Must Watch: Intense Trailer for The Hurt Locker

January 7, 2009

The Hurt Locker Trailer

We've been waiting and waiting to see the first trailer for The Hurt Locker. Although it's yet another Iraq war movie, The Hurt Locker stands out as one of the most original and intense war films of the last few years. By now, Jeffrey Wells' unforgettable quote deserves to be on the poster: "Watching Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker is like having your heart operated on by a construction worker wielding a power pneumatic nail-driver. And the high-voltage stuff, which happens often, is, no joke, on the level of the armed creature-hunting and creature-evading sequences in Aliens." Yea, the trailer looks that good, too.

Watch the trailer for The Hurt Locker:

The trailer has been removed at the request of Voltage Pictures. Sorry guys!

Forced to play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in the chaos of war, an elite Army bomb squad unit must come together in a city where everyone is a potential enemy and every object could be a bomb.

The Hurt Locker is directed by Kathryn Bigelow, of Blue Steel, Point Break, and K-19: The Widowmaker previously. The original screenplay was written by newcomer Mark Boal who had a hand in devising the story for In the Valley of Elah. The film stars Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty, Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes, and David Morse. Summit Entertainment picked up the distribution rights during the Toronto Film Festival last year and will be debuting this in limited theaters sometime in 2009.

The Hurt Locker Poster

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  • Lycan22
    Wow looks insane
  • miracle disease
    If I die today, I'll die comfortable... (puts on 3 helmets and 5 layers of bomb-proof suit)
  • Dan W
    Looks cool
  • steve
    numero uno
  • LeftHanded
    Looks like a good movie. Horrible movie poster though. What's that guy looking at?
  • Matt Suhu
    looks good. i hope they change the music, it just didn't fit well with me. perhaps i'm making a musical comparison with black hawk down.
  • He's looking at YOU! It's a really old poster... There is another new one that came out recently too:
  • I think that looks awesome!! I actually have wondered why there haven't been more movies made about bomb squads being that they have one of the most stressful jobs ever. Ill watch if it makes it to my theater.
  • Matt Suhu
    and the lead character is the military guy from 28 weeks later.
  • dan
    as far as modern war flicks, blackhawk down seems superior to this. i'm definitely interested in seeing this movie though.
  • Jay
    Finally! Looks like they got almost everything right! Those EOD boys have it pretty rough and really deserve alot of credit. It wont be hard to make a good Iraq war movie with the shit that has been made so far! Really, REALLY LOOKING FOWARD TO THIS!
  • nate
    Why can't anybody make a real Iraq war movie. I've been deployed twice to Iraq and ran over 200 combat missions searching for IED's and I have never seen anybody walk up to one in a bomb suit and try to disarm it. This movie looks ridicules, there are so many great World War 2 and Vietnam movies why can't someone make a great modern war movie. The only one I can think of is Blackhawk Down. They just need to wait until The Iraq war is over for a few years and not try to write hurried unrealistic screenplays.
  • Looks good. Love the Poster.
  • YK
    My first impression is that it looks pretty bad, but I think it may just be the horrible trailer music that's giving off the wrong vibe. Here's hoping for a re-cut minus the cheese metal.
  • b
    This looks good, but I'm with #12, totally unreal. Why didn't they title this "Backdraft 2: Fire in the Sand"? They should take a breather until we're out of Iraq. Those awesome W2 and 'Nam movies were made after the wars were done and processed by the collective consciousness. The only current one that seems to have a true place in the present is Taking Chance.
  • BahHumbug
    Looks cool but then again, I actually end up not liking most Bigalow films. Yet Renner is a good choice for a lead actor in this.
  • L
    I saw this trailer when it was a Go commerical
  • KZ
    Nice trailer, but unfortunetly the movie is veeeery boring :/... I've seen it on the Camerimage festival in Poland in november. It has few nice and intense scenes but it's just much too long.
  • Bry from Chi
    Nate, I hope they make one for us as you described. a friend of mine experienced Black Hawk Down..he was one of the marines that came in right after the guys got back. I hope there are more movies that depict what you all experienced. My cousin was in the Gulf War and both of my uncles were deployed to Vietnam. Hopefully they will show a realistic one for us. Thank you for your service.
  • Jones
    Guy Pearce as a roughneck marine? Ralph Feinnes as a Delta? I'm in.
  • Liz
