Must Watch: First Badass Trailer for Ellen Page's Whip It!

July 15, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Whip It Trailer

Fox Searchlight has just debuted the trailer for Whip It! starring Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, and Juliette Lewis. This is that roller derby movie we featured some badass photos from only last week. It looks a little bit different than I was expecting, but still as badass as I had hoped it would be. I hate to make this kind of comparison, but it actually feels a lot like Adventureland, in terms of being a hometown kind of coming-of-age movie with that very indie feel to it. That's not a bad thing, and I'm still certainly very excited to see it. Ellen Page looks great, as always, and the supporting cast looks wonderful as well. Fire this bad boy up!

Watch the first trailer for Whip It!:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the trailer for Whip It! in High Definition on Yahoo

In Bodeen, Texas, the indie-rock loving Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page) finds a way of dealing with her small-town misery after she discovers a roller derby league in Austin and tries to join as Babe Ruthless.

Whip It!, which is not about that Devo song, is the feature directing debut of actor Drew Barrymore. The screenplay was written by Shauna Cross, of only Taking 5 previously. Cross also wrote the book that this is based on and plays roller derby as well. Fox Searchlight is bringing Whip It! to theaters on October 2nd.

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  • tankmaster
    Good to see a movie where women r in charge...It looks good, not funny just entertaining.
  • dexter
    The story is so predictable, depends totally on the cast. I'm not too excited might watch it on dvd.
  • Dylan
    Wow. I'm really amazed at how good this looks.
  • S
    Hahaha..."well, that and I knocked her up" & "let's celebrate mediocraty, that's fantastic". I'm glad to see this is a light hearted movie.
  • dom
    Must watch.. Really?
  • Sancho
    Ellen Page looks hot, but the movie just not my cup of tea. ill pass and maybe rent later.
  • 2+2=4
    I a getting tired of these lame formula movies. And you probably mean "actress Drew Barrymore"
  • clippers350
    Yes we get it. Ellen Page is the outcast, but I still think I'm cool rebel girl. Sorry but that role is already played out for her.
  • Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebookme!!!)
    EVE!!!!!! Ruff Ryders!!!!!, naw i'll watch this movie if it gets me sex.... Shout out to G.A.D!!!!
  • 2 + 2 = pescado
    “Must watch” don´t think so. “Bad ass” definitely not
  • cyn
    i just i saw the whole damn movie in the damn trailer. Cool reject rebel girl still plays well in the boxoffice.. easily identifiable but not original i agree. I do like ellen and drew though.
  • dqniel
    Holy stupid
  • xianmeltonx
    Holy awesome. Daniel Stern is back! Looks like it's gonna be a great directorial debut for Drew.
  • M
    must suck
  • real talk
  • dan
    i see the haters are here (as usual) on firstshowing..........yea, the movie does appear to follow a standard formula. EXCEPT that it's roller derby - and this is the first time i can remember that. i think this will definitely be worth a watch. i doubt i'll own it but, i know i want to see it.
  • Eric
    this looks really good. I can tell the movie will be hilarious, even with the sad attempt at putting jokes into the trailer, they should be funnier when actually watching the movie.
  • tits n tofu
    can't wait! wish there were some more derby girls of all sizes being portrayed but looks like it has a positive message and thats all derby has been for me!
  • its gonna be good. i might be biased because i skate but so what. roller derby is awesome.
  • Xerxex
    love that Daniel Stern is in this! And that Wezzer song love it too! "That's right celebrate mediocrity!" that line pretty much sold me.
  • Kevin
    It's like Coyote Ugly but with skates and punching.
  • Kevin
    Holy hell! I just realized that's Zoe Bell in the picture above...this movie just moved up a notch!
  • 51
    ben stiller made this movie already
  • PinkSushi
    box office bombbbbbbbbb
  • crumb
    Alia Shawkat, Ellen Page and Drew Berrymore in the same movie? Way too awesome. I'll be seeing this.
  • Lena
    How many SNL alums are in this thing? And I agree with one of the other comments about Daniel Stern coming back. I missed him lol. This movie has Little Miss Sunshine mixed with every other awkward indie comedy written all over it.
  • Anything with Roller Derby gets the thumbs up from me. Going to watch that again.
  • xCloudbox
    I'll see it. Ellen Page is adorable as always and the movie looks quirky and cute.
  • tterb
