Must Watch: Full Theatrical Trailer for Imagi's Astro Boy

August 11, 2009
Source: MSN

Astro Boy Trailer

Summit just debuted a full-length theatrical trailer for Astro Boy, their latest CGI feature due out in October, over on MSN today. We've already seen two teaser trailers previously, so you should already know what to expect. However, this time they've included more of the comedy (to help bringing in younger audiences) and more of the finished voices. And I've got to say, the voices aren't really working for me. Nic Cage seems out of place, so does Donald Sutherland. The only one that I like and that I think fits perfectly is Freddie Highmore as Astro Boy himself. Also, apologies for the low quality, as that's all MSN had. Enjoy!

Watch the theatrical trailer for Astro Boy:

When a scientist's son dies, he secretly creates a powerful robot to replace him, but the robot uses its powers to become a famous superhero and faces his biggest challenge when an alien threatens Earth.

Astro Boy is directed by ex-Disney animator David Bowers, of Flushed Away previously, with a screenplay written by Timothy Harris, of Brewster's Millions, Kindergarten Cop, and Space Jam previously. Imagi Animation, the studio behind TMNT last year, is developing this animated film which is based on Osamu Tezuka's manga series. Summit will debut Astro Boy in theaters everywhere on October 23rd this year.

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  • tankmaster
    Hahaha pretty good!!
  • Big Boss
    Imagi is steepin it up, I see!
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    Meh....I dozed off after 1 min. of CGI
  • Brian Barajas
    ill be there, and guaranteed all the 9yr old boys will be laughing at the "machine guns in my butt" line.
  • PJ H
    The description says " Faces his biggest challenge when an alien threatens Earth". I saw no aliens what so ever.
  • Robbie
    Machineguns in his ass?! Awesome!
  • Kamish
    Looking for to taking my young son to this one....looks like a hit to me....$110-$125 million range I'd guess...
  • Terry the saint
    PJ H you didn't see the big squid in the sky???
  • CLZ
    I was completely against this movie but now I'm pretty excited
  • tazz
    Imagi did a good job with Astro Boy i cant wait for their next movie Gatchaman
  • alan
    "is thing on" lol its pretty good it's a hit
  • Jordan
    u know what that dosen't to bad i think the movie will do well
  • nelson
    #3 what were you expecting to see in a cgi movie lol
  • Colleen Sheehy
    It's every bit as goofy as the 60's cartoon series - Looks like great fun!
  • Yeah, you can't use easily recognizable voices with models which look nothing like them. It just doesn't feel right.
  • luke
    #15 sorry to say this but what you said is kind of dumb cause they are just voice actors they dont have to model the characters to look like the actors at all this also applies to cartoons too
  • #5 I'm pretty sure there was a massive octopus cyclops that he was flying at. Alien much?
  • Ray
    looks pretty good!
  • Puke
    Interesting what you said about the voices. I didn't read the opening paragraph until after watching the trailer and the voices for the adult characters (Especially Nic Cage) just don't sound right.
  • Dan W
    I'm down. Voices didn't bother me
  • SS
    The voices are recognizable... which is a bit off-putting, but the "characters" are a match... you kind of have to force the pegs into their holes... but it's not that bad. The story is a bit... well... somewhat expected. But the delivery is about right. I don't expect a box office performance comparable to WALL-E or UP! or Kung Fu Panda. But I do expect them to do well if they push the promos enough between now and the release. Should outdo TMNT easily if promoted right. I'd say Imagi are starting to push what they can do in terms of effects and look-and-feel. Without a doubt this is their most ambitious project so far and I hope Astroboy succeeds to keep Imagi in the picture. Imagi choose stories Pixar and Dreamworks would not so I consider it important to the marketplace that they survive. For the record this is the first Imagi movie I think I might actually like.
  • DoomCanoe
    looks pretty good. I loved the TV show so I'm down, there was so many horrible jokes hidden in that show. i remember one episode this scientist is surrounded by lava and the other scientists say "TO BAD JIM DOESN'T LOOK LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT... Jim screams "Save Me!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!" the other scientists reply with "yeah bye Jim it was nice knowing you" and just walk off leaving the guy to die. of course Astro boy shows up and saves the guy but still pretty funny.
  • Debra
    I like it.
  • Otacon
    super fighting robot....Astro Boy!
  • Jay
    MEGAMAN!!! oh.. wait..
  • Frank N. Stein
    Pika-Pika! Pika! Pee!
  • Bryan
    Once again you have links for the creators and writers etc... but not the voice artists. You guys continuously do this. If they are linkable for a bio or imdb page then it needs to be there. We work very hard to put films out and rarely get credit. You might know who they are but many do not. And won't take the time to google them. By posting their page link we as readers then become more informed therefore giving your site more valuable.
  • chanklas
    the whole time i was like megaman?? thanks #25 i thought i was crazy
  • Syphous
    I just heard Nicholas Cage's voice and nearly threw-up.
  • Dusty
    Finally... was waiting to see if they would put out a trailer so I did not have to keep saying to my boy... "Don't worry, it will be cool"... cause the past trailers did nothing but make him say.. "um ok, So What"
  • Korm
    That voice acting was HORRIBLE! Man, that really ruined it for me. Awful!
  • Dreckent
    I Hate the haters.
  • Lando
    looks like a lot of fun!
  • Simply not my type of favorite movie... if I were a kid maybe it would have a chance.
  • Tom Arnold
  • movieaddict
    lol might be ok to watch after all the grown folks good stuff loosees its buzz imo...but i wanna see how u fuck up a game(cuz theyre going to make one) thats suppose to be fucked
  • Fisherr
    Machine gun in the butt was a million dollar scene.
  • It's a cherry, fun, kids show. Which is essentially what Astroboy has always been. I lol at people whining about the voices, they probably didn't notice it until it was pointed out. Sounds like another case of Anime-fan-elitism against dubbing to me.
  • neonblue120
    the "machine guns in my butt" line was a bit much but the rest was actually pretty charming i laughed several times
  • Vectis
    #32, and #27, I like how you put things into a perspective that some people don't get. , here is the link to the imdb on Astro Boy. I may not be a fan of it but it look like one to rent to see how good a family film it will be. As family films are not as common as one would think. Since its a CG movie, I want to see what they used for soud effects. Robots actually had the Blue Man Group help with thier sound effects, so I wonder what they will do for Astro Boy.




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