Must Watch: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Teaser Trailer!

February 16, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Official Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Teaser Trailer

As promised, Paramount has released the official teaser trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen this morning after its debut in theaters in front of Friday the 13th. Although I'm also excited for Watchmen, I think this looks awesome, and it's probably the movie I am most excited to see this entire year. Something about Michael Bay boosting up the energy, excitement, and number of robots this time around really makes me giddy with fanboy joy. Plus, this is the perfect teaser to get fans in the mood for the return of Transformers this summer. It's just enough to whet our appetite and not much more, so enjoy!

Watch the teaser trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen teaser in High Definition on Yahoo

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is again directed by action film superstar Michael Bay of Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Island, and Transformers previously. The story and screenplay for the sequel was written by Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as well as Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate). Paramount is unleashing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in both IMAX and regular theaters on June 24th this summer. We'll be there!

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  • Nick
    this looks like the real deal, sweet!
  • floyd_jones
    this is gonna be bad ass!
  • will
    cannot wait for this movie
  • Marqwest
  • NeoSlyfer
  • ?????
    I don't know if anyone else noticed but at 1:39 if you pause it, I'm pretty sure thats "The Fallen" did anyone else notice him?
  • Woooow stunned i love the pyramids gonna Rock
  • Yo
    Talk about a perfect teaser trailer. Also, it's whet our appetite, not wet. 😉
  • #6 - I'm pretty sure that's not The Fallen... If you look at it closely and compare to the toy of The Fallen we posted last week, those two Transformers look nothing alike... However, what IS interesting is that the robot frickin' TELEPORTS! There is a flash of lightning and red energy, and he just APPEARS at that spot in the desert. I am not joking, that's what I just watched freeze frame! #8 - Was just testing to see if you guys are still reading... 😉
  • JS
    now this is what im talking about!!! get rid of the bootlegged one i hate it when people put that crap up. but i am lookin forward to this film and the DEVESTATOR!!!! when i wathced F13 and i saw this teaser i think i pissed my pants a lil bit.
  • Michael Bay has gotten really good at making things fall from the sky. It's a lot of the same to me, but then again, this is bigger, badder, and I don't give a shit! This looks like an amazing action-packed ride!
  • Upon closer inspection, the robot just jumped down to the spot from up in the sky... Too bad, because teleportation would've been pretty frickin' awesome to see in this!
  • LeeMan
    I definitely did not see this in front of Friday the 13th. the trailer alone looks atleast twice as good as the entire first movie. this is really what Summer is all about
  • darrin
    actually it is the fallen, your right man, i did pause it.
  • Decker42
    Ive waited for this movie since they mentioned they were going to make another one. I paused it at 1:39 and im positive that its the fallen. Look at the shape of its head compared to the toy and its a noticable similarity. Ill bet anything it is.
  • ?????
    Alex, I posted that because the head looks a lot alike the toy you posted. I watched it in HD with quicktime and I'm pretty sure it is. Check it out, either way the trailer is phenomenal. By the way, the teleporting part, AWESOME!
  • Jack
    does anyone know if they are still using the same voice actors for the transformers?
  • @Alex It would be really cool to see Skywarp do his thing, but I know Michael Bay said he wants to keep things as real as possible.
  • Blue Silver
    Damn! This looks good!
  • Susana
    looks like it will be awesome again!! it was cool how they did that spiky thing @ the end w/ the logo.
  • Matthew
    These robots look so stupid guys...At least it looks like the action will actually be in focus and not a blur of metal rolling around eachother like in the first one...#18:Saying Michael Bay likes to keep things as real as possible is perposterous.Have you ever seen one of his movies? This movie will stink, they shouldn't have gutted one of the most cherished franchises of our youths.
  • @#6 1:39 looks a lot like Devastator and not The Fallen. This trailer still does nothing for me, but it does make me like the 30 second trailer more (I wasn't a fan of it in the first place). I know the movie will be fun, but better!? 120 foot robot does not a better movie make. It could be bigger, badder, darker (Darker in Michael Bay talk means contrast and brightness levels) but better!? Call me a skeptic, but I'm not seeing the better. I'm seeing the same... same as the last flick. Which isn't a bad thing, don't get me wrong. It's just hard for me to get excited over something I've seen before. I'm still going to have fun with it though.
