Must Watch: First Seven Minutes of The Brothers Bloom

April 23, 2009
Source: Hulu

First Seven Minutes of The Brothers Bloom

I'm breaking one of my own unwritten rules by bringing you this footage from Rian Johnson's The Brothers Bloom this wonderful morning. But that's because I absolutely adore this movie and I think this opening does a wonderful job of drawing audiences into the story without spoiling anything at all. You'll see exactly what I mean when you watch this. It's a brilliant opening anyway and really does set the mood for what is about to eventually play out within the film. If you don't want to go out in theaters and finish watching The Brothers Bloom after this opening, well, then there's no hope for you anyway. Enjoy!

Watch the first seven minutes of The Brothers Bloom:

The Brothers Bloom (Brody / Ruffalo) are the best con men in the world, swindling millionaires with complex scenarios of lust and intrigue. Now they've decided to take on one last job - showing a beautiful and eccentric heiress the time of her life with a romantic adventure that takes them around the world.

The Brothers Bloom is both written and directed by young filmmaker Rian Johnson, of the 2006 indie gem Brick. This first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year, where I gave it an 8 out of 10 in my review. Summit Entertainment will finally debut The Brothers Bloom in limited theaters starting on May 15th.

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  • Ally420
    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, loved Brick was already exited for this and now im dying to see this
  • nate
    Looks good. Love the one legged cat.
  • cine_phil
    Well I'd probably like to see it, but Hulu doesn't let me... (I don't live in the USA.) But not knowing the beginning has its benefits , too.
  • Trey
    That looked great!...looking forward to it
  • b
    This looks awesome! Totally going with my wife and daughter. Loved the production-design and that it's a little more grounded. Thought it might be too Royal Tenenbaum's but it's a great look. Think that was the narrator from Magnolia and Jesse James right?
  • Video not available outside US.. :(
  • Ripper
    And the Narrator from Arrested Development I belive. That was awesome i was not sure about seeing it before but now im sold.
  • Django
    I know I'm nit-picking here, but it still seems like all the oddball-ness of Wes Anderson, without any of the character, timing, or artful camera work. Which is probably what alot of "playground bourgouisie" audiences around the world are just waiting to eat up. Me? I prefer the original. Good music though. And I dig every actor in the cast. The only thing missing is the hand-picked from obscurity talent of Bottle Rocket infamy. And the rest is history...
  • Michael
    Ron Howard is the narrator on Arrested Development. This is definitely not Ron Howard. Excellent clip though.
  • Nice Trailer :)
  • kris
    before i watch this, didnt i see that you have some friends working on this movie or something? stop promoting things your even remotely associated with. it makes me want to through up in your face and physically assault your family. seriously.
  • kris
    he's nervously pretending to pray to jesus. ha this looks great, cant wait to see it in the theaters
  • BubbaHoTep
    The narrator sounds like Ricky Jay. A sly choice by Rian.
  • Trey
    The narrator sound like Andy Rooney from 60 minutes
  • Cody
    Wait a minute, So #10 you talk shit without even watching it and bash him for saying that its an awesome movie (By the way you might wanna spell right when your making fun of someone). THEN you actually watch it and say that it will be great. I mean are you fucking kidding me!? Normally this wouldnt bother me but peoples utter stupidity amazes me every day. Its not like Alex is making thousands off this movies success. Seriously.
  • The narrator is Ricky Jay. He's a regular player in the films of David Mamet ("House of Games," "The Spanish Prisoner," "Redbelt," et al.) and his most recent film is "The Great Buck Howard."
  • Mathieu
    Any chance of a YouTube version for those of us outside the US?
  • Mubariz
    Argh - damn thee Hulu!
  • Fisherr
    Video didn't work because i am out of the States region.
  • crAziemutant
    Looks like a lot of fun.
  • Mark
    Looks really good, I'm sold. And I don't usually even comment here.
  • Squiggly
    @kris #11: Before you try to think up the cool subversive insults, you should probably get your vocabulary lessons down pat. I know third grade can be hard, especially the fourth or fifth time, but stick with it and eventually you'll get that whole "through" vs "throw" thing straightened out. I'm sure Alex has a lot of friends involved in movies - the guy is obsessed enough to run a film website - so the odds of one of his buddies working on some random film that happens to be good isn't implausible. Is he not allowed to mention any film, no matter how good, because he knew one of the guys who worked on it? It's not like he's been shoving it down our throats nonstop the whole time it was in production. He mentions that a buddy worked on it, and a month or three later he shows a clip and says "it's good". What a fucking whore, eh? And don't bother to apologize for stuffing your foot in your mouth in the very next post... Jerk. With that said... Here's hoping it gets a decent release and some publicity, because it does look like a pretty good flick. That is definitely one of the better opening scenes I've seen in a long time. Can't wait to check out the flick.
  • The Kid
    Wasn't interested in this movie until seeing this clip, very cool. Brick was magic, so I'm happy he's made another film.
  • scm1000
    Looks great! but I have a question: If their last names are Bloom, why is the one brother's first name Bloom as well? Or am I confused?
  • Dare I say it? This maybe be too smart and too talented for the material. I think is a talented director to look out for.
    LOOKS GOOD!!!! Wonder what kind of cons they get away with
  • felip
    and once again, everyone outside the US won´t see it. why the heck even publishing it? put the post with some sort of region restriction, I don´t know. actually I would be SUPER happy if at least there was something at the headline, because I feel like the DUMBEST creature on earth when I click on my RSS feed dying to watch it (because I´m really looking forward to this movie) just to have a fucking notice on my face, saying that I´m not cool enough to have been born in the usa. (yeah, fuck you too, springsteen)
  • felipe
    I misstyped my own name. yeah, on a bad day. fuck it.
  • monster!
    Too bad I don't live in the U.S.A.




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