Must Watch: Full G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Super Bowl TV Spot!

January 31, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

Well that didn't take too long! ComingSoon has debuted the full 30-second TV spot for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra - which gives us our first-ever glimpse at finished footage from the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. I'll admit I'm very impressed by the look of this. Sure, it may be incredibly over-the-top, even pushing heavily into the cheesy range of things, but that's part of why this look so damn good. That's what G.I. Joe is known for (remember those cheesy cartoons?) and I expect this to just be ridiculously fun. What more could you ask for?! All of the action looks quite epic and exciting and that's what I just want to see. Enjoy!

Watch the full G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Super Bowl TV spot:

[flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/GIJoe30-480p.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/GIJoe30-480p.jpg 598 254]

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is directed by big action filmmaker Stephen Sommers, of The Jungle Book, Deep Rising, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Van Helsing previously. The screenplay was co-written by both Stuart Beattie, of Collateral, Derailed, and 30 Days of Night, and Skip Woods, of Swordfish and Hitman. The movie is based on Hasbro's G.I. Joe line of toys that first debut in 1964. Paramount will premiere G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra in theaters everywhere on August 7th, 2009 this summer.

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    Looks sweet.
  • Heckle
    Ok i was pessimistic about this movie so far but that looked nutz. Might be good.
  • michael sean
    I hope I'm not the only one who isn't feelin it for this movie.
  • taurinh24
    WoW! it looked like it was going to be meh, but now, I AM EXCITED!
  • Spider
    This peaks my interest and the women in this flick are HOT! I'm there!!
  • Bash
    Looks tasty. Is that John Cena doing the voiceover?
  • Hafid
  • rblitz7
    visual effects don't make a movie soooo hopefully its not one big CGI fest buuut on the other hand they do look quite badass.
  • wrongturn
    Yeah!, G.I Joe is all about the the CHEESE. Anybody who says it looks horrible because it looks too cheesy really doesn't know what Joe is all about. With saying that I'm actually pretty exicited about the flick now, but I really wan't to see more footage. Also The Baroness is HOT. :) Peace Out !
  • LeeMan
    i'm waiting till tomorrow to watch this. builds up the excitement
  • LeeMan
    oh who am i kidding that was amazing!!!!!!!
  • Nate
    It looks good but I can't watch anything with Channing Tatum in it.
  • Robert
    Looks excellent !!! Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow fighting!!! If this had come out when I was a kid, I would have really been freaking out! Still, I can't wait to see this, it looks phenomenal. Special effects look as good as, or perhaps even better than The Matrix. And I must agree: The Baroness is so very hot and luscious !!! :)
  • jep
    Gotta admit, it does look better than I thought it would...
  • Dexter
    Wow, this looks great. Though im turned off by That Tatum guy. He can't act at all, always reminds me of Steven Seagal.
  • Susana
    haha cool
  • Farris
    Looks like so much fun. Wish it wasn't buried in August though.
  • Bob
    Meh, I liked it. I mean what do you expect from a modernized GIJoe movie anyway?
  • Darunia
    Looks sick. I get the same vibe as i did from Tranformers. Awesome fun.
  • Cody
    There better be a guy with duel 45s
  • angry
    I'm the only one who doesn't want a cheesy Joe movie that holds true to the cartoon? I feel like the loneliest man on Earth.
  • expecting more
    Looks very lame, turn off the sound and watch and you will agree, but great if you are 12 yrs old.
  • NeoSlyfer
    Twitches in the LEFT EYE! OMG!!
  • I wanna see cobra.
  • Josh
    Kids movie, very very disappointing.
  • Matt
    It better have a PSA.
  • Boo-Yah
    For a movie without much hype, I think that could create a lot. What are some people expecting - this to be an Oscar contender?? Take off your prissy glasses and look at this for what it should be - a fun, entertaining ride. Can't wait to see more Sienna...wow!
  • Matthew
    This looks super bomb, that's right "SUPER BOMB". Hopefully it is rated pg 13 or r but I know that's pushing it. The action looks fun, I smiled and well damn... I can't wait to hear, "And now you know! And knowing is half the battle!" LOL
  • The Delightful Deviant
    Wanted part 2?
  • bltzie
    I'm with you #25! I wanna see cobra commander!
  • JS Chan
    WOW this is going to be a fun and explosive movie!! To #22 and #23 what kind of Joe movie are you lookin for, an Osar Nominated film of some sort? Listen to #28 he has the right idea!!!
  • Darunia
    #26 It's GI JOe, what were you expecting? Shindler's List?
  • Matt Suhu
    i still have my reservations...there was nothing "cool" in this trailer.
  • Al
    way WAY too cliche.
