Must Watch: Official Trailer for Cruise & Diaz's Knight & Day

December 22, 2009
Source: E! Online

Knight & Day

Fox has finally launched the first Knight & Day trailer online at E! Online. A few of you might have seen this over the weekend in front of Avatar, but for everyone else, I highly suggest you check this out. It's an action comedy, mixing Tom Cruise-style intense action (reminiscent of Eagle Eye or something) with the stupid humor of Cameron Diaz. As much as I hate Diaz, I have to admit that this looks pretty damn fun. I love that Cruise just keeps popping up in the most badass ways. Like Peter from SlashFilm said, it's not the comedy that makes me want to see this, it's the action. Looking forward to seeing the second trailer, too!

Watch the first official trailer for Knight & Day:

An action-comedy that follows a fugitive couple on a deadly adventure where nothing is what it seems.

Knight & Day, formerly known as Wichita or Trouble Man, is directed by New York-born filmmaker James Mangold, of 3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line, Identity, Kate & Leopold, Girl Interrupted, and also Cop Land previously. The screenplay was written by first-timer Patrick O'Neill whose only other writing credit is on a TV show called "Dead Last". 20th Century Fox is bringing Knight & Day to theaters everywhere starting on July 2nd, 2010 this upcoming summer. Is this what you were expecting or does it look entirely different?

