Must Watch: Hit-Girl Gets Her Own Red Band Kick-Ass Trailer

December 21, 2009
Source: Empire

Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass

Now this is why I love Hit-Girl so damn much! Although the movie Kick-Ass is about the kid named Dave Lizewski who becomes the costumed hero known as Kick-Ass, he meets some other characters along the way (including Christopher Mintz-Plasse who plays a hero called Red Mist). However, one of the craziest people he comes across is an 12-year-old girl named Hit-Girl played by Chloe Moretz. And yes, she kicks serious ass. If you've been wondering why this is going to be Rated-R, then here's a few reasons. Matthew Vaughn does not cut back on bit on the violence and it's gruesome but completely awesome. Watch this right now!

Watch the Hit-Girl red band trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass:

Kick-Ass is both written and directed by British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, of Layer Cake and Stardust previously. The screenplay was co-written by Vaughn and his writing partner Jane Goldman, of Stardust as well. The story is an adaptation of Mark Millar's comic of the same name that is currently in the middle of its first series. Kick-Ass was funded entirely by Matthew Vaughn and his own private investors and sold once finished to Lionsgate earlier this year. They've currently set an April 16th, 2010 release date for the film, although I hope they change that, because that's a terrible opening day. So how does that look? Badass?

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  • tazz
    Hit-Girl is my role model shes Kiss-Ass 😉
  • tyrascilee
    This looks hilarious.
  • Sheeeeeeet, she's badass!
  • Ajax
    Oh God YES
  • Ron
    Damn! This looks good!
  • What theee? I liked the legchop, this'll be good I reckon.
  • MTHand
    In 10 years, she's mine!
  • JP
    A little girl in a costume cutting off legs of and shooting huge grown men? And this is only a quarter of the film? SIGN ME THE HELL UP! I want to see this now! It's good to see that filmmakers keep getting ballsier as far as action goes.
  • Tristan
    Damn. This is why I want to be a filmmaker. Pure entertainment!
  • Movietweeter
    I would hit-that-girl in the ASS! Because shes so kick-ass! dayum....
  • ????
    dude, what just happened.
  • Kevin
    Hearing a little girl say "OK you cunts" = priceless.
  • ????
    dude, what just happened. it looks awesome! but this got me off guard
  • JimD
  • xerxex
    O.O wow, that was AWESOME!
  • crumb
    oh hell yes.
  • Nugeman
    What's the song in the trailer called anyone?
  • budbud
    Crapola! That was amazing. AWESOME!
  • OCP
    thats fucking awesome
  • RF Jr
    FuCKKK, this is gpnna be awsome
  • Sabes
    holy shiiiiiit, lol
  • mace
    god dammit i love this trailer i cant wait to see it. but i can see protest with anger parents complaining about this movie going to influence their children to swear and kill bad guys LOL.
  • That is one of the baddest ass, lil' girls I've ever seen. This trailer gave me the chills, can't wait to see this!
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    this film is going to be great.
  • For Nugeman, I don't know if the song has a name but, it's the theme of the live action kids show from the 70's called The Banana Splits.
  • Daniel
    Lol, this is going to be fantastic
  • Efrain
    Wow. I hadn't even read single article before this, but now, im excited to see this.
  • Darrin
    for once on , positive reviews, hell yea , this is wicked
  • Cody
    Wow...I have been waiting for a movie like this for a long time. I cant even describe how fucking awesome that was. I can already see the stickuptheirass PC people up in arms about this.
  • Avatarad
    OH, I'M IN LOVE!!! More please!
  • dealers wheel
    i just hope they saved some back for the movie, but that got me super interested
  • Tra la la la la di da
    Fuck yeah! Man I can't wait for this!!! I'm not sure which I more excited for! This or Iron Man 2!!! I'm actually excited to see this!
  • Vertigo
    Song is Tra La La from the opening theme to The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, not sure who is covering it though.
  • harrison
    if this is 5 minutes of the movie, then goddamn give her a spinoff already
  • Brandon
    This movie is not going to suck.
  • Rudy
    good movie but..............horrible influence for the child i predict rehab as well as all kinds of therapy in the next ten years for that girl, thanks to the director...would hate to be her parent, and yes i agree with comment 22 im pretty sure that's going to happen.
  • Richard
    My wife got upset about the "ok you cunts thing", kinda over the top language for mainstream viewing I think.
  • moviefan111
  • Dreckent
    Iron... who?
    Then I suggest you and your wife dont watch this movie #37 !!! Go watch Iron Man 2 and SHaddap !!! I will be watching both and enjoy every minute of it !!!