  • craig
    transformers ROTF will rape everything this summer!!! FACT!! superbowl spot+ friday 13th full teaser here we come|!! ;-))))))
  • Lacey
    O. M. G. - Can I just say that Channing Tatum is SMOKIN HOT and I am sooooooo going to be first in line to see this in theaters.
  • Lazarus
    No one be fooled yet, until the movie comes out...its stil stephen sommers and must i remind all of us....Van Helsing....ill reserve all judgements once i see it...
  • Shaun
    I love GI Joe so when I heard about this movie I first got excited, and then nervous that hollywood would ruin one of my most precious childhood loves... and after this I'm still not convinced although I do reserve hope that this will be enjoyable... As an aspiring filmmaker I don't expect too much out of this story wise, but GI Joe should be much more about blowing things up in epic fashion. They just might pull that off. Might be the right picture for Sommers who seems to enjoy cheesy dialogue and story as well as big budget special effects and action. So with all that said, i need to see more, but it looks decent.
  • jeremy
    I'm really want to get excited 4 this movie, I really do, but i need more.
  • Proby
    movie is gonna be a joke
  • Nuff Said
    I think that everyone has their suspicions about this flick.... But it looks as though they might actually pull it off.
  • Luminaire
    how anyone could ever get sick of slow motion is beyond me but for a movie that's purely based on shit blowing up and having an awesome time, this seems to match that perfectly. if you think this looks bad go back to reading your Henry VIII book
  • Tom
    Just as long as there isn't a romantic interest, but hey, who am I kidding.
  • peanutz2u
  • PG
    ZzZz More proof this movie is gonna be GARBAGE, and I grew up as a G.I. Joe fan too. Transformers 2 OWNS this.
  • Bry from Chi
    Nice. :)
  • L1A
    this is terribad just as star trek 90210
  • dave13
    that was actually a good trailer. maybe it will be good.
  • zetsu
    the baroness looked hot,scarlett looked hot,snake-eyes vs storm shadow looked like it could be building into the showdown of the film,leaping from car to car looked like it came straight out of matrix reloaded overall trailer looked pretty fucking good.
  • Dan W
  • looks absolutely awesome!
  • Squiggly
    looks like their particle systems got a lot of use. Because clouds of shit that eat metal look like sparkly jell-o in real life. And there's no such thing as wind when you're trying to make your missile's smoke trail look "cool". Movie would look better if it didn't look so god damn fake. Sick of CG.
  • Fisherr
    Snake eyes looks God Damn Badass. Ray Park is the best for the role.
  • Kevin
    What the hell was that? That looks even worse than what they did to Transformers.
  • Lauren
    Don't like Channing Tatum's tough guy... thing. But, HELL YEAH, I'm seeing this.
  • AK
    This looks stupid.
  • Jeff
    "We awnser to no one" wtf? That a reference to GIJOE or COBRA? The trailer gives the impression that is about Joe, but I thought they are a military group set up by the U.N or something, so, pretty sure they do awnser to someone. Would you want a global military force with no accountability? They have stupid uniforms.
  • Jask Woods
    Wow no way dude that is too crazy! TY http://www.internet-privacy.us.tc
  • roscoe
  • Fred
    Christopher Eccleston as Destro? Ok I gotta see this.
  • Alfredo
    Snake Eyes looks sooo friggin badass at the end jumping over the car! God, it's good to feel like a kid again going gah-gah over ridiculous special fx
  • s
    AMAZING!! simply AMAZING!!! love it going to kick ass!!!
  • thejugfather
    wasn't a fan of this movie from the get go but after seeing the trailer i might just have to go see this one too.
  • cant wait to see it
  • wow, they used hollywood undead for the soundtrack. would never expect that
  • 67
    wow actually looks decent
  • hmm
    hmm maybe it will be good?
  • 69
    69 lol
  • I agree with you number 67.
  • neonblue
    waaaaaaaaaay more excited now that i've seen this
  • cant wait to see it.
  • GG
    Deep Rising - Cult funny but kind of bad Mummy - Good, with balance of fx Mummy 2 - fx ridden crap van helsing - i wanted to like it but fx ridden crap The worst part of the last two movies is that the effects and (CGI) stunts are so unrealistic that it turns into a cartoon rather than a movie. I pray this movie ends up in the category of mummy and not the mummy returns.
  • Penquin
    tried to watch it, but that dang "winner!" ad with the beeps made it impossible to do so. Thanks for letting me know this is available, but I'll have to visit a different website to view it.
  • damn it's rise of cobra oh yeahh!!
  • Moviegimp
    The trailer looks fine for what it is but besides Snake Eyes and Scarlet if you put the Joes in a line up could you tell whos who? How are they going to sell toys when they all look the same? That's what this is about right, selling toys. I'm kidding, sort of. If we are going back to childhood memories mine go back farther than the Joes with there distinctive costumes. There was no Snake Eyes and the rest, there was Kung Fu Grip and 12 inch high military men. So this does nothing to enhance or take away from my childhood. Will I see it, probably. Will I care about it or even remember most of it, probably not.
