Must Watch: Neill Blomkamp's District 9 Teaser Trailer!

May 1, 2009
Source: Apple

District 9 Teaser Trailer

Now this is the trailer I know I've been waiting to see forever! Sony has finally debuted the first teaser trailer for District 9, the upcoming alien feature from first-time filmmaker Neill Blomkamp. The project is produced and developed by Peter Jackson, but not directed by him. We first wrote about District 9 last year after returning from Comic-Con, as there is a huge viral game in the works surrounding the film and a mysterious corporation called MNU (Multi-National United). Let's just say that you need to watch this trailer, as it'll surprise a lot of you, since no one knows what to expect. Could this be the next Cloverfield?

Watch the first teaser trailer for District 9:

[flv: 598 318]

You can also watch the teaser trailer for District 9 in High Definition on Apple

An extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions in Johannesburg, South Africa suddenly find a "kindred spirit" in a government agent that is exposed to their mysterious biotechnology.

District 9 is both written and directed by first-timer Neill Blomkamp, a South African filmmaker who previously directed the awesome Halo: Arms Race shorts. The screenplay was co-written by Blomkamp and writing partner Terri Tatchell. This project is based on Blomkamp's short film Alive in Joburg, which can be seen online here. Sony will be bringing District 9 to theaters everywhere on August 14th this summer.