  • Hunter Reed
    #33 That would be The Dickies #37 Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Want some cheese with your whine? Personally I can't wait 6 years, Rule 34 dat shit now!
  • DoomCanoe
  • Madnezz344
    freaken sweet :) haha
  • Cody
    @37 thats why this is a REDBAND TRAILER its not mainstream viewing.
  • SkaOreo
    @37 So has your wife not watch films in the past 40 years? Anyways this looks so fucking awesome.
  • BLV
    Nic Cage is awesome
  • snitch robinson
    @37 next time your wife says something like that, i'm gonna give her a hot carl. and she'll like it.
  • dudley perkins
    @37 did your wife also remind you that you have no balls?
  • nate
    I was going to attempt to defend #37... But, can't find a reason to do so. I couldn't care less what other peoples' kids say. Hell, I'm grounded enough in reality that I know my kid's gonna swear up a storm... Cause he's my kid. Its a freaking movie. People need to lighten up. If you don't like the language, don't go see it! I'll be watching this shit for sure. And buying the DVD, so I can watch with my kid, when he's old enough to imitate the behavior!
  • Richard
    You guys need to grow the fuck up. If everyone watching was just a fucking 18yr with a hard-on for that little girl calling people cunts, then I guess it would be all good. I want this movie to succeed, excuse me for having a opinion that isn't the result of fetal alcohol syndrome.
  • Richard
    I dont need defending I'm telling you what my wife said, you know the opposite sex, that isn't 12 calling people cunts. I guess when your mom and sister grow up using that language with the random guys they bring over for the night it just becomes second nature huh?
  • drew
    Is it supposed to be a realistic take on superheroes? As far as action is concerned - I've seen "Equilibrium". Thank you.
  • RocknRolla
    Holy fucking shit,that bitch is hardcore
  • ToidBoiga
    @37 51 52 shutup you effing twat noone cares wot ur ladyboy wife said or wot you say. Now eff off would ya
  • Lazarus from Sparta…DETHKLOK RULES!!!!!
    pure fun!
  • Wow!!
  • Marty
    Worth watching just for her.............
  • tazz
    @#37 Richard sorry to say this but your wife is soft she cant take bad language from a kid. alot of young boys/girls on the streets swear alot. also alot of movies have kids swearing. oh another thing this movie is R-Rated so anything goes.
  • Marty
    Not sure if antone has posted this one on here yet. Kick Ass - Big Daddy , Hit Girl and the Bullet Proof Vest
  • hmmm ITS FRIGGING TIME someone got out there and tried to match the actual source, the comic itself and not what execs think it'd look cool and people should see 😀 on that aspect thnk you mr Vaughn thnk god its gonna be R rated. i would really be sad not being able to see the awesome fight scenes and blood and black eyes broken bones ripped flesh portrayed as in the comic... i really think its gonna be a good year 😀 (and whatever happened to the saying "oh its really cute when its small" 😀 i personally think its a lot fun hearing a kid swear) if you hear your kid swearing its not his fault, not the news's fault or the comics' or the video games' or the films' fault. Its mainly our fault. its just easy to blame the media... Us parents (and i am not a parent :P) should teach our kids why it is bad to swear. not keep them locked up in a pink room where everything is perfect and only love poems can be heard amongst birds chirping, heck, where there may even live Unicorns wander. let your sense of logic and right guide you. and relax. its just movies, fun two hours time in all the misery, violence in the world 😀 I will watch this in theaters own the bluray watch it at home and reread the comics more than two more times 😀
  • K
    This looks beyond stupid. All of you are idiots. Jesus Christ, it's no wonder why these piece of shit films keep making money and keep getting sequels.
  • Syphous
    37, Richard, are you serious? What is cunt a new word in cinema suddenly? If you want I could find a gigantic back-catalog of movies that use the word cunt. Starting with Scarface where I think it's said like 50 times. 62, K, you can suck my balls. Each one. Equal time. For at least 8 hours. Then work the shaft, you dirty fag-whore. Movie looks entertaining as hell! I'm happy to see a red-band trailer for this because I was wondering exactly HOW violent this would get. Wasn't expecting 'Warzone' violent.
  • Frank
    My instincts tell me "But Frank, Nick Cage is in it and you know he turns everything to crap." But these trailers are making it look great. I am so conflicted at this point.
  • Ozzie Davis
    Shucks. I've read all the current comics, and I feel that this isn't as stylized as I'd thought it would be. But fuck it-- it's a little girl doin' nasty things to grown men (so to speak). I'm in. Can't wait to see Kick-Ass in action.
