Must Watch: One Final Trailer for Liam Neeson's Taken

January 28, 2009

One Final Trailer for Liam Neeson's Taken

If you really want to have an awesome experience seeing Taken for the first time in theaters, then do not watch this trailer. I'm running it because I still think there are plenty of people who need to be convinced to go see this. Remarkably, this film is even more badass than any trailer that we've seen so far, and I've been hearing from everyone I know that has watched it that they're enjoying it, too. It's such a great film and it's very sad to see it get buried in a January release. So do yourself a favor and make Taken the one film you see this month! Nothing is better than seeing Liam Neeson kick some serious French ass.

Watch the final full trailer for Taken:

[flv: 480 208]

Taken is directed by French filmmaker Pierre Morel, who directed District B13 previously and is a long-time cinematographer. The film was co-written by killer French writers Robert Mark Kamen (Kiss of the Dragon, The Transporter) and Luc Besson (The Professional, La Femme Nikita, Fifth Element), the duo also responsible for the Transporter series. Fox will finally be releasing Taken in theaters on January 30th.

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  • chrisuk
    Saw this 3 times in the cinema last year, awesome movie!
  • dom
    Again I have to say how shocked i am at poor distribution management! This is already on its way to dvd next month in the uk - I have to add - this was one of those surprise films that just blew me away - some excellent action and dialogue.
  • I think Liam is such a great actor, he's too underrated and I am definitely going to see the movie.
  • Blackstar
    Fantastic movie. However.... The only two weaknesses I thought were that Famke Janssen's character really had no interesting dialog and her performance seemed completely 1 dimensional. Almost as if she was reading a TelePrompter. The other was I felt the boat scenes near the end were getting a bit repetitive by that point. Neither took away from the film very much at all though. Go see it. If you loved any of the Bourne films, you'll love this one. Liam Neeson is fantastic in it.
  • rossco
    wow... i've been reading your reviews for this movie since you first started talking about it.... being in australia i was lucky enough to see it at the video store last night (on cheap Tuesday night i might add) sat down and watched it, and i was absolutely blown away... Neeson is a bad ass... he would have killed your blind crippled mother to get his job done. The movie felt so real and was set up brilliantly 10/10
  • Scott McHenry
    this could have made a boatload of money with the right marketing
  • K
    Finally, two more days! Can't wait to see this, very excited!
  • Taz
    I watched this last night on dvd (UK) and it is bone crunchingly awesome. Nice slow build up for the characters and then when its kicks in, its very fast paced lean action thriller. No holds barred, a brutal assault. Well written and directed. Loved it!!
  • Cheater
    One movie a month?!? Not for me. I see a new movie every week! This week I'm going to see Slumdog Millionare.
  • Black Dynamite
    Seen this movie like 3 weeks ago in the U.S. It was so good that I watched it twice back to back and since then I've seen it at least 4 times. Excellent movie and I have to agree with #2
  • ive been watching it over and over and over for the past week. good luck.
  • Luiz Marcelo Serique
    This is funny, This movie have already left out of Theaters here in Brazil. But the the best movie ever!
  • Cody
    This movie was amazing. I was expecting a cliche "My family was taken, and I'm getting them back" movie when my brother brought it back from Germany, but when he said he rated it up there with Boondock Saints (it's a tradition for us to watch that movie together when we're both home on leave), I knew he was on to something.
  • Redilicious Buttons
    I liked it despite its faults. I thought they added a bit of uniqueness to the film. And come on. Liam Neeson.
  • jackburton
    damn..this looks so bad-ass!!
  • I watched this movie last week and it was freaking awesome! It was so good I'll actually go to the theater to see it again. At one point, I actually felt sorry for the bad guys...they kidnapped the WRONG MAN'S DAUGHTER.
  • C Rob
    pure badass... I was expecting some cheesy ass lines at any moment but thank god they never came. I loved this film.
  • David
    I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity for this film due to the odd distribution and pushed back release date. Taken seems to be one of the few films that will deliver, but not in terms of box office take due to a lack of marketing and a less than desirable release date (Super Bowl weekend).
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    "Nothing is better than seeing Liam Neeson kick some serious French ass." Hell yes Alex! Liam is one of the true greats of our time. Hey Red....kicking French Ass!
  • Noemi
    So... by reading the comments here, I understand that Taken has been released everywhere in the world for a while now except in the U.S. LOL!
  • wang
    jackburton That is Awesome!! I get it!
  • I gotta agree with Cheater on this one, Alex. The very idea of seeing only One Film a Month?!? Why to even suggest such a thing you must be INSANE ! :)
  • PJSoles4ever
    Oh my God Feo is back. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!
  • I never left. I merely lurked.
  • Nut-Meg
    USA the last to see this ? I would say it's George Bush's fault the rest of the World gets to see what looks like a kick ass film before us. Gonna see it this week if my BF is down with it.
  • feohatestheworld
    Good idea, we all better run!!!!!! The flick looks awesome. I am sure Feo will hate it. AAARRGHHH!
  • Susana
    looks awesome but i have a faint heart! haha. i'm worried if i can take, say, liam neeson stabbing a man's thighs with nails! (and this is the trailer, so I'm sure they have more in the movie) yikes
