Must Watch: First Full Trailer for Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2!

December 17, 2009
Source: Apple

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Remember all those Iron Man 2 viral clues we kept writing about recently? Well, once they were all put together, they unlocked this trailer (via this website). And boy does it kick ass! Paramount has debuted the first trailer for Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2 starring Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Don Cheadle. This trailer is mostly comprised of the same footage that Jon Favreau showed at Comic-Con, but it's polished and packaged much more nicely. This trailer definitely pumps me up, Iron Man 2 is going to easily be one of the big highlights of next summer. Watch this now!

Watch the first trailer for Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the first trailer for Iron Man 2 in High Definition on Apple

Iron Man 2 takes place only six months after Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) revealed his identity as Iron Man at the end of the first movie. Mickey Rourke stars as a powerful new Russian villain named Whiplash.

Iron Man 2 is directed by actor-turned-filmmaker Jon Favreau, who previously directed Made, Elf, Zathura, and the first Iron Man. The screenplay for this was also written by an actor, Justin Theroux, who became a screenwriter a few years ago and co-wrote the Tropic Thunder script. Paramount will be bringing Iron Man 2 to theaters everywhere starting on May 7th, 2010 next summer. See all of you guys in theaters next year!

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  • Trip
    Sweeeeeet! Looks awesome...
  • Dave
    Can't wait movie is going to be amazing
  • Shadoworen117
    HOLY S**T *creams pants*
  • NATE
  • Nate
  • Shige
    Now thats how you make a good trailer. No reavealing of the story, no moronic trailer voiceover and no CGI mastrurbation. Cant wait for this.
  • Cody
    YESSS YESSS!! OMFGWEROPgm]wer]g werg wr g wr gaer g wth y
  • will
  • gary m
    that was so awesome
  • Cody
    Ok now that Ive contained myself, that was one the greatest trailers Ive ever seen.
  • Antioch
  • movie mike
    Great trailler. Haven't been this excited to see a film in a loong time. I just hope it can deliver the goods
  • Hulk
    OMG cant wait for this movie, Im gonna watch this trailer over and over and over and over......
  • leon
    Fucking amazing trailer
  • Sleepykid
    How refreshing. It sold us the characters as much as the visuals. Result? F*ckin' SOLD!
  • I am Ron Burgandy?
    I'll be there opening day!
  • iron man fan
  • Matt
    hell yeah dude
  • max
    absolutely amazing! New suit= triangle energy source!
  • tazz
    great trailer War Machine look sick i cant wait to see it. dont you guys think the viral was not great at all TDK had a better viral to be honest. so Tony got the Extremis Armor so that mean the movie might have the Extremis storyline in the movie.
  • pipo
    Very nice!
  • ron
    War Machine. Where have you been all my life?
  • Jaf
    What did I just see? The truth
  • Dgeet
  • DX200
  • L1A
    Booo no Terrence Howard. Don Chode always looks like he's about to cry or taking a shit
  • Madnezz344
    ITS ABOUT DAM TIME :) I feel like a lil kid again :)
  • jake the snake
    they are giving away too much too early.
  • chekhov
    mickey rourke looks badass
  • Ryan
    Liked the trailer and very excited, but did it seem a bit anti-climatic at the end? I mean with the music and action buildup, it really just seemed to die down at the title.
  • Have Hope
    Am I the only one who sees a problem with Iron Man being turned into a mainstream comedy? This is a forty year old guy that used to make weapons for war. How is this a comedy? Or slapstick? Sorry, this is just on the wrong end of the stick #26 I am so with you. Don Cheadle is horrible casting. Almost as bad as Halle Berry as Storm. Terrence Howard IS War Machine. Don Cheadle is toooo serious. HH
  • GoodSir
    "I have successfully privatized world peace." YEAH!! Up yours, socialists!!
  • harold
    Great Trailer! But man...not having Terrence Howard sucks. It would have been more of a WOW effect instead of a UMMMM ok - Cheadle as War Machine, on that ending of the trailer. There must have been some serious bridges burned for Howard not to come back. The whole money thing isn't the real story.