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  • Hey Ya
    Fuck yeah and it better not be the next Cloverfield. Cloverfield was hyped too much a bit of a flop. I loved it but I think I would have loved it more with only seeing the original trailer and nothing ever again until the movie came out.
  • JimD
    Wow this looks really good. I like the documentary style of these movies.
  • teyhtr
    The shot of the helicopter flying towards the mothership looks so real. Totally blown away.
  • #1 - Don't worry, this is coming out in August... Clovefield was a January release because it was a "small" movie, this is a summer release, because I expect there's a lot "big things" going on that we don't yet know about. :)
  • Sci-Fi Fan!
    This movie is going to be awesome.
  • Gabs
    There was a short clip about this a long time ago. So now he's making a full movie out of it 😀 Too bad Neill Blomkamp and Jackson aren't working on the Halo Movie anymore :(
  • ocp
  • jman571
    Hahaha this is going to be AWESOME. People will now see just how amazing Blomkamp`s special effects are. But I find the fact that they `censor`out the face of the alien weird, they did the same thing in Alive in Joburg for those aliens (presumably different aliens) and I have no idea why they do that. It looks a little unprofessional unfortunately.
  • jman571
    Oh completely forgot, Watch the HD version, which Alex linked to on Apple, my computer can only handle 720p, does it look sweet.
  • Daniel
    Oh man, this is going to be SWEET. I'm definitely sold! :)
  • discojellyfish
    Wow, impressive. This is going to be the year for great sci-fi.
  • hawoy
    jman, me tinks its got something to do with the alien eyes…remembered reading something about their eyes looked very human…
  • Go Niell!! Go South Africa!!! It looks sick!
  • dan
    i don't think the documentary style works with this. the "interview" with the alien seems a little silly too. if the special effects are good; it may be worth a watch but i'm afraid this will be AS BAD as cloverfield.
  • Bizzaro
    I can't believe how you guys are so impressed by this. The trailer had up until they showed the alien. It looked so bad. I couldn't keep myself from laughing at how fake it really looked.
  • Violator
    Maybe Aliens look like a lot of CGI! No one knows :) Awsome trailer.
  • Berry
    Hey Alex, that first shot is a little revealing. To be honest, sorry to stick out like a sore thumb..but I had no idea what this was about, and I'm sure i'd get a better kick out of it by not seeing that reveal shot. Just my two cents. That's the impression the trailer gives off.
  • Berry
    And Bizzaro. Fake? It's a real suit/prop. It's not cgi, you can tell.
  • Sam
    Alex, when are we expecting to see a full blown trailer?
  • dom
    Wow glad he got this off the ground instead of Halo.. I want more!! What a teaser.. will be there for this one. P.S. Berry, its actually more likely to be a suit and cgi mixed together in that shot. :)
  • alonso
    Better not be the next cloverfield. Terrible movie
  • #8 - I think the censoring is to give it more of that documentary feel... And create more of the mystery. I know no one likes seeing that, but everyone hated not being able to see the monsters in Cloverfield, and looked what happened there. They don't want to show you the aliens until the movie is actually out!
  • I felt as if the whole scene of the interrogation had a feeling of the science fiction classic 'Childhood's End.' If that scene is anything like the book, it would make sense for the face of the alien to be blurred out.
  • Timothy
    I really wish you'd stop referring to this as the next Cloverfield, alex. Because it looks so much better than that. I enjoyed Cloverfieldbut it has the potential to be so much better. Good teaser trailer, though.
  • xerxex
    Awesome, soon to be a great summer! and Cloverfield wasn't that bad, nowhere near a flop!
  • Brady
    Definitely looks very interesting. This is certainly the most original concept I know of that's coming out this summer. I look forward to seeing this.
  • finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ive been waiting to see something on this besides the short film.this looks so good and interesting. and you never know,it could be a precursor to a secret halo film,but who knows. either way it still looks awesome.
  • D-9
    Told YOU!
  • Hey guys! It's the Film Feed here! Send us your thoughts on the District 9 trailer! (310)668 1982 We'll try to put the best responses on the show!
  • cine_phil
    The spaceship shots did look really great. But the alien with his antennas... took away something of the serious direction of the movie, in my opinion. But let's see how the final movie will be, looking forward to it.
    The premise seems realy unique in its own way, especially with all the crap going on in the middle east, kinda shows it in a differnt light. Super pumped for this. As for the Cloverfield comparison, I find it wierd that everyone is hating on Cloverfield when obvioulsy the unique trailer made you see it, so dont complain about that. And it looks nothing like Cloverfield, that movie was supposed to give you the, "whats behind the next corner" feel, make you part of the experience, never knowing exactly whats coming next. I was a huge fan of the movie (obviously) and I think that if people watch it again and go in with an open mind, they will change there opinion of it. Watch the bonus features on how it was made too, really cool. Anyways, this looks great, fuck you fuck you, your cool , im out.
  • Trey
    now that looks good and interesting
  • darrin
    hard luck transformers 2 and terminator salvation. it coming down to district 9 and avatar.
  • zetsu
    that was fucking great the alien ship was awesome.
  • Richard
    I agree with 29, all the shots leading up to talking to the alien looks amazing, the alien... looked stupid IMHO. Why do aliens have to look like giant bugs? Cant people create something more unique? I would have been completely blown away if there had been something else there. And have we learned to talk alien? That scene sucked...! Still everything leading up to it was just amazing, hopefully it works out. I don't know why they even bothered blurring the alien face we all know we looks like a cockroach now lol.
  • Fisherr
    I agree with you Alex but although i liked the trailer it gave me the documented feel that i love to see every once in a while in good movies.I am looking forward to the movie.
  • Cody
    That was easily the best alien trailer ive seen for any movie..this is gonna be one of those creepy THEN invasion type films.
  • Cody
    You know also Blomkamp could totally be using this to get people to believe in him. So maybe he will unleash Halo on us. I mean basing from the shorts hes the man for the job. Also 35 there were all sorts of shit on that aliens face dont know where the fuck you get cockroach Mr omnipotent.
  • Looks good. I hope the idea to put the topic of racism and hate against other cultures get not lost in action and big spaceships etc. in this movie. Its a good way especially for young watchers to teach them or show them how wrong things are in the world.
