Must Watch: John Hillcoat's The Road Finally Gets a Trailer!

May 14, 2009
Source: Yahoo

The Road Trailer

After nearly endless delays, The Weinstein Company has finally debuted the trailer for The Road, the highly anticipated adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic novel. Even though I had already built up some huge expectations, this looks even better than I thought it would. Now we know what the Weinsteins have been hiding all this time! This also looks a lot more epic than I was expecting, which makes me wonder if TWC spent all this extra time gathering up some additional funds to add some new visual effects. Who knows? Either way, this is now one of my most highly anticipated non-summer films this year.

Watch the official trailer for John Hillcoat's The Road:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the trailer for The Road in High Definition on Yahoo

A post-apocalyptic tale of a man (Viggo Mortensen) and his son trying to survive by any means possible.

The Road is directed by Australian filmmaker John Hillcoat, of To Have and to Hold and the western The Proposition previously. The screenplay was adapted by Joe Penhall (Enduring Love, The Undertaker) and is based on Cormac McCarthy's beloved novel of the same name. After delaying the film for more than a year, The Weinstein Company will now officially be bring The Road to theaters on November 25th this fall.

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  • Dylan
    Best book that I have ever had the chance to read. Movie looks amazing...cannot wait for this one
  • Dan
    Expecting this to be radically different from the vibe the trailer gives, as I'm led to understand the film doesn't actually incorporate any of the "tagged-on" explanations for the world's current state that's included at the beginning of this trailer. Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing, as the worst thing about this trailer is the beginning of it (it even rips the static images/audio directly from Terminator Salvation's trailer). Looking forward to this, but hope Dimension films realize they're promoting this all wrong. The book's mediative, slow, haunting; this is a trailer more akin to an action/thriller.
  • xerxex
    amazing this will be great! Although it dosen't seem like the books intital plot but it does look good!
  • Andrew
    I'm very excited for this movie as well, but the trailer kind of turned me off. I really hope the marketing of the movie is not an indicator of what the movie will actually be like. I really didn't like how they didn't focus on how much time the father and son just spend alone. Every scene in this trailer seemed to have some extraneous character in it. They were also showing a lot of the wife, which is not what I expected.
  • Elessar
    Andrew: The thing to keep in mind is that the trailer has to make people want to see the movie, even if it means being misleading. They have to appeal to more people than just those who read the book. As for the wife, she appears only in flashbacks.
  • Movie Fan
    The film looks more like Fallout 3 meets Children of Men than like the actual novel. But that's fine with me, I wasn't expecting it to be just like the novel anyway (since it's far too bleak for Hollywood). Looks really good.
  • Ripper
    Looks fantastic, love the Cinematography in this Trailer. High on my Must see list.
  • Trey
    hey was Omar from the wire in there?
  • dan
    looks great! i wish this was out a lot sooner.
  • Diana
    wow looks great
  • Florian
    looks scrotum-grabbingly good
  • Julian
    We're living in an age of great cinema
  • Sean
    Pretty damn misleading...they probably jammed in every bit of action from the film and put it in the trailer and are advertising it as an apocalyptic action thriller...i guarantee the final product will be nothing like how the trailer makes it out to be.
  • Stevo
    These type of movies are my bread and butter. Hell, I even liked Waterworld.
  • Farris
    I don't know. This seems like something I would look forward too but it doesn't really seem that appealing. We'll see.
  • Matt Suhu
    This looks amazing...much better than the book. Now hold on, I liked the book and it was very different than everything else that I've read...but it was a bit boring. And I'm also glad to see, or hope, that the mother has a much larger role than how she was portrayed in the book.
  • Michael
    The book is flawless. I don't expect the movie to be ANYTHING like this trailer. Dimension is trying to appeal to the Transformers crowd with this one.
  • cat
    looks sweet! don't know if it will live up to expectations of the book but none the less it looks promising.
  • I'm sure it's a great story, but the trailer makes it look painfully similar to "I Am Legend."
  • exactly! i agree with #19. opening makes me think of "I am Legend" and maybe I'm the only one who didn't enjoy this book or McCarthy's output in general. Maybe they should have got the Coen brothers to make this too.
  • Kevin
    Looks awesome
  • dom
    wow - looks epic! I'm there for sure... looks like they're taking the premise from the last part of 28 days later when they meet the soldiers.
  • Josh M
    This looks absolutely amazing!
  • jerms
    Yikes! I really liked the book and I'm fairly sure the movie will at least be good, but this trailer makes it look terrible. As some other folks have already said, they are marketing this all wrong; they are trying to attract the action blockbuster, apocalyptic story crowd. Watching this, I saw zero indication that this will be a moving, well acted, tear inducing, oscar worthy movie: all the things they should be showcasing.
  • Derek
    Very disappointed. I'm a huge fan of the book and had high hopes for the film but this just looks awful and not at all faithful to the source material.
  • Timothy
    I think I'll pass, the book was enough. This doesn't look bad, but still.
  • I have a lot of books I want to read, Let the Right One In, etc now this one has been added to the list.
  • Drax