    I love all the guys on here thinking that hating on a movie with chicks makes them cool. It doesn't, it just makes you look weird to still think like that after being 9 years old. It looks good, and funny, and fun, and hot.
  • Oblong
    Hey #24, PinkSushi the box office can suck it, it has plenty of fucking cash to spare. Even if this is a box office Bombbbbb as you put it, its an indie so it will have a cult following.
  • yondel
    I'd willfully bang every girl in this movie - with skates included.
  • Looks really good
  • so emo
  • BVDR
    Women being independant and free spirited???? BLASPHEMY!!!
  • Tra la la la la di da
    ROFLMAO!!! "Badass" You don't know much in the way of slang do you Alex? This is definitely not. TO you it may be and if so, I think we learned something interesting today.
  • captain subtext
    MAEBY FÜNKE Shoutout! I'm not sold on that story, but with its cast and music it could be a winner anyway.
  • Oblong
    #34 Emo? whats emo about it? What does emo even mean!?
  • Joe Ho
    I just wanna see Ellen Paige punch someone in the face, and then see it 20 more times.
  • normf
    Cast and concept sound a bit like my version of what hell would be like. Can't even bring myself to click on the trailer.
  • Poeneenuin
    You know I this movie got me interested, up until I saw that faggot Jimmy Falon's face, then said fuck that shit I'm not gonna watch this.
  • At first I was not feeling this movie at all with thoughts of here goes Barrymore again ruining something that this time was one of my childhood guilty pleasures with her sometimes cheesey lameness. But then I think casting Page & Alia Shawkat for starters and most of the of supporting cast is awesome fun potential until I see Eve and I'm thinking yeah right then and there, "NO!". I used to love watching Roller Derby as a kid with my mom and I guess I owe it to our time together watching it to at the least watch this on disk. Due to Eve, sorry Dre, her casting ruined it for me. So disk it is.
  • Luis M
    "Whip It!, which is not about that Devo song, is the feature directing debut of actor Drew Barrymore." Shouldn't that be "actress Drew Barrymore"?
  • Felix
    Looks like a pretty good movie, Ms Page is a great actress and this movie seems to be perfect for her. Allthough I don't really like trailers to show me all the important parts of the movie...
  • Antioch
  • WangChung
    Looks pretty fun, and I haven't found myself disappointed by any movie Ellen Page is in "we're number two! we're number two!" haha...
  • Eric Shook
    This movie isn't about making more money off of Juno. This movie is about the resurgence of Roller Derby across America. It's a nitch film that really won't appeal to everyone, but for some; like the friends I have on the "Carolina Rollergirls", it will become a cult classic. No doubt. I can bet you a fat dollar that plenty of the advisers & extras in this movie are members of respective flat track derby teams across the U.S., this movie will be a who's who of less than celebrity cameos and "ooooohhh I know that girls" from various teams. This movie is a good thing. It's bringing some recognition to a sport that is really seeking the opportunity to be taken seriously. Let's just hope that Drew Barrymore's vision of flat track derby is a correct one. -Eric Shook
  • MajesticXIII
    First of all this movie is so ^#%@$@ stupid...and it's directed by Drew Barrymore!! You don't say! And I think we've had enough of this "megan-fox-like" silly expression ("badass") you so often use. If there was a movie so &&#%# stupid that could be described as "badass", "Whip It!" is so &@%@%@ stupid and lame, that the expression "badass" is like asking for a lot more. That's definitely not gonna happen.
  • Oblong
    MajesticXIII if you hate it so much why waste your time on it, you must be a clairvoyant to be able to see this as a failure already.
  • MajesticXIII
    yeah, tell me about it..sometimes i hate this ability
  • TLouise
    I think this looks great! It's got a cast I wouldn't have expected, mostly in Jimmy Fallon, but as long as it doesn't make Ellen Page out to be a cookie cutter role, than I'm looking forward to it. It's nice to see Drew Barrymore up for more than producer.
  • irreprehensible
    This is nowhere near Adventureland. Adventureland is like hostel (the tarantino flick) without the gore. This looks more subtle (less sex or lust) its gonna be cool, maybe not funny but entertaining.... yes
  • sorr
    this looks awful (period)
  • JussHaten
    I thought it was a good idea of a movie at first. But, after seeing the trailer I have to agree with #21.
  • MeMe
    I'll watch it since Kristen Wiig is in it.
  • Lisa
    I am really looking forward to this. I *love* derby!




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