Must Watch: First Trailer for Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island

June 10, 2009
Source: Apple

Shutter Island Trailer

Paramount has debuted the first official trailer for Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Emily Mortimer, Michelle Williams, Max von Sydow, and Jackie Earle Haley. It looks like Scorsese has finally decided to take on Hitchcock head on, and DiCaprio may finally get that Oscar he's been waiting for. Shutter Island is the first movie we've seen anything from that is a big Oscar contender this year. And wow does it look incredible. The performances all seem exceptional, DiCaprio and Kingsley especially, and I really can't wait to see this story unfold under Scorsese's direction.

Does this trailer live up to all of your expectations? Let us know what you think of Scorsese's latest below!

Watch the first trailer for Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the trailer for Shutter Island in High Definition on Apple

The story of two U.S. marshals, Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), who are summoned to a remote and barren island off the cost of Massachusetts to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a murderess from the island's fortress-like mental hospital for the criminally insane.

Shutter Island is directed by prolific filmmaker Martin Scorsese, of everything from Taxi Driver to Raging Bull to Goodfellas to Cape Fear to Gangs of New York to The Aviator to The Departed. The screenplay was written by Laeta Kalogridis, of Night Watch, Alexander, and Pathfinder previously. This is based on Dennis Lehane's novel. Paramount is bringing Shutter Island to theaters on February 19th, 2010 early next year.