    Derek you're wrong. I've read the script - it's very faithful to the novel.
  • terry
    is it me but at the begin of the trailer felt like Terminator Salvation trailer
  • I loved the book...but I dunno about this. I think they altered the plot. It looks as if the mom stayed with them longer than it said in the book...?
  • @24 - I suppose the thing is that the people who are interested in the aspects you mentioned - story, performances, and the like - are already likely to go and see it. The marketing people's main job will always be to attract the people outside that core group, so they've got to make it look as engaging as possible.
  • nelson
    they said they wanted to make her more important giving her a bigger role
  • Betterchill
    i believe the reason why they put it on hold so much was to film more sequences for it and to perfect it. there is a really great article on this in filmmaker magazine from a few months back where the writer said the footage he saw was fantastic. trailers great ... cant wait to see it!
    I liked this trailer just t the 01:00 because everything that follows as I have seen in other films.
  • Gene
    Gonna be very different from the book, ussually not a good sign.
  • Itri
    #2 you say this is bad advertising on their part, but is it? The art house people will see the (hopefully) great reviews of the movie and go see it because of that. The mass audience will see this trailer and think it be an AWESOME movie like Michael AWESOME Bay to some extent and might go see it. I always say that they should advertise a movie to meander the less sophisticated of the lot so the film will hopefully make more money. I didn't like the trailer but I know it will be great so I'm set.
  • Josveta
    they better release another trailer for people who don't care about explosions and guns! i mean come on! for a trailer to do this book justice it needed to focus on their journey down the road show the walking alone down the road, show more/any of the shopping cart they push around, how empty the world is (seems like there are people everywhere in this trailer) and it needed to show how dull everything is. I know this would make for a boring trailer possibly but once combined with moving music and some of the great dialogue between father and son (who cares what the mother is saying) and the trailer could have been really powerful! will still see this as i loved the book
  • dee
    Loved the book but really, can the book be marketable? You really have to put a spin on it and make it about the zombies and a bit epic. The book was depressing as heck and this is Hollywood right? They are in the business to make money and I will still see the movie. There are visions from the book that looked exactly like I imagined in the trailer, like the jackknifed truck on the highway. Just looks incredible and it will be a good flick to check out.
  • Last Son Vs. Blatch
    Film looks really good. Never read the book, but the film looks promising!
  • lucky
    loved the proposition and if this is anything close to that I'll be first in line
  • SkyNet
    Just something I pondered. Of all these apocalyptic/Doomsday end of the world movies. That 99% of the of the human race die in some kinda virus / nuclear holocaust etc. Where do all the bodies go. ?
  • K
    Holy Shit! That is not what I was expecting! That's looks amazing!
  • Colin
    Why is everyone getting worked up about seeing the mom in the trailer, and thinking that means she's being inserted into more scenes? Not one scene of the journey here had her included, and everything she said was taken from the book.
  • Syphous
    Looks excellent. I never read the book, but it doesn't look like the type of movie that will only be enjoyed by fans.
  • Wow, looks great! This will be a good post-apocalyptic contender for The Book of Eli. I'm sure Fallout3 fans will be going to see this haha
  • Fallen
    Great..Btw, The sequence with the ring reminds me of LOTR, :)
  • movie buff
    Not sure about this. There is almost universal praise for the book, I was one of the minority who found it a bit boring. I think Cormac McCarthy is a great writer though. Maybe i missed something in The Road and I'll have to read it again. The beginning of the trailer was smart marketing, it wasn't to appease fans of the book or people who like "good" movies, it was done to suck in a mass audience and get some interest. The trailer makes it seem like its not super faithful to the book but only after seeing the movie can we be sure. I too was surprised at the amount of the wife/mother but again another character adds extra dimension makes it a bit more interesting and hey, who doesn't like looking at charlize theron. I also have a feeling a lot of her scenes will be flashbacks IIRC thats how it was in the book. Lastly, trailers can always be deceiving, they make it seem like theres gonna be a lot of action and there are all these guys chasing them. Again, IIRC, i feel like there are two big parts in the book where the father and son are in contact with other people, other than that its just them walking looking for food etc. Anyway, im still gonna see the movie.
  • movie buff
    Also Wilhelm Scream in the trailer LMAO
  • alan
    well the trailer was not too bad but you know this reminds me a lot of i am legend the happening and all the other apocalyptic movies but i hope the movie is better than what the trailer showed
  • Adam
    Ey yo! It's Omar! Omar's commin!
  • bbrown
    I struggled through the book; it was just so slow moving, like it would never end. But the whole time, I thought it would make a good movie. I'm glad they have quality actors to portray these roles, esp Viggo M.
  • Fearganainim
    Looks like your average run of the mill post apocalyptic dross to me... Missing the bleak despair of the book - still gotta get those bums on seats... Props to the proposition tho' so it might have a chance if the director can keep the Weinstein Bros away from it. On second thoughts...fat chance
  • sarah