  • duane
    anyone who has read the comic can appreciate this trailer. God i wanna shoot some fake guns off.....making movies is fun you c*nts!
  • Clover
    Thanks Cage YOU C***!!! Your inept timing, horrid screen presence, worth less cartoon voice now force me to avoid another one of your bad performances. Too late to do some re-shoots and cast an actual actor in the role of Big Daddy! I actually wanted to see this. God Damn you Cage!!! HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Chase
    What in the h*ll is this? on one hand this looks totally retarded but then on the other hand its so radically different, and entertaining, that it could be one of those dumb movies that you end up liking as long as you dont take it too seriously.
  • branden
    You guys just wrote about how adaptations and unoriginal ideas are annoying and are always whining about it yet you're drooling over this? This is not original. The comic was, but this is just an adaptation so stop complaining about people making movies from adaptations please.
  • mrmr
    the scene with the outfit reminded me of Gunslinger Girls... anywho.... yes, yes, and yes. this movie will be the beez kneez
  • Jason
    i wonder wat parents lets there kid take that role
  • Blue & Orange NY
    "Ok you Cunts....Let's see what you can do now" classic, money is on Hit-Girl, she will steal the movie lol can't wait for this #37 - tell wifey to relax, it's rated r, she is not forced to watch's a MOVIE #66 AHHHH only time will tell, Cage might perform better then expected on your performance scale #67 It's an adaption of a comic series, it's made to look retarded in a comical / graphical sense, roll with far looking great
  • F.C.
    holy shit!!! that's awesome!!!!!
  • moif
    Yay.... more ultra violence for the retard generation
  • I can't wait for this! Probably haven't had this kind of fun since the Dark Knight's Joker.
  • Cody
    I actually thought Nic cage looked pretty good in this....he wasnt really taking himself seriously it seemed and thats the only way Cage can pull off a good performance.
  • Lar
    Ok, 57. Equilibrium factors into this how? IT was a little girl on a killing spree. lol. "You always knock me for a loop." LOL, Cage. XD! Looks awesome!
  • Richard
    My wife can say whatever the fuck she wants, shes entitled to her own opinion. I laughed when I heard her say it myself. Then again I'm from another demographic then you little bitches that like to talk shit safely behind the internet.
  • So Superbad meets Wanted, with a dash of Equilibrium?? That would be uber cool any day of the week, but the fact this is a Matthew Vaughn property makes it even cooler. WOW, this is going to be fun!! I really can't wait!!!
  • i dont know but heheh each time i watch this trailer i get a feeling this movie is gonna rock 😀 its fast its fun but its dark its bloody its almost what the comic tells... i hope they dont do a trailer for every character 😀 but then again what the heck, go for it 😀 i especially loved the scene where she whips the hand that holds the gun and yanks to have the guy shoot himself right under the chin 😀 perfectly done 😀 i gotta watch it again 😀
  • captain subtext
    That is AWESOME!
  • Cineprog
    This trailer looks fun with aCapital F, cannot wait for this i tend to go for lionsgate films anyway Kick ass is going to Kickass, cannot wait :)
  • Cody
    How in the hell is superbad at all associated with this? Cause of mintz-plasse? people need to realize hes an actor and thats not his only fucking role in hollywood.
  • Why is April 16th a terrible opening day? It's competition is Piranha 3D, The Back-up Plan and Death at a Funeral. Is it because it's a week after The Losers? June 4th would have been a good date, but Lionsgate already has slotted Killers (Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher) for that date. The only other dates that would conceivably work are July 30th or the last weeks in August.
  • Matt
    Richard, Richard, Richard. You are a typing contradiciton, calling people bitches from the safety of YOUR internet. All that being aside, I would think that a little girl saying cunt is small potatoes compared to the over the top violence she enacts. If my wife said she had a problem with the word, i would say oh well and that would be that, i wouldn't come onto a thread and leave a comment about it and then defend it. That makes me think it is really you with the problem and are just hiding behind a skirt.
  • Is it wrong that I have a boner right now....
  • theshatz
    I love this clip! i saw it on IGN and they had a bunch of bonus features there inclduing a soundboard widget. I fuckin love this stuff!
  • Ezza72
    The more I see, the more I like. Can't wait for it to come out!
  • beavis
    hey marty! thanks for the additional was cool! anyone else want to see hit-girl disembowel "richard", "K" , and "moif"?