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  • germs
    Looks good! I read the book awhile ago and as soon as I finished I knew it would make a great movie someday. Jackie Earle Haley looks creepy as hell.
  • Matt Suhu
    looks great.
  • johnny rico
    ya, jackie earle haley looks very creepy... he's playing the new freddy krueger as well, non-stop with the creepyness... but this looks amazing!
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    Oh. My. God. This movie looks so great, im still speechless. Jackie Haley in this film looks so demented (in a good way), makes me wonder how hes going to tackle Nightmare on Elm Street. But im loving the special effects and cinematography...Martin Scorsese never seems to fail me.
  • Dan W
    Looks promising. Can't say anything about Oscars though
  • Dusty
    sweet sweet sweet... Love you Scorsese... DiCaprio... hmm.. not so much, but he will do fine
  • xerxex
  • David Wilson
    While the content looks great, I think the trailer could have been more subtle. Although I completley understand why they went for the more commercial feel, that's how they make their money. I just wish that more trailers were like that of District 9. Personally I think both these movies will be fantastic as well as The Lovely Bones, AVATAR, and Nine, starring Daniel-Day Lewis.
  • Kevin
    Fucking shitballs! That looks awesome!
  • josh
  • Stryker
    I think DiCaprio looks better than this than the trailer in the Departed made him look, and that was probably his best performance as of yet. I love that Scorsese's filmmaking has the energy of a fresh, new talent when he's in his 70's. I totally think this has Oscar potential (like that really matters).
  • elessar
    Is it just me or are a lot of fall films releasing their trailers earlier than usual. The Road and Nine had trailers in May, and the films don't come out until October and November respectively. Personally, I didn't expect to see this trailer until Public Enemies comes out next month. As for the trailer...Shutter Island is now firmly my most anticipated film for the rest of the year.
  • Awesome! Looks thrilling!
    13, These trailers are being released now to coincide with the huge summer tent poles that are being released last month and this month. After early July, all the big movies will have come out leaving the lesser films for the rest of the summer. Classically the Oscar contenders reveal themselves during the month of May...
  • tankmaster
    Looks pretty intense!
  • ocp
    DiCaprio has become one of my new fav actors
  • Fc
    looks AMAZING. hahaha very mind boggling. okay, i predict that Leo is actually crazy. and Mark Ruffalo is part of his imagination.... but, i hope it isn't that predictable. :O
  • Caleb
    looks excellent!
  • Cat
    Love martins work and Leo as well. Sounds sweet.
  • crAziemutant
    Looks like a good time! Love insane asylums.
  • miracle disease
    I couldn't help but agree with Fc (#18) and to add to that, I think Leo was the 67th... other than that, very interesting movie and of course it's Scorsese!
  • L
    DiCaprio is finally looking older and starting to fit into the rolls he's in. This looks very promising.
  • Jim
    Trailer looks exactly like what you would expect from Martin Scorsese. Excellence.
  • There's also another crucial point that no one has mentioned. This is based on the book Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. The man responsible for writing Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone. The book was incredible. And I think the movie looks incredible as well.
  • very excited for this one!
  • Mick
    This looks like everything you would expect from a well-crafted psychological thriller. The gritty, creepy imagery looks awesome and the characters intense. Please keep on making movies Mr. Scorsese.
  • I Wants Big Boom
    I have a feeling that 18 is right...right to the rent bin...damn and it looked good to...when you can guess the twist ending from watching the trailer you just gave up to much.
    what #16 said
  • Chris
    @23 - Yeah, he looks to be finally hitting his late teens 😉
  • brian barajas
    i see no oscar. looks fun though.
  • DoomCanoe
    Jesus Christ....I wish i was watching this movie right now.
  • scm1000
    I love Martin Scorsese but I wish he would stop working with DiCaprio. He wasn't very good in Gangs of New York, just okay in The Aviator, though he was excellent in The Departed. And he always has a different accent in every movie now, which doesn't seem to work for him. I mean, you can say technicallly gets the accent right, but it always sounds like he's talking with a fake accent--not like for, say, Ben Kingsly, who's different accents are always completely natural and believable and you never think twice about it. DiCaprio has had a few good performances, but much of the time he seems to be really expressive and intense but just slightly unconvincing--there's always a few points where it's just obvious that he's an actor playing a role. I don't know, my two cents. At least his track record with Scorsese says he's getting better. I really hope this is good and I hope the trailer didn't give too much away.
  • d1rEct
    sweet jesus, that looks cool
  • "Fucking shitballs! That looks awesome!" Same
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    Well if this movie does live up to the hype that its getting so far, then his film adaption of the book "Silence" is going to be just as amazing. The eeriness and creepy vibe from this film can well be translated to the adaption, and if the violence in this film is surreal and gritty, then i cant wait for Silence.