    It looks good just as I hoped, and for the people who are saying it does not live up to the book all I can say is that not all books are just like the movie, lotr had made alot of mistakes but the movie turned out to be very good.
  • hmm
    @ 48 Where was the scream? I've watched it a couple times and haven't heard it.
  • Dan Taylor
    This actually looks pretty good...not gonna lie though, I laughed at the redneck at the beginning...not the best actor.
  • Drama
    @54 Take a look at 00:02:02, there's a short sequence of a man (possibly Mortensen) with no shirt on getting kicked on, and then there's a 0.5 sec sequence of someone falling or something. Thats when you hear the scream.
  • Drama
    @54 On secodn thought, that's not really the Wilhelm Scream (see here: and here: but the scream used in this trailer is a famous on as well. Can't really say where it's from though.
  • hmm
    @58 yea, that's what I thought. I knew I didn't hear the Wilhelm Scream. A lot of people always mistake the scream in the trailer, but this video clearly shows the difference:
  • Looks good, want to see it, looks grim though too.
  • Jason K
    omar little from the wire is in it! check for the flash of the black guy with a knife near the end of the trailer, that guy deserves his own film
  • So who's chasing them, and why? Anyone know?
  • Fisherr
    Vigo Mortensen= Epicness.
  • The Clapper
    Cormac McCarthy is one of our best contemporary authors. "No Country for Old Men" is one of the best book-to-film adapatations out there... I can only hope "The Road" is also. If the movie is half as bleak as the book, you'll still want to keep the gund, pills and razor blades locked away... And #61...lets put it this way. After the "catastrophe" that befalls the world in this work, food of the four-legged kind is scarce... BTW, if you want a freak-show ride in paperback, check out Blook Meridian...can't wait to see who will try and tackle that as a major mopic...
  • NathanEG
    First half of the trailer is like I Am Legend and the second is like Apocalypto.
  • max
    another great book ruined by hollywood, there is no wife in the book and no explantion as to the reason for the post apocalypse...shame on cormac mccarthy for allowing his bleak and beautiful story of love and devotion turned into an action flick....the day after tomorrow with muted color......very sad.
  • dennis
  • billybob
    Damn good book; hope they didn't mess it up!
  • jean
    I heared Cormac McCarthy saw the movie and he was very happy with it and if he happy then who are the hell to say without seeing it if is going to be bad. IT look good for what I see of it so far. p.s do you think oprah will see it as she did like the book and do you think the stars of the movie will come to her show viggo for the win
  • Avel
    Hopefully that scream isn't in the actual movie. I'm getting sick of rehashed sound effects, they should really try recording some new ones. Makes the movie feel cheap.
  • Brian
    to all the people who say it does the book no justice. ITS A TRAILER!!! its supposed to have action and other attention getting detail. thats how you get people to watch it. of course the makers want more than just the readers to watch. they have to make money. thats the whole point. i read the book and i thought the trailer was very fitting.
  • jean
    all I have to say to all you people is dont get put off by the trailer it is just a trailer it is not all of the movie still go and see it i will on the first day I hope.
  • lando
    looks great!
  • ash
    I just what to know what was happening in the clip were the man is crying is it when the boy becomes Ill. I will still see the movie
  • Dan W
    I'm excited to see this. The book was really a terrific read. It seems as though they threw some more intense action scenes into the movie. Which I guess makes sense given that it is a movie. Although Cast Away did great with little amounts of action. I was happy to see the scene with the flare gun into the window though!
  • Praying Mantis Master
    looks interesting. Could be like other apocalyptic flicks but with its own twist.
  • LW
    The guy at the start. Isn't that the guy who got his head microwaved in last house to the left? lol ^^
  • kirch
    was that omar little at the very end?
  • Samuel
    A lot of people ask a lot of silly questions as to who how and why this and that happened or who is to blame and what will happen next. Read the book and you will find out what happened, find out what happened to the people and the bodies, find out why civilisation has degraded to the point of being on a par with rural West Virgina - except the movie is less bleak than rural West Virginia. Damn fine book. Hopefully a damn fine film - still wondering why it took an Aussie to make it and fill it up with Aussie actors and crew. Reminds me of an Australian book, which I can't remember the title of, I had to read at school in Sacramento in the 80's about a nuke strike on Perth and it's aftermath, through the perspective of a survivor family. Wonder if old Cormac did a bit of inspiration reading prior to writing his book?
  • sunny
    forget the opening it will not be in the film if you see the rest of it they are alot of clip that was in the book and that make me feel it well be truthful to the book like, 1 when the man gives the boy the coke 2 when a see them and say why don't you come up 3 when the mother ask the what is going on 4 when they see a boat 5 when you see the man pointing the at someone which is the boy and right at the end who is omar. 6 when the man and the mother are talking if these 6 points I have listed about the clips being trutful to the book then i dont know what say. I am hope i will go see the film on the first day.
  • MCB
    Looks awesome!! I have mad love for Viggo. Anyone else hear the StarCraft scream sound-byte at 2:02?
  • desiree
    gave me goose bumps
  • Hsa
    A great trailer. I thought that people had seen enough of these apocalyptic theme movies but with the emergence of the vampire movies I am not too surprised.




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