Must Watch: Impressive New Trailer for Fox's Percy Jackson

November 18, 2009
Source: YouTube

Percy Jackson & the Olympians Trailer

Fox has quietly debuted yet another new trailer for Percy Jackson & the Olympians, making this the third trailer we've seen for this movie so far. Up until this point, we haven't really known what this would be like, what would happen in it and what the story would be. But this trailer finally gives us a glimpse of all that and I've got to say I'm a little more than curious now. In fact, I'm actually very impressed, this looks great, I'm totally in. The effects look good, even though they're probably far from being done, and the story looks pretty entertaining. My only complaint is that this means we'll see two different Medusa's next year!

Watch the international trailer for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief:

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is directed by Chris Columbus, of everything from Adventures in Babysitting to Home Alone to Mrs. Doubtfire to Bicentennial Man to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets to the Rent remake to I Love You Beth Cooper from this year. The screenplay was written by Craig Titley of Scooby-Doo and the Cheaper by the Dozen movies previously. This is based on Rick Riordan's series of children's books. 20th Century Fox is bringing Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief to theaters everywhere on February 12th, 2010 next year. Better?

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  • Nick
    looks pretty cool...
  • N
    Looks like a nice average family movie.
  • Almartva
    Really Alex? Impressive? Your lack of judgment toward something that doesn't look impressive IS impressive.
  • I'm sorry we have different opinions Almartva, but based on the last two trailers for this, yes, I was impressed by what I saw here. Looks like it has some potential.
  • David Banner
    Oooooo! Lightning Saber at 01:30 :)
  • lego
    Almartva, your judgment of someone's opinion toward something that doesn't look impressive as impressive is impressive. go change your tampon.
  • dave13
    this actually looks better than before. unfortunately, I think they'll focus way too much on Zeus' kid, when Poseidon's kid is going to be so much cooler. Alex, I agree. based on the previous trailers, this trailer makes me want to see this for fun at some point. maybe with my little bro. :)
  • birddog
    Uma Thurman as Medusa gets outsmarted by the that's technology! However that model is no longer available. Only black or white is sold. You have to download the mirror application separately.
  • Hedgehog
    WTB #6 a beer and a prostitute. Thank you for being above the retardation of the flame war.
  • That looks like a fun winter movie. Good Iphone ad too, always handy when fighting Medusa.
  • xerxex
    okay, Thurman as medusa I guess.
  • I was also unimpressed by the first two trailers, mostly because it looked like a carbon copy of Harry Potter, but this new trailer shows some of the vast differences and cool action to come. My interest has at least been teased, and I just might be willing to check it out once it hits theaters.
  • Frankie
    I don't think its too bad. Better than other trailers I seen. I might give it a watch.
  • Breebaby
    I think this looks pretty good and as far as seeing 2 Medusa's, we will get a nice family version and hopefully a full on evil version, I am pretty excited about that. She has always been one of my favorite mythological creatures.
  • Shane
    I just watched The Prestige again (great movie btw) and can't help but notice that Pierce Brosnan and David Bowie have the exact same speaking voice.
  • Crazysteve
    This looks pretty good.
  • Angry Chief
    From what I can tell, it looks as though our little mighty max here has the powers of at least two of the three gods that were touched on in the trailer. Hm. Anyway, as far as entertainment goes, this looks pretty neat. But, Alex, with all of these celebrities in the film and all the semi heroic 'violence', do you think that this film might turn out to be turned just to the kiddies or to everyone? I hope everyone. I am just afraid that this will be like a live action Disney movie, that's all.
  • mrmr
    not too shabby
  • Meh, looks like a good kids film but nothing more. Not IMPRESSIVE by any means. You can't dub a trailer impressive based on whether previous trailers were good or not. Either a trailer looks good or it doesn't. This one looks like standard kid fare. And Uma as Medusa? haha. Can't take that as a good casting choice at all.
  • Tybalt
    ....its a February movie. Enough said.
  • FancyMonocle
    That blatant apple product placement at the end kind of pissed me off. I can't stand obvious product placement. Also, was that not Hogwarts at 1:19? Overall with this movie, I've just got to say I'm pretty fed up with the story line of an ordinary kid who finds out he's special and then gets into crazy action. Lets name them off, shall we? Harry Potter, Eragon, Spy Kids (kinda), Cirque Du Freak,........ Okay I know there are a ton more but that's all I can think up right now. I think for kids, this movie may be decent. The commonality between movies with this cliche story line is that they're all made for kids. I don't think too many people above the age of 12 should care about this one.
  • sean
    Another movie where a magical white kid saves the world!?!? ... no thanks.
  • chiptune
    Nothing new here.
  • Sabes
    I wouldn't mind seeing this. People say it's nothing new, but a lot of the basic story concepts have been done before over and over again. 😛 Stop trying to pick apart every single movie you see. Movies are there to entertain, and this looks like it might just do that.