  • Bo
    It's the fallen, just look at the head, it has that same pharaoh head like design
  • This movie is going to rock! Hopefully top grosser for this year too! Does anybody have an idea what Shia was holding up close. That tiny object that he broke in half, and then noticed that he was being watched by a transformer. I wonder if that has to do with the story of this sequel.
  • Wow, mucho impressive and surprising (and welcome) restraint for a trailer. Thanks for getting it up Alex. I've been checking back most of the day as I didn't want to see any of those cam quality versions.
  • shutupmrburton
    The people at ILM have to be Wizards!!
  • pipo
    Awesome! nothing more than that.
  • Richard
    Can I buy my ticket right now?
  • Saw it in front of FIRDAY THE 13TH and the audience knew what it was from the start which I found very surprising. Lots of hype for this one and I thought it was very impressive for just a teaser trailer. It is amazing how quickly special effects are able to be made now compared to before.
  • thejugfather
    freaking amazing....simply amazing and i absolutely CANNOT wait for this to hit theaters
  • It does look pretty good in a giant robot smashing up stuff sorto way, still too much going on, but I think Michael Bay does a lot of coke. That interview posted a while back had cokehead al over it. Reckon it'll be mad to see in the cinema though, but completely forgettable like the first one, but again who cares it's transformers.
  • Bry from Chi
    I'm there fo sho!
  • Jordan
    Booooooooooooo. Don't know what else to say.
  • geez
    bunch of CGI...
  • #34 thats like saying "too much robot". Really Really? you think a transformers movie can be made without heavy CGI? Thats like saying they had too much make up in LOTR! Come on wake up and admit that this movie looks like a freaking blast and quit trying to appear as though your an elitist film enthusiast who thinks we should all go back to making movies with VHS recorders.
  • Mike
    I thought we were in a recession.
    Hey #34 " Bunch of CGI" , what else do you think a movie about intergalactic transforming giant robots would require....You fucking idiot.......bring on this movie and all the fucking CGI we can handle !!!
    amen on that 37 lol
  • wassssssuuuuuupppppppp
    Well fuck me sideways. This is going to be awesome. Some one freeze frame the unicycle guy and crop his face because the face looks like the Fallen. The same spiky details. It was fast so probably not but never know if that's his badass mode.
  • wassssssuuuuuupppppppp
    Forgot to subscribe...
  • zetsu
    transformers revenge of the fallen =giant fucking robots=giant fucking robots fighting=the totally fuckable megan fox=cream my pants,this gonna be a massive hit.
  • NeoSlyfer
    #37 I couldn't agree more :-) ALL HAIL MEGATRON!!!
  • Henry Jones Sr.
    Rehashing the sfx from Armageddon AND Pearl Harbor... fascinating.
  • Cody
    wow holy shit.....whoever keeps dismissing this movie for a CGI extravaganza...well ur fucking right it is and its an awesome one at that. So dont come and comment on a topic you perfectly already know what it is. This is goiing to be fucking sweet. Period.
  • Mike
    Alex that is definately The Fallen at 1:39. If you look at it frame by frame, the Transformer is on fire before it lands.
  • DogChasingCars
    Definitely looks bigger than the first, and I'm impressed by the extensive array of Transformers. But Alex, Alex... why is THIS your most anticipated, of all of the movies coming out this year? Have you already forgotten Watchmen? :)
  • Icarus
    Man, all this movie is going to be is a special effects bonanza with no real plot or oscar worthy acting... and I'm so DAMN EXCITED!!!!! YAYAH!
  • Joe Campos
    Is Michael Bay out of ideas? The majority of those opening shots were directly from Armageddon and Pearl Harbor! I hope the rest of the movie is more original that some of the cinematography seen in the trailer.
