Must Watch: Marc Webb's 500 Days of Summer Teaser

January 18, 2009

500 Days of Summer Teaser Trailer

Just barely after the world premiere of 500 Days of Summer at Sundance last night, our friends at Fox Searchlight have debuted a teaser trailer for the film. Before I even talk about this trailer, I saw this film just a few hours ago at its world premiere at Sundance and I loved it. It was wonderful, in every way, and is going to be a huge hit. Although this trailer does give you a good feel for the film, the voiceover with the guy saying "500 Days of Summer" over and over is a bit annoying. Ignore that part and sit back and enjoy, because when July comes around, this will definitely be the talk of the town.

Watch the teaser trailer for 500 Days of Summer:

[flv: 574 244]

500 Days of Summer is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Marc Webb, of only a few music videos previously. The screenplay was co-written by first-time writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. This just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week to a standing ovation. Fox Searchlight will be bringing 500 Days of Summer to theaters everywhere on July 24th this upcoming summer.

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  • max
    That Zooey Deschanel is hot :) Sounds like a nice movie, even if i hate the narrator in that trailer... :/
  • dom
    Fantastic - this looks very refreshing indeed! Michael H Weber rocks
  • Lars
    this looks like a timeless, classic, romantic movie. what's the name of the song?
  • teyhtr
    the more I see Joseph Gordon Levitt, the more I see Heath Ledger both in looks and career-wise.
  • L
    The really need a new voice over script. That alone almost makes me not want to see it.
  • George
    Oh my God I want to see that SO BADLY.
  • Hyacinth
    4: you just proved that i'm not delusional! i agree 100%, he does resemble heath soooo much! and I agree with everyone thus far, despite creepy, annoying voiceover guy, this looks amazing! can't wait till it hits theaters!
  • Zach
    Yeah this looks really good, Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt are two of my favorite actors, and not just random flavor of the months like Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. I can really see this being big. And I also agree with the creepy voiceover guy but since Don LaFontaine died I think they are having a tough time replacing him.
  • Jason
    You guys are scooping everyone at Sundance. Really great coverage. You just officially became my no. 1 film site.
  • Scott McHenry
    I miss Don LaFontaine!
  • I love it already.
  • What's the name of that song?!
  • Trin
    Went and found the song. The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition Good stuff.
  • Ha, yeah, just found it too, beat me to the post
  • I agree with number 5. That voice over was ridiculously annoying. It reminded me of the trailer for Eli Roth's Thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong. I loved that trailer. Just the way it kept saying 500 days of summer reminded me of the other trailer saying Thanksgiving over and over and over.
  • SmartGuy
    That VO guy should never do another trailer, ever.
  • eutychus
    whats this movie called again?
  • janet
    I actually really hated the trailer but I do like Levitt and Deschanel and that alone interests me. Along with you saying how good it is I'm sure I'll make it out to see this one.
  • richard
    The narrator reminded me of the Grindhouse films.. I was expecting to see someone get chopped in half and zoey to start shaking her boobies... It would have been a much better trailer
  • Clamson
    As much as I hate to agree with EVERYONE, that voice over guy is fuckin annoying. Like, REALLY annoying.
  • Brian
    after reading this site for quite some time now, this is the first one ive commented on.... i dont even care about the voiceover guy, im just too busy watching the screen, this looks SO DAMN GOOD.
  • sumonesumtime
    @12 Thanks.
  • Agreed with #19 -- if this movie holds as much promise as it seems to, what a disservice to it and everyone that worked on it, to have that crap voice-over script. I'd be interested to see how that movie looked without his voice in it at all, and no mention of the movie's title on-screen until the very end.
  • Bob
    I'd watch anything with Zooey in it. I even watched 'The Happening', although it was a freebie. I think it's fair to say the VO was a poor choice.
  • Can't stop watching this trailer. Zooey's so damn adorable. This trailer has that hypnotic attraction similar to that of Garden State's trailer. The music and visuals compliment each other so well - it hooks you right in.
  • teyhtr
    no offense but Zooey has a face you just want to punch.
  • Itri
    Yeah sorry #25 she has the total opposite effect on most people.
  • George