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  • "I'm gonna kill myself, then her!" Seems pretty funny
  • The Man With No Name
    It seems like too much violence for the audience that Cruise and Diaz would appeal to. I don't see this being much of a box office hit. "Come see this movie because we shoot a lot of guns! Guns are cool, right?"
  • klaus_komix
    Looks pretty good. Like Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets (insert stupid comedy movie).
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    i'm not sure on this,looks like it could have some good action scenes.
  • Greedo
    That motorcycle stunt thing was kinda cool and unexpected.
  • K
    LOL! That looks fun! Like how they give nothing away.
  • Fun and more fun. Ill see it.
  • Dan the Fan
    Wow he's looking old. oh btw, this looks terrible.
  • Blue Silver
    It looks fun, YES! I hate how Cruise defies death with a stupid grin on his face all the time!
  • Tristan
    I just now got the title *smacks head* But I laughed at probably every joke on here. Could be just because I love Cruise in roles where he just gets to have fun.
  • Sabes
    I thought I was going to hate it, buuuuut....I don't know. Looked kind of funny.
  • Marty
    Be good to see Cruise having a bit of fun on film for a change
  • Alex, "hate" is a pretty strong word. Couldn't you have easily written that you "dislike" Cameron Diaz? Oh and the "or something" you were looking for involve stunts seen in True Lies or the Die Hard movies. Come on, Eagle Eye, really?
  • Cody
    Like someone said dont think it will be a hit but it does look very fun....its nice seeing a non ethan hunt tom cruise.
  • beavis
    looks ok. i'm sure i'll watch it off of netflix.......but not the theatre. and while watching the trailer...............all i could think of was how hit-girl would kick tom cruise ass all over the place. ( then she'd cut off his legs)
  • John Doe
    "Nobody move or I kill myself, then her!" Now that was funny.
  • lego
    I'm digging the muse song.
  • harrison
    haha as much as ive been turned off by cruise lately, and hate diaz, this looks fun. great one liners. and going to see avatar in imax in half an hour
  • Hedgehog
    Tom Cruise is funny as hell when he wants to. Tropic Thunder anybody? This looks like it could be a fun date movie.. lil comedy.. lil action.. lil romance.. Keep everybody happy.
  • jeff
    Hate to say it, not usually my kind of thing but... I laughed. It does look fun. I'm a big fan of The Long Kiss Goodnight and this seems to tread on similar ground - - crazy comic book action with heaping doses of humor.
  • DoomCanoe
    Wake up Tom! that bitch fucks up your face somethin nasty!! RUN!
  • benjoi
    i think the consensus here is... its looks aaaalllriiighhht
  • Yeah!
    I'm goint to hang myself when this crap hits the theathers. Atleast my world lost one less angle.
  • me
  • Gang Bang Gary
    I'd rather sit through a 3 hour Scientology induction.
  • Traveler
    #25, are you SURE about that? This looks mildly amusing, something to rent one day.
  • I hate myself for saying this, but it looks watchable, and funny enough. Dammit.
  • Felix
    Looks like he picked every signature M:I-move and finally laughs about it. Very good stuff this could be.
  • wrongturn687
    I agree with most people that it looks like fun, but it's deffentially not my type of movie. I can always appreciate Cruise kicking ass and taking names and atleast it looks better than that shitty Bounty movie.
  • Fuelbot
    "This is wild!" haha.
  • Sancle
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith meet Eagle Eye. Nonetheless, this looks really good
  • agentX
    Its funny ok, but im sure better movies will be out then to see in theaters, rent on DVD, says all over this trailer
  • dom
    Hmm looks a bit cheap. You cant really give Cruise a role thats so close to Mission Impossible's Ethan Hunt and then expect it to work in a comical sense.. this looks uncomfortable. That said, Cameron looks fine ;P
  • boo
    looks very nice! cruise is cool!
  • moviefan111
    yawn. I'm a TC and CD fan but this movie looks like crap.
  • From that picture I'm predicting that Tom Cruise will look exactly as crazy as Stephen King in t-minus 5 years and counting.
  • arjones
    I agree #8. (chuckle) I was thinking he was lookin' a bit rough. I wouldn't spend 90 minutes in a theater for it.
  • Pete
    Looks hilarious. Also great to see hear another Muse song in a high profile trailer (last one I recall was "Take a Bow" in the Watchmen trailer).
  • Sleepykid
    Loud, mindless, incredulous popcorn tosh. Count me in.
  • ebbie
    All I could think while watching this is did Tom wear lifts during every scene or was forced perspective used constantly so Cameron wouldn't tower over him by a good six inches?
  • JimD
    Is this going to ne the Mr and Mrs Smith for Cruise and Diaz. If I here Cruise is getting a divorce and hitching Diaz ...
  • Hugh
    Man, both Cruise and Diaz look ollllllllllllddddddddd. She is looking downright worn out.
  • Drew Kerr
    I read the original script and as I was watching the trailer, my thoughts were: "wow, somebody brought in serious rewrite!" It's not Mr. & Mrs. Smith, because Diaz's character is more like an innocent bystander who gets caught up in Tom Cruise's spy intrigue, except you just don't quite know which side he's on because it flip flops so much.
  • Jason
    i saw this trailer when i saw AVATAR in IMAX 3D
  • xan
    Cruise should stick with comedy for a while... his bit in Tropic Thunder was hilarious. Sure, in real life he's a complete psycho and Diaz is a bit worn out but this movie looks like fun.
  • xerxex
    so Alex you actually hate Diaz as a person? or her recent acting in films? I won't go as far as saying I hate Diaz, but I hate her recent acting in films. She has a chance to come back and wow us all, don't write her off so quick. "Nobody follow me, or I'll kill myself then her." great line, I'm in.
  • Said
    Tom Cruise is.... Stupidly funny!! im gonna watch it!!
  • well i dont look for originality in all the movies. if its original and good what else can i ask. if it looks like another film its ok as long as its still good. and i havent seen a bad action movie yet that Tom was in. and i always remember Cameron in her part in The Mask ( Aruughhhhhhh 😛 ) the trailer is fast and funny as others have said pretty funny one liners looks like its gonna be a fast and aloud fun two hours 😛 PS: yeah Tropic Thunder scene especially the last dance scene was awesome 😀
  • Matthew
    Not really sure what to make of it, seems like they never finished editing it properly.
  • Razor
    Looks very good. Blu ray is mine!
  • Cineprog
    Like the WiseCrack agree with No1 *Nick Sears* this could put Tom Cruse back up there sounds a bit MI with a few Laughs. :)
  • Chase
    I knew very little about this movie but watching that trailer has me interested, this could be good or total fail only time will tell.
  • Jeff C.
    Comedy/Action movies, not been too many of those lately, but now this and Cop Out. Looks pretty cool to me, I will definitely check this out.
  • Ozzie Davis
    Agreeing with #2. God damn this is pure bait. And for some stupid reason people love Cameron Diaz. She fucked that trailer for me. She fucks every movie she's in. Except Vanilla sky. And whata shame... Tom is in this one as well. Shucks.
  • dave13
    lmao. Diaz is always amusing at least. Cruise? I like him funny. he should stay with funny. he's good with it. :) I'm game.
  • Robbie
    Looks cool. Too bad for the poor quality.
  • Fisherr
    Looking great.




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