beginning.
  • dude
    was that MM doing the background music?
  • nem
    The only reason to watch this movie is Michael C. Hall, nothing else.
  • rolf
    wow fkamazing RV is the future !
  • Bryan
    This is goin to be horrible movie looks stupid.
  • Case
    halo 3+death race+running man= this movie mos on May 11, 2009 exactly.
  • Hank
    It's Death Race on foot. It must be the future - we have M16's and G36's that shoot energy bolts. Just a bit silly.
  • leslie
    Looks like another smash hit for Gerry, high energy lots of action!! Just the way we like it, keep on rockin Gerry.
  • leslie
    Looks like a lot of you who left your "comments" need to go back to school and brush up on your spelling!!!
  • vegasdanny
    As stated above....this looks far too much like the running man and death race to get excited about! I mean dont get me wrong...i love action movies....but i also like seeing something NEW! The plot to this is pathetic....but i do love Butler as an action lead and i think he looks like a badass! Ps. Why do we always have to Rappers like Xzibit/Ludicris/50 cent/Ice Cube etc in these movies???? they cant act!!!!!! Im waiting for a all Brit action flick....Staham Vs Butler!
  • Amy
    Another piece of multi-bum on the seat Hollywood rubbish... Wow! The idiots today can only be entertained by second rate acting, lousy scripts, pyromaniac FX, fanboi/fangal offerings and forgettable blockheadbusters... looosers... Then again the average intelligence of moviegoers to these multi-million $ extravaganzas is smaller than an ants... this is a compliment?!
  • This movie is going to ROCK! I worked on the set during the entire shoot and read the script. It's NOT like any of the movies mentioned Death Race, Running Man, etc.), although as it's a movie about what it's about, I guess there are some similarities. However, the actors, the story, the action, the stunts, the directing, SFX and cinematography, CGI will ALL make this a fun, exciting, powerful and kick-ass film. After all, it is written and directed by Neveldine/Taylor and stars Gerard Butler and Amber Valleta (with Michael C. Hall, John Leguizamo, Terry Crews, Keith Jardine, and others) all of whom were amazing to watch work and as cool off camera as they are on camera.
  • matthew
    Alex,you said the movie wasn't as good as it looks what is wrong with it?
  • Cravin
    I think it's going to be a good movie and can't wait to see it. Gerard Butler is a very good action hero.
  • graziela fric
    i love you gerry butler ele é o best em tudo parabens peloa seus filmes sao otimos




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