  • beavis
    hey marty! thanks for the additional was cool! anyone else want to see hit-girl disembowel "richard", "K" , and "moif"?
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... WOOHOO... looking crazy fun... This is gonna be a blast
  • slopbucket
    why didnt they just animate this thing. I mean, its nothing more than a live action CARTOON!!! what a f*cking joke. But I guess it will give all the pre-teen gangster wanna-be's a hard on.
  • clippers350
    I always rag on people on here who use the that was a "holy shit" trailer... But damn, that was a Holy shit trailer. That looked bad ass!
  • Marty
    Beavis, no prob's :-)
  • Garrett
  • me
    This movie looks pathetic. But hey, now gun-slinging pedophiles have someone they can look up to.
  • xan
    #96 watch the movie before you judge and don't hate on those who like it. Didn't they teach you tolerance in church or was the preacher too busy pumping jesus juice up your keister.
  • beavis
    #95........what a foollish and misinformed comment. i have NO sexual interest in that little girl and i don't "sling" guns. it's just a wild, "over-the-top" idea for a movie and she plays the character really well. if you don't like the movie, ok. but don't assume people are pedophiles because of interest in this movie. i think it's cool to see a little girl play a character like this - instead of the usual "victim" or ditzy "teen- crap movie" role.
  • RC
    Might this be the only bearable movie with Nic Cage in it?
  • christmas buttons
    The only cunt in here is Cage's acting, or lack there of. HUMBUG is right!
  • danielvutran
    Richard. Lol.
  • beavis
    what's up with the nic cage hate? i think he comes across as funny playing the eccentric "pseudo super-hero" dad. and must be young - remember "raising arizona"? how about "lord of war"? the first "national treasure"? windtalkers was ok. yea, he's had some stinkers; but, he's not as bad as many make him out to be. oh, that new movie where he's transporting the witch looks pretty good too.
  • akumared
    Oh man, someone called Richard's wife a "lady boy", i was laughing my ass off. So Richard? don't put comments like that specially in forums. They will eat you alive. LOL
  • me
    Trailers are made to sell movies, ergo I can judge a movie based on the trailer. That's what everyone does whether they choose to go see it of not. And as for the pedophile comment, it was aimed at all those saying "why wait tip she's 18" and "I've got wood after watching that" people who see a fucking 12 year old as a sex object... What the he'll else do you call them if not a pedophile? Either way, I'm entitled to my opinion as much as anyone else. This movie looks pathetic
  • danielvutran
    @103 you contradict yourself so many times it's impossible to take yourself seriously. Hahaha, this movie looks pathetic from what? The trailer? You said so yourself you can't judge a movie by its trailer, nice logic there einstein.
  • Det. Mclane
    Movie looks like it will be fun. Richard I bet ur wife is a stinker on her rags...... you gymp.
  • wHiskey Tango…
    I hope the trailer isn't giving too much of the "wow factor" away... Trailers have a way of doing that these days. Looks fun in a Zombieland sort of way.
  • me
    danielvutran, why don't you wait to take any basic course in logic and critical thinking, and be sure to carefully read my comment first. i said that i CAN judge a movie based on the trailer, that's why trailers are made. and judging from everything i've seen for kick-ass, it looks pathetic. and in retrospect, it makes me kind of sad because i was excited for it when i first heard about it, but to see what the film makers have done makes it look like a generic piece of trash
  • beavis're right that you have a right to view any movie as "trash" if that's how if affects you, BUT - how is this generic? i've never seen a 12 year-old girl doing the stuff hit-girl is doing. nor have i ever seen a movie where regular people decide to be "super-heros" and make up for the fact that they don't have "special abilities" by using gratuitous amounts of violence. AND, it's refreshing to see a film-maker not play it safe and make this a PG-13 movie. you say you were excited for this when you first heard about it - what did you expect to see from this? i think it's more than lived up to it's early info.
  • me
    thanks, beavis. and i have to say, it wasn't my intention to insult anybody or start a fight, so if i offended anyone, i apologize. however, when reading through the comments and seeing some and seeing some people make sexual references about a 12 year old, to be honest it angered me enough to say something. as for the regular people deciding to be super heros, first thing that comes to mind is (even though the movie sucked) the watchmen. with the exception of dr. manhattan, nobody else had super powers and they resorted to extreme violence to fight crime (the Comedian is the perfect example). another is the punisher- but again all the movie adaptations fail to live up to the comics. my only point in all of this is, if you want to see the movie, by all means go see it. but those that dislike seeing a child saying lines like , "ok, you cunts" and being involved in extreme acts of violence are just as entitled to voice their opinions as those who enjoy it. sad fact is "imitable acts" has some grounds- turns out kids and teens are highly impressionable. and in this world violence- no matter how stylized- begets violence.
