Must Watch: Great Trailer for Harold Ramis' Year One!

March 19, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Year One Trailer

Sony has just debuted the first official trailer for Year One, the biblical comedy from Harold Ramis. We've seen a Super Bowl TV spot and a full scene from Year One, but this is the first official trailer, and it looks a lot better than I was expecting after that footage previously. Michael Cera and Jack Black star along with newcomer Juno Temple as Cera's love interest and Olivia Wilde as Black's love interest. There are some great one-liners in this trailer, and I figure there will be a lot more great quotes in it as well. I don't think it'll be the funniest comedy this summer (that's Apatow's Funny People), but it'll at least be entertaining.

Watch the official trailer for Harold Ramis' Year One:

[flv: 596 322]

You can also watch the Year One trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

When a couple of lazy hunter-gatherers named Zed and Oh (played by Jack Black and Michael Cera) are banished from their primitive village, they set off on an epic journey through the ancient world.

Year One is directed by comedy mastermind Harold Ramis, who played Egon in Ghostbusters and both wrote and directed comedy classics like Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Multiplicity, Analyze This, and The Ice Harvest. The screenplay was co-written by Ramis as well as "The Office" writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. Sony Pictures is bringing Year One to theaters everywhere on June 19th this summer.

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  • I didn't chuckle the whole trailer 😐
  • jono
    a big load of fucking crap
  • tankmaster
    HAHA, this is gonna be a good one.
  • Jay Beezy
    I'll go see it since it's an Apatow production. But yea, I agree. Funny People is the comedy, and actually overall movie, I'm most looking forward to this summer.
  • Curtis
    this looks like it will be the dumb comedy of the summer but thats not a bad thing after watching the trailer im looking forward to it. Just sit back relax and have a good time.
  • bassbin
    year one dimensional pile of steaming hot balls (goes back to his cave to crap)
  • Luke
    What is the fascination with Michael Cera!! he's sooo overated and can't act for love or money! he's always playing the same character...mix it up dude!! Get out of the typecast! Hey go to school brush up on your acting skills!! Nothing to be ashamed of about that, i would if i was in your shoes dude! I just honestly think he is way to overated and i don't even find him remotely funny! Anyone else agree with me there?? this looks ok but nothing spectacular. Love JB but doesn't look like will be his best role.
  • Apatow genuinely sucks.
  • Luke
    and yes i know JB plays very simmilar type cast roles....but he pulls it off he has comical timing and zast!! He;s not one dimensional!!!
  • kindbuddy
    Panna you have no sense of humor. *shrug* Sucks to be so serious most of the time.
  • Darunia
    That was pretty funny.
  • Johnny Crow
    If you want to watch a great comedy set in Roman days, watch Monty Pythons Life of Brian instead. Oh and in "year one" why is there cain and abel and the forbidden fruit? That makes no sense, "year one" would be the year after the birth of Jesus, not the year after the creation of the world. And if they meant the year after the creation of the world, there would be no romans. Just looks dumb.
  • kindbuddy
    Luke you act like he won an oscar lol . How the fuck is he overrated when he just acts like any other normal actor or actress?! ... I guess all actors that have a lot of big movies are overrated to your standards.
  • kindbuddy
    If you want to watch a great comedy set in Roman days, watch Monty Pythons Life of Brian instead. Oh and in "year one" why is there cain and abel and the forbidden fruit? That makes no sense, "year one" would be the year after the birth of Jesus, not the year after the creation of the world. And if they meant the year after the creation of the world, there would be no romans. Just looks dumb. ------------- Why So Serious?!
  • szkari
    crap... not funny at all and cheap
  • Frank
    it's rated R you bunch of Marys. Can't show shit.
  • nate
    Christ, who gives a shit if it's historically accurate or not? Hell, there's probably more historical truth in this movie than there is in the bible anyway. This looks funny.
  • Hey Ya
    I'll watch it, on Netflix. Some things...well most things lately, are not worth $16 (me and girl) + refreshments. Screw dinner and a movie, the movie is dinner.
  • A.B.
    paul rudd and david cross... funny. did i see mc lovin @ 1 :31. looks great but not as awesome as funny people.
  • Dude guys are a bunch of tight asses!...there were definately some good lines, I laughed multiple times in that trailer
  • Stan
    Yes every scene of Romans will pale against the subtlety, wit and surreality of 'Life of Brian'...
  • my name
    i really love the blend of dead pan,physical,non-sequiter humor and a setting/time which i can't imagine had a sense of humor at all. Also michael cera is absolutely brilliant at what he does.