  • chris
    i plan on abusing my cinema card and seeing this (and Watchmen) at least 3 times on the day of release alone. These pesky well made movies with extreme levels of detail take some appreciating! :o)
  • chris
    hey, he definitely teleports at 1:39...on the 720p HD version you can get the flash, and the robot is glowing briefly, which then fades out
  • Jordan
    # 34, 43, and 48 right on. I don't have much of a problem with all the CGI but I have a huge problem with the piece of shit that is Michael Bay. The fact that this guy makes loads of money by pumping out total shit for movies pisses me off. He is a pathetic joke. How can you guys all have such big boners for this crap? The only reason I will rent this is for Megan Fox.
  • luke
    thats the fallen fuck the fallen where is megatron!
  • big r
    Amen 34 and 37, this movie is going to be amazing, ive been waiting to wait for this trailer.
  • Squiggly
    I think the point of what 34 was trying to say is that this film isn't really a film, it's just a long ILM demo reel (at least, the first one was). A film has a plot, characters you empathize with who evolve over the course of the film, and a point. Big budget action movies tend to lack all three of those things, unless you consider "making money" to be a valid point. The plots are generally paper-thin excuses to get something to blow up or to have a fight and the characters rarely ever change with their experiences. What plot there is tends to be full of holes as well. Will it be fun to watch? Yeah, maybe. I hated the first one, but a couple of the fight scenes were fun. This one will probably be fun as well, tho I've no doubt the characters will be just as flat with just as retarded dialogue as the first one. What you all have to understand is that some of us don't enjoy watching movies that are nothing but explosions and giant fighting robots and shit. We find these films boring. The reason many people are so vocal about it is due to the fact that films like this are so hugely popular. This is an industry, and for every Transformers made (ie, successful eye-candy flick) there are twenty 'Hancocks' (ie, films that aren't eye-candy flicks that end up being turned into eye-candy flicks because those films make more money). Flicks like transformers are the reason Hollywood sucks the life out of every script it gets it's collective hands on. Some of those films are great. Some of those films are complete dog shit. Studios will take any film with some level of action / adventure and twist it and mold it in an effort to get it up on that list. Filmmakers like Micheal Bay have made careers of trying to get onto that list. You get down to about 50 and that list becomes a parade of mediocrity, with a few truly good films sprinkled about to emphasize the crap-ness of the films that surround them. The first Transformers is on that list and it's a shit movie. This one will be higher on that list, because sequels - while often not as good as the originals - usually make a boatload more cash. It doesn't even matter if it's a good movie at this point. All they care about at this point is making sure this film isn't 'crap' - which by their definition means that it has enough explosions and action and big robots. This will ensure that people will go see the third one. They don't give a fuck about making a good movie, you see. They care about making as much money as possible. So long as people continue to allow themselves to be suckered into wasting their money and two hours of their lives watching explosions and CGI robots punch each other, they'll continue to make those movies. I couldn't really care less. If you guys want to throw money away and put this turd up on that list you're more than welcome. It just pisses me off that so many people would RATHER see explosions than see a good film. You can have your cake and eat it too, you know. You can have big CG effects and explosions AND have deep characterizations and plots. But until the masses start demanding that sort of film, they will continue to strip the good bits out of scripts so they can fit in more action and marketing gimmicks. But the studios might see more of a market for that sort of thing now that The Dark Knight was so successful and the fact that Watchmen will (hopefully) be successful. Action / adventure movies with real plots and characters? I hope there are people left in Hollywood they can hire who can actually write scripts like that.
  • JOSH
  • Josveta
    #54 You could not have said it better. We all have to accept the fact that people like all kinds of movies, whether they're thought provoking dramas, epics, comedy's or action films. The only problem is that all the mentioned genres can have great characters and story but as you have said those credentials don't sell tickets these days...
  • Fisherr
    Oh boy! Decepticons looks like they are going to kick the Autobots asses this time.