  • beavis
    i have to agree. if you don't like seeing kids doing and saying what hit-girl does - STAY AWAY! but i won't because i think she's great. and by the way, this isn't a kids movie.....rated R. so, i hope kids and teens aren't watching this. i know i would NEVER take children to see this movie. from the trailers, i don't really get the same feel for this as i did for watchmen. while both do have super-heros with no special powers - i feel they come across as very different movies. for me, hit-girl and her dad will really carry the movie. i like what i've seen from their scenes. it's just so outrageous to see a young girl and her dad "fighting crime" together. like the criminal in the trailer says: "it's a kid?!", that's kind of cool. i won't know if her twisted lines or over-the-top violence is too much/gratuitous until i see the movie. as far as adaptations from's hit or miss. i was VERY disappointed in "fantastic four" movie. i was a big fan of the comics, as a kid. when i saw the movie - i just sat there in disbelief. i didn't think FF could be ruined.......but the movie managed to do just that. hey, did you ever see "baby blues"? i liked that movie a lot, but was left very unsettled by how "mom" was portrayed. it was shocking to see a mother do what she did in the movie.
  • what's the song used in the first half of the trailer?
  • Robbie
    Hit-Girl sure kicks ass!
  • Jorj Theodorescu
    I think this trailer has too much violence performed only by a child. I can imagine how the movie looks like! I wonder how did we end up allowing this to be done? Why is it even approved? Why does Nicholas Cage accepted this part? Doesn't anyone believe of the influence that this film can have on the kids? I already imagine kids chopping up legs... So much violence done by a kid...even if she is the positive character. Where can i send a complaint ?
  • em
    i agree with #1. 😀 that looks great! "Just fucking with you dad." Ha,ha!
  • Kimberly
    The song is Banana Split covered by The Dickies.
  • Richard
    Richard = OWNED
  • lachie
    i personally cant wait for this movie. i agree with all those who are commenting on how sick the people are who are turned on by the twelve year old, but to say it shouldnt occur is uncalled for. in terms of the kid actor its a pretty original opportunity for the actor and the film industry, because now all we seem to have is little girls being victims to an onslaught of crime and violence. but now we have a character who transcends above this stereotype, certainly not a role model but a smart character choice. and for all saying this will be just another unoriginal hero movie, i have to say that if this film is anything like the comic, which it should be when you consider how close mark was to its production, then all the doubters may be shocked to find a story that is both original and highly interesting. the comic was made for comic readers with references and knowledge that is second nature to them, so the movie should be the same, its not going to be aimed at 13 year old kids, and the film should not be blamed for idiotic parents who take their child to see this. as it always has been with cinema, no one is forcing you to watch the movie. and the whole no powers but crazy super moves thing, not every no power hero is shown with this bruce lee style prowess. ever considered that when put into context with the story line of the film and most likely the comic their maybe reasoning behind it?
  • this a hero movie like marvel or what !
  • don't forget to duck…
    just a movie?....well, yeah it is that...but we all know there's too many folks out there that lose that concept somewhere along the line, as evidenced by columbine, and virgina tech and more, where people thought ultra-violence was an appropriate response to addressing what they percieved to be some sort of imbalance or fairness to the film makers, it's hard to judge what the real context of the flick is only seeing a trailer, and i wouldn't be surprised if it has some redeeming artistic or social value...then again, i wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't...the writers and director obviously have a talent for black comedy and satire...and maybe a desire of wanting to become the next quentin tarrantino by their "can you top this" over the top over-the-topsmanship(?)...remains to be seen...but surely, kids too young for the R rating will be able to get bootleg copies, not to mention getting their older buddies to rent it for them at blockbuster...or maybe their parents will take them to the theater, cuz it's "just a movie"....and once the dvd is in the home and the parents are shopping at home depot, the kids will pop it right into the dvd player...but movies influence life, not just imitate result- somewhere down the line, this results in a big shoot-em-up in a home, neighborhood, school or 4th of july picnic, probably by a kid wearing a goofy mask like the girl in the flick...and for those drooling over the flick and getting turned-on over a 12 year old blessing out grown-ups with the c, f, and whatever other words are order of the day and righting the evils of america with a couple of automatic pistols and unlimited ammo...well, if it's your home, neighborhood, school or picnic, don't be surprised, don't be shocked that it happened to you or someone you know, and don't complain....




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