  • yes it's really look tasty ;D
  • Alex
    is that jean grey & hancock?
  • splinter
  • Anthony
    Never been a fan of GI Joe but I think I just might see this. Doesn't look half bad. Chris Ecleston is in it so thats a plus.
  • Stormshadow Looks Like an Ultrafag
    This is not the G.I. Joe that Hasbro created. Fuck you assholes for taking my childhood and turning it into a bigger turd than it already was. This movie is going to go down in history as one of the biggest peices of faggotry that ever got farted out of the Hollywood Anus. Fuck you, movie studios. Fuck. You.
  • burak "D'aequitas"
    snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes SCARLET snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes snake eyes nuff said 😀
  • Brian
    I don't know. When i saw it the first time it was eh, but it looks just a little too cheesy and far-fetched. I need to see more, before I make my decision to go see it. Especially, Cobra. I need to see what they did with Cobra seeing is how they didn't give Destro a chrome dome.
  • eric
    see the thing is darth maul is playing snake eyes. and i dont like the fact that snake eyes in the movie is short and like buff i wish he was like taller and more slender like a ninja not a fucking bulky body builder
  • josh42042
    why are they all wearing black? i wish they all had different costumes like the original cartoon
  • Tomi
    This is what the dudes in the movie should look like: http://www.sideshowtoy.com/?page_id=4489&sku=2612 Not some cheese-ball futristic swat team meets Xmen costumes..... F**k this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Daniel
    WTF! I mean seriously!! Why do people have soo much hate on movies like this and transformers 2? I am starting to believe these are the same uberfags who thought Mama Mia and 10,000 BC where brilliant! "oh Ooh zOMG! look look its iTs! (name lame movie here) I am sooo going to see it, cuz it has love, stupid stuff no one cares about, and men being emo SOOO much better than Gi joe or Transformers 2.... jesus. GET A LIFE STUPID BITCHES! Gi Joe, and Transformers 2 will be awesome summer movies tons of action and fun. Don't be the douche bag!
  • Nick S.
    SICK! so down for this. i cant see a G.I. Joe movie taken any other way. this looks PERFECT!
  • Nick S.
    P.S. to #87 aka Daniel for the record-Transformers 2 looks like shit. im sorry but that just seems to be the general consensus on your going to have to live with that fact-and when it comes out you can totally overplay it and stick up for it when everyone gives it a shit review and you can lie to yourself. lie daniel. lie. =)
  • Snake eyes looks God Damn Badass. Ray Park is the best for the role..
  • BiG BiLL
    To Nick S. #89, Hard to judge any movie on a :30 sec or even a :60 sec. trailer. They are meant to tease you into watching the movie. I grew up in the 80's racing home from school everyday to watch Transformers and GI Joe. Suck or not I'm gonna be there, and I hate to burst your pompous bubble but the general Consensus is NOT that Trans2 looks like shit. Heres a for sure bet that you can take to the bank...this summer Trans2 and GI Joe will be HUGE, and I mean H U G E blockbuster movies. Hundreds of millions of $$$ made from them. Now ask yourself, do you really think these movies were made so they could get good reviews?? How about Oscar nods??? No... These movies were made for the masses. Not for the Ass's. Nick, your an ass. GI JOE has the potential to be a top 10 grossing movie of all time. But...Nick, who seen the same :30 sec trailer as the rest of the free world, says it's gonna suck and forecasts shitty reviews. LOL, I'm so glad that Hollywood is back to making COOL movies that are fun. You can keep your"Slumdog Millionaire" and "Mama Mia" and alllll that other stuff. Only members of the academy want to watch that shit anyway. Give me BOOM with big name actors and I'm happy. So is the majority of People. When Batman loses to the afore mentioned SLUMDOG, it will be a travesty. 2nds biggest movie of all time will lose the years biggest award to a movie NO ONE heard of till it got nominated. WTF?? So while the rest of the world go and see GI JOE and Transformers 2 and the new Star Trek movie Nick, have fun with your life partner watching something pairing Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. I'm sure that will be a great movie that will get good reviews LOL and then you can have a good GUY-CRY. Lie to all of us if you want ...but don't lie to yourself ass clown. Lie Nick. Lie. =)
  • Vguy.72
    Looks entertaining for what it is. May actually catch me in line for this thing!
  • i can't wait for this movie to come out. Also your flash player gives me warnings when I load the page.... seems to play fine but just gives warnings
  • rossi
    u cowards talk 2 much sh.t wait til u see snake-eyes and storm-shadow fight then pick up ur f..king jaws off the f..king floor u cowards
  • r0kst4r