  • Frost
    I'm glad that I got to see this on Sunday for my birthday. I'm also glad that I knew as little as possible going into this film (it wasn't easy, I've been avoiding it's publicity since last year!) This trailer does nothing more than to pump me up for this weekend when I finally get to see it again on the big screen. Finally, we have found an actor worthy enough to continue the legacy of Charles Bronson!
  • Hyacinth
    Liam Neeson kicks some serious ass in this film! This is the first trailer I've seen of the movie and it is now instantly the my must-watch film of January!
  • mandy
    Best action movie I've ever seen! Liam Neeson is amazing! Why aren't there more movies like this?
  • miracle disease
    "Good Luck!" Saw this a week ago and I liked this more than Quantum of Solace... there! I said it.. hit me Alex if you want... but what made this better than QoS, you ask? the storyline is simple (it could be "ordinary" or familiar) yet it was executed well... logic was always there (didn't have scenes where i ended up asking what or why it happened)... and the actions were simple tasteful (not overly exaggerated)... LN Rolls... Darkman Rocks!
  • Silver
    great movie definitely a Bourne-esque feel to it (gritty, fast shots, good editing, and a sense of immediacy) loved it one of my favorite action movies
  • Yep I also saw this in the UK last year when it first prem'd... Fricking awesome film, its on my blu ray list to get
  • Elliot
    how the hell is this rated PG13! it looks far too aggressive for that rating!
  • it really shouldn't be pg-13. i saw this movie in hong kong and it is quite brutal. there is no nudity, but there are some extreme scenes of violence. no gore but just violent and brutal fights... unless they trimmed it.
  • sng. Sheep
    This is one of the best, revenge movies i ever saw, cutoos mr liam, cutoos :))
  • dokushin
    I also think this one is a quite a good action movie. But not only Liam Neeson kicks some ass here, the song at the end credits ( Its title is 'Dragster Wave' from a group called Ghinzu) also does in my opinion! When you've seen the movie, perhaps you might want to take a look at the forum thread '1000 Things I learned from watching Taken' at the imdb message board forum for the film, it has got some quite entertaining posts in it :-).
  • dokushin
    In addition to my last post: Here's the link to the IMDB Forum Thread '1000 Things I learned from watching Taken' (Contains Spoilers):
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Happy Birthday Frosty! Can't wait for this! Mr. Neeson is just a brilliant actor.
  • It is well worth tim. Although the trailers playing for it just make it seem like a dull action movie. When it is more. And liam, holy fuck. You can't say enough good things about him.
  • James
    Cant wait to see it !!
  • Alex
    I really cannot wait to see this movie. Neeson really is a brilliant actor, he's been around for like 30 years lol. I totally agree that seems too aggressive for it's rating... Here's a little interview if found on him for this movie: hope you guys like it!
  • ReyG
    Saw this movie few times last year.. I remember it because it was made by the same ppl who made District B13 out of France I believe. This was the best movie I have seen as far as action last year. And nobody knew about it. You need to keep up.. and point out these movies when they come out not when they make it to the US.. this one is coming to DVD I believe already.
  • the plot of Taken is refreshingly simple: "Liam Neeson is gonna beat down some people till he gets his daughter back..."
  • Mike
    This looks really good.
  • James
    Liam neeson is so Fucking COOL in this Film -- His acting makes the character beleiveable!! That's why I still think that Richard Chamberlain was a BETTER Jason Bourne than Matt Damon. Even thought these two guys are older actors when they play their respective spy roles they achieve the suspension of disbelief b/c of their incredible acting skills!! I have to se TAKEN - the trailer was awesome -- reminds me of when Liam NEsson played Darkman -- awesome!!
  • burak "D'aequitas"
    Darn Fantastic movie i was suprised to see such intense action flick from liam 😀 wow
  • Bart Couprie
    This is already on DVD release in New Zealand, and let me tell you, it is intense, brutal, and very, very watchable! Neeson is incredible.
  • wetworks
    Saw this yesterday. Bad. Ass. I had to pull part of the seat out of my cheeks before I could leave the theatre. It's that intense. My favorite 'Oh, Shit' line: "You don't remember me. We spoke on the phone two days ago."
  • Will
    What a badass movie. Just a great revenge/vendetta movie. At first I thought it was just going to be some kind of copycat movie of Denzel Washington's Man on Fire, but this was better! Liam Neeson had one heckuva performance and I will definitely be buy this on DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out. If you want to have real fun with it, make a drinking game out of it - take a drink for every time Liam Neeson hits someone in the throat! That'll make for some interesting/fun times.
  • McManus
    Luc Besson BIATCH!!! Best goddamn film of 2008! Saw it twice at the cinemas. And watched it numerous times on dvd. Sorry to hear it's not out yet but this movie is beyond EPIC. Liam Neeson gave me a man-boner, best action scenes ever. All three Bourne films are like the toothpaste Liam brushes his ass with.
  • I wonder if I could get it shipped to Canada from the UK? =P
  • This is my favorite lines in the story. "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for a ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have, are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me murder people like you. If you let my daughter go now, That will be the end of it, I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, But If you don't, I will look for you, I will find you...and I will kill you. " "Good luck!"




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