Must Watch: Official Trailer for The Time Traveler's Wife

June 12, 2009
Source: Yahoo

The Time Traveler's Wife Trailer

Warner Brothers has finally debuted the long-awaited trailer for The Time Traveler's Wife on Yahoo today. This is the remarkable story of Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana), a dashing, adventuresome librarian who travels involuntarily through time, and Clare Abshire (Rachel McAdams), an artist whose life takes a natural sequential course. As I expected, this is much more of a romance movie than sci-fi or anything else, but that doesn't mean it doesn't look wonderful anyway. McAdams is always great in these roles (need I mention The Notebook?) and it looks like she'll steal our hearts once again. I'll definitely be watching this once it hits!

Watch the official trailer for The Time Traveler's Wife:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the trailer for The Time Traveler's Wife in High Definition on Yahoo

The Time Traveler's Wife is directed by German filmmaker Robert Schwentke, of Tattoo, The Family Jewels and Flightplan previously. The screenplay was written by Bruce Joel Rubin, of Ghost, Jacob's Ladder, Deep Impact, Stuart Little 2 and The Last Mimzy previously. This was adapted from Audrey Niffenegger's novel of the same name. Originally a New Line release, now a Warner Brothers release, The Time Traveler's Wife is currently scheduled to arrive in theaters starting on August 14th later this summer. Worth the wait?