  • Robert f
    At 2:08 seconds into the trailer you can see war machine, odd thing though it looks like he shooting at Iron man did anyone else notice this?
  • Traveler
    Apparently no one else thinks this looks really bad? I fell asleep during the first movie so I guess I wasn't expecting to like this trailer. But it really looks just awful. Yuck.
  • Have Hope
    I guess people are happy for Iron Man being a comedy, slapped on with CGI. I mean, this is what Spiderman should be like....not Iron Man. HH
  • germs
    No one should have anything bad to say about this. This is how trailers should be put together. If you feel any negativity creep into your mind, just remember that this movie is giving the fans (key word: fans. Not people like #35) exactly what they want.
  • Haeze
    Hey look, IronMan fighting more IronMen... again... I was hoping the next episode would be him fighting Hulk. I do have to give it a look for having Scarlett in it though :)
  • Kay
  • CS
    Oh, so THAT'S what it's like to be "pwned."
  • mike
    was that nick fury in that one part?
  • Joseph S.
    Nice. Trailer was kick ass!
  • Xerxex
    THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • arjones
    # 35 totally agree. This one looks a little better considering Mickey Rourke is in it but I won't pay to see it. I'll wait a snatch it from my cousin and check it out.
  • WhoKnows
    wow it was a good trailer, but most of you need to stop jerking off to it from what i'm reading from the comments
  • harm
    #34 - if you look higher in altitude you see there isn't just one but multiple "mini (minus the bulk and shoulder cannons) war machines. Just a guess, somehow Scarlett steals the Iron Man stuff to give to the army which is given to Sam Rockwells character to build and then thats who the real War Machine and Iron Man are fighting at the end of the trailer is bunch of those no name knock offs. But I might totally be wrong. But otherwise why have Scarlett in the movie at all?
  • harm
    Anyone wonder whats up with the skin creepy crwalies that are going on with Tony's chest?
  • Victor
    Oh My GOD!!!!!! That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  • Daniel
    #31 How do you think it's a mainstream comedy? It's just light-hearted, is all. Iron Man doesn't need to be as dark and depressing as Batman.
  • Efrain
    Do agree with the fact that the comedy should be toned down a bit in a movie like this. Don't get me wrong, if it was on the same level as the first it would be perfect, but in this one, so far, it looks like there is a lot. Also agree with comment of casting Don Cheadle. He IS too serious for this role. Terrence Howard played Rhodey perfectly. I just can't really see anyone else playing him even though i already have. Oh well. As soon as that War Machine suit comes on, I wont even give a F***!!! Aside from that, this just looks AWESOME!!!
  • FancyMonocle
    I know nobody agrees with me, but I thought the first Iron Man was extremely dull. Due to all the fuss, I decided to watch it again on DVD to give it a second chance, and I couldn't make it all the way through the second time. I don't get it's popularity. This was a decently put together trailer, but I know the movie will likely be as dull and predictable as the first. Go ahead, hate me.
  • harrison
    Fucking Badass.
  • Chris H
    kickass trailer. I can't wait to see Marvel's master plan start coming together.
  • N
    That final clip of war machine and iron man back to back was so so so so so badass.
  • Ajax
  • Faust
    #31 To me it doesn't come off as a mainstream comedy, Robert Downey Jr. just portrays Tony Stark as this cocky ass smart mouthed mother fucker that can do whatever the hell he wants to do... which he does and makes smart ass witty comments along the way... I thinks its great, cant fucking wait for this!
  • Buggy166
    so long as its not like crapformers 2
  • deltavoyage
    You know, I didn't think this trailer was all that great. It showed some interesting stuff (and I can take Mickey Rourke seriously as Whiplash now), but there wasn't a ton of exceptional material. It was just okay.
  • ray
  • Kyle
    This is the must see movie of 2010! Hopefully the biggest movie of the next decade! Love the AC/DC music in the background too.