  • Dexter
    wow...that's one of the most intense trailer i've ever seen...looks awesomeeeee..
  • viral
    @33 Marty and Leo make a GREAT team. you say he was OK in aviator? i say that was probably one of his best roles till date... the point you make about him being an actor playing role... watch aviator again and tell me you dont see the madness of howard hughes in Leo's eyes. Departed he was great. Gangs of new york i couldnt care less but this looks like its gonna be a great year with Nolan's inception and marty's shutter island more power to Leo.
  • Kaiser
    Looks great although I would not have said it was a Scorsese if I didn't already know. It reminds me of Gothika and DiCaprio looks like he has his Dad's coat on! But I love the look of it and can't wait to see it.
  • dan
    HELL, YEA!! that looks great!
  • Bahumbug
    Wait a second, rewind. Scorsese has finally "decided to take Hitchcock on?" Yes Hitchcock and films were known for his suspenseful plots but his style and Scorsese's style have numerous distinct differences. The way he filmed Shutter Island doesn't even seem to echo any of Hitchcock's descent into madness type films (like Vertigo). And if you are going to use that quote just because Scorsese did a suspense/thriller film- you can technically find echoes of similar plots in The King of Comedy, Cape Fear, Bringing Out the Dead, and even Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver (argued by some to be in vein of a Hitchcock protagonist for the New Hollywood era of the 70's) all of which have either elements of a thriller or a mystery. I just really disagree with hyperbole for hyperbole's sake.
  • K
    I'm speechless! That was absolutley amazing! Great cast, looks like a crazy, twisted story. Another Scorsese masterpiece! I'm gonna watch that again...
  • Lokiluvcocky
    Not sure how he is taking on Hitchcock with this highly commercial and seemingly predictable thriller. WTF is so "Hitchcocky" about this trailer? I think it's just cocky.
  • D&S'S MOM
    incredable. great cast. Scorsese is awesome. OSCAR material!!!
  • ReadTheBook
    I hate to break the bad news here folks, but ask anyone who read the book. It's extremely well-plotted, well-written all around, and the characters and mood are fantastic. HOWEVER. The ending of the story is so predictable and also so much like a number of other movies that have come out in recent years, that I fear this movie will be a BIG let-down to a lot of people at the end. It looks fantastic, and I love Scorsese, Dicaprio, et all, so I will probably see it. But, I was kinda shocked when I learned that Scorsese had taken this on. It just seems to predictable of a "twist" ending for him to have signed on for it. Audiences are used to looking for twists in thriller mysteries and I think this one will be figured out by most before it happens.
  • Bunny Lebowski
    Shawshank meets Silence of the Lambs! Can't wait
  • Drew
    holy ballsack! Scorsese is a fantastic student of cinema history he can make any style of film he wants. He has such a grasp of formalism and aesthetic nuance from his favorite directors and films, he simply can't help paying tribute to past masters in his films, all the while making them uniquely his own. The trailer seems very Kubrick-Lynch-Cape Fear. And Max Von Sydow FTW!! I cannot wait. And DiCaprio is a fantastic actor, you haters. The Aviator gets better and better with every viewing. He owns that role and your ass!
  • virgil
    looks incredibly good
  • loved the book, hopefully the movie will do it justice
  • Movie Fan
    Reminds me of Jacob's Ladder. So Scorsese is doing a psychological movie? Very interesting, not what I was expecting at all!
  • ReadTheBook
    I agree Drew. Can't understand how anyone can watch any of the recent DiCaprio films and not think we're watching a great actor in his prime. Is it just leftover vitriol from the Titanic film and all the teen girls that liked him then, and not us?
  • Drew
    readthebook, I think your right. DiCaprio is really in his prime now and his last several roles have been fantastic. I thought the DiCaprio-Titanic backlash was over a long time ago, but some jealous guys simply can't get over it. DiCaprio was a great actor BEFORE Titanic (What's Eating Gilbert Grape) and still is people!
  • Mike Meehowski
  • K
    #46... Good call!
  • Richard
    Hell yeah looks awesome! Scorsese is back to form!
  • Reminds me of THE BLACK DAHLIA. Looks awesome.
  • Fisherr
  • Jasonmd2020
    Gotta dissagree with you #46. Shawshank meets Jacobs Ladder. And maybe it was the period it's set in or the location, but did anyone else get an H.P. Lovecraftian vibe off of this?
  • Bob
    Scorsese's take on Horror? Looks cool
  • Blaise
  • Blaise
    after reading a little bit of info about the book...umm i take back what i said earlier. i really hope scorsese did something amazing with this if not it will be refurbished crap with very predictable "plot-twists"
  • GTO
    I already know the ending to this movie: DiCaprio dies!!! Nah, seriously, it looks pretty decent. I've grown to like Leonardo's acting.
  • hobo slim
    Leo is just a wittle guy, but he no fwaid of ghosties!
  • Bahumbug
    #50- Scorsese has been done several "psychological" movies since 1976. What are you talking about?
  • eric
