Must Watch: High Def Test Teaser Trailer for Tron Legacy!

July 24, 2009

Tron Legacy Teaser Trailer

Whoa! Another surprise discovered earlier today. As I mentioned in the rundown on the big viral for Tron Legacy last night, we were collecting codes from the Space Paranoids game. Another viral site was recently discovered at and once all five of the secret codes were entered on there, it unlocked this trailer. This is the same teaser trailer that was shown last year at Comic-Con (and in 3D this year) and is still the best footage from Tron 2 that we have. But this isn't actual footage from the movie - it's test footage created to sell the movie. They are using some of these set pieces and lightcycles, but that's about it. Enjoy!

Watch the early test trailer for Tron Legacy:

[flv: 596 246]

Watch the early Tron Legacy teaser trailer in High Definition: 480, 720, 1080

You might have also noticed that awesome concept art image that I used above. That was also unveiled on that new viral "derez" website and can be downloaded all together in full very high resolution right here.

Tron Legacy is directed by first-time filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. The screenplay was co-written by Adam Horowitz ("Lost"), Richard Jefferies (Blood Tide, Living Hell), Edward Kitsis ("Lost"), and the director of the original movie, Steven Lisberger. This first got the greenlight last year after this teaser above played so well at Comic-Con. Disney is bringing Tron Legacy to theaters in late 2010, although a date isn't set yet.