  • chris
    The point the Transformers haters are missing is this: It's the live action version of a kids cartoon which was created with the sole purpose of selling toys. It is not meant to be high art or filled with wonderfully deep characters, it's a story on the most basic level there is: Evil wants to destroy because it's evil, and good wants to stop this because it's good. Thats the most basic story in the world. The selling point of this movie IS the gigantic robots beating the shit out of each other, if it has this, and it's entertaining, then the film has worked. Whether it is good or not depends on how much YOU enjoy robots fighting, nothing more...if the characters are developed etc then it's a bonus. You don't criticise tennis for not showing the ladies 'assets', but if you see them it's a plus :oP How many other movies have giant fighting robots? Just one other, and thats the first movie! So people aren't really being suckered into it, there is nothing else like it! It's a pure exercise in 'leave your brain behind and look at THIS'. Now, i guess thats the problem you have with the movie, which is fine and i respect your opinion, and agree with some of your points about films being 'Hancocked' (a new term for movie making!)..but i still think that come the summer, you should sit down with an open mind (a difficult concept for some) and see if you enjoy what is actually cinema in it's purest form: the impossible being brought to life on the screen in front of you. If you still don't like it, fair enough. I think it would be a boring world if there were no escapist blockbusters like this. And plus, people don't bash at award season release time about there NOT being any trashy mindless movies :op
  • chris
    "The only problem is that all the mentioned genres can have great characters and story but as you have said those credentials don't sell tickets these days…" I guess TDK was a failure then :oP
  • NeoSlyfer
    Does anyone have a HD download of this, and yes people THE FALLEN HAS TELEPORT CAPABILITY, watch the HD frame by frame, tha was awesome!~!!
  • Joe C.
    54, well said. A lot of us don't absolutely hate action movies or even CGI movies. We really wanted the robots in Transformer to have a more solid personality. We are so serious about this is because of the history of Transformers. Why does Optimus became an idiot? The first one just ruin it. I will watch this just for entertainment wise but I know i will still not call it a Transformer movie but it's movie about Transformers.
  • Ethan Meadow
    I think I saw a download of the DH trailer at but don't quote me on that.
  • Squiggly
    @58: I totally agree. I'll probably go see it, 'cause there really aren't that many big-huge-robots-beating-each-other-up movies. I think my issue is less with popcorn flicks than it is some of the fanboys... but mainly the studios screwing up good movies for the sake of marketing and ticket sales. For me, tho, I can enjoy just about any kind of film if the characters are solid. In my opinion, a film doesn't need anything other than good characters. Give an audience a character or two that they empathize with and they'll go along with pretty much anything. At that point things like plot, structure, pacing, etc can all be thrown out and dealt with however you like and the audience will enjoy it because they enjoy the characters. That was my main beef with the first Transformers movie. I just hated all the characters. I think a lot of other people hated the characters as well. Bumblebee was arguably the most popular character in the film, and he had no dialogue. I'm guessing that if that character had been able to speak - and if he had said the kind of dumb crap the other characters were saying - then a lot more people would have disliked that film. I dunno.
  • BinYe East
    Jesus died, was recently resurrected and began developing movies. .
  • On top of how awesome this movie is going to be. I can't wait till it's on Blu-ray cause watching movies with lots of CGI in HD, makes it all worth wild!
  • Can they top the first one..?? i guess we have to wait and see
  • Fuelbot
    He totally teleported. Demolisher (the huge robot in the trailer) is the mid-section of Devastator. There are still five or six more robots that combine with that. They're saying the height is around 100-120ft tall.
  • Q
    @17 i heard that peter cullen returned as well as the guy that voiced megatron.
  • Lazarus
    The sequel will do what its suppose to do...make money. Summer movies are about money and big action. It's the summer for Peter Cullen's sake. Plus I've always said that Micheal Bay loves to blow shit up and he has bigger budget to do it with this second film. The story will be good, not great, good. Because all in all, Transformers are about soldiers fighting for freedom where ever theres trouble, versus soldiers bent on destroying and ruling the world. It will be a fun, exciting movie. No more, no less...and Megatron who was so fearsome in the first one, is back (not a spoiler) and will wreak even more havoc. All hail Megatron indeed!!! *Megatron looks at the constructicons and says firmly* ''Constructicons...merge for the kill!!!!" (Transformers: The movie 1985)
  • Lauren
    I don't know why, but that struck me as the oddest trailer I've ever seen... Seein' it, though! lol. No doubt.
  • ?????