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  • jason b
    this looks pretty good and i think McAdams is a fantastic actress not to mention absolutely stunning!
  • That actually looks pretty good!
  • neat concept
  • xerxex
    Loved it! As a Bana and McAdams fan this will be great!
  • spect8re
    Definitely looks like a good watch
  • DarkPadme
    wow looks great
  • ocp
  • eric
    i can feel a joke coming scene opens with them having sex their about to climax when he warps through time. jokes about him premature ejaculating
  • Jon
    @7 haha yes the tv show that's exactly what this reminded me of. still looks cool nonetheless.
  • Berry
    #7 Too bad the book was written before Journeyman you tard. Also the music, kind of ridiculous..looks good though.
  • Bryan
    For some reason I got a Lake House vibe from the trailer (I hope not seeing how that film was crap) But this looks really good...
  • theotherbluth
    I don't know, I think it is creepy that he hangs out with her all through her childhood and then marries her. After they get married does he still go back and hang out with her as a child? I know it's a movie, but I still find it creepy
  • Last Son
    Yeah! I think i'll stick with "The Butcher's Wife". His wife was a lot hotter! Na just kidding. Film looks really good. Eric Bana is a great actor.
  • Kevin
    Looks like a great movie...for me to poop on!
  • germs
    #12: To help you understand better, he doesn't go back to her childhood until after he meets her as an adult, so he has no recollection of her. The book was very heartfelt, not creepy at all. I only hope the movie sticks to the source material.
  • Fc
    i agree with #10: the book was published way before Journeyman even premiered. :[
  • twispious
    this cmes from the absolute WORST book ive ever read my entire life (the dialogue esp was unbearably pedantic).but the trailer looks oddly promising.
  • Joshua m
    First of all, Alex, did you actually think this was going to be science fiction? The title alone should tell you it's romantic drama. Second... the Notebook sucked. And third... this actually looks sort of interesting.
  • elessar
    Whoah! Count me in. I've always had a fondness for Eric Bana (especially for MUNICH) and have lately become a fan of Rachel McAdams. I was interested in this for a while, but now I can't wait to see it.
  • Oldschool
    Chick Flix, Pass.
  • DoomCanoe
    not an Eric Bana fan, didn't like The Notebook, The music sucked but I'm all for watching this movie
  • Farris
    #21 x 2
  • Dexter
    Love both actors, I'll definitely be in line the day it come to my town. McAdam's impressive with her choices of roles.
  • Rorschach90
    Kind of crazy to think that the guy who wrote the script for this also wrote Jacob's Ladder AND Stuart Little 2. Two very different movies
  • why
    look nice ,i like the idea
  • Dan
  • C-dog
    yeeeeeeeeeeah boi!
  • Bo
    "I travel through time, I can't control it, it just happens. I wish it didn't." A bit like in Hulk. :-)
  • dan
    this looks like a lifetime movie...........yawn.
  • Fisherr
    Loved it, i am definitely in.
  • Chem
    I love trailers that show the entire movie. Makes watching the actual movie, that much easier.
  • b
    Yeh. Lifetime movie + The Lakehouse. However, I encourage everyone to see Chopper w/ Bana, which is bad as shit. And, remarkably, the guy started as an improv/sketch comedian in Austrailia. Youtube him, hilarious.
  • Bry from Chi
    #28 Too funny!! LOL!!! I look forward to it. And yes, #32 I saw Chopper, it was fantastic. Amazing work by Bana. I look forward to watching this movie.
  • Reminds me of the Lakehouse/
  • Chris
    They Should have cast Kevin McKidd :) Oh and yes #7 I totally agree :)
  • lando
    JOURNEYMAN!!! I loved that show and the conflict of what time traveling would have on a relationship..and the family.. this looks interesting, like a further study on the topic.. how does crap like Jericho come back on the air, yet they pull the plug on quality shows like journeyman?
  • Vic
    DUMBEST thing i've ever seen.
  • zubzwank
    This guy seems kind of "unstuck in time" like the guy in Slaughterhouse Five. You youngsters may not be familiar with that movie, which was based on--and faithful to--the novel by the great Kurt Vonnegut.
  • Riccardo
    @31, if they actually stay true to the source material, it would go quite a bit beyond what we see in the trailer.
  • lando
    billy pilgrim is my hero
  • Seductive Flamingo
    I <3 Rachel. Going.
  • K
    Looks great! Interesting concept. Can't go wrong with McAdams, incredible actress.
  • Blaise
    omfg that looks so horrible...but i do like mcadams
  • Nothanks
    Looks weird/interesting, which is a good thing.
  • sunny
    look like I just saw the whole movie from the trailer but It look good
  • Where's the Tardis?
  • F.C.
    pedophile never looked so romantic. (i'll watch it though)
  • mrmr
    date movie. im planning a reach around
  • A.B.
    looks like and will be a great movie. rachel McAdams is an incredible actress, did u see state of play?? but she is so underrated.
  • dqniel
    Looks really, really stupid.
  • gabe the Accuser
    OH wait, they pulled Journeyman off the air so they can remake it into a movie... great... where's the main character's cop brother???
  • Jason K
  • Ska
    I really did enjoy the book, so I'm looking forward to seeing the film.
  • Andie
    I'm so glad McAdams is playing Clare, she's perfect for this role.
  • Optic Junkie
    I have been waiting months for at least a trailer for this film and I'm way bugged!!! The music makes it seem all sweet and "chick-flicky" but the book's not that way at all! I don't think of the book as chick-lit, more literary fiction. Also, McAdams delivery of some of the lines in the trailer were toooooo cheesy for this cool yet tragic story. This ended up being one of my favorite books of all time. I like the casting of Bana (he kicks butt as an actor) but now I'm really unsure of McAdams. *please don't be like the trailer...please don't be like the trailer...please don't be like the trailer...*
  • Ocean Gilles
    I love this movie Eric Bana is the nicest actor in the world. And Rachel Mcadams is gorgeous
  • Ocean Gilles
    I love this movie Eric Bana is the nicest actor in the world. And Rachel Mcadams is gorgeous
  • Ocean Gilles
    I love this movie Eric Bana is the nicest actor in the world. And Rachel Mcadams is gorgeous
  • Hsa
    A friend of mine loves movies like this and she definitely had to drag me to go watch it. This was another flick that I hear the book is better than the movie.
  • A. Jackson
    I think it will be a wonderful movie, better that all this killing and fighting crap that seems to be taking over the world.... a good old love story to get the emotions going.... definately want to see this.




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