    The trailer puts a little too much emphasis on the explosions, obviously because they think it will draw viewers in, but what makes this movie fantastic is all the intense waiting prior to an explosion. I saw this at TIFF last year and it's easily in my Top Ten of 2008.
  • Jay
    #20 Ralph Feinnes is a Merc. Guy Pearce is a Soldier, not a Marine. #12,19. I'm a vet myself. I argee that hollywood wont make a "good" Iraq or Afgainstan movie years to come, but at least this is not a PTSD story.
  • bret
    12: a guy walking up to a suicide bomber in a suit tends to be more cinematic. Rarely are movies true to life... Looks good, im in!
  • Finnaley
    Two words.... Jeremy!. Renner!. I'm most definitely in.
  • Itri
    The music in the trailer is absolutely horrible...distracted me from what was going on. Damn.
  • harrison
    couldnt think of a better name? looks like a decent film though and black hawk down cant be outdone but hollywood will be lucky to come close again
  • Iraq looks deserted, where are all the people?
  • Squiggly
    There are people in Iraq, they just tend to go away when there's a bomb around.
  • Cody
    Looks sick finally an iraq war movie not trying to make some bullshit political statement.
  • Chris W
    Looks pretty cool, I like the use of a handcam. Hopefully it won't be as shaky and annoying as Cloverfield
  • sep
    Music from trailer??? 10x
  • #28 a c'mon, people in Iraq love bombs, I see on the news almost every day, 30/40 people killed in explosions all the time, they get round bombs like moths on flames.
  • Moviegimp
    The guy on the poster looks like Luke Perry. The movie looks like a documentary, which could be good or bad, there isn't enough story in the trailer to tell anything really. It also looks like the news if a little more uncensored. Good or bad a war movie while the war is still going on is a bad idea and this one will not doing any better than the rest, the wounds are to fresh. It could be another Black Hawk Down but I just don't that here. From this trailer alone I wouldn't rush out to see it.
  • spawn
    Call of duty 4
  • Fisherr
    Looks badass and the poster cannot be described.
  • Squiggly
    #32: touche.
  • Nate Mac
    I'm agreeing with the other Iraq/Afghan vets here... And the suicide bomber towards the end? Never seen one approached... While they're still alive. Usually you just shoot them on the spot, tend to the bomb later.
  • abishop
    I saw this at the toronto film festival as well, it is a solid film. The guy who wrote the film was there at the premiere and talked about it. He is a reported who had spent time with a real bomb unit in IRAQ and the film is based on some of the experiences he had there. I obviously can't speak to the realism of it, but it seemed extremely realistic with very little done for dramatic emphasis alone. As far as the guy walking up to bombs, etc., there is an actual reason for it other than military procedure. I won't give things away though. The music in the trailer is music used in the film itself and when used in the film it has a very dramatic effect and is also used for good reason. Again, I don't want to give much away. This is definitely the best modern war film since Black Hawk Down. It's nothing like stuff such as the kingdom or body of lies.
  • Missed the trailer, but that poster is badass. And we all need more Guy Pearce in our lives.
  • Is that guy in on the poster supposed to be a US Army soldier? I wish I could have had such a ridiculously lax personnel appearance when I was in Iraq.
  • Crap. I missed it. I'm going to have to check here more often. How long was it up?
  • Sorry for the second post; but just had to mention that I found a spot that hasn't taken the trailer down yet.
  • Jenna
    this is ridiculous, i was EOD and this movie probably blows, it's another tech's embellished story, because most techs are full of themselves. First of all they should have made it in the begining of the war, that's when it was REALLY bad for EOD. And second they shouldn't be showing anything like this when we are still at war with these people, it's so stupid.
  • EOD
    #43 I agree. I was EOD here in 03/04 and I know the guy that this movie is "loosely" based on. What a crock of S%^T. And you are correct, most techs are full of themselves so this will be so blown out of proportion that it's not even funny. And if you do a little research and figure out who the technical advisor for the film was you will understand why this movie can't be realisitic, because he didn't know crap about what was going on outside the wire anyway (I'll give you a hint, his son failed out of EOD school). I guess the good point is that now people will know what EOD stands for when no one really cared before Afghanistan/Iraq started, the bad point is that it still will not be an accurate portrayal of EOD.
  • ME
    What is the name of the trailer music of Hurt Locker??? This music is only in the trailer not in the film ... I don't find its name.... Thanks !!
  • JS
    The song in the trailer is Khyber Pass by Ministry
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