    I just noticed that when the bridge gets overturned you can see Arcee for a quick second (1:50), right before Prime Transforms and jumps on, I think thats Devastator?
  • Deepak
    come on guys, movies like this are made to enjoy..!! If you want that realastic, why do you watch movies..! Movies are like fantasies, just like our imaginations. Movies are something nearly like what the things that you cant do in real life. So don't expect that much logic. Jus feel it. If you are a transformers fan, jus think how excited 'll you feel if you see this in live action.. Every dumbass movie has a great hardwork behind it.. So appreciate it.. And for this movie,, its fuckin awesome.. really cant wait to see this in those large screens.. So guys who appreciate this movie.. M IN..! *ALL HAIL LORD MEGATRON* cheers!!!!
  • @52 luke, Megatron is the one holding down spike on that slab of stone.
  • Dee-Nice
    That is The Fallen and he teleports with firery lighting before smashing the ground around him. The uni-cycle monstrocity is Demolishor he's a 1.5 million pound Terex O&k RH 400 mining excavator the largest commercial vehicle in the world and he's the torso to Devastator
  • Yamika
    o_o I CANT WAIT >_< looks awsome.
  • T-Fan WHOO
    whoooo yeah go transformers wooooo yeah!!! im so happy yehhhhhhh SO big! SO explosions, SO coooooool i cannot wait so watch this movie, WOW!!!!!
  • Ariel
    I just wet myself... thrice!
  • PG
    Yada yada yada... who fuckin cares if it's just GIANT CGI ROBOTS KICKING ASS. It's the TRANSFORMERS, people! If you're like me and everyone else that grew up with the cartoons, this movie along with the first one is PURE POPCORN ENTERTAINMENT! And that's exactly how I expect a movie about transforming robots to be. It's not gonna be some deep thinking drama with a drawn out plot. Remember it's TRANSFORMERS! TRANS-FUCKIN-FORMERS! That said, I just jizzed my pants for the second time now. First time was the Super Bowl teaser :)
  • Epic_Bot
    omg omg omg omg omg OSCAR!!!!! michael bay is like JESUS this will be better than any movie ever WOW! im going to see it like 502 times!
  • tucker
    looks great cant wait
  • Portuguese Angel
    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! This movie looks fucking awesome....hate Michael Bay....but gotta give him props for this!!! I absolutely can't wait. I was never a fan of transformers growing up but when I saw the first one I was hooked!! One word: BUMBLEBEE!!!!!
  • Kroe
    HEY! #59, you need seroius mental work if you think the The Dark Knight is a failure, I have seen some of the best effects of the best known movies and The Dark Knight is 'the' only one that truly surpasses it genre with flawless effects. Critic or not you watch how they make movies then prove you known how to make one then set out and do it THEN complain about them. I may not have been overjoyed by the first Transformers I am intent on watching this one. They effects are undeniable as well as what put into it. Don't be quick to say the Dark Knight was a failure, and #34 watch how they do CGI then do it youself before you think it ALL CGI.
  • movieguy
    lol, id hate to be driving on the highway when prime and demolisher are battling it out and really, could you imagine the $$ of money the state would have to pay to rebuild the highway and roads after something like that? hundreds of millions of dollars! i think about stupid stuff like that during movies lol
  • groove
    Hey c'mon guys.....i love meaningful and well made cinema but the raw energy of awesome lookin cgi robots transform n kick ass is too tempting to miss .....Im no fan of transformer toys but bein a gadget freak so many other guys,it looks really cool to me. No one including bay is sayin dat its oscar material.....its just bigger in scale than the first movie in this genre of pop corn sci fi,that def makes it a better film.
  • jjjjjjjimmy
    has anyone seen the stills for the fly that Sam breaks in half.... Insecticon?!?! That would be freaking cool!! They said theres gonna be transformers of all sizes in this one.
  • Nocturnal Bunny
    Holy crap muffins, June feels like a looooonnnnngggg wait for this movie! But I'm willing to wait as long as it takes cuz this just looks so amazing!! XD
  • Portuguese Angel
    BUMBLEBEE!!! Fuck I love him!!!! Can't freakin' wait for the movie!!!!