  • Angry Chief
    Finally! A trailer that gives me excited chills! This looks to be quite entertaining! There is 0% that this is gonna suck. HELL YES.
  • username0110
    what the fukin hell wuz dat? I'm guessin dat it wont stand up to the 1st part...
  • Matt S
    Shit can't seem to get this trailer to work on my iPhone (c'mon Apple movie trailers!!!) so I can't comment on the trailer just yet. @51 FancyMonocle I (almost) totally agree with you about the first Ironman, I mean I kept my eyes open the whole time, but I never understood the majority reaction at all. Oh well, I still like Robert Downey Jr. a lot, hope this one's better.
  • taylor
    *geekgasms* omg that is sooooo damn good
  • Lazarus from Sparta…DETHKLOK RULES!!!!!
    Again I say this will own 2010!!!!!!
  • username0110
    i dont see what all the fuss is about
  • Matt S
    @ Kyle Wouldn't the next decade be pretty dull (film wise) if it's biggest movie happened at the very beginning??? I'd be bored.
  • Daas
    WOW AMAZING!!! *drools*
  • Andrew
    Looks fucking unbelievable.
  • PimpSlapStick
    Sweet Jeebus
  • Cody
    Yeah biggest movie of the decade is going way too far...I mean its the first year why would you even say something like that. I do believe it will totally own 2010 though.
  • Cody
    Also people who dont think this looks probably didnt read the comics and seeing all those BA characters come to life is a dream come true.
  • nacho
    waaaaarrrrrrrrr maaaaaaaachiiiiiiine!
  • Jeep-Fu
  • darthwhitey
    Mickey Rourke just isn't doing it for me...I hope I'm wrong that last scene with War Machine is pretty badass though!
  • shizz
    idk cgi looks pretty shitty in the end of the trailer also definitly not digging mickey having fucking whips WHIPS COME ON
  • shizz
    also i noticed in the end they were fighting multiple iron man armors
  • d1rEct
  • Yeah I could geek out on this. Bit comedy styles but I'd definitely watch it. No jizzbombs though, but robots don't turn me on in that way...
  • John Doe
    You know what, I didn't care much for the first Iron Man film. I found rather dull. BUT this trailer KICKS ASS! I'm really looking forward to this.
  • Verno
    ahhh yeah what they said!
  • T
    Oh MAN
  • With everyone calling this "too light-hearted", well I've read this movie focus' more on his alcoholism; so in addition with these enemies this time around by the end he'll probably become more serious and responsible for what power he possesses. But past all the call outs - THIS IS KICK ASSSSSSSSSSSSS! God I can't wait for summer already!
  • Donger
    Where those the shield man-bots I saw them fighting at the end?
  • luke
    i think mickey rourke will do a job so good on whiplash that like heath ledger for the joker he will win a oscar! he is on a roll na perfect for the dark brooding character. an that last scene of war machine an iron man fighting back to back was awesome! i mean that stole the trailer!
  • Tra la la la la di da
    I love idiots that because they show humor in a trailer it's clearly throughout the entire movie. These are the same geniuses that attack people for attacking their movies and say, "It was only the trailer." Still, I agree Don should not be apart of this. Oh well, to late.
  • dahmer
  • clippers350
    Talk about premature ejaculation!
  • clifford
    WAR FUCKING MACHINE BABY! nuff said, it looks like iron man also kicking more ass then the first one
  • CT
    Rourke's acting looks amazing
  • Mr Kyle
    At the end of the trailer (the shooting scene), Stark is wearing a new suit is it? the chest plate are different (round at the early trailer, triangular at the last trailer)
  • WOW! this one is pretty awesome! Looks like it's a gonna be a great movie.
  • Brandon
    Some plot would be nice.
  • Silver
    Cheadle will be good but will Scarlett??
  • zeldaprimed
  • alan
    well what can i compliment about the movies that has not been mentioned above thats all i want to say
  • giraffic
    my head exploded
  • carl
    oooo nooooes! im at work & we dont have Flash or Quicktime!!!! 2hrs till I finish & Ill be speeding home to see this!