    ok, for all you self discribed scholars of modern cinema, lets go ahead and remind you that you are not, i repeat NOT the authoritys of anything. if you expect to see deep meaningful dialogue, go see a film from england. this is a motion picture based off of a cartoon and a comic book. expect a comic book story, with outlandish comic book and cartoon explosions and fight scenes, and you have fan boy movie. being a fanboy, its great for me. you,being an anal retentive clown shoe, go rent sex and the city, wash your girlfriends toy poodle, and leave the guilty pleasures to us fanboys/girls. at least we are not afraid to take things for what they are worth and enjoy them.
  • Case
    All I can say is "Hell yeah!"
  • marty
    totally agree with you #95. I watched slumdog millionaire; really disapointed it was realistic, there were no special effects or CGI, the story and dialogue was brilliant!!! Couldn't believe it!!! Why do people act so suprised when films like this are weak on story, dialogue etc.... You know it's gonna be like it so don't watch it!!
  • that guy
    WOW! this place is ridiculous. first you get all hormonal and bitchy like a drunk chick on the rag about the perversion of Dragon Ball Z and Street Fighter, then you get all wet and horny over this?! what the hell? all three are over the top ridiculous and that's what's going to make them fun. #95, right the fuck on! for this and Dragon Ball Evolution. cartoons make better cartoons so don't expect Schindler's List from any comic book or cartoon based story. it's not going to happen.
  • jb
    To Big Bill #91, r0kst4r #95, and that guy #98 I absolutely 100% agree with y'all, the movies will be awesome, and oh yeah you guys rock!
  • 5OnIt
    Talk about dreams coming true I'm 33 and have been waiting to see some childhood memories brought back like Transformers. G.I. Joe will serve its purpose to entertain me. All the fuckboys out there that want to give their 30sec trailer watching negative ass opinions go site the fuck down somewhere. This movie will be pure fun that's all no Oscars, no rewards because that's not what they are going for, just plain fun (Hell action movies never win over damn tear-jerkers anyways). We don't give a damn how much you don't want to see it, but you will once everyone who has seen it starts talking about it and you can't join in ASSHOLE!
  • 5OnIt
    I vote for individual costumes like the cartoons would give each character more personality. Always loved the baroness, destro, zartan (is he in the movie) shipwreck, and roadblock.
  • Colin The Great
  • Gizmo
    I'd like G.I. Joe with a side of cheese. By the way Dennis Quaid you suck you always over act.
  • big r
    ''Big Bill'' is spot on, thank you.
  • Alack
    I will disagree with many of you that I will bank 'Huge' becuase although it is based off a comic book and cartoon, its potential needds to be bigger then this to come close to "The Dark Knight". I agree with #91 that "The Dark Knight" got ripped from a possible 8 Oscars becuase of two movies that came out when the Oscar vote -"Slumdog Milliare" (I will NOT watch, and I don't care for it either), and "The Curious Case of Benjimen Button (I will watch JUST to prove my point, but I assure you I won't enjoy it as I can't stand 'Love' stories). G.I. Joe is also one of the oldest (to a point, so don't go at me for it) series when it comes to comic books or cartoons. I think I will do great so here are my top 10 movies of the year. 1. "Terminator Salvation" (if PG-13) 2. "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" 3. "Star Trek" (worth a shot) 4. Pixar's "Up" 5. "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" 6. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" 7. "G.I. Joe" (giving it a chance) 8. "9" 9. "Where the Wild Things Are" (looks good) 10. "2012" P.S. a.k.a Daniel, "10,000 B.C" was good, better then allot of other movies that year too.
  • sam
    this movie does look like one of the better comic book movies , i love that marlon waynes is in it but if its made by FOX i wont watch watch it cause ive been boycotting everything made by FOX for the past year which includes fox reality, fox news all channels with fox in it. i do sometimes watch fox news for a minute or two if i feel like laughing or if i feel like watching all the stupid things they cover to advert from the real news
  • With you there, #105. C'mon, guys, it's G.I. Joe, were you seriously expecting a deep, meaningful movie? The point of the comics was to shoot and blow stuff up, the point of the TV series was to shoot and blow stuff up, the point of the toys was to pretend you were shooting and blowing stuff up. And what does the movie turn out to be about? Shooting and blowing stuff up.
  • i am fan of it
  • I need to see more, before I make my decision to go see it. Especially, Cobra. I need to see what they did with Cobra seeing is how they didn't give Destro a chrome dome. http://manashosting.com
  • thnx. great Post
  • touch me
    Thanks bud. Not bad submissions you got going on here. Got some extra websites to point to which have more information?




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