Must Watch: Final Trailer for Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat

September 10, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Trick 'r Treat Trailer

After endless delays and hesitation, Warner Brothers has debuted one final trailer for Mike Dougherty's new cult classic horror film Trick 'r Treat, which will sadly go straight-to-DVD in early October (go pre-order it now!). Here's the crazy thing - we first featured a trailer for Trick 'r Treat two years ago, in July of 2007, which you can still see here (it was on the 300 DVD). This thing has been delayed for so long, but I wouldn't hesitate calling it a near masterpiece, as it's absolutely brilliant (read my 10/10 review). One of my quotes ended up in the trailer below, near the end of it, so be sure to check this out and be sure to go see it, too!

Watch the final trailer for Mike Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat:

You can also watch the final Trick 'r Treat trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Trick 'r Treat is both written and directed by Michael Dougherty, who helped write the screenplays for X2 and Superman Returns before making his directorial debut on this. This was originally set to hit theaters in October of 2007, but has been delayed by Warner Brothers ever since, with a few small screenings building buzz. Warner Premiere has now set a straight-to-DVD date of October 6th, although Dougherty has been touring it around with small theatrical screenings. You can find out more info on those over on Facebook.

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  • name
    I've already seen the film @ 2009's MOTELx
  • And what did you think? Good, bad, what? :)
  • luishungry
    where can i see this movie in nyc!?
  • apa
    this trailer is kinda creepshow don´t you think? all the comic book theme
  • mick
    This looks awesome. If the movie is as good as that trailer im sold. This movie should do really well in oz as we like a good throwback to the classics. Hopefully if it does achieve a bit of cult status it might help revive some more decent horror
  • MoneyShot
    i have been wait so long for this movie. i can't wait to see it!
  • Seductive Flamingo
    I normally don't want to watch horror films buuuut this one intrigues me.
  • name
    @Alex: It was great!
  • d
    Hmm... I did like Pulp Fiction. I did like Creepshow. I do like Halloween.
  • JudasBarron
    Damn shame this is straight to dvd :(
    this is going to be BA! i have been waiting too long. i am going to go but it the first day it comes out
  • that guy
    Looks interesting to say the least.
  • Syphous
    I'm with #4 and #8, totally a Creepshow vibe. Multiple stories, comic book... I just hope it's better than Creepshow.
  • Trey
    ready to see it now
  • Stevo
    Four final destinations sullied the screen, yet this one won't get any play.
  • Spider
    This flick ACTUALLY looks bad ass. I just don't get why WB is sending this straight to DVD when we keep getting the same tired "Halloween", "Final Destination" and "Saw" crap. :(
  • DJ Sil3nt
    Looks good. I prefer my home theatre over the theatre for a horror anyway. Can't wait
  • Saw it at Comic-Con this year with about 4000 other people... I great time. Everyone was laughing and seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Definitely one of the best horror movies of recent years. I loved the way the stories played with your mind.
  • d'Oh
    Ops! Video not available!
  • Elroy
    The little pumpkin-headed kid sure looks an AWFUL lot like the little ghost boy in "The Orphanage".
  • Brandon
    About time!!! Not a fan of the horror genre, but this looks fantastic. What happened to the theatrical release?! Definitely looks like a Halloween classic horror film.
  • beavis4play
    looking very sweet! gonna enjoy seeing this one.
  • #19 - Video works for me, maybe Yahoo is just being problematic... Wish I didn't have to use their embed, try clicking the links and downloading in high def?
  • Kevin
    I just came. My spludge was apple cider.
  • This looks awesome...why in sweet jesus is Warners going straight to DVD? Is it something to do with the financial crisis? How come we get Halloween 2 the remake by Rob Zombie but when something original and actually scary comes across the studio holds onto it like a constipated turd... Speaking of which how does this compare to that other delayed horror movie Paranormal Activity?
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Hm...I wonder if Amazon has preorder yet? Blu ray!!!!
    Wow, I cant wait for the remake !!!
  • Kaiser
    This looks great, I love your quote Alex... FANTASTIC - nuff said! Kai
  • Bri
    fantastic fest...HELL yes!
  • thejugfather
    this looks freaking awesome!! looks very original but does seem to copy the creepshow feel....who gives a shit and i LOVED creepshow BTW!!! can't wait to see and OWN this one!!
  • Fisherr
    I have been waiting for this movie for sometime and it hasn't been released and when it gets released it goes straight to DVD?! That's total crap.
  • its has been soo long since this movie was announced and equally long since you reviewed it here very glad that that its finally gonna see some sunshine and get that dust off hope i get to see it in a theatre but if not a its a definete Bluray buy for me
  • over here in Australia we get it on DVD a lil earlier, and I was lucky enough to check out a screener. And yes, it's awesome. But this trailer kind of sells it as a flat-out horror film, which IT IS NOT. It is more like a horror movie spoof - although more along the lines of Drag Me To Hell rather than Scary Movie. It's still nice and gory, but not likely to give you nightmares. The highlight - a demented tribute to The Goonies that goes very wrong.
  • me likey likey this movieee please please do not make a sequel for this this really looks like its got a real kick 😀 i want to enjoy this movie and always wanna remember it as one hellova movie like the thing, the untouchables etc a stand out movie with no need to be disgraced by stupid sequels :(
  • Frank N. Stein
    No Blu-ray option where I live...but this movie ROCKS! Best "Halloween" movie since Sleepy Hollow all those years ago... Buy this, but if not, rent it.




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