    I absolutely LOVE the voice over guy. It gives a very nostalgic feel of how trailers used to be from the 40s up to the 70s that you find on the dvd bonus features of old movies nowadays.
  • KyB
    For a movie that really liked, that trailer looked awful!
  • Drake
    looks good, anyway i gotta ask this, you guys saw the trailer for 12 rounds on ign. the action looks good but the downside is that john cena is in it. i'm dead serious.
  • D Link
    Joseph gives me a boner!! Its gonna be hard to watch G.I. Joe and not fantasize about humping Cobra Commander now.
  • F.C.
    the movie looks amazing!!!! zooey is sooo cute! but the voice-over guy is irritating, it is as if he is narrating the news or something
  • Darren
    its like a old school movie trailer
  • This looks banjos! Will defo watch it.
  • Manda
    Could he say that one more time, please? I didn't catch the title, thar'.
  • Mubariz
    I love how the voice-over guy says '500 days' so many times and then at the end goes '...(coming soon)' Can't stop laughing!
  • -Peter-
    haha of course they make her sing.. this looks great I LOVE Zooey and can NOT wait for this.
  • This looks great just from the chemistry that you can tell these two up and coming actors have for each other. Just looking into their eyes tells me more about the film than that voice over because you can see the passion in their expressions (which I think was the point).
  • LW
    lol! The VO guy sounds like a bad Morgan Freeman impersonator 😀
  • Fuelbot
    A bus full of Zooey? Sold.
  • DK
    JULY 24 IS RIDICULOUSLY FAR AWAY. Why wasn't I at this world premiere. :(
  • Georgiana
    ahhhhhhhhh. What's the name of this movie?
  • Someone stole Morgan Freeman's voice 😀
  • Ryan
    I'll see anything with zooey deschanel. any any any thing.
  • MBD
    That's not Zooey Deschanel, that's Lizzy Caplan, aka Katy Perry.
  • s
    this looks really good! I love both of them.
  • bala
    man..i can't hear the movie name again...aghhh...the movie seems to be pretty good though
  • chris
    please say indie gem
  • thomas
    i think i just fell in love with Zooey.
  • Jose
    I love the trailer except for the voice over guy. Can someone tell me the title of the song. I love that song
  • kiko
    Wow. That narrator is horrible. I hope they fix that before a wide release of the trailer. The movies looks great, though.
  • Movieraider321
    Everyone thinks the narration is horrible but think back to the old days, that was what the trailers consisted of, and not saying the film doesn't look modern but some of their outfits do seem to be dated. I for one enjoyed the narration and felt it was an enjoyable throwback to the old days of cinema.
  • kitano0
    Gosh, nice to be in the company of some people that know a little film history...that voice over and trailer was very 60's-70's and fit perfectly!
  • Mikey9a
    Seriously, Sometimes it's better to wait and put out a quality trailer then this trash. Love Zoey, though. She is great in anything. I recommend her last album as well. Amazing voice.
  • dave13
    I'm game for this movie. great visuals.
  • Khairul Aiman
    i'm fell in love with Zooey Deschanel after watching her with Jim Carrey Yes Man..._can't wait to see her again in this movie..!
  • Scott
    I agree with the first comment, I don't like the Narrator, but this would be the perfect movie to take your loved to.
  • e.r.m.
    GOOD NEWS. I found a way to enjoy this well-edited trailer WITHOUT the god-awful voiceover! Turn off the sound on the trailer and press pause. Go to the band's myspace page. Cue up "Sweet Disposition" in time with the trailer. Press "play." you're welcome.
  • Dallin
    Can anyone please send me a link to find the soundtrack to 500 days of summer? I cannot find the songs that were playing in the movie anywhere. I just want to have a list of the artists and song titles. my email is Please Please respond to this post or just send me an email. Thanks!
  • Stacia
    I'm SO glad this is coming out after I come back to the looks really really good and adorable. I'm excited. And yeah that song is really awesome too.
  • Chet
    So if Joseph Gordon Levitt is the new Heath Ledger does this mean he'll die alone of an OD?
  • Shawnee
    WTF Chet!!! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the new Heath Ledger??? Last I checked, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been around longer, than Heath Ledger.
  • -Peter-
    I just saw the trailer for "Gigantic" on Rotten Tomatoes it seems Zooey is gonna be in a bunch of super cute/funny movies also, didn't you say you had a Sundance interview with her?
  • this trailer! i didn't even get a glimpse of Matthew Gray Gubler.. and im gonna watch this film only because he's
  • serena
    what is the other song in this trailer besides sweet deseption??




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