  • Kerad
    correct me if i'm wrong but is this about a current alien population thats not welcome in a certain first world country involving i'm not gonna say it but it rhymes with shmeshicans?.
  • B-Han
    This didn't remind me of cloverfield at all. This looks as if it could be a classic.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    I KNEW IT! This looks amazing as I have told everyuone for over a year. Not to miss this year!
  • Matt Suhu
    lol...#38. it's obviously of insect descent. what else could be behind that censor? a snake face?
  • movieboy
    this trailer is based on Neill Blomkamp film short called "Alive in Joburg" heres theyoutube link to see the film short
  • sleepykid
    Looks okay but isn't the faux documentary approach just a little old hat now?
  • Finally, a faux documentary WITHOUT shaky camera style. Liked how they blurred the aliens face out, haha.
  • meh. it's a cloverfield trailer ripoff and is the same shit as the short film "alive in joburg". whatever.
  • movieboy
    @rocken yeah its the same as alive in joburg but its the same person who did it his making a proper movie based on his film short . also this trailer is not a rip off from cloverfield cause its based on his short film that done way before cloverfield. cloverfield is a rip off from other movies anyway i.e. godzilla, blair witch, Escape from New York etc
  • Cody
    Yeah but he said cockroach duh its a fucking insect but there was some insane little thingies all over its face...dont matter its gonna sick. This better not be some political bullshit statement either gonna ruin it for me totally. Theirs a lack of alien invasion type movies if ya ask me....and theirs way too many movies trying to make a statement. But basing on the questions the guy was asking I dont think thats the case...especially the part about their weapons.
  • nynex
    the shot with the ship in the sunset reminds me of Empire Strikes Back.
  • face facts
    Eh does this remind you guys of Alien Nation much?
  • sergi
    i liked the trailer until i see the alien, it looks so disappointing it has antennas :S so clichy
  • austin
    Looks like a takeoff from Idependence day.
  • cine_phil
    Aliens seeking refuge on earth and being discriminated sounds more like 'Alien Nation' (If anyone still remembers the movie or the series) than Cloverfield or Independence Day. But in this film there will also be of course a spreading (alien) virus if I'm getting it right, so there's surely some reference to a zombie movie, too...
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    @44: Thank you! Ive been wondering where that short film went. You all have to check it out, itll give you somewhat of an idea what the film will be like. Hopefully this movie is gonna rock, cause Cloverfield sucked on so many levels.
  • PJ H
    when this trailer was shown during wolverine last night, half the theater screamed WTF and some even clapped. im so pumped for this movie
  • RandyG
    I don't know anything about the plot here other than what is obvious from the trailer BUT I really, really hope the story doesn't take a typical, moronic Hollywood detour like The Visitor (let's all have a group sob for the aliens). I hope instead it addresses America's illegal alien infestation, and the nasty result there of. THAT would be novel.
  • Timothy
    Question: Do we actually know that the film will be in a documentary style. The short was but perhaps they just did the teaser trailer like that to sort of pay homage to the short. I think the style could work but am not sure just how that guy with the cyborg eye (or whatever you want to call it) would fit into a documentary style film and what not.
  • moldybread
    the very mention of that steaming lump of sh*t Cloverfield puts me off from seeing a potentially good film.. in the future, please find something GOOD to use as a comparison...thank you....
  • josh
    I have a feeling that this movie is going to be boring in the end because of its documentary style. The ship its self was not interesting at all. It reminded me of the ships from independents day. They should have made the shape of the ship something other than a disk, some thing interesting like a rod would have been amazing. As far as the alien, nothing we haven't seen before. Actually very generic coming from a studio like Weta.
  • josh
    "they're keeping them separate from us". If supreme beings did come to this planet, I don't think we would be able to keep them from doing anything they want to do.
  • Cody
    God I just dont get how people think cloverfield sucked..i mean you gys realize that moveis budget was around 35 million if i remember right. Guess its a love/hate movie the hate people probably didnt have the eyes to understand what was happening. Cause everyone i went with to see that were under 20 and we were gripping our fucking handrests the whole time. And i saw a buncha of older people just with a confused look on there face. SOMETHING ORIGINAL COMES AND PEOPLE BITCH
  • RandyG
    #62: Maybe us old people had the eyes to keep up with Cloverfield but we just didn't want to because Cloverfield is simply an awful movie.
  • Cody
    Like I said love/ hate your obviously in the latter
  • Nick
    Don't compare it to Cloverfield. The only similarity is aliens. That's like comparing it to Mars Attacks. This trailer gives me chills everytime I watch it.
  • lando
    cloverfield was original cause it was shot from a first person point of view? I was bored out of my mind
  • PimpSlapStick
    This looks amazing, I honestly got the same feeling watching this as I did the trailers for the first MATRIX, Cloverfield and Children of Men. Something I've never seen before can't wait
  • coyo
    pretty sure that alien said he going to eaat his brains
  • Geass
    Yay, a movie without actors whom are only recognized for their names.
  • Lauren
    My friend got so freaked out when she saw the alien when we saw this trailer before Wolverine. She can't handle aliens of any kind... unless they human or Vulcan. I am so intrigued by this though. It looks so interesting! At first, I thought it was going to be a documentary kind of thing about U.S. troops somewhere or something like that. Then it said "They are not human" I thought, Oh great, some weird ass version of a zombie movie. But no. This looks awesome. The alien kind of reminds me of the Sligs from Abe's Odyssey, for anyone who's ever played that game.
  • Lauren
    Has anyone been to yet? See the uncensored alien there. And what he's saying.
  • Clump
    Why don't aliens ever wear clothes?
  • Epic
    aliens dont need clothes, they have advanced into will we all when we are peaceful and advanced lol.......but yea, this movie looks boss.
  • Praying Mantis Master
    THIS MOVIE LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT TO SEE IT.
  • Arachnodongle
    The story takes place in Johannesburg in South Africa, a country that has surely had it's problems with racism and reverse racism I might add. It's not all about America all the time. Take a look at this link.
  • Nick S.
    This looks beautiful. DAMN!




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