  • Spider
    Holy crap! This is AWESOME! :) Gwyneth Paltrow is HOT! WAR MACHINE! Mickey Rourke!!............Btw, did anyone notice the dancing chicks dressed in sexy, short Iron Man outfits!
  • Eh, I agree, Mickey doing a Russian / New York accent really takes me out of it. Fantastically cut trailer, though. The logo shot with the guitar coming in was a very nice touch.
  • WOW.. awesome, cant' wait to see this movie...
  • Cody
    Uhhh new york accent?...his russian right there was fucking flawless what are you talking about?
  • Vic
    Why THE HECK did they replace Terrence Howard as Rhodey/War Machine... I hate it when they do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RedMan
    Still not happy that they replaced Terrance Howard. I don't care how much money he was going to make. It's stupid when they have some else play the same character in a sequel. That being said...Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
  • JimD
    Oh helll yes... and no puny emo music to boot.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st movie (it just felt a little short though) - so I'm very much looking forward to the second installment; bring it on.
  • Jimmy Love
    Jesus Efin Christ I just came!
  • Felix
  • Felix
    "Could we pick up now where we left off?" as initial line for the trailer – I'm so sold.
  • The Man With No Name
    I will be shocked if this movie doesn't gross over a billion dollars in just the domestic box office. I can't believe how amazing that trailer was.
  • Link1983
    Hell Yeah! Get Some!
  • LaRoux
    Meh. Looks like a video game.
  • Yamika
    O_O CAN'T WAIT : D
  • C. Pas
    Looks like a good year for movies. This, Robin Hood, Shutter Island, Alice in Wonderland, etc. I love the fact that you have Downey and Rourke, two guys who a few years ago were considered tragic cases. Now super stars. I love that.
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --This movie is going to be so sick!
  • Evo
    I have died and gone to Nerd heaven....
  • Oh my God! At last The War Machine! It's good to see him, fighting with Iron Man side by side! Great job.
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    that was fucking great,best film of next year without a doubt,i messed myself three different ways.ironman looked great,black widow looked sexy as fuck,whiplash looked alright and the scene with ironman and war machine fighting whom ever that was at the end looked fucking amazing can't wait.
  • me
    Badass!!!! What a summer: Clash of the Titans, Iron man 2, Eclipse(lol), The Last Airbender, Predators, Inception and who knows what else.
  • D.
    well... No point to comment... Just stunnig!!!!! Favreaus rock!!!!!!!!
  • K
    Somewhere Terrance Howard is quietly crying.
  • Solo Dolo Polo
    Should have been Don Cheadle from the start. Terrance Howard looks and sounds like a bitch.
  • PorknBeans
    Obama gives it a B+.
  • DoomCanoe
    #124 ha!
  • neonblue120
    pwnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right now i feel like a 90 pound school girl 😀
  • millerhawk166
    It's on! Hell ya!
  • F.C.
    WIN!!! "you complete me"! I'm soo looking forward to this!
  • Kevin
    Looks even better than I had hoped.
  • jono
    YOU COMPLETE am the dark knight and i fucking hate the way everybodys knows he is iron man
  • Papichulo
    I think I wet my pants!
  • Dude! As soon as I saw Cheadle in the War Machine armor, all I could do was yell "OH YES!!!" at the top of my lungs! I SOOO want to see this now!
  • dELVIS
    Mickey Rourke was born to play villains.
  • BinYe
    no hobbits, studly vampires or pubescent boys on broomsticks... I'M IN!!! .
  • Robbie
    Fucking amazing!
  • ironmanfan
    please stop me from watching this again...I can't !!!!!!!!! :) That's hot!