  • Chris Columbus is to directing what text to speech software is to reading.
  • Michael N.
    One Word: Ultraviolet
  • Brad
    LOL, I've got that exact same iPod. Wanna kill Medusa? There's an app for that 😉
  • budbud
    I'm in!
  • giraffic
    I'm excited! I'm a big fan of mythology 😀 I think it looks impresive...
  • re
    this look pretty good now im curious
  • twispious
    up until uma appeared,i was wholly convinced this movie's mostly reserved for the 12-16 year old many superfluous "OMG" moments,this crap will make the kids happy.
  • Nerdherdfan999
    As a reader of the books series I have to say He is kinda old but hey looks greattt
  • Stefarooh
    good to see Thurman back in something watchable even if it is a kiddies film.
  • Lizzie
    I for one am very impressed by this trailer. When I saw the first one I just cringed, it looked like another book horribly ruined by a movie version, but this trailer gave me some more faith in the movie. I make a point of reading all the books my kids do, and children's novel wise, The Lightning Thief series holds it's own. It's a really good book, and done right, this could be an amazing movie. I'm looking forwards to it.
  • beavis
    looks like a movie for looks ok, but at this point i'm not going to see it in theatres or add it to my netflix queue. i'm not a fan of the "harry potter" series and i doubt i'll be able to get into this either.
  • moif
    More brat fiction, and I thought Medusa was meant to be so ugly she could turn people to stone.
  • Cineprog
    Uma Therman looks good as Madusa, VFX don't look all that bad. you would have thought that Fox would have made more of this picture probley Release in it just after christmas instead of Febuary 12. PS can anyone out there tell me witch programe you use to Add Smilieys to the comment's on this website. Most Greatful.
  • esophus
    Bring on Clash Of The Titans!!!
  • Martin
    Meh, its looks so cheap and badly stylised. It's maaybe gonna spawn a sequel, but just maybe. I have to say that Harry Potter is just so much more well made.
  • awful
    I'm with #3 this looks really cheesy. "Impressive".....meh
  • Robbie
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    uma thurman as medusa fucking cool.
  • Antioch
    Looks like a blast~ I really like the premise
  • Neal
    Yay for product placing
  • ryan
    This looks completely WHACK!
  • Madnezz344
    who makes this bull shit seriously looks like a rip off from hellboy/clash of the titans
  • risk
    The last two trailers put me to sleep this one got me vaguely interested. Much better. I'll probably go see it now.
  • ?????
    Read the books. They are wonderful. Im looking foward to this.
  • Felix
    Opinions aside, facts on the table. Every trailer that has Apple products in it indicates a movie that is *at least* impressive. Therefore -- and because of the impressive trailer itself -- it is absolutely correct to call this trailer impressive. Next.
  • marcus
    that guy is like 17 there is going to be four more movies and in the fifth book he just turned sixteen. the prophecy of him turning sixteen in the last one is the whole plot. thi messes up everything!!!!!!
  • Felix
    @51 Ehm -- that would actually not be the first, let's say, 30 year old person to go as a 16 year old. High school movies is the keyword. On the other hand, that would also be a *very* lame excuse, so I guess you're right. But hey, let's enjoy this one and worry about the other ones after, well, after we get the box office counts.
    DUDEEEE THIS MOVIES GONNA ROCK!!!!!!! LOVE IT ALREADY!!!! I WILL B FIRST IN LINE :DDDDD however i'm kinda disappointed that percy has an ipod touch---in the books he can't have a cell phone or any electronic like things because then the monsters can track him so what's up w/ that??? but either way I LOVE IT!!!! nothing can be better than the books but this is gonna come pretty darn close!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
  • charlie
    for a kids film it doesnt look that bad but its way better then harry potter
  • dee
    I have a son who has read all the books and is a big fan. He didn't like the 1st trailer, like the 2nd trailer a bit better, and loves the 3rd one. Alex may be a fan of the books but it looks o.k. to me. If you are a tween and love the books then this is right up your alley. :)
  • SkaOreo
    Looks pretty decent and I do agree that the effects look pretty good. My only problem is the lead actor, he has this same dumbfounded look on his face throughout the entire trailer.
  • mon
    Hey, who's the male leading kid? *slurp* he looks kinda hot, potential to be next zach efron! haha
  • Daniel
    Didn't that old guy look like Dennis Quaid?
  • Lando
    looks like a lot of fun...
  • Carrie
    i've read the books, and the preview seems awesome but it pisses me off that the girls hair is the wrong color, i mean seriously, how hard is it to find a BLONDE!!!!
  • matt
    another US domestic trailer was launched which was 2 and a half minutes too..
  • arjones
    I like crap like this for some reason. I've read Rick Riordans books though not these and he's a really good author. Hopefully they gave him a little creative license to be involved in the movie so it's done well.
  • Fuelbot
    Looks a lot better than it should. The kid playing Percy Jackson is actually an awesome actor.
  • tom
    not impressed, looks like the run of the mill kids film
  • michael w
    i cant wait for it to come out. it looks amazing! A bit like clash of the titans 2 in modern settings. i think im gonna pee. lol




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