  • Ray
    They rushed this one! Aaaaannnnndd! I went to go see Friday the 13th one the first night and i got suckerd or something cause i didnt see this trailer!
  • john
    its cool
  • Aaron
    It might be the fallen. but i think its starscream.
  • Gizmo
    If transformers are like meteors wouldn't 75% land in the ocean and not in national land marks.
  • @91 And the one set that did land in the ocean hit a hole in one; getting multible direct hits on that carrier =P But its just one among many "ya right, as if" issues that could ruin the movie for you if you let it..
  • chris vu
    Goddamn I can't wait! Shia LeDouche still sucks though.
  • Amanda
    This looks completely awesome.
  • rcloud7
    The first Transformers movie was a total pile of garbage , what a disappointment . I expect this one to be another flaming piece of crap. They could have made a great movie if they stuck with the awesome oldschool storyline and made them keep the cool looks and badass personalities of Generation 1 series. I want to know... What was wrong with the look of the old Optimus Prime ?? NOTHING. I guess him as a big red/blue truck wasn't cool enough? putting flames on him and making his face look all fucked up is that much cooler? What was wrong with Bumblebee being a yellow VW Bug? NOTHING. They didn't even keep Jazz as a Martini Porsche .. WTF?! since when isn't a racing porsche cool? Screw the dumbass Allspark. The Autobot Matrix of Leadership was the real deal. Why must they take one of my fondest childhood memories and rape them with a giant turdball? I think they've done a great diservice to the new fan base by representing them this new way. Trust me no REAL FAN of the first cartoons would like any of this garbage because they twist and pervert the super cool characters that were great into hollywood JUNK. To say Michael Bay is a moron gives morons a bad name. It's just like Starwars. The they should have just left it alone after Return of the Jedi. but nooo. They had to ruin it with goddamn Phantom Menace and F#$%in JarJar. Now the Transformers. I'll stick to watching my dvds of the original animated series of Transformers Generation 1 if I want to get my fix. If you want to see some good Transformers just watch the ORIGINAL generation 1 cartoons. G1 fan forever. Rollin' out
  • rcloud7
    Oh by the way. I see alot of you sayin the only reason to see this movie is for giant fighting robots and it doesnt need or never had a storyline. GODDAMN YOU! The first Transformers cartoon certainly DID have a storyline!! from what I remember... The Quinticons created The Autobots (the working underdog class) and the Decepticons (the upper military class) battle and crash land on Earth they lay dormant under a valcano for YEARS until a tremor reactives Teletraan1 which in turn begins to repair the fallen robots. Finding themselves stranded here on Earth they continue the battle. The compete for resources they can convert into energon so they can travel back to and reclaim their homeworld of Cybertron. Being good sentient robots the Autobots actually care for the lives of the humans that get caught in the crossfire of their war, where the Decepticons care about nothing but the domination of Cybertron and destroying anything that stands in their way. now tell me please... WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THAT STORYLINE!?!
  • okay.first off Mahew. even though you talk all this shit about the movie. your gonna go c it. and the third one. so just shut up. all you people who are saying the first one sucked are wrong. they have to set up the story. if the just delved in alot of you would be complaning that they didn't explain anything. theres always some one out there who has to be a jerk and put down movies that they know are good and are going to c. why do you have to ruin it for the rest of us. if you dont like the movie. oweel dont go c it.( which have of you are gonna c it anyways so why bash it in the first place). i understand some of your points but come on. this movie is gona kick ass and the first kicked ass whether you want to admit it or not. the cgi and explosions are gonna be sweet. but this movie also has a good plot. i know lots of people dont like micheal bay but he did a good job with transformers and is going to do a good job with transformers 2. so if you got a problem with the movie. okay. dont post it. cause those of us who are looking forward to it dont care.where here to get the lastest scoop on a movies we cant wait to c. not read about people puting down a good movie. post it som where else plz. thnx. lol
  • and sorry for the spelling . i was really irratated. and dont message the email given cause it's not mines. i just made it up so i could post.
  • TANA
    1:52-1:56 sounds like goku yellin lol, but i cant wait for this movie!!




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