  • blue & orange ny
    #26 L1A, # 31 Have Hope and everyone else who's commented.....What can you do, whats done is done....hey maybe Cheadle will prove you all wrong, I do not mind giving him a shot.....anyway if it was Howard who else do you think would have been able to pull it off.... Now there must be more to this Howard thing besides money, shit why would u not want to be a part of something epic just for a few millions # 49 Daniel your comment doesn't make any one has commented that the movie should be dark, people are just rating how much of a comedy feel IM2 should have just based off this trailer......Now you nuts by saying that Batman was depressing, dark yes but never depressing lol your comparison was some what depressing IMO
  • K
    F'in Brilliant!!! Looks awesome! Can't wait! Should be a fun ride!
  • DCompose
    Whiplash reminds me of the Riddler from Batman Forever.
  • Matthew Hansen
    I am literally crying because that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! WOW i can't wait for that
  • Absolutely speculator!
  • Matt
    Brilliant! "You complete me" blew me away. RDJ is perfect for this role - makes me sad for whoever tries to take up the Iron Man mantle in 10 years time. "You've been delightful" by Senator Shandling was wonderful as well. Bravo Iron Man 2 cast and crew. Bravo. My only fear is in the ending - that the ending hinted at in the trailer is going to be like a video game level where iron man and war machine face 100 robots. If there isn't a human face there we haven't grown to despise, it won't work - other than that.
  • Victor
    Crysis rip off. Myckey Rourke will make this movie watchable though.
  • Trey m
    #141 What do you mean a video game? What better way to show off War Machine's weapons and team work from both them... then have them shoot up 100 robots This isnt a Rater R movie where war machine is gonna mow down 100 soilder with bullet proof vest on
  • tyrascilee
  • Daniel
    #137 I meant to type serious, idk why I said dark. The point: People are judging some of the trailer's humorous scenes as though the entire movie is going to be like that. Stark isn't an obsessed-with-crime guy like Bruce Wayne is; his wit and snark are going to show throughout the movie. That doesn't mean that it's slapstick or "mainstream" though. And TDK was sort of depressing, in the whole "battle for the heart of Gotham's citizens" thing between the Joker and Batman. Can't wait for this movie to get here. And I hope that Cheadle does well, he's a good actor :)
  • Matt
    #143 _ I only mean that I don't want a climactic battle to be against robots. Any climactic fight should feature a villian we've grown to root against durring the film - and one that is a physical threat to our hero. Robots aren't such a villian and neither is Justing Hammer (Sam Rockwell). I assume Mickey Rourke's character perhaps in some upgraded whiplash / crimson dynamo armor is what I would expect and hope for. Can't wait.
  • ceviche
    You complete me.
  • Kyle
    Maybe I've gone too far with Iron Man 2 being the biggest movie of the next decade. But surely Iron Man 2 should be the biggest movie released in 2010! Everything else looks crap compared to this soon to be masterpiece.
  • Cineprog
    its not abad trailer, for a teaser trailer.. the SFX look good by ILM... weather the storyline stands up to mutch i don't no but shall be looking forward to forthcoming trailer which i hope will be more story oriantaited. but not to bad for a first trailer.
  • smacky
    Awesome. EXCEPT for Don Cheadle
  • lamb of pierre
    Nick Fury. Thank you Favreau. And a bit of War Machine goes a long way. Terrance and Cheadle are virtually the same actor minus skin tone. No one wants to see the original get replaced, but I think we can all get past it. *cough* Cheadle will work wonders for this character.
  • Skeeter
    And...Boom goes the dynamite
  • Sean
    Hells Yeah!
  • War Machine and Iron Man look like they will kick some major ass in this movie!!!. I can't wait to finally go and see it at the movie theaters on may 7th, 2010 friday!!!.
  • Demonlition Man
    #152 Terrance and Cheadle are not virtually the same actor they both got different style of acting. the skin tone and features are different aswell. personally i like Terrence Howard as James Rhodes when they recasted him i was so pissed. it was sort of Terrence Howard fault for asking for loads more money anyway i hope Don Cheadle does well.
  • Marc21qw
    Pretty awsome
  • Alex C.