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  • Fing amazing
  • tankmaster
    Not bad!!!
  • cyn
    CGI people are slightly awkward looking, but I think I can get over it quickly. Jeff Bridges youre still hot!
  • Sean19a7x
    That looks fucking awesome! I'm officially on board...
  • SillySil
    O.O Nice.
  • ArchAdams
    Not bad!!! More like Bad Ass!!!
  • Ajax
    HOLY COW! This looks EPIC!
  • SC
    I can not wait for this!!!
  • jasonmd2020
  • Matt Suhu
  • Christ
    can't deny it looks freaking good.
  • DoomCanoe
    oh hell yes
  • Movieraider321
    Whoa, like that was the best trailer for anything I have seen in a long time. Dear christ, bring this movie onward!
  • Xerxex
    Jeff Mother fucking Bridges!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sold! And now I can use this word properly EPIC!!!!!!!!
  • cs
    Shit, let me buy a ticket right now!!
  • cat
    looks sweet
  • Brian Barajas
    the human movements are slightly awkward, but i loves it just the same. im pumped.
  • ben
    wow. universal praise... interesting. i was left a bit cold... didnt seem to have the vibe i was expecting. still - effects look amazing, will still be solidly enjoyable.
  • whomever
    Is this supposed to impress me?
  • Jay
    My face is going to melt when I see this! btw Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack!
  • scm1000
  • jman571
    Wow, that's a step in the right fucking direction!
  • Matthew
    I didn't grow up with Tron and can't say I've seen the concept adapted in any video game that would make it applicable to me. However, I do like a dash a sci-fi style throw in anything and with that said, the movie is a bit appealing. The addition of Jeff Bridges and Daft Punk doing the soundtrack are positive moves in my mind. I have no clue what to expect, and if there is a Tron, which I assume there is, I'll look it up and give it a rent.
  • BVDR
    #23. YES DO IT NOW!! I agree with #3 they are weird lookin, but so were the guys in the original. Its just part of the "game" If ever there was a movie that would be brilliant in 3D it would be Tron. Its practically begging for it. That said: HOLY SHITE YES!!! MUST HAVE NAO!!!
  • Brandon
    Oh YES!
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!!!
    TRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tommy Talarico this one is for you!!!!!!
  • Kevin
    I just had a geekgasm. I can't wait for this movie. This and Avatar are must see in theaters.
  • The Captain
    19 your a douchebag! Yes it was supposed to impress you, thats the whole point. You try and do better, hater.
  • nate
    Yep, fan-boy boner going hardcore right now...
  • SuicidalOptimist
    This looks amazing! And Jeff Bridges is still such a BAMF! Rawr!
  • cindarr
    Relive the moments!! Bring back good memories. Defiantly gonna watch this.
  • Sabes
    #28...he's a douchebag because he wasn't impressed by this? Don't be a jackass, people can like or dislike whatever they want. I've seen parts of the old movie, but I'm not a real fan of it. *shrug* I probably won't see this. Looks good, a little awkward with the movement though.
  • Jaf
    I'm diggin the retro-futuristic score
  • Dreckent
    Young CGI Jeff Bridges looks like a Serial Killer Starman. Wich is awesome!
  • Ron
    Looks really cool! Kinda reminds me of Questworld from The Real adventures of Jonny Quest cartoon they used to show on Cartoon Network way back.
    #19 IS A TOOL I can't imagine what AVATAR is going to look like compared to this. This looks better then I thought
  • Mark
    Holy crap thats rad.
  • Richard
    I am not a Tron fan, I could never get into it growing up but.... Holy Shit! The original is in my Netflix Q as we speak.
  • leiner
    This looks like... eh... like... TRON!!!!! Massive!!! To see the whole concept "revamped" is just great. I will definitely try to get my tickets for the premiere!!
  • Chris W
    ABOUT TIME! I saw the crappy handcam recording of this trailer a while back. So glad to see it in HD. Bring on the TRON!
  • discojellyfish
    Wow! Looks pretty damn promising. Can't wait until 2010!
  • nynex
    seriously. Ive watched this like 20 times. Chills everytime Jeff Bridges and the score come in.
  • Janika
    #37 - rad is the perfect word lol
  • Manfred Powell
    Looks awesome. Just one question though: How can people be digging the look of this film while Speed Racer was lambasted for being "too fake looking"? Someone explain the double standards. Thanks.
  • i saw this when it first was debuted, all crappy youtube resolution, and I gotta say I'm fucking pumped seeing it in all its hi-def glory.
  • Bry from Chi
    I'm there no doubt!
  • dave13
    WOW. so amazing. and Speed Racer looked fake, but then had that stupid boy and his monkey make way too many appearances, which just pounded in the fact that it was fake. get what I'm saying? that, and Tron is a classic that will be loved no matter what.
  • esophus
  • Robbie
  • taylor
    @26 fuck yes! that said awesome looks like the best word for this. i can't wait and i hope we see some of the real movie footage this year too(i doubt it). tron rules and i can't wait!
  • esophus
    Anyone else feel like Joseph Kosinski is a huge Kubrick Fan? That room that Jeff is in is completely the end scene in 2001 not to mention this link I found awhile back of Kosinski's CGI work. In this piece he builds a replica of the Stanley Hotel in Kubrick's The Shining the attention to detail is rediculous.
  • TheSaint
    Tron the original was pretty awesome. I haven't seen it since I was like 10 but it used to be one of my favorite movies. This looks pretty bad ass though can't wait to see more.
  • sorr
    my phone rang mid trailer.. didnt care.. this looks awesome
  • Tron has given me the power to see into the future... On a day shortly after this movie is at the theater, I foresee that I will mysteriously require a day off from work.
  • I'm gonna definately be in the theaters on opening day or night of this movie, to see it for sure!. It looks spectacular!.
  • Jeff Bassett At this website, you can enter the codes into the submit space at the top and get quite a few hints to the movie storyline.
  • L
    This budget is way too small for the huge $$ Gutenberg is asking for.
  • Brian
    I am now, officially, excited to see this! That looking freaking awesome!!
  • Good Morning Peoplezzzzzz did I tell y'all on Sundays I get...must be that naughty little devil in me who chooses the lord's day 4 such LOL!
  • dom
    the faces looked totally warped in those helmets - made it look fake so I didnt care for the characters
  • Django
    Two Words. Daft. Punk.
  • Scott
  • buooy
    the matrix ?!
  • I'm pissed. Light cycle racing is SUPPOSED to be a strategy game. It's a strategy game because of the constraints - the grid, ONLY 90 degree turns, the confining walls...the whole appeal was that it actually brought knuckle whitening action to a nerdy, geometry puzzle. Wicked fast super speed? Check. But you had to outsmart or outwit your opponent - NOT OUT-DRIVE THEM. Looks like they should have called this TRON FAST, TRON FURIOUS. P-tew!
  • SS
    #44. The same reason why bad films are "liked" sometimes while others that aspire to be great are also put-down. It's "Do you live up to Proposition?". Speed Racer wanted to build a "real-world" experience but treaded too close I think to the edge of acceptance for people of that experience. It was like a hyper-active 3D Roger Rabbit movie. People felt it should be something else.. and they delivered a different thing entirely. TRON, on the other hand, promises something much simpler.. a backlit-against-glossy black world that is fabled to be the one that exists within our computers... The "attack on the senses" and artistic decisions in TRON work favorably with audience expectations of the images.... Therefore, TRON is accepted... Speed Racer is rejected.
  • but i still dig the comic con footage... the audience reaction made a huge difference! you with all that whooo and aaahs :)
  • ajr
    would like to see the film have more of a glow to it the the OG
  • alan
    wowow oh wowowow this looks........ well im speech less
  • Megaman
    #64 Why dont you just shut up!!!!! What you dont see its the greatness of 3d modeling, editio, concepto, not worring about if the beat their enemy at an 90 degree angle!! ENJOY IT!!!!! FUUUCK!! COME ONE!! And all thos who dont like the concept go watch "The Princess Diary" that kind of shit you might like. :) Enjoy
  • Antonio
    I saw the first one at the show back in the day and think this is going to be great just like the first one. The trailer was great and I can't waite to see it next year. Great Job Disney.
  • Alias Undercover
    Ooooooo....Nice and dark!
  • Fan
    Download the HD version, it looks great!! I'll definitely watching this in theater 😀
  • Nick
    totally sweet
  • boone
    OMG! I just masturbated!
  • What happened? I totally fell asleep during that trailer....
  • ppmoron
    killer,i hope taco bell doesnt market it and ruin this




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