First Short Teaser Trailer for Sandy Collora's Hunter Prey

April 6, 2009
Source: io9

Hunter Prey Teaser Trailer

As promised, io9 has debuted the first teaser trailer for Sandy Collora's Hunter Prey today, and it definitely falls into the category of short 'n sweet. Hunter Prey is an indie sci-fi flick about a group of soldiers who crash land on a planet and lose their prisoner (sounds a lot like Pitch Black). There's not a lot of action in this trailer, just a few glimpses of it at the end, but it's great to finally see these guys in action and to know that the armor is more than just CGI - they were all practical suits made for the film. That said, I haven't seen enough yet to convince me this will be anything amazing, but it looks good so far.

Watch the teaser trailer for Sandy Collora's Hunter Prey:

[flv: 598 336]

The story in Hunter Prey follows a team of special forces commandos who must recapture an escaped alien prisoner after the military transport ship carrying it crashes on a desolate and hostile planet.

Hunter Prey is both written and directed by Sandy Collora, former concept artist and creature designer who brought us the award-winning short Batman: Dead End (watch it here). The screenplay was co-written by Collora and Nick Damon. Collora shot this last summer and has been working in post-production since then. The film does not have a US distributor yet, but you can expect to hear more in the next few months.

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  • Daniel
    looks kinda like a Sci-Fi channel afternoon
  • tankmaster
  • Xerxex
    good little taste, hopefully this will be something to look foreward to.
  • Matt Suhu
    Why is this a "Must Watch"?!
  • swisschez
    i agree with the first post. this looks below mediocre.
  • Rabs
    It looks okay.
  • -Peter-
  • raj
  • cine_phil
    Did like the beginning of the trailer, but not really the end. But I too hope, that this will be still something to look forward to. Btw, will there be a 'inspired by true star wars films' reference in the final movie 😉 ?
  • ?????
    i approve for now, the creature design is underwhelming but if the story is good I can overlook that...
  • ___________
    The premise reminds me of enemy mine, great cheesy sci-fi flick
  • I've never understood the fascination with Batman: Dead End. To me it was nothing more than a fan boys wet dream. Someone with some cash and access to talented makeup artists made a special effects driven short with no story. Not very impressive. Take away Batman and Predator and you have nothing. What's more impressive is orginal stories with original FX. I'm consistently blown away by the quality of these new talents.... and We will see more from both of these people. (They are under 25) I give anyone props for completing a film, but there are much more talented people out there. Hunter Pray film will have a hard time getting picked up. Don't expect a theatrical release.
  • It looks like Bobo Fetts vs an Orc. Hopefully this turns out fun, but this trailer isn't very good.
  • Jay
    I hear Boba Fett will make a cameo!
  • I like the costumes, dunno about the alien though. The typeface at the beginning was bad, why don't they get a graphic designer to do these things? Maybe they just got a bad one. I really liked parts of the Batman dead End movie, but it was pretty stupid when every character in the world appeared in it. Hopefully in this film we'll see if they are just making fan parodies or can actually make a good film.
  • flamer
    Bipedal aliens....Not realistic!
  • Mondo Jay
    ... hmmm... I was really looking forward to this film, have to say the trailer was a little underwhelming... but it still has my attention ...
  • Bezelbub
    Is this one of those Star Wars fan films? The Stormtroopers look pretty good. LOL
  • nate
    \Why is everyone being so critical of this? I think it looks pretty good. Sure its influenced by Star \ Wars... Lots of movies are influenced by other movies. Thats the way it works.
  • Bezelbub
    It seems like it might be worth a viewing. I just hope it's not a re-working of Enemy Mine.
  • Hey Ya
    Looks like 3 stormtroopers hunting Boba Fett but he was stripped of his armor. lol
  • I dunno. Looks a little cheap, but has a lot of potential, I guess. I second the first comment.
  • Scott McHenry
  • Jason
    Is this guy a buddy of yours or something? This looks like a student film, and I don't think anyone is going to mistake the "armor" for CGI. (?!)
  • cine_phil
    @ 12 Enemy Mine cheesy? Did you even see the film ?? This movie is classic, and its story doesn't seem to have anything to do with the one from Hunter Prey, except perhaps for the crash part. Enemy Mine and its effects might be 'old' (it's from 1985), but so is the Star Wars Trilogy (I mean the good one...). Just look at the comment section from imdb, that's not just a really nice SciFi movie for me, but for many others too.
  • TJ
    Is it just me, or does this look like a Star Wars knock-off? Am I missing something? The premise looks cool, but the costume and creature design could have deviated more than 10 degrees from Storm Troopers and Sand People...
  • Marc Giguere
    terrible. absolutely terrible. And i liked mutant chronicles!