    Looks awesome indeed, and I'm especially happy because it seems like the sequel has all the qualities that made the first one so special. I just hope that by watching Jon Favreau's work, Roland Emmerich and other directors like him finally get a clue on how to make a big-budget, spectacular fiction movies that can also be fun, smart and cool, where special effects serve a (real) plot and not vice-versa, and that don't take viewers for retarded 12 year olds.
  • John
    More suits!!!!!! More girls!!!!! More bad assness!!!!!!
  • wHiskey Tango…
    Aww MAN!! They knew what they were doing when they cut this trailer. War Machine looks SICK
  • splinter
    ok first off31,35,44, none of you know entertainment value at all so your posts mean very little i am sure there are more who think the comical value should be toned down maybe so, but if you want to go according to the true character of tony stark he was a very sarcastic and playful character. on the better note this looks great count me in, who cares that he fights more mech's we get to see whiplash, black widow and fury leading to avengers so i am all in for this
    looks lame.
  • Kiii
    35 is right yall. This is so dumb. I fell asleep also.
  • A-retarded-12-year-old
    #158 Why is it always us? Why?
  • Christ
    Hell yeah!
  • splinter
    163 its called getting old, next time you may complain about about having to get up to go to the bathroom to much. 162 you aarra idiot
  • Aimee
    I never liked Ironman...... I find it rather pathetic.. Im just your typical teenager too. Ironman didn't impress the teens in Arizona. .... ... not looking forward to it. 166... calm down. sheesh. 163 im sure is a teen too.
  • AkErs
    lol 167, Arizona is too mature for the rest of the states. I thought the same. stupid.
  • Giily
    oh, good. Im not the only one with sense. Thank you so much people! I don't see how people see this as exciting. It looked retarded.
  • A-retarded-12-year-old
    #169 There! Again! *cry*
  • Peter
    that trailer made me pee my pants.
  • snoopy
  • mr man
    so this is what it feels like to cream your pants
  • O.O
    O M Fing G... this looks EPIC!!!!!
  • AL3X
    Cheadle way better actor than Terrance plus the movie is about IRON MAN....
  • Namelessssss
  • sk8andie
    sick look like the best movie in 2010
  • Estridad
  • Phailer
    What's up with everyone saying it's going to be the movie of the decade? I mean, come on, it's clearly going to be THE MOVIE OF THE CENTURY.
  • Ryan
    WAR MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yes!
  • Alan
    is it just me or does those electric whips remind you of ratchet and clank
  • case
    All I can say is.... FUCK YEAH.
  • Tony
    SO MOIST!!!!!!!!!!
  • np
    *51 I agree these Iron Man movies are a continuation of dull comic to screen movies. But, clearly there is an audience that finds much to admire in special effects.
    OMG!!! WTF!!! Cant't freakin' wait!!! Absolutely awesome and epic!
  • hearts4711
    that shit needs and i stress neeeeeeedddddddsssss to be IMAX
  • blahblah black sheep
    This will stop global warming
  • Months to go... can't wait... gonna be awesome...
  • tim
    Morning Wood.
  • jacob
    OMG 😀 -gasm-
  • JudasBarron
    Great Odin's Raven!!!
  • GD
    Zeus's Beard! That was AWESOME!
  • Nyce
    VERY NICE..........I'm pretty excited to see this movie cuz it will definitely kick ass.....
  • ismail
    i think i just jizzed my pants.... twice
  • DD
  • bman
    Okay trailer possibly a watch in theaters id have to see more
  • Kmart7843
    I just came
  • Jose
    apparently any asshole with a high school diploma can make there own iron man suite. ohhhh i cant fake being angry YAY IRONMAN 2 WITH MOTHER FUCKING WAR MACHINE
  • Cody
    @199 Umm...Anton Vanko is no average high school graduate. He was a Russian engineer who rivaled Tony Stark, and he made the Crimson Dynamo armor to prove he was better. After Tony told him the Russians are going to kill him when he's done with his work for them, he defected from the Soviets and went to work at Stark Industries. It looks to me like the Russians imprisoned him, but he still wants to prove he's better than Tony Stark.