    let me guess leonardo is the 67th soo obvious
  • Movieraider321
    I am really not sure. This one seems a little bit more intense that Scorsese's usual bag. I mean don't get me wrong it look cool and all, but then again it is a horror/thriller esque movie this one seems to be leaning more to the horror aspect with all the angles and lighting they used. And while I have never been much of a fan of that genre, I think this looks like an interesting flick to say the least. However I don't think this is oscar worthy, it really doesn't fit with their usual shtick.
  • MegaTom
    I am 67!
  • AprilCoolsDay
    That is what happened when Jack tried to change the future.
  • McKenzie
    Scorsese is the best, and Leo's top 5, no way this movie isn't awesome. First horror/thriller movie worth seeing in a good decade.
  • ReadTheBook
    Just so everyone knows, although you my think so from the trailer, this is in no way a horror film. If it's true to the book, it will be a very intense psychological thriller until the very end, which was a HUGE letdown for me, because it is very much like a number of endings to other recent movies. However, some folks really like the ending, also, so it's a matter of personal taste, I suppose.
  • LW
    Okay, let me know if anyone agrees with this, but this is what it sounds like: Leo: Hey, I'm a cop. Let me in. Doctor: Okay *goes in* Leo: Let me out. Doctor: Why? You think you're some sort of cop? Leo: Nooooooo!!!
  • MCB
    Oh my... excellent cast, excellent director. The trailer looks so good! Leo is certainly well past his corny, youngster 'Jack' days and is getting better and better. And Kingsley, well, I don't really have to say anything about his acting talents, do I?
  • Dan
    DiCaprio keeps getting better as he gets older. I never thought he will leave his archetype from his young cheese films, but he is proving me wrong.
  • ReadTheBook
    Can someone please explain tom me what these last two comments mean?? When did DiCaprio ever take "corny" or "cheesy" roles? He broke onto the scene as a possible Oscar nominee and never looked back. The only possible thing that I can think of is Titanic, but that's just one movie, and not only that, but there was nothing cheesy or corny about his acting or role in that film. It's just that guys hated him after it because it was a romantic movie. He was fantastic in it. Does no one remember "Gilbert Grape" or "The Basketball Diaries"??? What the hell??? Corny???
  • ReadTheBook
    BTW, I realize that he was in some TV shows and a low-budget movie or two as a child, but are you seriously going that far back?
  • jocoloraci
    The ending got a pretty good reception at the recent test screening.
  • This looks amazing. Huge Scorsese & DiCaprio fan. Can't wait until it comes out.
  • DoomCanoe
    lets all thank the ass hole known as eric aka #65 for pointing out the obvious and ruining the movie. my 11yo brother guessed that, along with everyone else. BUT NO ONE SAID IT BECAUSE IT RUINS THE MOVIE! go to hell and burn there
  • jbaker475
    It looks damn great, even if it falls short of "Oscar material". However... <<>> What, did everyone just turn a blind eye to the "Nine" trailer?
  • wow this looks like it's going to be incredible...can't wait to see it in cinemas later this year. DiCaprio looks like he gives an amazing performance.
  • LEO is a very serious actor. From a Boys Life to the looks of this thriller. The collaborations with Scorcese are first rate. The next one will be SINATRA
  • Val
    This film will get The Oscar
  • big S_mella
    This movie WILL suck, I assure you...Yet ANOTHER detective who investigates the mysterious, only to confront his own personal battles (a.k.a. His Former Wife & child, now Dead, coming back to haunt him). Boooooooorrrrrrrrringgggggg! How many millions of times have we seen this? The only thing this will get an oscar nod for - if anything - is if Randy Newman plays a song at the credits LOL!
  • really?
    What do you mean that he's taking on Hitchcock directly?
  • really?
    Or "head on" I mean.
  • Smasher
    Rather than taking Hitchcock head on, I think Scorcese is probably just tipping his hat to him. Check out the Psycho direct-on shot of the shower head, the ghostly embrace from Vertigo, the cliffhanger (literally) from North by Northwest. Just a few, I'm sure. Can't wait to see it.
  • David Banner
    Scorsese doin' a friggin' horror flick?-about damn time! :)
  • oh it's gotta be awesome. can't wait till october.
  • desiree def gonna go see this
  • mike
    i love martin scorsese, hes my favorite director ever.
  • Hsa
    I never saw Scorsese filming a thriller or a scary movie. I am looking forward to seeing it.
  • majella
    Think I'll wait for this one to show up at the library!
  • Does anyone know if a similar movie has been made? When I saw the trailer it felt like I had already seen this movie before...but I can't find anything to support my memory. I have not read the book for shutter I don't know how the story goes? But I am torn that I feel like I have seen this movie (or one similar) before and I can't figure it out. If anyone knows please help me. Thanks!
  • kgd
    Peggy, I know I have seen a very similar movie too!!! Just can't remember what it was called, but was almost identical to the plot here.
  • hillary
    I had the exact same feeling like deja vu! If you find out please post!!! It is killing me>>> as it was exactly the same.




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