  • Mr j Money
    "A sci-fi 2 night event.... "
  • say the least, liked Batman: Dead End, for what it was, don't understand why this is a must watch...
  • Matthew
    rent on blu-ray. go ps3.
  • dom
    Got potential... have to see when it arrives.
  • BigZero
    Looks good. Alex, dig this. U should really have a section devoted to up and coming talent, who haven't been signed yet to big studios. There's so many out there now, what with technology dropping barriers between big production and independent work. Great site, btW.
  • Quanah
    Alex, for God's sake. Are you serious about this looking "good so far"? C'mon dude. You've seen thousands of films. What part of you told you this might be promising? This looks like an awful sci-fi indie that I can catch on PBS.
  • #33 - I don't know, I guess I'm just saying I haven't lost ALL hope. I'm a sucker for sci-fi, and we've been supportive of this film all along. It doesn't look great, but I'll give it a chance when I see the finished film. Until then, I'm not going to instantly say it's bad and should never be mentioned again...
  • Said
    the effects dont matter, its the plot that counts, so this movie better not suck.
  • Caesius
    To #14 You're completely over analyzing Batman : Dead End. Take away batman and predator and you have nothing? Hm...obviously, being that they are the only characters in the short, save for the Joker. I'm gonna overlook that statement and mark it as you not fully explaining what you meant. but back to your over analysis, it was a 5 minute thing, he wasn't trying for a "WOW LOOK A THIS, AWESOME MOVIE", He was blending two worlds he loves to make a quickie to look "cool" and thats what it did, it looked freakin' cool. It got the hype because of the legality of the whole thing. You claim lack of story, again a five minute, worlds collide short, wasn't meant to have a whole story. You really expect too much. What about this isn't original? Besides the fact that the characters may resemble Fett, that's about it, it's an original story, which probably is paying homage to other movies, much like every movie today, being that there really is no genre or theme that has gone without something to accompany it visually. Just like the League, which borrows slightly from Watchmen, and Turbo, which although seems original in story, looks kinda lame. But maybe thats just me, I can't get into the whole "Hey if I win this game, I'll be like, so cool". It's a game. A game. A game. A game.
  • Rob
    Looks like a Star Wars fan film on Tatooine
  • JimD
    lol the aliens got a goatee.
  • Timothy
    How in the world are they making a whole film out of that concept?
  • neonblue
    takes palm places it gently over entire face *sighs*
  • To #36 Thanks for giving me the credit. Yes, I didn't fully explain. Like I said, I will give anyone props for making a short or feature film. It's a hard process and on the indie/student/short level it's a labor of love that requires slogging through a lot of crap to complete. I have respect for B:DE as a fan film, but I didn't see a lot of talent. It's not to say that the director doesn't have talent, but that it's not evident in the short. Why? Pre-established characters. Creating truly memorable and moving characters is difficult. B:DE has numerous established characters, so the writing becomes that much easier. It tosses a few known characters in a mix and viola, instant recognition. Brilliant, but it doesn't evidence talent. If it sounded as if I was coming down on the originality of Hunter Prey, then I apologize. The story looks unique enough to where I'd be interested, but I remain skeptical about the story. Now the director isn't working with established characters so we will see whether or not she is talented. My guess, based on the trailer and B:DE, is that the story wont hold up. I sincerely hope to be proven wrong. Turbo looks somewhat derivative. A martial arts story set in a video game world. However, it takes the risk of using new characters. My guess with the film is that the story wont hold. They rarely do in the student world. However, pair the director with a talented writer and... who knows. The League absolutely takes cues from the watchmen, etc... however, again, it establishes it's own world, which, from a talent stand point, is much harder to do than having a fight scene with established characters we know and love. It takes balls to make a unique (with respect to the characters) film.
  • Zso
    What the hell are you people complaining about?? This looks great!
  • __________
    @25 Cheesy isn't a bad thing. The film has dated and has its flaws but overall is a great flick, a homage to the golden age of sci-fi. I imagine this film will try to go a similar route. Crash landing, two commandos die by the hands of the prisioner leading to a showdown, resulting in either a mutual understanding or the survival of one character. Unfortunalty too much was revealed in the trailer. They should of held off on showing the prisoner, build some suspense.
  • Blake
    Looks like it had a production budget of $599.00 ROFL.
  • Fisherr
    They should have done a more big huge bad ass alien than this one like the one in "Outlander" or even bigger. I like the helmets. Don't look that bad to me.