  • Metatasian
    W A R F U C K I N G M A C H I N E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • yodawg
    hey was the bad guy whiplash? i wasn't rlly sure? but nonetheless the trailer is "FUCKING EPIC!"
  • tatsi
    that was tight
  • yowsaman
    omg! wooooot! only i would have rather seen terrance then cheadly as warmachine. o well from the moment the mask is on you wont even recognise :p
  • PixelatedNinja
    OMEGA F'n RED!!! What's more bad ass than OMEGA F'n RED ? Mickey Rourke as OMEGA F'n RED!!!
  • Artemis
  • Eat My Shorts
    douche bag with little shlong ^
  • lamb of pierre
    If Cheadle was the original Rhodey no one (except pure comic maniacs) would have argued. But for some reason, the first Iron Man was "BRILLIANT" and "BADASS" so people are attached in a weird way. I found it kind of dull. And I love comic book movies. Bring on Capt America.
  • subcelsious5g
    i like the mickey rourke part and war machine but like the first movie not enough action in the trailer. i'll prob watch this once when its on dvd and fast forward to the action parts everytime after. BYT since when did every1 love Iron man ? when Downey Jr. was casted? when i was younger the best superheroes were , Spidey , batman and superman. Iron man was like a second rate hero. Not hating but just speakin my mind. I didn't know much about blade either and that turned out awesome. I guess an iron man movie is better than no iron man movie.
  • Cj
    Love everything besides the fact that they replaced the Rhodey character not because of my love for comic books but just because I like consistency I was already picturing Terrence Howard as War Machine
  • Funny and true #123.
  • djxkorean
    Oh shit. I just orgasmed. There I go again, thinking about how fucking amazing this movie is gonna be. Oh boy, this is gonna last all day
  • Dean
  • Fisherr
    The movie is fuckin awesome. B A D A S i haven't said this word before, but this time its some much different. CAN'T WAIT!!!
  • Claizen
    Fuck yeah! Omega Red and Warmachine!!!!!!!
  • Fisherr
    I can't stop watching this trailer. SHIT! BRING THE MOVIE NOW!!
  • replicant
  • dzinea
    To be honest, didnt much care for the first Iron Man... but this trailer has definitely convinced me to see the second movie! Insanely good trailer
  • Syphous
    216. That is not Omega Red... that's Whiplash. Movie looks badass!
  • Syphous
    * Or Blacklash if you're a follower of the comics.
  • wow this is so cool !
  • Ashley
  • Barry North
    I have been very ill.............not been on line for several days..........feeling a little better.....well enough to go to First Showing.......... Iron Man 2 Trailer........Absolutely Amazing Feeling Much Much Much Better............ And all you whingers............F*** Off, for Christ Sake the Trailer was wicked, and the Movie will Rock
  • Michael
    OH MY !!! I can NOT wait to see it !! I saw 1st movie 3 times in movie theater and watched it on 48 inch HDTV with surround sound 3 times...Its ONLY Superhero movie I thought was believable could really the house is my dream home I'll be getting with help of my jillionaire mentor....(jillionaire is someone who makes millions monthly)
  • Shannon
    OMFG, yeah!
  • pj
    looks better than the first one
  • AL3X
    Fuck Terrance Howard, Don is better actor (proof? both were in Crash, watch it again and tell me who is better) The movie is about IRON MAN...NOT War Machine, I'm pretty sure he is gonna have his own NM movie and Howard is gonna regret
  • kankertje
    fucking goose bumps
  • Moe
    I kid u not i shit my pants, i litterly shit my pants, brb.
  • Your all assholes
    Lots of total douchbags on this thread...I mean site...I mean the internet. Seriously all haters can suck my dick I am so sick of the hate an negativity. Ever heard of if you dont have something nice to say then dont fucking say it. But I guess I contradict myself but still fuck off haters.
  • Rose
    I. Just. CAME! and had a mind-gasm!
  • abe
    holy crap! that was AWESOME! woot
  • Mil
    He dies in the end.