  • theotherbluth
    Thank you #16. all the really funny stuff will be in the actual movie, not the trailer.
  • Mario Tenorio
    "Muscle tribe of danger... and... excellence" Is that what he said? Jack Black can make almost anything way funnier than it actually is.
  • K
    Not bad but not great!
  • harrison
    looks good, but not great, still prob go see it in theatres
  • normf
    I thought Michael Cera was moving away from these kind of nebbish characters, which is why he didn't want to do the Arrested Development movie. What gives, MC? WHERE'S MY ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT MOVIE?!
  • memphistyler
    yea, i'm with the minority that thinks it will be a decent movie. I like to go sit in the theater sometimes and this will entertain me. plus, jack black can make anything funny with that blank stare and eyebrow move.
  • Jay Beezy
    #16 Actually the movie is pending an appeal to make it PG-13, which they'll probably get.
  • Panna needs to eat a fucking sandwich or something. I'll watch this with a couple of eyes.
  • I'll watch this simply for the reunion of David Cross and Michael Cera... It's nice to see Cera in something other than an indie romantic comedy too, and I think this looks pretty damn funny.
  • Dan W
    could be good. I love jack black so we'll see
  • I laughed. Doesn't deserve any sort of comparison to 'Life of Brian' though. Nothing will touch that for the foreseeable future.
  • Cindarr
    I hope the movie will be funny as the trailer is.
  • me
    This looks better than i expected Michael Cera might actually be pretty funny in this. Definitaley looks better than the awful Adam Sandler movie.
  • Tom
    much better than the first trailer.
  • Jay Beezy
    #37 What do you mean by the "awful Adam Sandler" movie? You better not be referring to Funny People because Funny People looks phenomenal and many would agree with me.
  • MiKeDeEz
    That does look like McLovin at 1:31!! HA! I'm glad that Paul Rudd is in it.
  • normf
    Any Adam Sandler movie is an "awful Adam Sandler movie".
  • Jay Beezy
    Actually that is generally true, particularly as of late. It's a good thing that Funny People is not an Adam Sandler movie but a Judd Apatow movie that stars Adam Sandler.
  • hmmm
    This trailer is 100 times better than the super bowl one. I originally hated this but now it doesn't seem that bad.
  • Darrin
    i thought it was funny
  • I think this looks good.
  • Adam
    Man, I love the outspoken "Hurfdurf I hate Judd Apatow shit" crowd. I mean this looks more than decent. Ive noticed that Apatow films went from being cool to being utterly despised in a very short time. I will go ahead and concede that they are formulaic - but I really don't see how thats somehow a unique problem to him. And even if they are formulaic, they're at least entertaining. I also don't know why this is an Apatow movie - it sounds like Egon was just doing his own thing, as per usual. At best he was a producer - but I don't really think you could say that this was his brain child or that he had a large hand in the creative process at all. So, I guess this is the sort of movie that you should want to see since its a totally different director and set of writers.
  • theJoker
    seriously.... it's a movie?
  • LeeMan
    igood clip, but it needs more paul rudd improv!!!
  • Ajax
    It was ok. Not crap, not hillarious, just ok. And Michael Cera annoys the hell out of me!
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    This was my face for the entire trailer : -_-
  • watcher
    2.5 stars. there better be nudity or im walking lol
  • watcher
    Standard Jack Black 3 star movie.
  • Marc5
    Saw the trailer for Year One in a packed theater showing I Love You, Man, which was a riot. The trailer for Year One drew a few chuckles but no big laughs. It's ok, but it definitely won't be anything special, especially not a blockbuster. However , that new Star Trek trailer drew all kinds of gasps and excited talk after it concluded. If you're looking for a summer blockbuster prediction, write that one down in the books. Its guaranteed to be the highest grossing Star Trek film ever and that will happen after one weekend in theaters. People, beyond the fanboys and fangirls, are going nuts over the Star Trek trailer and I don't even think this new one is the better of the two that I have seen. Year One is that movie you wait to catch for free on one of the tv networks or you just say I'll pass and read a book instead.
  • Barb
    Umm......kindbuddy. Aren't you taking this a little to literally. It's an Apatow flick starring Jack Black. Get a grip.
  • Conrad
    This looks sooooo fucking boring. I chuckled once during the trailer. But Jesus, I'm getting sick of Michael Cera's performances. He plays the exact same witty, stupid but you love to death anyways character. Real bad. Won't be seein' this in theaters. Maybe a download. Maybe.....
  • neonblue
    micheal cera = funny jack black = funny this movie equal soul sucking void of life
  • Lauren
    micheal cera = funny jack black = not funny




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