  • kedi
    Why will i watch this crap? Just like a puppet show....
  • bozoconnors
    Hmmmm... interesting. I will say, it looks like yet ANOTHER standard case of - intergalactic cops crash landed on an uncharted alien world with a(n) escaped prisoner(s). This has been the crux, or a part of the plot line for countless sci-fi flicks - though, admittedly, I believe I enjoyed them all. 😛 Oh, and Enemy Mine was awesome. Writing/acting/directing/producing was pretty top notch for the day imo, and still stands up pretty well. Louis friggin' Gossett Jr.!!
  • Wow, how low budget is this? Fan made for sure. PASS.
  • cine_phil
    @ 43 Hm perhaps there has been a misunderstanding on my side, because I thought you related 'cheesy' to meanings like 'bad' , 'worthless', or 'tasteless'. (I officially give all the blame here to my online-dictionary ;-). ) I agree with you, the film really belongs to that golden age. Well let's see what route Hunter Prey will go. But I don't think they did show too much in the trailer, because we still don't really know where the story will go to.
  • Trey
    It looks just ok from what I just saw,.....
  • Eric
    seems to be one of those movies you buy after it hits the $7.00 price at wal-mart . thats not to say that it won't be a sleeper hit. In support of Alex, I to am a Sucker for Sci-Fi flicks but this is going to have to show a little more promise than what it has right now. as far as everyone taking heated sidesin the star wars look alike vein, yeah they do. but you can draw simularites in just about anything to anything. I will give this film a chance should it show me more but as far as the trailer goes it gets a 6 out of 10 from me. And as far as the batman dead end short goes I've never seen it but the girlfriend has been pitching it hard to me so i might go check it out.
  • twot
    cant believe i wasted time watching the poo trailer and leaving comments, but it looks really crap
  • scm1000
    Star Wars, much?
  • lando
    it looks better than the standard sci fi channel movies...
  • Movieraider321
    This looks a little better than most of the dribble that is coming out of hollywood. I support this film the costumes are amazing, and yes while they resemble some outfits from Star Wars(I being a huge fan boy myself) you should be able to look past it. I think this film at the very least will be a C grade entertainment movie, if not that then something to laugh at. Heres hoping.
  • Phil
    Geek alert! Geek alert! And whenever geeks are involved, you can bet it's all derivative. However, good luck to them; they made a film from their own sweat. That's surely commendable.
  • Nick S.
    *fingers still crossed* maybe they make better films than they do editing trailers...? yes? please god?
  • Syphous
    Oh boy... that looks like shit. It is just a teaser though, so I'll let the inevitable follow-up trailers try and change my mind.
  • Connachtman
    So you wont bother putting up the trailer for Passchendael instead you promote this shite???? Do us a favour and promote some good films like Passchendaele:
  • Fuelbot
    Does every movie have to be amazing? How about some good movies? I'll take that. This, however, looks pretty DTV.
  • Bizzaro
    This looks really bad. The hunters look like the clone troopers from star wars. Crap! Crap! Crap!
  • Ouch. I was excited for this but I have lost all interest. This looks way too low budget and I remember the director was quoted as saying that the CGI looked great and that it blended perfectly with the live action and all, but he was completely wrong judging by this trailer. I am very dissapointed.
  • Blarg
    I agree it doesn't look great. Sandy Collora, however, is a skilled special effects artist. I wish he was just better at directing and found himself a good cinematographer.
  • Icarus
    Does anyone else get the sense that this movie is about Clone Troopers who have to fight orcs in order to hunt down a Jawa? I'm just sayin'....
  • soloman
    This may be an okay action oriented movie. I can't imagine the plot is too terribly complex, and it does look like Mandalorian's Vs. Tusken Raiders
  • bugstomper
    It's Bobba Fett & The Sand People PROPS! LOL
  • liverhead28
  • darren
    Ya i agree, it looks like someone broke into George Lucas's garage and stole some Clone Trooper outfit's and made a movie. nothing in that made me the least bit excited. kinda felt like a weak attempt at Halo almost too.
  • Lance
    Boba Fett v the Jawas. Nothing new here. I'm suprised that M16's are in use in a galaxy far, far, away.... As for Enemy Mine, who said this looks like that? E.M. is already being re-made, if not finished already, by, guess who? The Aussies, just for a change. Steve Innes, Karl Urban and a few other not-as-well knowns, but suprisingly, no Sam Worthington. Isn't he the new go-to guy for sci-fi?
  • Give the guy a little credit. They shots look of the trailer look good. I don't expect a CGI miricle here but that shouldn't be a requirement. Good shots and an attention to detail should go a long way to selling the movie. I loved Batman: Dead End and this guy shows a lot of promise.




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