  • V!ktor
    IM GONNA WATCH THIS OVER AND OVER AND ... you get the point! 😀 woop woop i just Jizzed in my pants watching this! "Sigh".
  • Ozzie Davis
    Ugh. You guys are so creative with your joy. "Jizzed jizz jizzing" what the fuck? You sound like basement lurkers. Watch this movie tank and you regret all your ejaculatory exclamations.
  • Kyle
    Why would it tank? It's probably the most anticipated movie of 2010! Critically though the one to beat is likely to be Toy Story 3 given Pixar's track record.
  • Ozzie Davis
    Yeah, I figured it was time to face a bit of reality-- for myself and everyone. It's happened before. The Can-Do-No-Wrong directors somehow manage to let down the Geekdom. Though, it's usually the studio that fucks the movie. In any case, this thread smells like grown-man/teenage lusting for the bandwagon hero that is Iron Man. Bet most of these yahoos never read a comic. Fans are weird.
  • chad
    holy shit! looks like a kick ass movie, in particular MR's Whiplash character! i'll definitely pay for this one!
  • Bliss
    238-You're clearly not one of us and that's understandable! IM2 is going to kick ass; whether you agree with it or not! War Machine is going to kick some major ass too!Guess what? Yours is first! loll! 239-loll!Don't get too excited! What if you're invited to a free screening? You never know! :)
    seems gay
  • Alan Rickman's Lost Beard
  • msb
  • FanDeAirbender
    Best part of the trailer is Whiplash's part....and uuuh where is terance howard? i think they should've stuck with him....or had don in the first one....either way ima go see cause mickeys in it...
  • Sean
    Did he lose an arm after he got whipped?
  • Avatar FTL
    #241 You seem gay. A person that is gay over Avatar calling a CGI wet dream, gay. Pot meet kettle.
  • levi
    They really need to cut some of the cutesy crap out and make the movie more badass. Whiplash should not do the frickin' cha-cha if he really wants to kill someone. The beginning was too over the top and makes me want to wait for the dvd or bootleg version.
  • Iron looks great. I can't wait
  • daMamma
    Now that looks as exciting as the first film. Should be awesome!
  • jl
    All you Cheadle haters are just that...haters, Cheadle should have been cast in the first movie anyway. You'll be singing a new tune after this movie.
  • N. Gasieta
    Awesome. And though I think that T.Howard should've been in the movie; Don Cheadle IS a great actor. So I'm not sorry that Howard was replaced... However; Iron Man 2 seems to be (like Avatar) a great movie!
  • D
    @ #250: You like black periods?! I don't know who's more perverted: you or # 126 for wanting a 90 pound schoolgirl 😉 @ #251: I'm with you there. I'm really looking forward to seeing this, especially since I get to watch it before the Yanks do!
  • @252 Totally agree I thought he was brilliant in Traitor and people need to give him more credit
  • wow that will be awesome movie, love this
  • Ellz
    Terrible.... they freakin reveal EVERYTHING.... now no surprises.... C'mon!
  • The first film I saw ,..was good, hopefully this second film is better =)
  • iron man
  • gill 12
    Decades soldout and stale Hollywood. ---Hey! -who do you think is going to be the first to crack and 'fess up about Hollywood's decade's long sellout and suck-up with the direct and unrepentant heirs of teh most awesome genocidal monsters in history ---across the Pacific? ( 70 million murdered in 'peacetime' FACT ) Meanwhile we'll have to content ourselves with skilfull circle-jerk fantasies like this.
  • I really don't like the fact that Starks has gone all hollywood hopefully this plays into the story.
  • oyun hileleri
    It's good to see him, fighting with Iron Man side by side
  • max s.
    WOWWWWWW! Now this is what I call hype for a summer blockbuster, Hope this isn't some amazing trailer and then crappy movie (Transformers 2). Still can't wait for this. hope it'sbetter than the first
  • max s.
    Still wish Terrence was in it instead of Don, but hey if he pulls it off I'm all for it
  • tony




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